ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022: How to Grab this Amazing AI Writing Tool for FREE?

ShortlyAI Free Trial 2022: How to Grab this Amazing AI Writing Tool for FREE?
ShortlyAI is a great AI writing tool for automatically creating creative material. It also provides infinite word credits, allowing you to generate an endless amount of material. Use the following link to sign up for a free trial with no credit card required.

Are you looking for a free ShortlyAI trial? Do you want to get a free premium account with ShortlyAI?

You’ve come to the correct location.

It might be difficult to create high-quality material.

Creating content that ranks and converts requires a lot of work and practise. What if there was a technology that assisted you in creating content automatically?

Please allow us to introduce you to ShortlyAI.

What exactly is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI is an AI-writing assistant that employs artificial intelligence to write material such as articles, social media posts, and emails in a few of minutes.

All you have to do is provide some input on what to write about, and the programme will do the rest.

In this post, you’ll learn how to activate ShortlyAI’s free trial, as well as its features, perks, and other details. So, are you prepared? Let’s get into the specifics.

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ShortlyAI Free Trial: How to Get a Free ShortlyAI Account?

Here’s a simple lesson on how to get a free ShortlyAI account without using a credit card.

To view the ShortlyAI website, click on this link. Once on their website, enter your email address and click the “Try it now” option, as seen below.

It will redirect you to the Sign Up page, which looks like this;

Sign up for the ShortlyAI free trial account by entering your information and selecting a password.

That’s it; you’re finished since it immediately brings you to the dashboard!

If you skip the first few stages, you’ll be sent to their writing interface, where you may compose a blog post or a narrative.

Here’s how it appears:

Select the content template you require to begin creating material using ShortlyAI, and you’re done!

Quick note:

 With the free account, you’ll get access to four FREE usage each day. If you want to access infinite word credits, you need choose one of its premium pricing plans, which cost $65 per month (if billed annually).

ShortlyAI Advantages

Here are some of the remarkable capabilities provided by ShortlyAI’s writing assistant:

  • -It produces material on its own.
  • -Utilize it to write blog content.
  • -Gives you access to infinite word limitations, allowing you to create as much material as you desire.
  • -Generates unique material
  • -You may use this tool to create tales, books, and so on.

So, what are you waiting for?
Now is the time to take advantage of ShortlyAI’s free trial (no credit card necessary!).

AI Pricing in Brief

ShortlyAI provides the two price options shown below.

1. Monthly plan: The Monthly package is $79 per month and includes access to ShortlyAI commands to produce material for you automatically as well as all future improvements.

2. Annual plan: If you want to save money on ShortlyAI, go for this package, which costs $65 per month (paid annually) and gives you access to ShortlyAI commands as well as constant ShortlyAI upgrades.

What are you still waiting for? Try ShortlyAI now by clicking on the link below!

Begin writing for free using ShortlyAI ——AFF LINK

The Top 3 Advantages of Using ShortlyAI Writing Assistant

1. Automatically generates content

GPT-3, one of the world’s finest machine learning language models, powers ShortlyAI. It is used to comprehend user input and give more relevant content. SmartlyAI can produce content for you automatically no matter what business you’re in.

What’s the best part? This AI programme generates 100% original and unique material, so you won’t have to worry about duplicate content concerns.

2. There are no word limitations.

Most AI writing tools do not allow you to use a limitless number of words. When employing an AI tool, you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of words in order to generate better content. This is where ShortlyAI outperforms its competitors.

One of the nicest aspects of utilising ShortlyAI is that it lacks a credit system. As a result, you can write as much as you want without concern. The only word restriction they have is a daily limit that should not be exceeded under normal conditions.

3. Command access for better and faster authoring

If you want to utilise ShortlyAI to write better material quicker, you must first understand how to use the commands. These instructions are a fantastic method to interact with ShortlyAI.

Here are some of the comments for ShortlyAI:

  • 1. /instruct [instructions]: You can use this command to tell the tool what to write next.
  • 2. /rewrite [text]: This command rewrites the specified text in an original manner.
  • 3. /shorten [text]: This command reduces the length of the chosen text in order to make it more succinct.
  • 4. /expand [text]: This command expands and enhances the text that has been selected.

FAQs | ShortlyAI 2022 Free Trial

Here are some commonly asked questions about ShortlyAI free trial, ShortlyAI free premium account, and other topics.

Is ShortlyAI a free service?

ShortlyAI is not free; it is a premium AI writing assistance with pricing plans starting at $65 per month.

What exactly is ShortlyAI?

AI is short for artificial intelligence-powered writing software that employs machine learning to write material automatically. This fantastic tool may be used to create tales, blog articles, descriptions, and more.

Is there a free trial period for ShortlyAI?

Yes, you may get a free trial of ShortlyAI by clicking on this link. What’s the best part? You do not need to provide your credit card information to take advantage of their free trial.

How much does ShortlyAI cost?

ShortlyAI is a writing assistant software with two payment options. The first is a monthly plan that costs $79 per month, while the second is an annual plan that costs $65 per month.

ShortlyAI is what kind of AI?

GPT-3, which employs deep machine learning to create human-like text, powers ShortlyAI.

Is ShortlyAI creating creative content?

Yes, the content created by ShortlyAI is entirely unique and free of plagiarism. That implies you won’t have to worry about duplicating material while using ShortlyAI to create content.

What is the best ShortlyAI substitute?

ShortlyAI’s best competitor is Jasper AI. As an aside, ShortlyAI has been bought by JasperAI in order to generate better and quicker content.

How much content can ShortlyAI generate?

ShortlyAI does not have a payment system, so you may write as much stuff as you like with this incredible AI writing tool.

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ShortlyAI Free Account Final Thoughts

If you wish to write material on a regular basis, AI writing tools can help. We’re all aware that writing outstanding content takes a significant amount of time.

Writing tools like ShortlyAI might be useful if you own a specialty website or want to generate articles for your blog. With AI writing tools like ShortlyAI, you may initially write terrible text, but with time and effort, you will begin to develop better content.

Make use of ShortlyAI’s free premium account today to make content. Only use it if you believe the content supplied by this tool is adequate.

So, how do you feel about the ShortlyAI software? Have you taken advantage of ShortlyAI’s free trial account? Do you have any questions? Tell us in the comments.


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