Pressable Review 2022 – Right Managed WordPress Hosting for You?

Pressable Review[2022]

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In search of an honest review on the Pressable hosting service? Do you want to know whether Pressable is the right managed WordPress hosting for your site? If yes, then here we go.

Managed WordPress hosting helps you to easily manage and optimise your WordPress site. That too without the need for technical skills. And one of such great services available is Pressable.


Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting solution to launch your new site or migrate an existing one. It comes with many features to grow your site, even if you run a small business or an agency.


In this article, we provide you with a complete review of Pressable to determine whether it’s a good host or not. It includes features, pricing, support, pros/cons, and more about this host.


So, without further ado, let’s begin.



A) Pressable – An Overview

B) Key Features/Advantages of Pressable Managed WordPress Hosting

C) How to Get Started Using Pressable For Your WordPress Website?

D) Pressable Managed Hosting Plans and Pricing

E) Customer Support Options of Pressable

F) Pros and Cons of Pressable

G) Customer Reviews on Pressable

H) Alternatives to Pressable

I) Final Verdict – Is it the Right Managed Hosting?

J) Frequently Asked Questions About Pressable


A) Pressable – An Overview

Pressable is one of the best managed WordPress hosting services founded in 2010. It was later acquired by Automattic, the company behind, and led by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. Provided by a trusted company, Pressable is a great option for fast and secure WordPress hosting.


Pressable Managed WordPress Hosting Platform

Pressable Managed WordPress Hosting Platform

Note that, Pressable is optimised to run WordPress, so you can only host your WordPress site with it. While the services are highly advanced than other types of web hosting. That’s because of its managed hosting solution.


When using a managed WordPress hosting service, you don’t have to worry about plugin/theme updates or other technical aspects. The host is responsible for managing them. You can just focus on building your site and content to provide a better user experience to your visitors.


And Pressable is an excellent choice as a managed WordPress hosting platform. It provides great support, security, and performance features.


Also, it offers a 100 percent uptime service so that your site runs with no interruption. Plus, it delivers free SSL (Secure Socket Layer), unlimited storage, and a good number of monthly visits.


In addition to that, it works well for all IT professionals, eCommerce owners, developers, and individuals. Thus, anyone can easily create, organise, and manage their WordPress sites quickly and inexpensively with Pressable.


Now, let’s move ahead in the review and know the features of Pressable in detail.


B) Key Features/Advantages of Pressable Managed WordPress Hosting

In this review section, we’ve mentioned some amazing key features of Pressable. Overall, these features provide several advantages for you as a managed WordPress hosting solution.


1. Easy Onboarding and Migration

Pressable gives a hassle-free onboarding experience easy enough for everyone. When you first sign up, you’re assigned a staff member to provide you with support. With that help, you can set up your account and start a new site with ease.


Not to mention, every plan in Pressable contains free WordPress site migration options. So, if you already have your sites hosted on other platforms, then you can move them to Pressable.


The migration can be done with a manual process and also with the help of the support team of Pressable. Plus, there’s a Pressable Automated Migration plugin to simply move the site.


Pressable Automated Migration WordPress Plugin

Pressable Automated Migration

Furthermore, customers also get access to free WordPress video tutorials from WP101. Even if you’re a professional developer or a beginner, you can learn from these easy-to-follow training courses. With that, you’ll get to improve your WordPress skills.


2. Easy-to-Use Dashboard

This hosting provider gives an intuitive dashboard as the control panel of your server. It’s sleek and has a modern look to provide the best user experience.


And this easy-to-use dashboard is called MyPressable. Here, you can manage your single or multiple WordPress or WooCommerce websites with much ease.


Pressable Dashboard Review

Intuitive Pressable Dashboard

With just a few clicks, you get to modify the settings, create new sites, and lots more. Also, you’ll have access to website data, developer tools, etc. for your growing site.


Some of the other tasks that you can carry out from your dashboard are:


One-click cloning.

Domain management.

Take daily backups.

Perform malware scans.

Migrate your site.

Receive customer support.

Reset passwords.

Easy SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) access, etc.

3. Outstanding Performance

Fast-loading speed and good performance of websites are what everyone loves. Undoubtedly, Pressable provides increased performance and speed than many of its competitors.


So, let’s have a look at the performance-driven features of Pressable. Ultimately, this also improves the speed and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings of the hosted websites.


Performance Features in Pressable

Performance Features

I 100 percent Uptime Service

First, Pressable guarantees to give 100 percent uptime service (except scheduled maintenance) (except scheduled maintenance). In case there occurs any downtime, then Pressable shall credit your account a 5 percent monthly fee for every 30 minutes of downtime. That can be up to 100 percent of your monthly subscription cost.


(ii) Monitoring Systems

Additionally, it contains smart monitoring systems for free. It can detect if any issues occur on the server. And in such a situation, it automatically switches your server to an alternative one. Also, the expert team is there to give you suggestions on improving your site.


(iii) CDN (Content Delivery Network) Services

Pressable uses 4 data centres and a free global CDN service. Consequently, the site loads with lightning-fast speed from the closest location of the visitors.


(iv) Other Features

Other than that, here are some of the other features you should check out for the Pressable review.


Built on the powerful NVMe (Non-volatile Memory Express) servers. As a result, you also get improved security and response time.

Built-in caching features for quick access to the website by users.

Load balancers for even distribution of the incoming traffic access to the servers, etc.

4. Automatic Daily Backups

Pressable automatically takes daily WordPress backups as per their managed hosting solution. However, we recommend you enable the Jetpack premium backup tool. With that, you can also take the backups yourself.


To know more, each hosting plan on Pressable comes with Jetpack Security Daily ($24.95/mo value) WordPress plugin for free. Using it, your site will be backed up every day automatically.


Jetpack Security Daily – Pressable Review

Jetpack Security Daily

Moreover, you can also schedule backups, monitor site changes, and restore the backups via a web-based dashboard. In addition to that, you get to download the backups yourself.


5. Seamless Staging Environment

Another helpful feature of Pressable is the easy-to-use and seamless staging environments. Every WordPress or WooCommerce install on Pressable gives a staging environment. And you can later move it to the production/original site with just a few clicks.


In a staging site, you can develop and test the new WordPress and WooCommerce features and user experiences. That means you can check the layout, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugins before making the changes to the live site.


As a result, it helps in prototyping, testing, and refining the websites with much ease.


6. Easily Customizable and Scalable Hosting

Wondering what will happen if your site gains more traffic than the monthly visitors limit on your chosen plan? Or you’re thinking if you can upgrade the plan when you want? No worries!


Pressable works have a customised and scalable hosting plan that works side-by-side with you. And it’s tailored to meet all your unique specifications and requirements.


If your site exceeds the traffic limit, then the company first claims to not automatically charge you. So, your site will still be running. However, it’ll then offer you to have extra page views as per your need via add-ons.


Customized Hosting Pressable

Customizable and Scalable Hosting

That means you’ll be charged for exceeding the limit or you’ll have to pay to increase the allowance during the busy periods. Thus, using such add-ons suits best when you’ve seasonal traffic rise. With that, you won’t need to even move to an expensive plan.


And this isn’t the case for the monthly visits only. It’s also for other requirements like WordPress instals, total site storage, etc.


Moreover, you can easily upgrade the plan right from your Pressable dashboard. Or talk with the support team through other support options. Although, one drawback is that the hosting plan doesn’t automatically scale up when you need it.


7. Powerful Security

Site security is very important to protect your and your customer’s data online. In Pressable, you get free SSL certificates for your sites. This keeps your visitors safe and improves the site’s SEO.


And the security measures don’t limit till here. Pressable comes with powerful security features so here’s a short description to know them.


Security Features in Pressable

Security Features

I Managed WordPress Updates

WordPress is always evolving and improving. So, time after time, you can see updates on WordPress, plugins, themes, and other tools.


With Pressable, you don’t need to worry about manually updating your site whenever there’s a new version. The host is responsible for taking care of the WordPress updates to make your site safe and optimised.


(ii) Web Application Firewall (WAF) (WAF)

You need to protect your site from every possible malicious activity. In the case of Pressable, every hosted website is protected by WAF. With that, it identifies and blocks such activities and avoids attacks from hackers.


(iii) Hack Recovery Assistance

Moreover, the Pressable team also conducts scanning to restrict cyber threats and malware. Ultimately, your site will be running without any problem even with good traffic.


In case any intrusion is detected on the site, then the Pressable team investigates the case. By doing that, they ultimately get rid of the intrusive software and clean up the mess.


8. Jetpack Premium Subscription

Earlier, we mentioned that every plan in Pressable comes with a subscription to the Jetpack Premium plan. And this doesn’t just give features to take the daily backups. It offers other useful tools and features like:


Brute force attack protection.

Downtime monitoring.

Real-time malware scanning.

Comment and form spam protection.

Image and video hosting.

Priority email support from experts, etc.

Jetpack Pricing Plans

Jetpack Pricing Plans

However, the Jetpack Professional plan is also there with multiple other features. As a result, it improves the security, performance, SEO, and more of your sites. Pressable doesn’t offer this plan, so you’ve to purchase it at $99/year if you want that subscription.


That’s it for the Pressable features on this review, so let’s move ahead!


C) How to Get Started Using Pressable For Your WordPress Website?

Now, in this review section, we’re going to show some basic points on using Pressable. Here, it includes how you can get started to build and host your WordPress site with Pressable.


In case you want to use Pressable, then take this as a guide to move forward. So, let’s go!


Step 1: Purchase the Hosting Plan

First of all, you need to decide on which Pressable hosting plan to choose. For that, click on the Pricing option on the navigation menu present on the original site of Pressable.


There, you can see 3 options to choose from. They are:


WordPress: WordPress leads you to view plans for building any kind of WordPress site.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce includes pricing plans for building an eCommerce site.

Customize: A custom plan for your unique needs. Here, you decide the resources you want and get the plan after talking with the team.

Choose Pressable Plan

Choose Pressable Plan

Once you choose which kind of plan you want, click on that option. It’ll redirect you to another page with the plans for that choice.


Suppose, you clicked on the WordPress option, then you’ll be redirected to the WordPress pricing page. There, you can see the multiple WordPress plans available on a scale.


Every plan has 2 payment criteria among which you can choose one. They are for selecting the billing method of the payment to be done on a monthly or yearly basis. So, click on the billing option of your desired plan to go to the checkout page.


Billing Options to Choose Plan

Billing Options

On the checkout page, you can decide to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. After that, you’ve to fill in your account and billing information. To submit the order, click on the Complete Order button. With that, your purchase is complete.


Order Plan for Hosting Platform

Order Plan

Step 2: Dashboard Walkthrough

After your purchase is done, you’ll be able to sign in to your account using the account information you provided before. To do so, click on the Sign in button on its website. On the login page, enter your email and password, then click on the Login button.


MyPressable Login

MyPressable Login

This takes you to the simple and intuitive MyPressable dashboard of your server.


Now, let’s get to know the MyPressable dashboard! But note that the options you’ll get depend on the plan you’ve chosen.


Using the Pressable dashboard is as simple as it seems. By default, you’re on the Sites menu where you’ll be able to see the list of all of the websites that you have.


Other than that, there are some other menus on the left-side collapsible menu of the dashboard. So, let’s go through them briefly.


MyPressable Dashboard

MyPressable Dashboard

1. Collaborators

Here, you’re able to add the collaborator of your multiple sites at once. Just select the site in which you want to add the collaborator first by clicking on the Add button. Then, enter their email address to add them. Also, you can remove the collaborator with the Remove button.


Collaborators Menu

Collaborators Menu

2. Email

Pressable offers you a 90-day free trial of Titan, a professional email hosting service. After you assign your custom domain to a live site on Pressable, you’ll be able to access this feature.


3. Account

In the Account menu, you can see your active plan information here. Moreover, you get to also upgrade the plan or add the essential add-ons that you need. Just check out the plans/add-ons on the list given and click on the Upgrade/Add Component button to upgrade/add add-ons.


Account Menu

Account Menu

4. Usage

Next, in the Usage menu, you can see the usage stats of your plan. Also, it includes the usage stats of your every website. In simpler terms, it shows how much you’ve consumed from your allocated resources.


5. Billing

Now, in the Billing menu, you’ll see the billing information of your plan. It includes the invoices and the current payment methods. Also, adding a new billing method is possible.


6. API Application

If you’re a developer, then this menu is beneficial for you. Here, you get to create applications that use the Pressable API (Application Programming Interface) (Application Programming Interface).


7. API Documentation

In case you’re planning to use the API Application menu for your application, then make sure to check out this menu. It redirects you to the API documentation to learn more about the application.


That’s it on the menus available on the MyPressable dashboard! Apart from them, you can see other options available at the top and bottom sides of the panel. So, let’s get to know them.


Add Site: At the top-right side, you can see this button from which you can add a new site to your server. And that can be done till you reach the WordPress install limit.

Knowledge Base: On the side of the Add Site button, there’s this Knowledge Base button that redirects you to the knowledge base of Pressable on its website.

Profile: Again, in the top-right corner, there’s an option from where you can do a number of things. Such as going to your profile, enabling the dark theme, logging out from your account, etc.

Live Chat: On the bottom-right side, you can see the live chat option where you can communicate with the support team.

Extra Options in Dashboard

Extra Options

With that, let’s move forward into the next Pressable review section. And know how to create a new website on Pressable.


Step 3: Creating a New Website

It’s time for you to create your very first website on your Pressable hosting platform. All you’ve to do is click on the Add Site button that we mentioned before. Or go to the Sites menu and click on the Add a Site button there.


Add a New Site on Pressable

Add a New Site

That’ll redirect you to a new page consisting of a site creation form. Here, there are a few things you need to choose or fill. So, let’s look at them one by one.


Enable the Staging option if you want the site to work as a staging site (optional) (optional).

Add the name of your website in the Site Name textbox.

Choose the Site Type be WordPress or WooCommerce.

Select the PHP version to be the default of the account or another.

Set the Datacenter of your site among 4 places (optional) (optional).

After you fill in this information, click on the Create button.


Fill Form to Create a Site

Fill Form to Create a Site

After a while, the setup for your site will be complete. And you can see the site added on the Sites menu.


You’ll also receive an email for your login credentials on the WordPress dashboard. However, you need to reset the password for security reasons. For that, click on the Settings option on the newly created site in the Sites menu.


Sites List and Settings Open

Sites List and Settings Open

There, on the WordPress Admin section of the Overview tab, enter the new password. And then click on the Update Password button to change and save that new password.


Update Password of WordPress Dashboard

Update Password of WordPress Dashboard

However, to migrate your existing site to Pressable, then have a look at this documentation.


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