Themify Review 2022 – Reliable to Buy WordPress Themes & Plugins From?

Do you want an unbiased Themify review? Or are you wondering if Themify is a reputable source for WordPress themes and plugins? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place.

With dozens of themes and plugins available, it might be challenging to pick the appropriate one for your website. At the same time, you must spend numerous hours searching for a decent and reliable store where you can get quality items with excellent customer service.

In such situation, Themify might be a fantastic location to locate a solid blend of strong plugins and responsive themes, as well as superb customer support. Themify is home to a robust page builder as well as a plethora of theme possibilities.

So, the major question is if Themify is a reliable source for WordPress themes and plugins. Is it worthwhile to purchase Themify themes and plugins?

Simply read the entire review article to learn all you need to know about Themify.

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What is Themify? – A Brief Overview

Themify is a well-known WordPress marketplace where you can purchase both premium WordPress themes and plugins. It was founded in 2010, and it has already made 100,000+ clients pleased with its themes and plugins.

Themify’s primary purpose is to create attractive WordPress themes and strong plugins. They’ve already released 42 themes, 11 plugins, 25 builder addons, and 5 post-type builder addons as a result of this.

Themify contains everything you need to create a great website. For example, if you’re a beginner, Themify provides its Themify Page Builder to assist you in building your website utilising a drag-and-drop tool.

Similarly, if you intend to take your business online, it provides Shoppe WooCommerce compatible themes. If you want to include eye-catching’splitting’ animations, there is a theme called Fullpane.

The nice part of Themify is that you can buy those themes and plugins alone or as part of a package. It is entirely up to you how and what you want to design your WordPress site using Themify.

However, Themify functions similarly to a WordPress master club, much like any other member subscription website. This implies that if you pay a particular amount, you’ll have access to all of the company’s themes and plugins.

Finally, before joining up for Themify, you may sample its tiny variety of free themes and plugins on the official repository.

Which Themify Plugins Are the Most Popular?

Themify provides a selection of premium plugins and add-ons. Themify now features 11 plugins, some of which are free, and 25+ add-ons. If you purchase the Master Club, you will get access to all of these at once.

Let’s have a look at some of Themify’s most popular WordPress plugins:

1. Themify Builder

The Themify Builder is the most popular product in the Themify shop. It’s one of the most powerful and user-friendly free WordPress page builders. Its simple drag-and-drop tool allows you to create any arrangement you can think of.

Similarly, it comes with over 40+ predesigned professional-looking layouts to get you started. You may just import a layout, replace their content and picture, and you’re ready to go with those layouts.

You also receive 60+ fantastic animation effects to help you communicate your tales and ideas in the best possible way. These animations are triggered whenever the items are present in the viewing area.

Furthermore, it includes a live preview feature that allows you to watch everything come real immediately in front of your eyes. It also has both frontend and backend editing interfaces.

Key Characteristics:

  • -Let’s move individual modules, rows, and columns from one machine to another.
  • -Gives you complete control over the look of your page. Everything from the background colour to Google fonts, border, spacing, and more may be customised.
  • -Perfectly compatible with every post type, including any custom post kinds created by the theme and other plugins.
  • -Comes with a caching mechanism to assist you save server resources and process your pages faster.
  • -It also works nicely with any other plugin that adheres to the same WordPress requirements.

thimify Pricing:

Themify Builder is a free WordPress plugin that works with any WordPress theme. It is available for download from the official WordPress plugin repository. You may also get it for free from Themify’s official website.

If you wish to expand the builder’s capabilities, you may buy all of its Builder Addons for $39. When you buy it, you’ll receive all of Image Pro, WooCommerce, Pricing Table, Maps Pro, Infinite Posts, Progress Bar, Bar Chart, and other features.

2. Builder Pro

Themify’s Builder Pro is a simple-to-use yet incredibly powerful WordPress theme builder. It allows you to build a full website using drag-and-drop pieces.

This theme builder allows you to visually design and tweak any template on a website without any technical knowledge. It employs the same theme logic as the core of WordPress. As a result, the theme templates you’ve built with it will be linked to a Pro Theme.

As a result, when you change the theme, all of its linked templates will be enabled with the click of a button.

It also has a display conditions option, which allows you to specify where templates should appear. Conditions can be applied for the whole site or for specific articles, pages, and categories.

Finally, you can transform your dull-looking material into something lively that everyone enjoys reading and following. For example, you may use the FitText addon to show your post’s featured picture as a background image, as well as your post title.

builder pro Key Characteristics:

  • -Comes with WooCommerce templates and provides you complete control over your shop and product layouts.
  • -Gives you complete control of the location from head to toe. Everything was done graphically with Themify Builder and without the need of any code.
  • -Includes a slew of completely created themes and layouts. This makes it easy to install and customise any theme or template with a single click.
  • -Includes over 30 modules for creating whatever templates you want.
  • -Includes an in-built sticky header and sticky scrolling.

builder pro Pricing:

Builder Pro is a premium WordPress theme builder that you may try out for $69 by acquiring the Build Pro subscription. You’ll have access to Builder Pro as well as all 25 builder extensions as a result.

In contrast, if you purchase its Master Club or Lifetime Club plan, you will receive all of its free and paid offerings.

3. Post Type Builder

One of the greatest WordPress plugins for creating custom post types and custom fields is Post Type Builder. It enables the creation of custom post kinds, taxonomies, and templates for those custom post types.

You can use this to build any custom post type you can think of without having to write any code. The greatest thing is that you can do all of this from within the WordPress admin backend, using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

It also has a built-in shortcode generator that allows you to show custom post kinds anywhere you wish. Furthermore, you may utilise lightbox to display your content without forcing your viewers to leave the current page.

Finally, you may use its add-ons to enhance your capability to create any form of post type. Map View, Extra Fields, Submissions, PTB Search, and PTB Relation are all included.

post type builder Key Characteristics:

  • -Includes a Meta Box Builder that allows you to easily build all forms of input types – text, picture, radio button, checkbox, and so on.
  • -In the PTB Meta Box, you may show what you’ve generated for people to enter data.
  • -It provides a post-filter function, allowing users to filter or arrange posts based on their categories.
  • -You may also import and export your own post types, taxonomies, and templates as a group or individually.

post type builder Pricing:

Themify’s Post Type Builder is a premium WordPress plugin. This plugin is available as part of the PTB Bundle for $49. This package will include the plugin as well as all of its PTB addons.

4.Announcement Bar

The Announcement Bar WordPress plugin by Themify allows you to effortlessly add alerts to your website. Because it is a completely responsive plugin, all of your announcements will be displayed to your visitors across all devices.

Although this plugin appears to be basic and lightweight, it provides a plethora of design presets and presentation possibilities. You also have complete control over the style and feel of your notifications and announcements.

Furthermore, you may plan your announcements to appear at the precise time and duration that you want. It allows you to show your announcements on the sticky bar in a sideways fashion or on a per-post or page basis.

In addition, it may be shown on sidebar widgets and anyplace the shortcode is utilised.

announcement bar Key Characteristics:

  • -Includes scrolling options like as slide, fade, and continuous, as well as the ability to set the number of displayed posts and scroll.
  • -By using a “Extra..” element, you may add more content to your announcement bar.
  • -Compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to promote your sales and items directly from the announcement.
  • -Allows you to show newsletter sign-up forms within the announcement bar in order to increase your subscriber numbers.

announcement bar Pricing:

Announcement Bar is a premium WordPress plugin that can be purchased for $19 from its official website. You can also purchase its Master Club or Lifetime Club plans, which include all of its free and paid goods.

5.Conditional Menus review

Conditional Menus is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to show menus based on the conditions you specify. That is, you may configure and show different menus to appear on different pages, topics, categories, and so on.

The nicest aspect is that you don’t have to fuss about and can get started right away after activating the plugin. All you have to do is create and pick a menu from which to establish a condition. After that, you may add criteria by checking the boxes next to the locations where you want the menu to show.

Similarly, you may delete the conditional menus anytime you believe they are no longer necessary. It is also compatible with any WordPress theme that uses the basic WordPress menu feature.

conditional menus Pricing:

Conditional Menus is a free WordPress plugin available from the WordPress plugin repository. Furthermore, you may get it for free from Themify’s official website.

Which Themify Themes Are the Most Popular?

1. Ultra - review

The Themify-powered Ultra theme is a popular and strong WordPress theme. It includes more than 60 professional-looking layouts that you can simply import, modify the content, and you’re ready to go.

It has clever layout features that offer you complete control over your website’s appearance from header to bottom. You receive 17 header/page designs as well as a sticky header option to give each page a distinctive look.

Similarly, no header choice is provided to design your ideal landing pages. Along with that, you can promote your work and services with a portfolio area that integrates with all of the blog post templates.

Furthermore, its mega menu functionality is ideal for larger websites with a great number of links and items to display. It also allows you to include widgets within the menu.

ulrea key features:

  • -With its complete section scrolling function, you may expose your stuff like a presentation slideshow.
  • -With its six various archive styles, you may present your blogs and other information in a visually pleasing manner. It comes with a slider, full width, masonry, grids, polaroid, and overlay effects.
  • -You can use an image and hover filters to alter your original picture source without needing Photoshop.
  • -It also works nicely with WooCommerce to provide a unified eCommerce experience.

ultra Pricing:

Ultra is a premium WordPress theme available from Themify for $59 USD. You can also buy its Club plans (Master Club for $89 or Lifetime Club for $249) and receive all of their themes and plugins included.

2. Shoppe - review

Shoppe is a flexible WooCommerce theme that allows you to quickly create any type of professional eCommerce business. It works in tandem with the drag-and-drop Themify Builder to allow you to create any layout you can think of.

It includes 60+ prebuilt layouts as well as 20+ store landing page templates to help you get started quickly. Indeed, it includes extra theme skins for any type of eCommerce site imaginable, like music, fashion, sports, home, jewellery, electronics, and so on.

When it comes to eCommerce functionality, it has a plethora of options to wow your consumers. For example, you may include a wishlist option that allows your users to save their favourite things for later use.

Furthermore, it contains a giant menu for showing multi-column dropdown menus as well as any WordPress widgets. It also includes customised social banners that you can place in your bottom section.

shoppe key features:

  • -There are 14 headers, 9 archives, and 6 footer layout variations.
    You’ll receive access to 12 extra addons when you buy it, including a timeline, countdown, contact, progress bar, slider pro, and so on.
  • -It has a sophisticated AJAX rapid search tool that allows your users to search anything on your website instantly.
  • -Includes an image zoom function that allows customers to click to see a larger version of the product image.
    It also has a product gallery slider that allows the viewer to view all of the product’s photographs.

shoppe Pricing:

Shoppe is a premium WordPress theme available from Themify for $59 USD.

3. Parallax - review

Do you want to include both parallax scrolling and a single-page design into your website? If so, Parallax is an excellent WordPress theme for you.

This theme allows you to display your posts on a single page with parallax scrolling on the side. This theme may be used as a single page or as a standard site with page URLs.

It includes more than 60 pre-designed layouts created with a drag-and-drop builder. You’ll also get slider backgrounds, video backgrounds, custom style, animations, and more with those flexible layouts.

Similarly, you may use the team post type to introduce your team members. You may sort and show them by job title, such as CEO, Executive, Manager, and so on.

parallax key features:

  • -Includes a portfolio post type to help you construct an attractive portfolio area to showcase your multimedia work.
  • -You may make your animated progress bar appear in whatever colour you like.
  • -It’s entirely responsive and looks the same on all devices and resolutions.
  • -The Parallax option panel allows you to select between unlimited scrolling and standard page number navigation.
  • -You may also upload a custom header picture or slider and assign it a custom menu.

parallax Pricing:

Parallax is a premium WordPress theme available from Themify for $59 USD.

4. Landing - review

In addition to other prepared templates, Themify has a specific landing page template named Landing. This theme is ideal for individuals who want to boost the number of subscribers, social media followers, or visitors to their website.

It contains Themify Builder, which covers all of the tools needed to create great landing pages. Furthermore, it comes with 25+ prebuilt builder templates that you can quickly import into your website.

All you have to do now is switch on the builder, pick the builder layout, and modify the content. Isn’t it quick and simple?

You may also utilise its unique event post type to promote your tours, concerts, or other events. You may also include a Google map view of the venue, the date and time of the event, and a link to purchase tickets with this.

landing key features:

  • -Allows you to present your portfolio using masonry image layouts that use different picture sizes and arrangements.
  • -You may add several header designs and conceal some parts, select a backdrop type, header text colours, and so forth.
  • -Excellent integration with Mailchimp for creating a newsletter signup form.
  • -Let’s easy add ad banners to any page of the website to monetize it.
  • -100% responsive and retina ready.

landing Pricing:

Landing is a premium WordPress theme available from Themify for $59 USD.

5. Music - review

Music, another lovely Themify theme, allows you to build eye-catching pages with your own videos playing behind your content. This is a specialty music-based theme designed with musicians in mind.

This theme, on the other hand, has a music player, an album playlist, and full-width video backdrops. As a result, your visitors will be able to listen to music while exploring your website.

Furthermore, you may use it for your own portfolio, event and concert planning, or even professional music websites. It works great with Themify Builder to create an endless amount of page layouts using drag-and-drop tools, just like any other Themify theme.

It allows you complete control over your website, including Google fonts, background pictures, navigation style, and sidebar widgets. You may also quickly integrate movies from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video websites.

music key features:

  • -While going through the website’s many sections, you may play your music indefinitely.
  • -Allows you to build a personalised playlist for your visitors, with the opportunity for them to learn more about it and maybe purchase it.
  • -With Music’s picture gallery layouts, you can effortlessly and tastefully present images from an event or recent photoshoot.
  • -It has full-width video backdrops for you to post your films and have them autoplay when a visitor lands on an area.
  • -You may also showcase your articles, press conferences, interviews, and magazine shoots in a fashionable manner.

music Pricing:

Music is a premium WordPress theme available from Themify for $59.

Pricing for Themify

This portion of the Themify review will go through Themify’s price plans.

You may already be aware that you can purchase any Themify theme or plugin separately or as part of a bundle.

When it comes to purchasing a single theme, there are two pricing options: Standard and Developer.

  • -Standard ($59) – Includes a built-in Themify Builder as well as one year of support and updates.
  • -Developer ($69) – Includes an in-built Themify Builder, a year of maintenance and updates, plus Photoshop files.

Both of these programmes additionally include 12 Builder addons as bonuses. Audio, Countdown, Progress Bar, Counter, Contact, WooCommerce, Timeline, Image Pro, Typewriter, Maps Pro, Slider Pro, and the Pricing Table are all included in that extension.

However, when it comes to plugins, Themify provides both free and commercial plugins. Themify Builder, Themify Popup, and Conditional Menus are included in the free plugin.

Premium plugins, on the other hand, all have different costs. Prices typically vary from $19 to $49. Aside from that, practically all plugins include many addons.

However, in order to use all of the add-ons, you must purchase the premium version.

As previously stated, Themify also provides a club membership plan known as Themify Master Club. When you join this club, you will have access to all of Themify’s themes, plugins, add-ons, and Photoshop assets for a single affordable charge.

This Master Club has two price options: Master Club and Lifetime Club.

  • -Master Club ($89) – Includes one year of support and upgrades as well as access to all themes, extensions, and plugins.
  • -Lifetime Club ($249) – Includes lifetime support and updates for all themes, extensions, and plugins.

For additional information, being a member grants you access to 42 themes, 11 plugins, 25 builder addons, 5 post-type builder addons, and Photoshop assets.

Furthermore, you may use all of the themes and plugins on an infinite number of websites. This may be a fantastic deal for agencies or anybody who produces and manages many WordPress websites.

However, if you decide that one of their themes or plugins isn’t for you, they will give you a complete refund within 30 days.

Pros and Cons of Themify

As we all know, everything has advantages and disadvantages. In this portion of the review, we’ll go through Themify’s advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Themify

The following are Themify’s Advantages:

  • -Over 40 responsive themes are available.
  • -All of its themes have a high-end appearance and extensive customization possibilities.
  • -Includes Themify Builder, a sophisticated drag-and-drop page builder.
  • -All themes and plugins can be used on an unlimited number of websites.
  • -Offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of Themify

The following are Themify’s drawbacks:

  • -Help services, such as the support forums, are exclusively available to Themify members.
  • -All theme and plugin add-ons are only available in the premium version.
  • -The pricing of one theme is on the high side.


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