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Whether you are beginning a new business or expanding an existing one, one of the quickest methods to grow it quickly is to put up a viral marketing campaign that spreads the word about your company, raises leads, backlinks, and co-citations, and, of course, sales.

UpViral and Viral Loops are two of the greatest giveaway tools available.

Which programme has the best user-friendly UI, requiring no technical knowledge to launch a giveaway campaign?

In terms of functionality, pricing, and stability, is UpViral or Viral Loops superior?

That is what you will discover in this UpViral vs Viral Loops comparison essay.

UpViral vs. Viral Loops

Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing a superior sweepstakes software might be difficult if you do not first define your goals.

Do you want to boost messenger leads, email list subscribers, online store sales, social media followers, or crowdsource a single or group of activities like Amazon product reviews?

The qualities you require may differ depending on your goals. In this UpViral vs. Viral Loops comparison, I will highlight a number of aspects of both programmes that make a significant difference.

UpViral vs. Viral Loops


UpViral offers event and niche-specific themes.
You may also design your own campaign from start. UpViral already has a number of lead and share pages available for usage.

Viral Loops, on the other hand, takes a different strategy. Campaign templates are created to match the goal.

  • The Milestone Referral
  • The Startup Prelaunch
  • The Newsletter Referral
  • The Tempting Giveaway
  • Viral Loops for Shopify
  • Refer a Friends
  • Refer a Friends
  • The Milestone Referral
  • for Messenger

So, as you can see, UpViral and Viral Loops take various methods to contest templates. While UpViral allows you to utilise a template depending on your niche (for example, vacation, video gaming) or the occasion (for example, Black Friday, Halloween, or Christmas), Viral Loops limits themes based on the purpose.

WINNER : UpViral

UpViral vs. Viral Loops


When comparing Viral Loops with UpViral, the builder is one feature that separates UpViral from Viral Loops.

Upviral is one of the few contest tools that includes a drag-and-drop page builder.

Yes, you may change the look of the sharing page.

However, when it comes to creating campaign pages, Viral Loops falls short. The Viral Loop’s Campaign Wizard has various fields that may be used to personalise the look. On mobile, for example, you cannot modify the element order, typefaces, or hide or reveal parts. All of this, however, is made possible via the UpViral visual editor.

WINNER : UpViral

UpViral vs. Viral Loops

Integration of Scripts

Tracking is an important component of any giveaway promotion. When it comes to integrating tracking pixels and scripts of any type, UpViral is ahead of Viral Loops.

Although Viral Loops has a Google Analytics interface, its JS scrip integration only allows for the execution of scripts when users submit their information via the Viral Loops form or popup.

WINNER : UpViral

UpViral vs. Viral Loops


UpViral allows you to organise giveaways or competitions under your own name, as well as Whitelabel referral links with your own tracking domain.

Select any domain you’ve added to UpViral’s campaign settings.

However, Viral Loops do not allow for the customization of referral links.

WINNER : UpViral

UpViral vs. Viral Loops

Detection of Fraud

Cheating and fraud are common on giveaways. It’s perfectly natural. However, a sophisticated giveaway tool with anti-cheating capabilities can assist you in reducing the amount of fraudulent operations.

Upviral has put in place a number of safeguards to ensure that the leads are of high quality and genuine:

  • -Double opt-in
  • -Blacklist by email, IP, and domain
  • -Google Captcha integration
  • -EmailList integration

Viral Loops has also developed a fraud detection technique that will notify you when fraudulent activity happens.

WINNER : Viral Loops

UpViral vs. Viral Loops

Post-giveaway actions

One of the fascinating aspects about conducting giveaways is that individuals will visit giveaway pages via bookmarks, referral links, or directly. The quantity of post-giveaway traffic is substantial.

There are three possibilities for UpViral’s Post-Giveaway activities.

  • -Default pages
  • -Custom Pages
  • -Default pages

    Viral Loops, on the other hand, does not offer a setting for what to do when the campaign is finished.

WINNER : UpViral

UpViral vs Viral Loops


When it comes to purchasing anything, price is an important consideration. This also applies to UpViral and Viral Loops.

UpViral does not provide a free subscription, however it does provide a 14-day free trial for $1. Monthly options begin at $79 per month and include unlimited giveaways.

You may acquire up to 10,000 leads every month with the beginning package. UpViral’s finest features are found in the Business plan (25,000 leads, managing up to three brands, GEO-restriction, A/B split testing, API + Zapier). The monthly fee for the business plan is $119.

Learn more about UpViral pricing, as well as specifics on UpViral discounts and yearly plans, by visiting this page.

UpViral vs. Viral Loops

Pricing for Viral Loops

Viral Loops offers three different price categories.

  • -Beginning – $49/month – 1,000 participants
  • -Expanding – $99/month – 3,000 participants
  • -Power – $29/month – 25,000 users

Additional participant costs $20 for every 2,000 participants in Viral Loops, and it is only accessible with the Growing plan. Some Viral Loops templates are also not accessible for the Start-up plan.

The elimination of  Viral Loops branding is only accessible on the Power plan, which costs $299 per month.

WINNER : UpViral

UpViral vs. Viral Loops

Viral Loops or UpViral?

So, in our Upviral vs Viral Loops comparison, you discovered significant differences in features and cost.

Why is UpViral superior to viral loops?

  • -Run rewards and sweepstakes in the same campaign – One of the most useful things that Viral Loops still lacks is the option to run milestones and leaderboard competitions at the same time.
  • -A/B test lead and sharing pages, as well as email notifications
  • -Personalized actions — Motivate individuals to do chores and gain points.
  • -Give points for social sharing, sign-ups, and referrals, as well as opt-in -page visitors – Viral Loops does not allow you to change the structure of the points.
  • -Winner selection techniques – UpViral allows you to choose an infinite number of winners based on a random weighted draw or the highest number of points.

UpViral delivers greater value and is less expensive than Viral Loops in terms of pricing. Running giveaways that collect up to 25,000 leads costs $299 each month. However, UpViral only costs $119/mo and includes unique features such as A/B split testing and UpViral brand removal.

Essentially, UpViral is the greatest choice if your goal is to arrange giveaways that exponentially develop your email list and social followers. And, if you want to use ManyChat to grow a Facebook Messenger list, Viral Loops is the greatest option.


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