Paid Memberships Pro Review 2022 + How to Set Up (Guide)

Paid Memberships Pro review

Paid Memberships Pro (2022): OVERVIEW

Paid Memberships Pro (2022): OVERVIEW (2022): Pros and Cons

Paid Memberships Pro (2022): OVERVIEW (2022): Pricing

Paid Memberships Pro (2022): OVERVIEW (2022): Features

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Paid Memberships Pro (2022): OVERVIEW (2022): Final Thoughts

Do you want an unbiased Paid Memberships Pro review? Or are you undecided about whether to utilise it on your website? After reading this post, everything will become crystal plain to you.

Paid Memberships Pro is a popular WordPress membership plugin. It’s perfect for premium content sites, online courses, training-based memberships, clubs, and organisations, among other things.


The plugin has been installed on over 100K sites to far. It also has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Is that to say it’s the greatest on the market? To discover out, we’ll go through every part of the Paid Memberships Pro plugin, beginning with features, cost, support, installation, and so on.


Tighten your seat belts, because we’re about to take you on a Paid Memberships Pro journey!



A. Paid Memberships Pro – An Introduction

B. The Most Important Benefits of Paid Memberships Pro

C. How to Begin with Paid Memberships Pro

D. How Do I Make a Paid Membership Site Using Paid Memberships Pro?

E. Understanding the Paid Memberships Pro User Interface

F. Paid Memberships Pro – Customer Service Options

G. Paid Memberships Pro – Pricing Structure

H. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Paid Memberships

I. Paid Memberships Pro Competitors and Alternatives

J. Is it Useful in 2022? – Our Opinion


A. Paid Memberships Pro – An Introduction

Paid Memberships Pro is a robust and easy-to-use free WordPress membership plugin. Essentially, the plugin offers you with all of the tools you need to launch, maintain, and develop your membership site.


WordPress Plugin Paid Memberships Pro

WordPress Plugin Paid Memberships Pro

If you’re not familiar, a membership site is a kind of website that offers special material to its subscribers alone.


To be more explicit, it cannot be seen or accessed by anybody who is not a registered member. To view the material, you must be a registered user and log in to the site.


You may have used or heard of Netflix to have a better understanding. It’s a subscription-based streaming service that allows you to watch exclusive TV series and movies when you pay. Members, in other words, can only access the material.


Please see our ultimate selection of popular membership site examples for additional details!


To summarise, Paid Memberships Pro is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create membership sites. And don’t be fooled by the ‘Pro’ in its name; it’s absolutely free. It’s easy to obtain from the plugin directory.


You may use the plugin to provide free memberships, monthly subscriptions, trials, one-time purchases, and much more. Furthermore, you may easily limit postings and pages depending on the degree of membership he/she has attained.


It also has complete connectivity with some of the most well-known payment gateways, such as Stripe, PayPal, and others. As a result, selling memberships and accepting money will be a breeze.


You may also use its Paid Memberships Pro Add-Ons to expand the functionality of your membership site. The free version includes a total of 19 addons. You may get extra features by upgrading to its Plus or Unlimited subscription.


B. The Most Important Benefits of Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is brimming with features. Keeping the characteristics in mind, the possibilities for creating a membership site are limitless.


In this portion of the Paid Memberships Pro review, we’ll go over some of the product’s important features.


1. Various Membership Levels

Membership levels are used to construct a tiered structure or to differentiate between various types of members. A membership level, in more detail, determines what types of content your member can access and at what cost.


Pro Membership Level Paid Memberships

Membership Administration

You may use this plugin to build an endless number of membership tiers, such as free memberships, trials, one-time purchases, and so on. You may also give different price and content access to each level.


Members may also be tied to one or more member levels at the same time.


2. Extensive Content Restriction Options

You have the ability to limit the material with Paid Memberships Pro. This manner, you may restrict access to your sites, posts, categories, and so on to just signed-in users.


Pro Content Restrictions Paid Memberships

Restriction on Content

You may also limit custom post kinds, single pages, and even a subset of pages/posts using this plugin. To put it another way, you may apply any set of access controls to your material.


Aside from that, you may fully conceal prohibited information. You may also display a notification if a random visitor attempts to access the restricted information.


3. Dripping Content

Material dripping is a feature that allows you to deliver content in instalments rather than all at once. People can’t get a complete mouthful of material in a single look when it’s released on a timetable. And it’s a critical element for maintaining members for a longer period of time.


For example, you might schedule the tutorial sessions to begin on a specified day or time soon after a student registers. This manner, the student will only be able to access the sessions when they are dropped to them.


The Paid Memberships Pro plugin enables you to drip-feed material and distribute it on a schedule over the duration of your subscription. You may construct a series (sets of posts/pages) to entice your members to return. This capability, however, is included as part of the Addon. You’ll be able to obtain it in both Plus and Unlimited Membership.


4. Various Payment Gateway Alternatives

The plugin integrates with some of the world’s most well-known payment gateways. Stripe, PayPal,, Braintree, and 2Checkout are just a few examples. Alternatively, it provides you with a credit card payment option as a default.


Payment Gateway for Paid Memberships Pro

Options for Payment

Aside from that, you can use WooCommerce to offer membership tiers as a product. This WooCommerce Integration is also a free add-on.


5. Informative Reports and Analytics

The dashboard feature provides a high-level overview of all active membership actions. To be more precise, you’ll have a good understanding of which way your membership site is moving.


In other words, you may examine sales and income records and even filter the data by membership level and time period (day, month, year). You may also track membership signups, expirations, and cancellations by day, month, or year.


Paid Memberships Pro additionally tracks member visits, views, and logins by day, week, month, year, and so on. Aside from that, you’ll get a report that lists all of the members and allows you to filter by level, start date, expiry date, and so on.


The dashboard also provides information on all new and recurring payment orders.


6. a plethora of integrations

The plugin also works well with other famous WordPress plugins. As a result, you may integrate your membership site with these integration plugins to improve the user experience.


Pro Integrations for Paid Memberships

Top WordPress Plugins Integration

WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Zapier, BuddyPress, bbPress, AWeber, GetResponse, and many more are among the integrations available. You can see the whole list of integrations by clicking here.


7. Contains 75 Add-Ons

The greatest aspect is that you can expand the main plugin with 75 plugins. Now, the plugin provides basic functionality that may or may not be adequate for you. In such scenario, you may utilise these extensions to increase the number of features.


Pro Addons Paid Memberships

Free and paid add-ons

You will get a total of 19 free addons. Others will need the purchase of the Plus or Unlimited Plan. These add-ons include payment methods, content dripping, advertising, and many more features.


Check visit its Features page on its own website to discover more about its features.


C. How to Begin with Paid Memberships Pro

So, in this area of the study, let’s look at the Paid Memberships Pro installation procedure.


We’ll teach you how to install both the free and premium versions here. And when you’ve followed our lead, you’ll be able to accomplish it on your own.


Setting up the Paid Memberships Pro Plugin

The first step is to log into your WordPress dashboard. As you may be aware, you can only install free plugins from your WordPress dashboard.


WordPress Dashboard Admin Section

WordPress Admin Panel

So, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.


Install a New Plugin

Install a New Plugin

You will be routed to another page as a result of this. Then, look for Paid Memberships Pro and click the ‘Install Now’ option when it appears.


Pro Searching for and Installing Paid Memberships

Look for and install Paid Memberships Pro.

After a time, an Activate button will appear; click on it. The plugin is successfully enabled on your WordPress website as soon as you do this.


That’s all.


For more information, see our guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.


D. How Do I Make a Paid Membership Site Using Paid Memberships Pro?

So, here we are! In this segment of the review, we’ll utilise Paid Memberships Pro to build our own membership site. So, let’s look at how to accomplish that, and we’ll walk you through it step by step.


Step 1: Establish a New Membership Level

Let’s pick up where we left off in the last portion of our Paid Memberships Pro review. So, after activating the plugin, we’ll build your membership level or plan first.


First and foremost, go to Memberships > Dashboard.


Getting to the Paid Memberships Pro Dashboard

Navigate to the Paid Memberships Pro Dashboard.

Then, on that page, you’ll notice a link labelled ‘Create a Membership Level,’ which you should click.


Developing a Membership Level

Set up a Membership Level

Following that, it will prompt you to enter information such as the membership’s name, description, billing details, and so on.


Filling Out Membership Level Data

Complete the Membership Level Information

1st scenario:

Skip the billing details section if you want to create a free membership level. That is, you must keep the billing amount fields blank. The first payment must be set to $0 since this is the amount that will be charged at checkout.


Pro Paid Memberships Initial Payment

Pro Paid Memberships Initial Payment

Scenario number two:

In addition, the ‘Initial Payment’ field may be used to collect a one-time payment for a membership level. Alternatively, you might charge a greater fee at initially before beginning your monthly membership.


Choosing an Initial Payment

Determine the Initial Payment

To get a better sense of it, set the Initial Payment to $200 and save it by clicking the Save Level button.


Membership Level Savings

Membership Level Should Be Saved

You’ll see that the membership level now costs a total of $200.


Membership Level for Newcomers

Membership Level for Newcomers

3rd scenario:

Consider another case in which you wish to collect $200 initially and then progressively reduce it to a $50 monthly membership after receiving the original payment.


To do so, set the Initial Payment to $200 and then tick the Recurring Subscription option.


Subscription Payment on a Recurring Basis

Select the Recurring Subscription Payment option.

Then, in the Billing Amount column, enter $50 once each month.


Choosing the Billing Amount

Determine the Billing Amount

Save the level once again by clicking the Save Level icon. As you can see, the membership will now cost $200. Then there’s the monthly fee of $50.


Recurring Subscription Membership Level

Recurring Subscription Membership Level

Other Identifiers

Let’s take a closer look at some of the additional labels that are accessible. This way, when it comes time to create a new membership level, you won’t be perplexed.


Billing Cycle Limit: It allows you to collect a certain number of recurring subscriptions over a set period of time.

Custom Trial: This feature enables you to create a trial duration for your subscription. Simply enter the amount you want to charge for the trial. And with regard to the period.

Other Options: From here, you may disable new signups and set an expiry date for the membership level.

Content Settings: You may choose which post categories to assign to each membership level.

You may configure the membership level in this manner. When you’re finished, just click the Save Level button.


Step 2: Create Membership Pages

The next step is to create the Membership pages. You’ll need to go back to Memberships > Dashboard to do so.


Getting to the Paid Memberships Pro Dashboard

Go to the Paid Memberships Pro Dashboard.

You must then click on the Generate Membership Pages link.


Create a Membership Page Link

Click the Generate Membership Pages button.

When it comes to developing membership pages, it provides two options: Generate Pages For Me and Create Pages Manually.


Configuring Page Options

Configuring Page Options

With the first option chosen, Paid Memberships Pro will automatically set up these pages for you. You may also modify them as needed in the future. So, now click the option that says “Generate Pages For Me.”


Selecting the Generate Pages Option

Select the Generate Pages option.

After that, you’ll see the needed pages for your membership site produced by the plugin. By clicking on the corresponding buttons, you can also update or read these pages.


Pro Generated Pages Paid Memberships

Paid Memberships Pro Generated Pages

When you’re finished, go ahead and click the Save Settings button.


Saving Page Preferences

Save Page Preferences

If you wish to change the default design of the Paid Memberships Pro pages, you may do so using custom CSS files or PHP templates. Here’s a link to the templates on their website.


Payment Gateway and Security are the third and last steps.

If you want to charge for your membership, you’ll need a payment gateway. So, let’s look at how to use the plugin to set up a payment gateway.


First, go to Memberships > Settings.

Some of the links on this article/page are affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and purchase the product, we’ll earn a specific percent commission from the seller. But it won’t at all affect the price you’ll pay.


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