Soledad WordPress Theme Review 2022 – Is it Worth it? (Full Guide)

Soledad WordPress Theme Review 2022 – Is it Worth it? (Full Guide)

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Do you want an impartial Soledad WordPress theme review? Are you unsure if it’s worth it for your website? If so, this review article will make everything apparent to you, so please remain with us to the conclusion.

Soledad is one of PenciDesign’s most popular and best-selling WordPress themes. This theme is intended for use on blogs and magazine websites.

Furthermore, it has a variety of features that enable you to create the website of your dreams. In fact, it has already sold over 37,500 copies. Furthermore, it has a flawless 5-star rating.

So, is it beneficial to utilise this theme on your WordPress site? Is it, in fact, as fantastic as it sounds? Don’t be concerned any longer!

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Soledad WordPress theme in this review. In this in-depth review, we’ll go over its features, installation, cost, customization, support, and more. Let’s get this party started!

A. Overview of the Soledad Theme
B. Soledad Theme Highlights
C. How to Setup the Soledad Theme
D. How to Import Demo Sites from Soledad?
E. How to Personalize the Soledad Theme
F. Soledad Theme Assistance
Pricing for the G. Soledad Theme
H. Soledad Theme Advantages and Disadvantages
Alternatives to the I. Soledad Theme
J. Is the Soledad WordPress Theme Worth It? – Our Opinion
Overview of the A. Soledad Theme
First and foremost, the Soledad theme is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme designed specifically for creating blogs and magazine websites.

Did you know that it’s the year’s best-selling blog and magazine WordPress theme on ThemeForest? As previously said, it has over 37K sales and people have rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

Best WordPress Blog Magazine Theme Soledad
Theme of Soledad
The greatest aspect is that it is one of the well-supported WordPress themes that can be used to develop a variety of websites. With its minimal and clean design, quick load, and extensive features, Soledad allows you to easily create your desired website.

Another notable feature of the Soledad theme is that it includes 6000+ homepage demos and 220+ pre-built websites. You can quickly import them to get started on your website. As a result, even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, you can build websites on your own.

Furthermore, it provides a variety of customization options to give your site a distinct taste and identity. Furthermore, it is totally compatible with one of the greatest live page builder plugins available, namely Elementor. Simply observe the live changes on your website as you progress.

Furthermore, it includes a lot of free blogging plugins! Penci Soledad Demo Importer is a tool for importing demonstrations, whereas Penci Recipes is for food bloggers and Penci Reviews is for review sites.

After that, let’s move on to the next section of the Soledad WordPress theme review to learn more about its main features.

B. Soledad Theme Highlights
It’s certain that you’ll need a theme with a plethora of useful features to set your website apart from the competition. Without a doubt, Soledad is a feature-rich theme that can help you put your finest ideas to life and construct a fully-functional site.

So, let’s take a closer look at the essential elements of the Soledad theme.

1. 220+ Pre-Configured Websites
It goes without saying that building a website from the bottom up may be a time-consuming and laborious task. And if you’re not tech-savvy, it’s a big pain.

Soledad, on the other hand, overcomes this issue by providing access to 220+ beautifully designed prebuilt example websites. These websites cover a broad variety of topics, including adventure, architecture, business, and many more.

Check out some of the pre-built Soledad templates right here.

Demos of the Soledad WordPress Theme
Demos of the Soledad Theme
With a simple click, you may import any of these demo websites that best fit your requirements. Furthermore, update and adjust the information to your liking in order to design the website precisely as you’ve planned.

2. Elementor Compatibility
Another notable aspect of Soledad is that it is completely compatible with one of the most popular page builder plugins, namely. Elementor.

As a consequence, you’ll have access to cutting-edge page designs as well as robust website-building tools. It’s essentially an all-in-one solution for controlling the conceptual form and general style of your website.

You also receive 40+ neatly designed pieces that you may further modify whatever you see fit. You will also have the ability to create your own sections, headers, and footers. Furthermore, depending on the demands of your website, you may activate or disable various theme components.

The combination of the Soledad theme with Elementor may work wonders for your WordPress website.

3. Builder of Exclusive Header and Footer
Another advantage of using Soledad is that it includes an exclusive header and footer builder.

WordPress Theme Header Builder Soledad
Builder of the Soledad Theme Header
It also includes pre-made header designs that you can rapidly import. You can also use its own Penci Header Builder to alter the text and position the menus you wish to display on the header area.

Similarly, using WP Block Editor, Elementor, or WPBakery, you can quickly create a footer area for your website. Furthermore, you have complete control over how the footer and components are placed.

Furthermore, the footer area may be readily applied to other portions of the site. The homepage, archive page, single page or posts, or all posts and pages are all included.

4. Compatible with WooCommerce
Do you want to build a website that can be monetized later? If you said yes, I have some wonderful news for you.

WooCommerce is fully supported by the Soledad WordPress theme. As a consequence, converting your blogging or magazine website to an eCommerce or online shop is simple.

Furthermore, you can think of Soledad as a one-stop shop for anything you’ll need to sell online. Essentially, it includes a slew of functionality tailored specifically for WooCommerce.

Product wishlists, product comparisons, and other features are among them. This way, you can quickly build a functional online store.

5. AMP is fully supported.
In case you didn’t know, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Simply said, this technology reduces the time it takes for your website to load on mobile devices.

Furthermore, the Soledad theme fully supports AMP. As a consequence, your website will load flawlessly on all mobile devices. As a result, your mobile consumers will have a better user experience on your site.

Furthermore, Google loves AMP pages, so making your web pages AMP-ready is important. As a consequence, your websites will rank better in search engines, generating more visitors.

You can also read Soledad’s thorough guidance on how to set up AMP for your site.

6. Tool for White Labeling
Simply said, White Label is one of the most successful methods or approaches for removing the branding off a product or service and replacing it with a new brand identity. This aids in bringing your site’s information to life, especially on demo sites.

Soledad also has a white-label tool, which is a key feature. You may effortlessly conceal unnecessary or undesirable branding elements from your site by using this tool. Furthermore, make your website more consistent with your own branding aspects.

Turn on White Label in the Soledad WordPress Theme.
Turn on White Label.
The White Label function is readily activated from your WordPress dashboard. Make any required modifications or adjustments based on your preferences.

You may also change the logo and build a completely personalised WordPress dashboard with your own widget, among other things. Additionally, save the settings.

7. Builder of Menus
As a website owner, you undoubtedly want your site to be simple to use. Furthermore, you’ll want your site visitors to be able to view the primary elements of your website as soon as they arrive. And this is when having the correct sort of menu comes in handy.

Soledad, thankfully, has a huge menu builder, allowing you to effortlessly create your ideal menu for your website. Furthermore, you may create many menus and give them appropriate titles based on the needs of your site.

Furthermore, you may set menu places on your site in such a manner that your site visitors find them useful.

8. Option to connect to Instagram
Nowadays, social media is one of the most efficient tools for expanding your audience. As a result, by linking your social media accounts via your website, you may efficiently increase your following.

Soledad realises this and, as a result, provides a special Connect Instagram option.

Soledad WordPress Theme Has an Instagram Connect Option
Option to connect to Instagram
You may quickly connect your Instagram account by clicking on the Connect Instagram button in your dashboard. When you do this, your website postings or contents are immediately shared on your Instagram account. This saves you a significant amount of time. It’s just that simple!

You may also use the Social Counter option to connect your other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, and others. As a consequence, you will be able to contact a larger number of people.

9. WPML compatibility and built-in translation
As you may be aware, it is preferable if your WordPress site supports different languages. As a result, your website is available in several languages. This allows your website to reach a global audience that speaks and understands a variety of languages.

Fortunately, the Soledad theme has 90+ built-in translations for easy text translation. As a consequence, you may create a website in any accessible language to meet your specific requirements. Not to mention that each line is coded and ready to be translated into another language.

This theme is also compatible with popular multilingual plugins such as WPML. As a consequence, you will be able to create a variety of language versions of your website. It’s also a great way to get more people to visit your website.

10. Features Not Included
Aside from the capabilities listed above, the Soledad theme has a plethora of extra options to assist you in creating a dynamic website. So, let’s look at a few of these features:

Provides 36 beautiful featured slider options for aesthetically engaging information presentation.
For diverse tales, choose from 6 portfolio themes and several single post designs.
Allows you to change between bright and dark layouts based on your preferences.
Custom Post Types, Taxonomies Supports, and Custom Fields are all compatible with the Toolset Types plugin.
To prevent bouncing, include autoloading whenever your site visitors reach the conclusion of the current content.
It has a fantastic gallery with a lightbox to exhibit your photos in a pleasant manner.
GIF formats are fully supported, allowing you to make your website more dynamic and engaging.
There are many places to place Google Adsense advertising, ranging from the main text to the sidebar to a single article.
Supports lead generation plugins such as Contact Form 7 and Mailchimp to generate more leads more efficiently.
Let’s move on to the next section of the Soledad WordPress theme review, which is the installation procedure.

C. How to Setup the Soledad Theme
We’ll look at how to install the Soledad theme in this part. If you follow this instruction, you will be able to utilise this theme on your own. So bear with us.

Because Soledad is a premium theme, the first step is to buy it. You may buy the theme straight from the Themeforest store.

The purchasing procedure is straightforward. Simply go to Soledad’s Themeforest page and choose the ‘Add to Cart’ option. Following that, you must provide your billing information and payment method.

Buying the Soledad WordPress Theme
Buying the Soledad Theme
You will have an Envato account after you have bought the theme. You may then download the ZIP file containing the Soledad theme from there. You’ll also get the Purchase Code, often known as a licencing key.

To install the Soledad theme, you must first log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Step 1: Navigate to Appearance and choose Add a New Theme.
Go to the ‘Appearance’ option in the left-side menu of your WordPress dashboard. Then, choose the ‘Themes’ option. Click on the ‘Add New’ option at the top of the page.

Navigate to Appearance > Add New Theme.
Navigate to Appearance > Add New Theme.
Step 2: Download and install the theme.
After that, you’ll see the ‘Upload Theme’ button, which you should click. Following that, you’ll see the ‘Choose File’ option, where you must upload the previously downloaded theme’s zip file. Then, choose the ‘Install Now’ button.

Click on Upload WordPress Theme and then on the Soledad Zip file.
Click on Upload Theme and then on the Soledad Zip file.
After that, you must choose the ‘Activate’ option.

Select the Activate option.
Select the Activate option.
Step 3: Enter your Purchase Code and click the Activate Theme button.
Then you’ll be sent to a Welcome page.

To begin, go to the ‘Active Theme’ option from the Welcome page menu. There, you must enter the ‘Purchase Code’ that you received when you purchased the theme. Then, choose ‘Activate Theme’ from the drop-down menu.

Enter your Purchase Code in the Active Section and then click the Activate Theme button.
Enter your Purchase Code in the Active Section and then click the Activate Theme button.
And there you have it, the Soledad theme has been installed and activated on your site.

Step 4: Install Suggested Plugins
In addition, you’ll be prompted to install a handful of its suggested plugins. For example, ‘Penci Soledad Demo Importer’ is used to import the demo, ‘Penci Shortcodes & Performance’ is used to integrate various shortcodes within the editor, and so on.

Simply go to the ‘Appearance’ section on the left menu to install these plugins. Then, choose ‘Install Plugins’ from the drop-down menu.

Following that, you’ll be sent to the page shown below. You’ll find a list of recommended plugins here. By selecting the ‘Install’ option, you may quickly install the necessary plugins.

Install the Recommended Plugins by going to Appearance.
Install the Recommended Plugins by going to Appearance.
With everything out of the way, let’s move on to the next section of our Soledad WordPress theme review to see how we can import the prebuilt example sites.

D. How to Import Demo Sites from Soledad?
As previously said, the Soledad WordPress theme has a plethora of prebuilt gorgeous example sites that you can instantly import. So, in this study, we’ll look at how to import Soledad WordPress theme example sites.

To import the Soledad demo site, make sure you have already installed the ‘Penci Soledad Demo Importer’ plugin. If not, follow Step 4 of the installation method above to install it.

Then, on your dashboard’s left menu, go to ‘Appearance.’ You’ll see an option to ‘Import Demo Data’ there. Simply click on it.

When you click it, you’ll be sent to a list of all the accessible demo sites. You may also search for a certain kind of demo site using the ‘Type to search the demo’ option.

Let’s import the ‘Adventure Blog’ demo here. To import, just click on the theme’s relevant ‘Import’ option.

Soledad WordPress Theme Demo Data Import
Load the Demo Data
When you’re finished, you’ll get the ‘Import Completed’ indication. Your demo material is now ready to use. You may now customise your site to match your individual requirements.

Importing Soledad demo sites is actually that straightforward.

Having said that, let’s move on to the Soledad WordPress theme modification procedure in the next section of the review.

E. How to Change the Look of the Soledad Theme
As previously stated, the Soledad theme offers considerable modification features for creating a feature-rich website. So, in this portion of the Soledad WordPress theme review, it’s time to put it into action.

To begin, go to the ‘Appearance’ section of your dashboard’s left menu and choose the ‘Customize’ option.

Go to Appearance and choose Customize.
Go to Appearance and choose Customize.
You’ll discover a plethora of customization options on the directed page, as seen below. Now we’ll tweak a few basic customizer settings.

Options for Customizing the Soledad WordPress Theme
Customization Options for the Soledad Theme
General Customization Options Configuration
The first customization choice is ‘Basic,’ which contains a comprehensive list of general information about your site.

I Display Options for Featured Images:
With the Soledad theme, you can choose the size of your featured picture. It doesn’t matter whether it’s horizontal, square, vertical, or bespoke.

Customizing the Soledad WordPress Theme’s General Featured Settings
Changing the General Featured Settings
ii) Pages by Category, Tags, Search, and Archive:
You may quickly build and edit the templates for your category, tag, search, and archive pages. You may, for example, add highlighted posts, display reading time, view counts, post date, hide/unhide categories, and so on.

Customizing the Soledad WordPress Theme’s Category, Tags, Search, and Archive Pages
Changing the look of the Category, Tags, Search, and Archive Pages
Additionally, you may use Google Adsense or HTML code to show advertisements above articles on category, tag, search, and archive pages.

iii) Control Image Sizes:
The Soledad example site has a variety of image sizes by default.

You may control the picture sizes from this box. As a result, you can view all of the picture sizes that were utilised in the sample. And if you don’t like any of them, you can just turn them off.

Control Image Sizes
Control Image Sizes
iv) GDPR Compliance:
Using this section of the Soledad theme’s customisation, you can make your website entirely GDPR compliant.

GDPR Policy Customization
GDPR Policy Customization
You may also activate the ‘Cookie Law Policy PopUp’ in the footer area. After the user clicks the Accept button, you can also enable the ‘Remove Privacy & Cookies Policy’ notice. In addition, you may make additional GDPR-related modifications from this page.

You may also find options for: on the General tab.

Many customization options, such as container width, breadcrumb enable/disable, smooth scroll enable/disable, date format of your articles, and so on.
To show your items in a box, enable a body boxed layout. You may also change the backdrop colour, picture, box size, and so forth.
Enable or prevent the inclusion of your sites on the Search Results Page (SERP).
Change the typeface and colour scheme of your whole website with ease.
Extra possibilities include the YouTube API Key box, the Weather API Key box, the Google Map API Key box, and more.
Customizing the Soledad Theme’s TopBar
Simply described, a top bar is a horizontal information space at the top of your page.

When you click this button, you will be presented with the following options:

I General Preferences:
This option allows you to enable/disable the top bar based on the needs of your site. Furthermore, you may hide/unhide the top bar on mobile devices, choose whether or not to utilise a full-width container, reorganise items, and much more.

Changing the Top Bar’s General Settings
Changing the Top Bar’s General Settings
ii) Font Dimensions:
You may simply alter the font size for the top bar’s main text, top posts, post titles, menu, and links.

Colors: iii)
You may choose the colour of your choosing for the top bar portion of your site using this option. You may simply choose the colour that best represents your brand for the background, text, social icons, and any other top bar element.

Changing the Logo and Header
The logo and header are vital components of any website since they are the first thing that represents your brand on the page.

When you choose this option, you will have access to the following sub-customization options:

I Header Creator:
You may use this field to add a new header to your website or update an existing one.

Header Builder Customization
Header Builder Customization
You may also choose if you want the same header on all of your web pages. Alternatively, alternative headers may be used on the homepage, search page, single article pages, and so on.

ii) Overarching:
This field allows you to change the general settings of your site’s header section.

Changing the General Settings of the Logo and Header
Changing the General Settings of the Logo and Header
You may choose from a variety of header layouts and set the width of the header container. You may also delete the header’s bottom border, deactivate the header’s social icons, and so on.

iii) Branding:
Using this area, you can submit your own logo. You may also provide a maximum width, height, logo padding-top & button, and a custom link for the logo picture.

iv) Mobile Vertical Navigation:
The Soledad theme allows you to customise the mobile navigation, which is shown vertically.

You may submit a logo individually for vertical mobile navigation. In vertical mobile navigation, you may also enable/disable logos, social icons, search forms, and much more.

Vertical Mobile Navigation Customization
Vertical Mobile Navigation Customization
You may also find options for: in the Logo & Header menu.

In your header area, you can include any type of slogan. Additionally, select the font size, weight, and style for the Slogan text.
Change the height of the main bar, the menu design, the font weight of menu items, and so on.
Select the sort of featured picture for your category mega menu. You have the option of selecting a horizontal, square, vertical, or custom size. I
Customize the general colour of the headers section, including the backdrop, social icons, picture, accent, border, and so on.
Choose a translucent colour for the header social icons, search, shopping cart, mobile bar icons, tagline phrases, and main menu.
Vertical Navigation & Hamburger Menu Customization
Vertical navigation may be thought of as the vertical sidebar that runs down the side of a page. Furthermore, it shows all links that connect to various pages on the website. Similarly, on websites, the hamburger menu is a button that opens a side menu or navigation drawer.

When you select this tab, you’ll see the following customization options:

I In general:
You may simply enable/disable the hamburger menu, vertical navigation, hide/unhide the hamburger symbol, and so on using this field. Not to mention that you may customise the width and size of the vertical navigation and hamburger menu.

Vertical Navigation Customization
Vertical Navigation Customization
In this box, you may add widgets that will appear above or below the vertical navigation and hamburger menu. You may also customise the distance between widgets, the size of the widget header text, and much more.

Colors: iii)
You may choose a colour to remain in your vertical navigation and hamburger menu. Set the colour of the icon, background, general text, border, and so on.

Homepage Personalization
Soledad is a powerful theme that allows you to customise the homepage of your website. Furthermore, the homepage is the physical face of your website, via which users navigate to various areas of your site.

When you select the Homepage tab, you may change the following settings:

I In general:
This section enables you to change all of your homepage’s general settings.

You may customise the style of your homepage, add a custom heading title to the newest articles, specify the number of posts to display on the homepage, and so on. You may also activate and disable the load more button, endless scroll, and sidebar on the homepage as you see fit.

Changing the General Homepage Settings
Changing the General Homepage Settings
ii) Featured Home Boxes:
Home featured boxes may be thought of as a full-width opt-in box that remains on the homepage. It often contains a lead magnet to persuade users to view certain content.

Featured Boxes Customization
Featured Boxes Customization
This field enables you to hide/unhide home featured boxes, the number of box columns, the size type, and so on.

iii) Popular Home Posts:
This box allows you to enable/disable popular post sections on your homepage.

Activate Popular Posts on the Homepage
Enable the display of popular posts on the homepage.
You may also choose how many posts appear in the popular posts section.

iv) Highlighted Categories:
You may activate or disable the highlighted categories area on your homepage with this option, depending on the needs of your site. You may also change the distance between highlighted categories, hide/unhide the post date, reading time, and so on.

In addition, the following options are available:

Choose your preferred arrangement for your home title box.
You can select the font size for your most popular posts, home title box, and featured categories using a dedicated option.
For your highlighted boxes, popular articles, home title box, and featured categories, you may choose a colour of your choosing.
To make your site more aesthetically attractive, including a featured slider and a featured video on the homepage.
Changing Post Layouts
Post layouts are simply the manner or pattern through which your posts are presented on your website.

Customization Options for Post Layouts
Customization Options for Post Layouts
When you choose this customisation option, you will be presented with the following options:

Standard and Classic: You may enable/disable post meta overlay, autoplay for a slider in the post format gallery, hide/unhide post thumbnail, and so on.
Other Layouts: Hide/unhide the icon post format, enable/disable the post meta overlay, picture width on list posts, and so forth.
Row Gap: This field enables you to choose the row gap between post items in both small and large increments.
Set the font size for your post categories, post titles on layouts, post meta, post excerpt, and other elements.
Colors: Customize the colours of post titles, post categories, post meta, author name, and other elements to better represent your brand.
Customizing Individual Posts
If you’re not sure what single posts are, they’re a kind of template that governs the layout of your blog entries. With custom single post templates, you may utilise various layouts for different blog entries. As a consequence, you may apply different designs to different themes.

When you choose the Single Posts customization option, you’ll see the following options:

I In general:
You may change the general settings for individual postings here.

You may customise your single post template, sidebar style, container width, picture size, and much more.

Changing the General Settings for Individual Posts
Changing the General Settings for Individual Posts
ii) Related Articles:
From this option, you may hide/unhide the related posts box on your single posts.

You may also customise the related posts’ categories, order, custom text, post format icons, and so on.

Customizing the Related Posts Section in Individual Posts
Customizing the Related Posts Section in Individual Posts
iii) Posts with Infinity Scrolling Load:
From this option, you may allow or disable endless scrolling load posts on your single posts. As a consequence, if you scroll down on a single post page, this capability will load the next/previous posts for you.

In addition, the following options are available:

You may change the font size and colour of each element in your single post.
Hide and reveal the comments and comment form on a single post.
Hide/unhide the name, email, and custom GDPR message fields in the comments form.
Select the category, order, style, and number of posts for inline-related posts.
A sidebar is a user-interface element that, in addition to the main element, presents a list of information. This option enables you to customise the look of your sidebar. You may change the sidebar design, width, font size for the sidebar widget title, and even the colours of the sidebar.

Your website’s footer is the area at the bottom of the page that provides basic information about your website. This option provides you with a unique footer builder to create your site’s footer area. You can also change the width of the footer, reorder the footer sections, configure footer sign-up forms, and do other things.

Promotional Popup
A promotional popup is a graphical user interface (GUI) or a tiny window. This appears suddenly (“pops up”) in the visual interface’s forefront for promotional reasons.

You may quickly enable/disable promotional pop-ups from this area based on your site’s needs. You may also customise the display styles and colours for your pop-ups.

The Internet of Things
Nowadays, social media and social networking platforms are excellent ways to increase your social following. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on.

You may use it to incorporate numerous URL links from your social network accounts on your WordPress website.

CSS customization
The Custom CSS option will come in useful if you’re a computer genius. By adding your own CSS codes, you may change the appearance and feel of your site.

Text Translation in a Flash
Because the Soledad theme is translation-ready, you may make your website multilingual. As a result, your website will reach a larger audience.

It contains a separate box for rapid text translation. From there, you may rapidly translate the crucial component of your website. That, too, was done with ease.

Enhancement of Speed
When developing a website, one of the most important considerations is speed. Soledad provides an exclusive speed optimization customization field to help your website load quickly.

Soledad Speed Optimization Preferences
Soledad Speed Optimization Preferences
When you click this field, you’ll see the following modification options:

Activate optimise CSS, deactivate emojis and smilies, delete query strings from a static resource, and so forth.
Remove Gutenberg styles, enable optimise CSS, minify all CSS, use inline optimised CSS, and so forth.
Javascript: Minify Javascript, disable jQuery migrate, postpone Google advertisements, Javascript execution, and more.
Optimize HTML: From this customization option, you may minify HTML.
Check out the Soledad theme’s extensive documentation guide for a more in-depth tutorial on how to use this performance optimization modification.

You’re probably aware that the Soledad theme has a variety of customization options. You may customise every aspect of your website to your liking. Furthermore, you may quickly edit your website’s pages, portfolios, menus, widgets, and many other features.

With that, let’s move on to the Soledad WordPress theme’s support service in the next section of this review.

F. Soledad Theme Help
Another key consideration when selecting any theme is its customer support or support service.

Despite the fact that Soledad is a beginner-friendly theme, you may run across some problems when using it. And it is for this reason that the support team is so crucial.

So, in this section of the review, we’ll look at the support service that comes with the Soledad WordPress theme.

On Themeforest, Soledad has a distinct support section. All of the typical difficulties with this theme, as well as links to their solutions, can be found here.

Section of Soledad’s Support
Section of Soledad’s Support
In addition, the Soledad theme includes a comprehensive reference guide. This offers a plethora of information sources for learning more about this subject in a deep and complete way. Furthermore, if you like learning via video, you may check out its different video lessons.

PenciDesign, the designer of the Soledad theme, has also created a dedicated Support Forum. You may get fast solutions to your questions and concerns here.

Soledad Help Forum
Soledad Help Forum
In addition, if the problem is severe, you may file a ticket to get immediate assistance. Not to add, when you buy this Soledad theme, you will get 6 months of free support from PenciDesign.

G. Pricing for the Soledad Theme
Soledad, as you may know, is a premium theme. That implies you’ll have to pay a fee to utilise it. So, let’s find out how much the Soledad theme costs.

The Envato ThemeForest market shop sells the Soledad WordPress theme for $59 USD. This purchase entitles you to all future theme updates as well as six months of developer support.

Pricing for Soledad
Pricing for Soledad
You may extend the 6-month support term for another 6 months by paying an additional $17.70. As a consequence, you have a total of 12 months to contact the creator if you have any problems with the Soledad WordPress theme.

Let’s go to the next section of the Soledad WordPress theme review.

H. The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Soledad Theme
You should be aware of all of the good and bad elements of a topic before settling on it. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created a list of the Soledad WordPress theme’s advantages and downsides in this review. Let’s have a look at them.

The Benefits of the Soledad Theme
The following are some of the major benefits of the Soledad theme:

Beginner-friendly theme designed specifically for non-techies and newcomers.
A fantastic theme designed primarily for blog and magazine websites.
It has a variety of customization options for creating a fully working website.
A premium theme that is reasonably priced and well worth the money.
All-purpose theme that may be used to create any sort of website.
Schema Markup and SEO optimization are used to help your website rank better in search engines.
GDPR compliant to secure the personal data of your website visitors.
For a smooth operating site, choose a performance optimised theme with a fast loading time.
The theme is completely responsive and performs nicely on all devices.
Provides 6 months of premium support as well as free lifetime updates.
The Soledad Theme’s Drawbacks
The following are some of the drawbacks of utilising the Soledad theme:

Its many customising options may be overwhelming to newcomers.
Premium support is only available for 6 months.
I. Alternatives to the Soledad Theme
If the Soledad theme fails to attract you, you shouldn’t be too concerned. There are other superior alternative themes available that may be used in lieu of the Soledad theme.

So, in this portion of the Soledad WordPress theme review, let’s get to know them a bit better.

1. Ashe
WordPress Theme Ashe for Personal Blog Website
Ashe is a popular freemium WordPress theme that can be used for a variety of blogs. It includes wonderful features like as popular plugin compatibility, SEO friendliness, a live preview customizer, and so on. Furthermore, this theme is appropriate for both single and numerous writers.

Furthermore, the Ashe theme offers a variety of example sites as well as customization options to help you construct a one-of-a-kind site. Sticky navigation, colour selections, style options, a slider, and other features are included.

Ashe is a freemium WordPress theme. As a result, with the free version, you may simply drag and drop the theme from the directory onto your dashboard.

You can also purchase the premium version with regular or extended licences. It has the most affordable plans: the regular licence is $29.99, and the extended licence is $89.99.

You may want to read our complete Ashe review to gain more information on it.

2. SmartMag
WordPress Magazine Themes SmartMag
SmartMag is a popular WordPress theme designed specifically for magazines, news, and blog websites. It’s also a WordPress theme with over 14K sales and a 5-star rating. Furthermore, it offers an appealing frontend search overlay with live search to swiftly display results.

This theme, like the Soledad theme, has a plethora of customisation options. You are free to use as many colours, fonts, and other components as you want. In addition, you can use a live customizer to make changes and see how your site will appear as you edit various areas.

Furthermore, you may post numerous advertising and custom codes in various spots on your website. You may also use widgets and page builder plugins to create unique locales.

This premium SmartMag theme is available for $59 as a normal licence with 6 months of maintenance on You may also renew the coverage for another 12 months for $17.63.

3. GeneratePress
GeneratePress Digital Magazine Theme
Another popular freemium WordPress theme that promotes speed, reliability, and simplicity is GeneratePress. It also includes a GenerateBlocks plugin. It enables you to create your full website without using any code.

This theme includes a vast range of professionally designed websites. You may use this to get your new site up and running quickly without having to spend hours on development.

Furthermore, it is built using Vanilla JavaScript to enable for unlimited scrolling on your website. As a consequence, the user experience on your website improves, and organic traffic grows.

GeneratePress is a freemium WordPress theme. You may get the free version straight from the directory.

You may, however, upgrade to the premium version at the following prices:

Yearly: It costs $59/year and includes all premium features as well as one year of upgrades and premium support. It may be used for up to 500 websites.
Lifetime: This programme is available for $249 as a one-time payment of $249. It includes all of the premium features as well as lifetime updates and premium support. This may also be used for up to 500 websites.
You may want to read our in-depth GeneratePress review to learn more about it.

J. Is the Soledad Theme Worth Purchasing for Your WordPress Site? – Our Opinion
So, the Soledad WordPress theme review has finally ended your wait! It’s now time to answer your most pressing question: is the Soledad WordPress theme worth it?

Unquestionably! Yes, again, and yes again. The Soledad theme opens you a world of new options. You may build a website precisely like you imagined it. The advantages of the Soledad theme far exceed a handful of its downsides. You should go for it without a second thought.

The Soledad theme has an astonishing 220+ pre-built sample sites to help you start building your own website straight now. Another important reason why Soledad is worthwhile is that it provides a large variety of customization possibilities.

You really have complete control over every aspect of your website.

In this review, we tried our best to expose the Soledad WordPress theme from every viewpoint. So, whichever company you operate, you can depend on this theme to get your site up and running.

That’s all there is to it! We’ve completed our study of the Soledad WordPress theme. We really hope you found it useful.

If you’re using the Soledad WordPress theme, please leave a review below to share your thoughts.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Soledad WordPress theme review, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Check out our most recent post on the finest plumber WordPress themes. You may also be interested in finding out how to use Semrush for free.

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