Talkroute Review 2022: Top 5 Features & Pricing (Pros & Cons) Is Talkroute Legit?


  • Simple installation, affordable rates, and an improved system that prioritises voice calls over internet voice traffic to ensure excellent sound quality all come included.
  • Because of this, my work has been significantly simpler, and tenants rarely now leave a message on my personal phone.
  • Call forwarding on Talkroute is handled traditionally over the PSTN (public switched telephone network), and every call has been completely dependable and of excellent quality. We won’t be using VOIP ever again.
  • Call Routing
  • File Transfer
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Online Voice Transmission
  • Remote Access/Control


  • When calls start coming in, the ringtime might get a little bit drawn out.
  • voicemail box becomes full very soon

If you want to earn your customers’ confidence and provide them with adequate help, you can no longer afford to minimise the significance of providing phone support to any sort of business. Phone assistance for your clients or website visitors is most important when it is offered at the proper time.

Are you one of those people who just established a business not too long ago that needs help over the phone? Here, we will discuss a Virtual Phone System for your business, so don’t worry.

You will be able to deliver superior customer service to all of your clients and website visitors if you use a Virtual Phone System. Mutual trust with your clients and consumers may flow much more smoothly with this on your side.

With the help of Talkroute, a highly effective and number one ranked virtual phone system, you will have no difficulty getting a phone number for your business.

You could have some queries concerning Talkroute review, such as the following: I will go into great depth on everything.

Talkroute Review 2022: How does it Work? (Reliable Virtual Phone System)

Talkroute Overview

Talkroute is an advanced Virtual Phone System that provides its users with the ability to obtain a business phone number. By utilising this platform, you will immediately be able to begin accepting calls for your company. Simply making use of your cell phones and landlines might be of assistance to you in the operation of your organisation.

This platform also provides local and toll-free numbers, and you may use your current number here even if you have one of those other types. The best part about it is that you don’t need to buy any new equipment because you can use your existing mobile phones and landlines here. This is the nicest part. This platform is relied on by more than thousands of fantastic companies that are quite similar to your own.

This platform gives a local and toll-free number, and it also allows you to transfer your current company numbers directly to Talkroute. You can easily pick between a new local and toll-free number, or you may transfer your existing business numbers. The advantage of this setup is that you are free to add any more numbers at any time and in any location.

One further advantage of using this platform is that it enables you to get extensions for any member of your team. It makes no difference how many workers you have; whether you have one employee or one hundred, you can easily develop Extensions and make them available to everyone on your team and in each of your departments.

What Kinds of Problems Does Talkroute Solve?

1. Separate all personal and business calls
Always be aware of whether an incoming call is of a customer, a friend, or a member of the family. Through the use of our desktop and mobile applications, you will be able to make outgoing calls and text messages with the phone number of your business shown on the caller ID.

2. Using Call Stacking to Retain Callers in a Queue
Because Talkroute’s Call Stacking is so effective, your clients will never hear a busy signal when they call you. Your calls will now be placed in a queue within an automated system, which will cause your phones to ring before anybody from your team replies to them. Your callers have the option of listening to hold music or a personalised welcome while they are on hold.

3. Use Existing & Available Equipment
Talkroute is compatible with the phones, laptops, and desktop computers that you already have, so you won’t ever have to worry about buying, installing, or maintaining expensive new equipment. It is completely open for interaction.

4. Extensions for Both Employees and Departments
Always check to see that the person who is calling is connected to the right person. Whether you have one employee or one hundred, you may add extensions for each member of your staff and utilise the call menu to direct callers to the proper departments, such as sales, service, or billing. This is possible regardless of the number of employees you have.

Key Features of Talkroute

1. Virtual Phone Numbers

By using this platform, you will have an easier time acquiring the ideal phone number for your company. You may quickly obtain a local number that does not require any additional tools, and you can continue to use the number that you already have. The vanity numbers may also be obtained from this location. Just get a number that spells out your company name, or if you want something unusual and memorable number for your callers, you can simply obtain it here with Talkroute. Just get a number that spells out your company name.

2. Text Messaging for Business

Simply using your company’s phone number, you can quickly and conveniently send and receive text messages, as well as get text-to-email notifications and more. If your clients are sending text messages to the number associated with your business here on Talkroute, you will be notified as soon as those clients submit a text message to your company. You will be able to respond to incoming messages directly from your email inbox thanks to the text-to-email alerts that will be sent to you.

3. Call Forwarding for Businesses

With the use of call forwarding, you are now able to route your calls to any location you want. You can use any of your usual devices to make calls.  A custom call forwarding option is offered so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all, and you can use any of your devices for that. Additionally, you are able to forward all of your business calls directly to a specific mobile or landline number here. Talkroute is the most advantageous of the various choices at this time.

4. Calling Menu/Phone Directory

With Talkroute You can Create departments, call individuals and groups, and even play personalised greetings over the phone. Simply create several departments, and then route calls to any location you like. This function can assist you in ensuring that your call is transferred to the appropriate division, such as sales or support, so that you can better serve your customers. In addition, this function of the call menu may also be utilized to look for people of your team in the directory.

5. Extensions

These extensions will ensure that your calls are transferred to the appropriate members of your team. You have the ability to build an endless number of extensions and to forward calls to any phone. In addition to using single-digit extensions, you may also use multiple-digit extensions, and you can even employ informative extensions. There will be no need to purchase or install any costly equipment because the process is entirely automated.

6. Virtual Voice Mail Service

Maintain your connect at all times, even when you are not available. This system provides functions such as converting voicemail to email. In this location, the voicemails received via Talkroute are immediately converted to audio files before being forwarded via email. Even voicemail messages may be saved as individual audio files and then emailed to the appropriate recipient. In addition to this, you are able to divide voicemail messages by just adding boxes to the right with various email addresses.

7. Mobile Application

This platform also offers mobile apps that enable users to manage their corporate voicemail, make outgoing calls, send/receive messages, and send and receive messages. You are free to transform your mobile device, such as a smartphone, into a professional phone line. You will have an easier time displaying your Talkroute Caller ID if you use the programme.

8. Live Call Transfer (also known as LCT)

With the use of this function, you will be able to transfer calls to any number, department, or even extension with relative ease. You may make use of the simple transfer codes, and Talkroute will also issue transfer codes directly to all of your contact numbers, extensions, menu choices, and voice mailboxes.

9. Call Stacking

You have the option of using the caller’s stay feature, which places callers on hold until such time as you are able to answer them. Even if you’re managing your company from a single phone, you may still take many calls at the same time provided your phone is set up properly. All of your callers will be placed on hold while we wait for you to become available to take the next call when your phone rings again.

10. Call Reporting

This programme provides call reporting, within which you may obtain precise call pathways, straightforward filtering options, and the ability to export the data as well. In addition to that, you are able to monitor both your incoming and outgoing phone calls. This tool gives you the date and time, the length of the call, the caller ID, and the status directly for all calls, incoming and outgoing alike.

How Does the Talkroute System Work?

The operation of this programme is really straightforward, and you won’t have any trouble getting started with them. Permit me to explain to you how exactly this platform functions.

STEP 1: Select a Phone Number

You need just choose a new local business or a toll-free number; alternatively, you can go with the number you’ve been using all along. Correct, the next stage will not be reached unless you select a number from the options available to you.

STEP 2: Make Your Extensions

You may easily develop extensions for your company, regardless of whether you have one person or one hundred. You are able to make extensions available to everyone on your team, and doing so is a simple and uncomplicated process.

STEP 3: Create or upload a greeting message.

You have the ability to quickly develop and publish your own personalised greetings to your clients. You may easily construct a welcome, hold music, menu prompts, and other types of audio content with the help of the customised audio prompts that are available in this section.

STEP 4: Take a Call From Anywhere and Answer It

After you have completed all of the processes listed above, you may proceed to start taking your customers’ phone calls. Calls may be forwarded and routed to any location of your choosing thanks to this platform’s call forwarding and routing capabilities. Your calls may be easily routed to your business, your home, or even when you’re out and about.

Talkroute Account Setup Guide

The pricing plans here are really straightforward and competitively priced. Because it gives its consumers the option to sample it risk-free for seven days, you don’t have to pay anything to test it out. Aside from that, they provide a variety of price plans that are highly adaptable, so you may select one of them based on the requirements and wants you have.

Talkroute Pricing Plans Review

Simply select a time that is suitable for you, and one of their specialists will get you up and running in no time at all, even if you have no idea where to start or how to set up your account. Set consultations with Talkroute to provide you the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with one of our specialists for a period of thirty minutes. We will walk you through it and answer any questions that you might have about it. If you need to speak with them as soon as possible, you may reach them at this number: 1 (800) 747-2140.

pricing plans


$19 / month
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Text Messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Users & Permissions
  • Call Forwarding
  • Mobile Apps
  • Call Stacking
  • Custom Greetings
  • 24/7 Email Support


$39 / month
  • Basic Plan +
  • Call Menu
  • Single Digit Extensions
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Hours of Operation
  • Call Blast
  • Caller ID Name
  • Chat Support


$59 / month
  • Plus Plan +
  • Submenus
  • 500 MB of storage space
  • Multi-Digit Extensions
  • Company Directory
  • Scheduled Forwarding
  • Reporting
  • Voice Studio
  • Phone Support


$99 / month
  • Pro Plan +
  • SLA & BAA
  • Account Management
  • Custom Integrations
  • Priority Support


Talkroute makes use of the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) call routing method, and every call has been proven to be one hundred percent accurate and of exceptional quality.

Because the sound quality is so impressive, you won’t ever want to switch back to using VOIP.
With this service, we were thrilled to be able to answer calls on our mobile devices without having to make use of our data plans. The capacity to transfer calls between any of our mobile phones is something that we consider to be of the utmost significance. It would be challenging to readjust to life before the provision of this service.

Overall, this has made my job easier; renters no longer send messages on my personal phone.

We appreciate the fact that our renters are able to leave messages, which will trigger a notice on my phone, and that we are able to send them text messages without having to provide them with my personal phone number.

Talkroute is an excellent tool to have at your disposal if you do not have a daily office staff but you still want to be accessible to your customers. It is set up to ring each of the four different persons on our calendar in the order of their planned availability. In the event that we do not answer a call, we are able to determine very quickly who was trying to reach us.

Talkroute is known for having excellent support for customers. The staff has real-world experience in the field, and they can have you up and running in under an hour. Talkroute exceeds your expectations with the number and breadth of its features.

This service, which features a routable call menu, blocks a significant amount of spam, enables me to supply general details, and routes calls to a number of different persons. Additionally, it has voicemail with email delivery and notification capabilities.

You should anticipate hearing sound that is of a satisfactory quality because they route speech traffic through the phone network rather than the internet.


When calls begin to come in, the amount of time it takes for the phone to ring becomes much longer.

The fact that the voice mail becomes full so rapidly was one of the things that bothered us.

At the time, neither faxing nor photo messaging are accessible, but according to their support staff, the addition of these features is planned for this year.

Because there isn’t a separate contact list for the account, you won’t be able to identify the person who is calling until you import all of the contacts onto each and every computer in the company.

It is also difficult to determine if you are calling from your actual phone number or a virtual number when you make a call.

If there was a method to create a personalised ringtone or another solution along these lines, it would be amazing if this issue could be resolved.

Small enterprises may find the pricing to be prohibitively expensive at $40 per month.

What are the benefits of using Talkroute?

Talkroute simplifies the process of controlling calls coming into a firm. The platform provides everything you want, whether all you want to do is route calls to a mobile phone or produce menu prompts (press #1 for, press #2 for, etc.) for a variety of devices. You may also select certain days and hours when you are available to answer business calls, as well as add music to play while customers are on hold. Talkroute is used on a daily basis by hundreds of different enterprises to manage their incoming calls.

Talkroute has a lot going for it, including its comprehensive coverage of fundamental telephony capabilities as well as value-added services such as audio prompts and compatibility for mobile devices. Talkroute has paid special attention to the demands of its users with a powerful time-of-operations feature, permission-granting capabilities, and omnichannel voicemail access.

Additionally, Talkroute has highly sophisticated reporting capabilities. It is possible to review both incoming and departing calls by consulting the whole call history. You are able to observe the specific route that each call took, and all of this data can be simply saved to a CSV file for auditing and review at a later time.

Conclusion: Talkroute Review 2022

Talkroute is among the most dependable Virtual Phone Systems currently available on the market today. And if your company requires phone assistance, then you should begin using Talkroute as soon as possible. Talkroute is much more than a Virtual Phone System; it also provides a variety of legitimate features that you can utilise to provide superior customer care to your clients.

Talkroute 7 days Free Trial

There is also a 7-day free trial available on Talkroute, and if you are new to this platform, then I would advise you to just begin using this free trial in to become comfortable with it. 


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