Udimi Affiliate Program: Refer & Earn Passive Income for Life

Udimi is one of the most popular single ad marketplaces in the world, with thousands of customers and sellers. It operates similarly to Fiverr in that Udimi acts as a go-between for the solitary ad vendor and buyer, connecting both parties, creating confidence, and executing a safe transaction.

The Udimi affiliate network is designed in such a manner that you may earn lifetime recurring commissions as long as the referral is active.

In earlier articles, I discussed Udimi solo advertisements, Udimi costs, Udimi gift cards, Udimi alternatives, and the differences between Udimi and Trafficforme.

What exactly is Udimi?

Before we get into the specifics of the Udimi affiliate programme, it’s important to understand what the Udimi platform is.

Udimi is a marketplace for one-on-one advertising. Solo ad traffic is email traffic purchased from other people’s lists. Many people employ Udimi solo advertising traffic for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:

Optimize sales funnel — Many IM product launch owners use solo ad traffic specifically to optimise their funnel in order to boost EPC, Conversion rate, and so on.
Affiliate marketing solo advertisements – Due to the fact that solo advertisements are email traffic that can be warmed up in the subject line and body content, they often have a better conversion rate than other traffic generating methods such as push notifications and native advertising.
Creating an email marketing list — Building a focused email list is one of the most common reasons individuals use Udimi solo advertisements. People choose to utilise Udimi since some Udimi solo ad vendors have customers on their lists. Check out our enormous Solo Ad Rolodex for facts like Udimi sales recorded by genuine consumers.
So, if you want to make more money as an Udimi affiliate, you should remember why people use Udimi. This will help you distinguish out from other affiliates and effectively advertise Udimi.

However, in this post, you will learn about the Udimi affiliate programme and how to make money as an affiliate on Udimi.

Details about the Udimi Affiliate Program

In a nutshell, here are the main points:

  • -Affiliates will earn a 15% recurring commission on all single purchases, regardless of the amount of traffic purchased. For example, if 100 referrals spend $100 per month, you will earn $1500 per month.
  • -Receive recurring commissions on Prime subscriptions — If the affiliate is already a Prime member, he or she will earn 50% recurring commissions on all Prime memberships. If not, the affiliate will receive 25% of the monthly cost of the premier subscription. For example, 50 Prime referrals will reward you $400 per month.
  • -Instant $5 discount for every referral – As a welcome present, everyone of your referrals will receive a $5 discount on their first order from Udimi immediately after registering, and you will not lose any money on this discount.
  • -Referrals are cookied under your affiliate ID – The referral will be hardcoded to you only if the referral purchases the first single. You will make passive affiliate earnings as long as the consumer purchases solos from Udimi after you have hardcorded.
  • -Affiliates may lose cookied referrals – You will forfeit your referral if someone registers on Udimi using your link but purchases solo advertisements through another affiliate’s link. Udimi employs the last-click-click attribution approach. That is, the individual who refers the consumer will be compensated with referral commissions.
  • -Affiliates can distribute Udimi gift cards
  • – Gift cards worth up to $1,000 can be distributed. Hardcoard referral ID will be included with all gift cards.
  • Earn money from non-hardcoded Udimi purchasers. Even if the referral is hardcoded to another affiliate on Udimi, the gift card supplier will get commission on the associated order.
  • -After 35 days, affiliate profits are available for use.
  • -Different methods for utilising Udimi affiliate profits – You may use your Udimi funds to purchase solo advertising, make Udimi coupons, or withdraw.
  • -There are two options for withdrawing money: PayPal and Wise.

How Do I Enroll in the Udimi Affiliate Program?

To become an affiliate, you must first have an Udimi account. If you are not already an Udimi user, go to the Udimi website and sign up for free.

You are now an affiliate by default, and there is no need for you to apply or fill out any forms. Go to the Affiliates area to get your affiliate link and other information.

How Can Affiliates Help Udimi?

Udimi provides tools to assist affiliates advertise the Udimi solo advertising marketplace in a variety of ways. Let’s have a look at what those materials are:

  • Promotional Materials
  • Banners

Display many of these banners on a website or blog that receives targeted traffic and observe how visitors react. You may also promote on other websites via display ad networks and display Udimi banners on your courses, membership sites, and sales funnel backends (ex: Thank you page).

I propose tracking your link clicks so you may enhance the ROI of your efforts. To redirect traffic to multiple places on the Udimi website, use affiliate link rotators such as ClickMagick or Replug. For example, the home page or the Prime membership page.

Gift Certificates

Gift vouchers are an excellent incentive for people to purchase their first single on Udimi. It’s similar to an Amazon gift card that may be used at any seller.

Any Referral can be upgraded to Prime status.

More Prime subscriptions equates to more recurring revenue for you. You may now upgrade any referral to a month’s worth of Prime membership. Learn more about the benefits of Prime membership by clicking here.

Make your own Udimi landing page.

Change the text on the Udimi landing page that your referrals view when they click on your affiliate link.

Referrals get an automated greeting message.

When customers are cookie-locked to you, one of the greatest methods to convince them to buy from you is to give unique material such as Udimi training, courses, and gift cards. To do this, use the automatic welcome message option.

API generator for referrals

Do you already have a site that receives targeted traffic? Use Udimi APIs to generate recommendations. To use the API, you must first pass the identity verification. Identity verification costs $10 and requires the possession of one of the following documents: A valid foreign passport, identification card, or driver’s licence.

Udimi can help you get recommendations?

I already described what Udimi is and who uses it. That information should be kept in mind while advertising Udimi and obtaining referrals who really buy traffic on Udimi. Here are a few pointers:

  • -Use Udimi materials — Assets such as banners and gift cards might be useful in informing people about Udimi.
  • -Hold contests — You’ve probably seen Amazon gift card contests. So, why can’t you hold a competition using Udimi gift cards? I recommend UpViral for operating a successful giveaway campaign since it offers numerous features such as automated coupon code delivery upon hitting certain milestones, a wide variety of integration ways and widget embed possibilities, and fraud detection measures. This review will teach you more. Alternatively, you can use UpViral sites such as Gleam and Vyper. Here is a comprehensive list of the top giveaway applications.
  • -Use Udimi solo advertisements – Isn’t this rhetorical? It truly isn’t. The vast majority of Udimi vendors are in the MMO (Make Money Online), Business Opportunities, Affiliate Marketing, and Internet Marketing sectors. As a result, it’s quite probable that Udimi would be a fantastic offer that subscribers to Udimi merchants’ email lists would be interested in. Here is a list of the greatest Udimi sellers, along with recent sales information.
  • -Content marketing – Content marketing may be an excellent strategy to reach out to new individuals who wish to drive email traffic to their offers. To increase traffic to your Udimi affiliate link, write articles, upload movies to YouTube, publish presentations online, and so on.
  • -Search engine optimization – If you already have a blog, start publishing relevant posts that bring targeted traffic that is interested in purchasing traffic from Udimi, and optimise those articles for higher keyword rankings in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Use high-quality keyword research tools such as Semrush and WriterZen. They are both very skilled at what they do. Semrush is a powerhouse when it comes to keyword research, subject research, site auditing, and so on, but WriterZen, with its AI writing helper and content creation process, is quite effective at creating SEO-friendly pieces.

Not to mention WriterZen’s Keyword Golden Ratio and Allintitle calculation tools. Semrush price plans begin with three numbers, whereas WriterZen pricing levels begin with two digits. This link will take you to a free trial of Semrush.


The statistics for the Udimi affiliate programme provide all of the information you want.

Your earnings and referrals

  • -Total earned – How much an affiliate has earned and how much is owed throughout the course of their career.

  • -My referrals — The status of referrals, such as the quantity of hardcoded, cookied, and gone recommendations.

  • -Primes – Active prime members and estimated monthly profit

  • -Inactive purchasers — Referrals who have not purchased within the past 30 days.

Statistics on Traffic

To receive a more detailed view of traffic, select “View raw click log.”


On the Udimi affiliate calendar, you can simply see who purchased how many solo ad clicks from whom and what the clearing date is.

Check to see whether affiliate commissions have been cleared to spend or withdraw.

Udimi Affiliate Program's Best Features

The Udimi affiliate programme, like the Clickfunnels affiliate programme, is jam-packed with features. Here are two five money-making qualities.

  • -Direct communication with referrals — Unlike other affiliate systems, the Udimi affiliate programme allows you to contact the referral directly via Live Chat or email. In fact, Udimi promotes it, particularly for idle users.
  • -Thank you for your confidential message. New Udimi users, in particular, may want assistance in locating the best sellers on Udimi for their offer. Provide one-on-one counselling or just provide them access to your training course in order for them to purchase solo advertisements on Udimi.
  • -Competitive commissions – 15% commission on all solo ad sales and 50% commission on all premier members for life. That’s unbeatable!
  • -Real-time statistics – Information is everything. Udimi is skilled at it and takes it seriously.
  • -Quick withdrawals – Udimi presently offers PayPal and Wise as payment options. Wise is what I use to transfer affiliate commissions to my Payoneer account. Payoneer® has a global payment solution that provides each customer with a virtual US USD bank account. You may also request a Euro virtual bank account. This makes running an internet company simple. Udimi’s payment alternatives not only provide speedy service but also save money.

Last Thoughts on the Udimi Affiliate Program

It is unusual to come across a decent programme that is worth marketing and offers competitive commissions. One of these is the Udimi affiliate programme. If you use email affiliate marketing to promote affiliate offerings, advertising Udimi will help you make money to purchase traffic on Udimi as well.

In the Udimi monthly competition movers and shakers forum post, Udimi lists the top three affiliates for the current month. Some affiliates earn more than four figures per year in passive revenue from referrals. You may be the next one!


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