Udimi PRICING Review 2022 : How much does Udimi Solo Ads Cost in 2022?

Udimi is an excellent marketplace for purchasing high-quality solo advertisements without fear of being cheated or obtaining phoney clicks.
But what about Udimi’s pricing?
Are Udimi solo ad pricing competitive with others?
How much will Udimi cost in total fees in 2022?
That is what you will discover in this little essay about genuine Udimi pricing.

Pricing for Udimi

Udimi is a single ad marketplace that acts as a go-between for merchants and customers. Udimi solo ad vendors can choose the price of their solo ad for each click, and Udimi will add a service charge fee.

Udimi solo advertisements generally cost between $0.05 and $0.95. (USD per Click).

Udimi Solo Ad Costs:

Minimum and Maximum

In 2022, the lowest price for Udimi solo advertising per click is $0.05, with a maximum price of $2.00/click.

You are now an affiliate by default, and there is no need for you to apply or fill out any forms. Go to the Affiliates area to get your affiliate link and other information.

Why are Udimi solo advertising so cheap?

The major issue is because Udimi just changed their single ad max cost for new merchants. Udimi decreased the minimum single ad price on Udimi from $0.40 to $0.05 and the maximum price to $0.24 in order to stimulate more sales and more competition.

This means that as a customer, you can instantly order inexpensive solo advertisements on Udimi for a fraction of the cost of other solo ad suppliers and solo ad agencies such as TrafficForMe.

Because Udimi is a solo ad directory, you will find numerous solo ad suppliers who offer high-quality traffic at a cheap price.

Correlation Between Udimi Pricing and Traffic Quality

There is a relationship between traffic quality and single ad pricing. The higher your CPC (Cost per Click), the more buyer email traffic you will obtain. Buyer traffic in Solo Advertising refers to traffic that comes from an email list that has already purchased something.

Brandon Sean, for example, is a prominent solo ad vendor in Udimi, and his solos cost $0.95/click.

If you're wondering why, these are the main reasons:

  • -74 percent of the previous 100 solos are ‘got sales’ — This shows that the bulk of Brandon’s solo ad clicks come from buyers’ lists. Buyer clicks are typically more expensive than standard solo ad traffic.

  • -24% of orders are from past customers – A higher number of repeat orders indicates that buyers got good value for their money and returned for more.

  • -100% of his traffic comes from top tier 1 nations (also known as Tier 1 countries) — Tiers of traffic are significant in solo advertising because Tier 1 nations, which include English-speaking rich countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, have a developed digital economy. As a result, every click is worthwhile and results in a high-quality visitor.

  • -People buy single advertisements from him on a regular basis, and ratings show the quality of traffic.

Prices for further Udimi Solo advertisements

Udimi lets you enhance your single ad purchases depending on a variety of variables. The major reason that each solo ad cost varies is that each vendor determines their own pricing on a per click basis.

Cost of a high-quality filter

The Prime filter is $0.03 per click. It is established by Udimi and cannot be changed by the vendor.

Only the top rung is expensive.

For an extra $0.05 – $0.20 per click, receive all single ad clicks from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Only the mobile phone costs.

For an extra $0.05 – $0.20 per click, receive traffic from mobile or tablet devices. If you have a mobile-specific offer, this is the place to be.

There are no mobile costs.

For an additional $0.05 – $0.40 per click, get only visitors who are using a desktop computer. If your solo advertising sales funnel is designed for desktop consumers, this is the way to go.

The true cost of an Udimi solo ad

Assume you want to buy clicks from a vendor with a $0.40 base price and only want tier 1 nation traffic and no mobile traffic with the Prime filter turned on.

So you’ll pay $0.40 (Udimi’s standard solo ad pricing) + $0.05 (only top tier) + $0.10 (no mobile) + $0.03 (prime filter) = $0.58 per click.

Udimi Service Charge

Udimi costs the customer $3.00 for each solo ad campaign, in exchange for the buyer receiving the following perks.

  • -Basic filter – Udimi’s traffic filtering functions are part of the base filter option, which cannot be disabled. Udimi will track the visitor’s location, device data, IP address, unique clicks, and other information.
  • -Optin Tracker – Manage all of your solo ad campaigns in Udimi and use the opt tracking system to measure the performance of each solo ad buy. It is included in all standard free Udimi plans.
  • -Filter bot clicks and meaningless traffic – Filtered clicks are often bot traffic and are not tallied, allowing you to save money. Furthermore, standard Udimi pricing involves filtering human traffic but is ineffective in terms of attractiveness and usefulness. Filters by Udimi:
      • -Visits from bots (search engines, ping/uptime monitoring/archiving)
      • -Duplicate clicks from the same individual -Click ring visitors -Fake optins -Fraud sales -Fake testimonials
      • -Numerous names
      • -A high percentage of buyer/seller refunds

The Udimi service price is a fixed fee that does not vary according on the quantity of clicks purchased.

Deals with Udimi Solo

Sellers run reductions on solo ad prices in Udimi on a regular basis, and they are featured in the ‘Solo Deals’ section. The proportion of the discount might range between 10% and 30%. The minimal price for solo advertisements in Udimi, on the other hand, is $0.40 per click.

Membership in Udimi

Udimi offers two membership options.

  • -Free
  • -Prime


It’s completely free, and you may keep your Udimi account open for as long as you wish.


In 2022, Udimi Prime membership costs $15 per month and includes more benefits.

The orderable minimum and maximum number of clicks

In a nutshell, it depends. Some merchants set the minimum single ad clicks at 50, while others begin at 100. Furthermore, some vendors have a maximum clicks cap of 400, while others have a cap of 1,000 clicks per single.

Udimi Coupon

When you join up for Udimi using this link, you will receive a free $5 gift card. This Udimi discount is valid just on your first order and does not expire.

Reduce the entire cost of Udimi Price.

Many solitary ad suppliers are frequently willing to talk and negotiate a contract with you. Contact the vendor and request an additional discount on single ad traffic. Most will want to lower the cost per click if you purchase a large number of clicks or bulk orders.

Furthermore, some merchants provide additional savings on repeat orders by lowering the cost on Udimi solo advertisements and offering you a larger proportion of order fulfilment.

Pricing at Udimi vs. Competitors

Udimi is only one network that allows you to buy tailored traffic. You may buy traffic from Google, Facebook, Native ad networks, and Push Notification ad platforms, for example. Udimi, on the other hand, is dependable when it comes to purchasing single advertising.

Pricing for Udimi vs. Google Ads

The average cost of a click on Google advertisements might vary depending on a variety of factors. Some of the most important factors include competition, keyword selection, and targeting. However, with solo advertising, you can easily buy cheaper advertisements in many competitive categories.

Some profitable keywords have CPCs that exceed $1.00. Some even exceed double digits!

Udimi’s solo ad pricing, on the other hand, is modest. Please see the screenshot below.

Is Udimi's pricing justified?

Udimi pricing might be difficult to understand, especially if you are new to solo advertising traffic. As you’ve learned, there are a variety of upgrades and fees.

Assume you’re in a competitive area such as Make Money Online, Biz Opportunities, Crypto, Health and Fitness, or Network Marketing. In that instance, Udimi traffic is worthwhile since, while Udimi price varies, it never significantly surpasses the CPC of Google Ads. You may get a greater ROA (Return on Adspend) and, eventually, establish a responsive email list with a lower CPL (Cost per lead).

Many people use solo advertising to promote affiliate products by including affiliate offers into solo ad funnels. You may be able to get your money back in some situations, and some Udimi dealers provide free consulting services to assist you.

Unfortunately, it is presently unable to purchase funnel clicks or mixed clicks on Udimi. If it were feasible, Udimi ad pricing would be reduced. However, as I mentioned previously in this post, there are advantages and disadvantages to using solo advertising, funnel clicks, and mixed clicks traffic.

Last Words on Udimi Pricing

You learnt how Udimi pricing works for buying solo advertising in this brief tutorial to Udimi price specifics. It is worth mentioning that Udimi allows buyers to receive refunds for unsuccessful single ad campaigns. So you may put your faith in Udimi to spend your money.

So, on average, how much do you spend on Udimi? Do you truly believe Udimi’s add-ons are worthwhile? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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