Wix vs HostGator 2022 : Which One is the Right Choice?

In this Wix vs HostGator comparison, I’ll pit the two giants against one another to evaluate how they compare in terms of cost, simplicity of use, performance, and other factors.

It sounds strange comparing Wix with HostGator.

After all, Wix is a hugely popular website builder that allows you to create a beautiful website in minutes.

At the same time, HostGator provides hosting services that allow you to develop your own website by installing any content management system (CMS), including the popular WordPress.

While these two may appear to be too dissimilar to compare at first glance, they are not. Wix and HostGator both allow you to construct effective websites with minimal effort. And, given the popularity of the providers, it’s easy to see why individuals may want to learn more about the two.

So, without further ado, let’s compare the cost, convenience of use, performance, security, and customer service of both providers to see who will come out on top in this Wix versus HostGator showdown.

Wix vs HostGator -- Overview

Wix and HostGator are both well-known service providers in their respective fields. Wix is a well-liked, very design-flexible, but simple-to-manage website builder. At the same time, HostGator is a more beginner-friendly and less expensive hosting service with a sophisticated control panel.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, you may either skip to the final verdict to discover who won or follow me on this crazy ride.



Wix vs HostGator Pricing Review

When it comes to pricing, Wix versus HostGator is a clear winner. HostGator is substantially less expensive, with shared hosting beginning at $2.75/month, whereas Wix’s starter package costs $16.00/month. Furthermore, Wix offers a free plan. However, due to several constraints, it is only appropriate for testing.

Before we begin, it is important to understand that, while HostGator offers a number of hosting options, this comparison will focus on shared hosting and how it compares to Wix’s 7 plans.

Let’s compare their cheapest entry plans now to see how both providers match up against each other in terms of pricing.

Each pair may host one website and comes with a free custom domain and an SSL certificate. However, it is about all they have in common.

In terms of distinctions:

  •  Wix Combo ($16.00/month) contains 3GB of storage, 2GB of bandwidth, Wix ad elimination, and 30 video minutes.
  •  HostGator Hatchling ($2.75/month) provides unlimited storage and bandwidth, free email, a cPanel, and the Gator website builder.

Right away, it’s clear that HostGator’s lowest plan is far more generous than Wix’s. You get much more storage and limitless bandwidth for a fraction of the price.

However, these are only the most affordable options. They have more alternatives to meet a variety of demands. So, which plans provide the most value for money?

Wix Pricing Review

Wix offers seven premium plans, with costs ranging from $16.00 per month to $59.00 per month.

Depending on your project, I would suggest:

  •  Combo ($16.00/month) – contains 3GB of storage and 2GB of bandwidth. This plan is ideal for modest personal websites or portfolios.
  •  Business Limitless ($32.00/mo) – includes 50GB of disc space as well as eCommerce capabilities such as abandoned cart recovery and unlimited goods.
    This plan is ideal for creating online stores.

Our Recommendation

To get the greatest rate, choose the appropriate plan for your needs and a 36-month paying period. Monthly charges will be much reduced.

Wix HostGator Review

HostGator, on the other hand, offers three shared hosting plans ranging in price from $2.75/mo to $5.25/mo.

HostGator offers their Baby plan to get the most bang for your budget. It’s also quite reasonable. You can host as many sites as you like for less than a $1/month premium above Hatchling. Meanwhile, the Business plan is equally wonderful, but it is too expensive for what it provides.

Our Recommendation

Choose the Baby plan with a 36-month subscription to get the greatest value plan with the lowest monthly charges. You must advance $126 for three years, and it will renew at $358.20.

Wix vs HostGator Pricing Review -- Summary

Another thing to keep in mind is that the return policies of both suppliers are rather varied. Wix provides a 14-day money-back promise, but HostGator gives a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Overall, HostGator is significantly less expensive and more liberal in terms of resources.



Wix vs HostGator -- Ease of Use

In terms of usability, both suppliers prioritise simplicity. For website maintenance, Wix employs a native control panel, whereas HostGator provides a customised dashboard linked with cPanel.

Setting up a website

Creating a website with Wix and HostGator is simple since both have automated the installation/setup processes, allowing you to have your website up and running in a matter of clicks.

However, there are some distinctions. With a builder like Wix, the basis of a website is usually already in place and ready for personalization. A hosting company like HostGator, on the other hand, requires CMS installation and further customization.

Let us explore more.

To begin, Wix provides two options for creating a website:

  •  Select a template and customise it with a drag-and-drop editor. This method provides complete design freedom.
  •  Make use of Wix’s ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) website builder. It is a very beginner-friendly method with a little design freedom.
    selecting a Wix editor

HostGator’s setup procedure is similarly straightforward. You’ll find a simple link to install WordPress after you log in to your account. Your CMS will be ready to use in just a few clicks.

Furthermore, HostGator provides a free Gator website builder that allows you to create up to 6 pages. Simply put, you get the best of both worlds: hosting services and website building features. Just keep in mind that while comparing Wix vs HostGator website builders, the latter is more simple.

Finally, both suppliers provide extremely efficient methods. With one of the two, you can have your site up and operating in minutes. However, if you need to be online quickly, Wix’s ADI is the best option.

Website management area

Both services are similarly simple to use in terms of website administration. The Wix interface is well-organized and full of account-related options. Meanwhile, HostGator has a straightforward native user interface with cPanel integration.

Wix, for example, has its own bespoke interface for both invoicing and website administration.

Wix allows you to manage your whole site and account from a single page. You may discover tools like Marketing & SEO on the left side menu to help you set up and manage your advertising campaigns. The major account information may be found by selecting Settings. You may also link your domain here.

The left side menu includes all of the main capabilities, such as communication, marketing and SEO, statistics, and more. The major account information may be found by clicking on Settings. You may also link your domain here.

Meanwhile, the majority of website management responsibilities are concentrated in the centre. For example, the Site Actions section contains your plan and email options. There’s also a video guide to help you understand Wix’s numerous features.

It’s also worth mentioning that each website has its own dashboard and may be controlled separately. This is useful if you operate a number of unconnected websites.

HostGator offers its own proprietary control panel in addition to cPanel. The native panel is simple and elegant. Here you’ll discover shortcuts to the most important functions, such as domains and email accounts. However, the native panel is mostly utilised for billing and acts as a gateway to the cPanel.

Now, let’s discuss about cPanel, which is the main dashboard for website maintenance duties. It’s a well-organized panel with aspects such as domain, email, SSL, file, and database administration, as well as the Softaculous 1-click software installer for speedy CMS installation.

In terms of interfaces, HostGator provides a little better-organized panel that is quite straightforward and simplifies site maintenance.

Overall, Wix and HostGator are user-friendly platforms. Both service providers feature simplified website building and administration operations. HostGator, on the other hand, offers a little more extensive site administration solution.



Wix vs HostGator -- Performance

While both companies are incredibly dependable, there is a clear victor in this Wix vs HostGator match. HostGator has a slightly higher uptime rate and a lot better load speed than Wix.

Uptime and response time

Wix and HostGator were both investigated at various times. Wix has been scrutinised for almost a month, whereas HostGator has been scrutinised for over two months.

Wix had 5 outages in one month, totaling 7 minutes of downtime. This adds up to an astounding 99.99 percent uptime. This is far superior than the provider’s original 99.9 percent uptime promise.

In terms of reaction time, the builder achieved a fantastic average response time of 461ms. This is significantly faster than the market average reaction time of 600ms. Wix response times were also quite constant.

Meanwhile, HostGator was much more dependable, with only three outages totaling five minutes of downtime. This resulted in an almost flawless >99.99 percent uptime. Once again, far superior to the official 99.9% uptime claim.

Its reaction time, however, was somewhat slower than Wix’s, averaging 525ms. Nonetheless, the time is regarded to be quite fast, as it falls below the market average of 600ms.

In this round of Wix vs. HostGator, we have a draw. Wix has a faster response time, however HostGator is more dependable in terms of uptime.

Website speed

It’s time to test how quickly Wix and HostGator can load a fully-built website. To level the playing field, both providers are hosted and tested in the United States. This ensures that the results you see are not affected by distance.

Useful Information

The location of the server might affect the performance of the website. HostGator only has data centres in the United States. At the same time, Wix offers various centres across the United States and Europe, however you cannot select your favourite location.

I’m looking at two metrics for this Wix versus HostGator performance test:

  •  LCP – the time it takes to upload the site’s greatest piece of material. Aim for a time of less than 2.5 seconds to improve your search engine rating.
  •  Fully loaded time – this is the amount of time it takes for a website to fully load. Keep this time under 3 seconds for a better user experience and decreased bounce rates.

With these two parameters in mind, Wix’s performance are disappointing. It had an LCP of 2.6s and a fully loaded time of 8.4s.

But, while the outcomes could be better, they weren’t all that bad. Its LCP was just slightly higher than Google’s 2.5s standard – tolerable considering you receive a stunning and interactive Wix website.

Furthermore, while it took 8.4 seconds to fully load, it only took 3.5 seconds to become fully interactive. This is absolutely acceptable for frequent users.

HostGator, on the other hand, outperformed the competition with its 1.1s LCP and 1.2s fully loaded time.

This is an exceptional performance, as evidenced by the large green A. Both metrics are quite quick and give you plenty of wiggle room until you reach the undesirable 2.5 and 3 seconds.

In a nutshell, both suppliers were quick. However, HostGator certainly takes the lead with extraordinarily fast website performance.

Wix may have somewhat more responsive servers overall, but HostGator outperforms it in terms of uptime and website load speed.




Wix vs HostGator -- Security

The security differences between Wix and HostGator are less evident. Wix’s security precautions are already incorporated in the packages and controlled by the builder, as is typical of a website builder. Meanwhile, HostGator offers the essentials for free, but anything extra is a paid add-on. It does, however, provide you more freedom to access and control your website’s security.

Wix and HostGator both provide free SSL certificates, but that’s about all they have in common.

Wix also has the following security features:

  •  Distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection to keep your website up and operating at all times.
  •  Constant website monitoring to protect against harmful attacks.
  •  PCI compliant to ensure the security of eCommerce transactions.
  •  Two-step authentication to prevent unwanted access.
  •  Site History provides automatic backups.

Meanwhile, HostGator provides:

  • .Server-level firewall to prevent malicious traffic.
  •  The Business package includes an upgrade to Positive SSL. It is also available for the other options for $3.33 per month.

Plus $1.99/month SiteLock Essentials This detects, repairs, and protects your website from malware and evidence of hacking.

  •  Backup is $2.00 per month and includes daily automatic website backup and 1-click restoration.

Overall, Wix provides superior security. It already includes almost everything you need in its designs. Meanwhile, HostGator provides simply the essential necessities. There is, however, the opportunity to pay for more sophisticated features.



Wix vs HostGator -- Support

When it comes to customer service, both Wix and HostGator provide assistance via 24/7 live chat. Wix also has a ticketing system and takes requests for callbacks. Meanwhile, HostGator provides phone and email assistance as well. Furthermore, everyone has a broad knowledge base.

Wix’s callback phone line is your best hope for getting support from a real person. The representatives typically return calls quickly and are ready to assist. Meanwhile, accessing a human agent via its live chat will be difficult. Instead, you’ll get the runaround and be referred to the ticketing system or the Help Center.

In terms of the Help Center, Wix’s knowledge base is enormous. It has hundreds of articles on topics ranging from Wix editor to POS solutions. Furthermore, the content is properly written and arranged.

In comparison, contacting HostGator’s staff is significantly easy, especially via live chat. There is almost no wait time, and the agents are always courteous, efficient, and quick. However, because its support personnel is outsourced, confusion may occur.

If you want to skip this entirely, HostGator also provides a knowledge base full of articles and even videos. They are precise, clear, and beneficial.

When it comes to customer assistance, HostGator comes out on top. The company offers more help channels, and contacting a live agent with HostGator is significantly easier than with Wix.



Wix vs HostGator -- Our Recommendation

When it comes to Wix vs HostGator, the competition is close. Both are simple to use and excellent no-fuss options. Whereas Wix focuses on beginner-friendliness, HostGator provides similarly simple management with far more behind-the-scenes power.

Overall, it’s easy to see why Wix and HostGator are so popular. However, when it comes down to it, HostGator wins the fight of Wix versus HostGator. It is far less expensive, performs better, and provides more extensive features and control.

Wix, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you want to quickly and easily create a completely customised website.



Wix and HostGator Alternatives

If Wix and HostGator aren’t exactly perfect for you, there are other excellent hosting companies and functional website builders to consider. Hostinger, Bluehost, and Zyro are all excellent possibilities.


Bluehost’s costs are somewhere in the centre of those of HostGator and GoDaddy. The most affordable shared hosting plan starts at $2.95 per month.

Bluehost primarily provides WordPress hosting. It has a highly user-friendly hosting administration panel and several amazing scalability capabilities, like staging. It’s a fantastic alternative regardless of your degree of hosting experience. If you want to operate a commercial website or a personal blog, this is the platform for you.


Are you on a tight budget? Then Hostinger is the most affordable solution. Its entry-level package starts at $2.59 per month. In comparison, Bluehost charges $2.95 per month and SiteGround charges $2.99 per month. You just cannot. Furthermore, it lets you to select one of its seven data centre locations, making it an excellent choice if your target audience is in a certain place.

When you see pricing like these, you might wonder, “What gives?” Nothing, it appears. Hostinger provides fantastic speed that I can vouch for, a bespoke control panel called hPanel that is simple to use, and trustworthy 24/7 customer service.


DreamHost, like SiteGround and Bluehost, is a WordPress-focused service that has been endorsed by the platform’s designers. It’s a less expensive option, with costs beginning at $2.59 per month.

Simultaneously, DreamHost introduces new security features like as daily backups and domain privacy. Consider this web host if you need a dependable and safe web host at a low cost.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a versatile solution for nearly any website building project. The service provider is well-known for its dependable performance and wide range of hosting options.

You may select from shared, WordPress, dedicated, and VPS hosting options. If you want traditional cPanel hosting, shared hosting options beginning at $2.29/month are ideal.


Zyro is an easy-to-use website builder with 130+ professional-looking designs and a drag-and-drop editor. The builder is also noted for its extensive feature and tool set, which includes powerful marketing, SEO, and AI technologies.

Its monthly fees begin at a relatively reasonable $2.61.

Wix vs HostGator FAQs

Is Wix better to HostGator?

In general, HostGator is less expensive, provides more coherent control, and performs better.

Which is less expensive, Wix or HostGator?

HostGator is less expensive, with shared hosting plans beginning at only $2.75 per month. Meanwhile, Wix’s premium plans begin at $16.00 per month. There is also a free Wix plan, however it is severely limited in terms of functionality.

Can I use Wix in along with HostGator?

Wix cannot be used with HostGator since it is a closed-source CMS. However, HostGator does have its own website builder.

Are there any money-back guarantees offered by Wix and HostGator?

Yes, both Wix and HostGator have money back guarantees. Wix has a 14-day money-back guarantee, whilst HostGator has a 45-day period.

Is HostGator quicker?

In regards of load time, HostGator is quicker than Wix. The hosting company loads a webpage in 1.2 seconds as opposed to 8.4 seconds.

Can I use WordPress in combination with Wix?

No, you cannot use WordPress with Wix because they are two separate systems. WordPress necessitates the use of a hosting service.

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