RelayThat Review – Graphics App For Non-Designers – S

RelayThat Review – Graphics App For Non-Designers

There is a plethora of software solutions available for talented designers to use in order to simply produce mind-blowing works of art. Unfortunately, for non-designers and newcomers, mastering the necessary skills to operate some of the tools can be prohibitively expensive in terms of both money and time.

So, where does it leave them? Non-designers and newcomers, on the other hand, require a graphic design option to aid them with their task. With this in mind, new firms have recently emerged to provide programmes that can automate the creation of social media and blog post photos. This, like any new product, is easier said than done.


Fortunately, one graphic design tool has emerged to provide beginners and non-designers with the ideal solution for this. In this RelayThat review, I’ll show you what this graphics programme offers and how it can be a very valuable weapon in a newbie’s arsenal.

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RelayThat has swiftly become one of the most dependable and popular tools for immediate graphics solutions among content writers, rookies, non-designers, and internet company owners with little or no design experience. And with good cause!


Which is BETTER, RelayThat or Canva?

While it may appear to be comparable to other regularly used graphic design tools, RelayThat always appears to have a distinct edge or distinctive traits of its own.


One of those distinguishing features is RelayThat’s outstanding ability to produce quality batch visuals for several social media sites with a single click!


That is a hard quality to come by in the market. With such an enticing feature, RelayThat is in the driver’s seat when it comes to gaining the attention of solitary businesses who already have their hands full. This is because, despite their tight schedules, they can still provide great content and graphic design solutions to their blog and social media followers.




What Is the Purpose of RelayThat?

The capabilities of this time-saving, quick graphics programme are accessible to everybody. However, after using the app, you immediately discover that it was also created with a certain group of individuals in mind. This comprises design newcomers, influencers, and internet company owners with no prior design experience.


If you believe you fall into this category and aren’t currently taking use of this app’s capabilities, you’re already missing out. RelayThat has several nice features that set it apart from the hundreds of other visual alternatives available.




a large image library

Obviously, pictures are at the top of every graphic design project’s priority list. Another essential element that makes RelayThat one of the most popular graphics apps is their massive picture database, which also raises the bar in terms of quality.




That picture catalogue pick is relayed.




While other comparable applications focus solely on quantity, RelayThat emphasises both variety and individuality. The RelayThat fast graphics software has over 3 million pictures catering to any specialty. Every other day, the RelayThat team creates fresh graphics, icons, and trendy designs that are in sync with the times and, more importantly, your projects.


For user convenience, all of their photos and icons may be immediately accessible using a simple, rapid search button. This allows you to find what you’re looking for with reasonable ease.




Customized Fonts

Fonts, according to design professionals, are the foundation of text imagery. As a result, the option to select or build the perfect font character to fit your project is enough to sway your opinion in favour of a design software. RelayThat has this exceedingly unusual functionality easily available.




Custom typefaces from RelayThat.




For starters, you may choose from a wide range of elegant typefaces suitable for any industry. Next, and most crucially, the software allows you to upload and effortlessly incorporate your own unique fonts into your projects. This is not found in other design programmes.


So, whether you LOVE a font you just created or wish to import a wonderful font from another source, simply upload it and you’re ready to go!




Font Combination

Quality typefaces are widely available, but skillfully matched fonts are a sight to behold. The correct font mix, like excellent wine and cheese, will elevate your graphics project to the next level.


This is a time-saving and excellent function to have at your disposal for any professional or non-designer. Fortunately, the design team at RelayThat has done all of the legwork for you.


Because to their efforts, you may now work with amazing typefaces that have been properly matched for whatever project you may be working on. In general, this design choice, among others, assures that all of your tasks in the app will yield excellent outcomes.




Image Templates & Ad Presets

One of the standout features of RelayThat, as I indicated earlier in the piece, is the ability to provide pre-configured templates for blog and social network picture dimensions.




Preferences for the RelayThat ad.




This allows you to select from all of the suggested size criteria for blogs and social media outlets. This covers picture proportions for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. RelayThat also has a large selection of Google and Facebook advertising to pick from.




The Import Magic Tool

This isn’t only a novel and unusual feature. It is one of the trademark design possibilities provided by RelayThat. The magic import tool has changed the game entirely, and for significant reasons.


This indispensable application lets you import colours, pictures, and logos from any website URL and utilise them in your project. When compared to the process of finding, downloading, renaming, and importing photographs from other sources, this programme saves a significant amount of time.




Relay is a magical import tool.




After a few usage of this functionality, you’ll discover it’s easily a selling point for RelayThat in and of itself.




Relay That Is Simple to Use

One of the most important aspects of any software is its simplicity of use. In comparison to other graphic design alternatives on the market, RelayThat is intended to be user-friendly.


This is made possible by a slew of unique app-specific capabilities. To begin, RelayThat gives the user with pre-designed templates that allow them to quickly generate professional-looking images with a single click.




How does RelayThat work?




For more versatility, RelayThat lets you to modify fonts and pictures to different sizes and make revisions to an original core layout. While the layouts are somewhat predetermined, they do not stifle innovation in any way. On the contrary, with frequent usage, the fixed limits enable you develop visuals even faster.


There is no better tool to let you produce hundreds of gorgeous modifications to the original concept than RelayThat, with only a few clicks to breathtaking images.


That isn’t everything. The app shows you the picture sizes that are accessible for all of the main social media networks in order to meet their image standards. RelayThat features great images that ensure all the hits, whether you want a Facebook or Twitter cover photo, Pinterest, Instagram, or blog image.




Management of a Brand

Maintaining a clear and smooth brand presence across all social media channels, your website, and blog is crucial as a solo business. Because of their artificial intelligence, RelayThat makes accomplishing this a breeze.


You can easily establish a consistent appearance for your business across the board using RelayThat. To underline what this implies, you will be able to keep your brand colours, text, typefaces, and even logos when working on various design projects.


Another aspect that adds spice to this function is the large range of layouts into which you may alter your original design. There are several layouts to choose from, each one more appealing than the last. The icing on the cake is that you don’t lose any unique material as you alter your design into new layouts. All of the rearranging is done for you in a single second by the programme.




Allows for sharing

As a business owner, this tool is invaluable. You will be able to share the RelayThat software with your team members. This may include your virtual assistant, a designer with whom you are working, and so on.


With this functionality, you can easily organise projects with your team and interact with other designers without having to switch platforms. All of your design work takes place under one roof.




Several Workspaces

Another game-changing feature of RelayThat is the ability to move between projects within the programme with a single click. As an entrepreneur, you may have many companies, or you may collaborate with multiple brands as an influencer.




Maintain that brand management.

You have the ability to manage and move between numerous workspaces and campaigns.



You are not confined to working on a single project at a time using RelayThat. You have the unique possibility to go back and forth between all of the projects you may be working on at any time with a single click.




That Review Summary Relay

The features listed above are only a few of the many that make RelayThat a must-have in your design arsenal. Don’t be duped. I’ve only scratched the surface of what this comprehensive software has to offer.


Everything, from the headline features to the tiny subtleties, leads to an app that can only become larger and better. While the programme may appear basic at first glance owing to its ease of use, it only takes a few uses to understand what a powerful tool it is.




That is frequently mentioned on a variety of websites, with largely positive feedback. Websites like AppSumo, for example, give creative influencers, content producers, and company owners with daily bargains on digitally distributed items in an ever-expanding online environment.


Check out Vectornator, Kimp, Penji, Envato Elements, and One by Template Monster as alternatives to RelayThat.


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