Neve WordPress Theme Review 2021 – Is it the Best Theme for Business?

Neve WordPress Theme Review -2022

Neve WordPress Theme (2022): OVERVIEW

Neve WordPress Theme (2022): Pros and Cons

Neve WordPress Theme (2022): Pricing

Neve WordPress Theme (2022):features

Neve WordPress Theme (2022): Alternatives

Neve WordPress Theme (2022): Final Thoughts

Do you want a real Neve WordPress theme review? Are you undecided about whether or not to use Neve on your website? If so, this essay will dispel all of your concerns.

Themeisle never ceases to amaze us; they produced Neve, which has been a huge success in the WordPress business. As of this writing, the theme has been installed on over 300,000 sites. It also has a high rating of 5 out of 5.


We’ll go through the features, customization, simplicity of use, cost, installation, and so on in our Neve theme preview. Following that, we’ll respond to your most pressing query.


So buckle up, because we’re going to take you to the Neve ride.



Overview of the A. Neve Theme

B. Main Characteristics of the Neve Theme

1. Exceptional Quickness

2. Personalized Header and Footer

3. Extensively Customizable

4. Compatibility with the most popular page builders

5. AMP Compliant

6. Starter Sites That Are Ready to Import

C. Neve Installation and Customization

I. Setting up the Neve Theme

II. Changing the Neve Theme

How Do I Import Neve Starter Sites?

Support for the E. Neve Theme

Pricing for the F. Neve Theme

G. The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Neve Theme

Alternatives to the H. Neve Theme

1. astrologer

2. The OceanWP

Sydney is number three.

four. GeneratePress

I. Is it the Best Business Theme? – Our Opinion


Overview of the A. Neve Theme

Neve is a versatile WordPress theme that is quick and lightweight. It is multipurpose in the sense that it can be used to develop many types of websites.


Free WordPress Theme Neve

The core theme is available for free in the theme directory. It also provides a premium licence, which is an additional plugin for more sophisticated features.


Unlike other multipurpose themes, Neve prioritises speed without losing versatility. There is no question that Google favours fast-loading pages, and Neve excels at this.


The theme has a simple design that focuses the viewer’s attention on the content. As a result, it provides a pleasant user experience. You may create your own look with the WordPress customizer’s many features.


It also integrates smoothly with Gutenberg and all of the common page builders. As a result, it simplifies the process of creating a website for everyone.


The theme has a large collection of beginning templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. With a single click, you can import any appealing demo and change the content with your own. It’s simply that simple.


B. Main Characteristics of the Neve Theme

Neve’s features are what set it apart from other themes on the market. When it comes to creating a professional-looking website, the choices are limitless. Okay, let’s put those impressive qualities to the test.


1. Exceptional Quickness

As previously said, Neve is a lightweight theme that prioritises speed and performance. According to Themeisle’s completed speed testing findings, Neve has a flawless 100-speed grade. They also admit that a standard WordPress installation is merely 28 KB in size.


Performance of the Neve WordPress Theme

Furthermore, it does not employ jQuery for speed improvement, instead opting for Vanilla Javascript. As a consequence, Neve loads in less than a second.


Everyone despises waiting, and this is especially true when it comes to slow-loading websites. As a result, Neve guarantees that your site loads quickly. It also improves your standing in the eyes of Google.


2. Personalized Header and Footer

Another advantage of this theme is that you can customise the header and footer. It allows you to drag and drop to change and remodel the header and footer. The wonderful thing about it is that you can use it to make both mobile and desktop headers.


You can only add a restricted number of items to your header and footer in the core theme. You also have the option of arranging those parts in whatever manner you see fit.


The advantage of the Neve pro addons is that you will have more alternatives. You may include interesting elements like as social icons, a sticky and translucent menu, and many more.


3. Extensively Customizable

When compared to others, the customising options it provides are significantly superior. You may easily change any aspect using its WordPress customizer. You may also get a real-time preview of the changes.


The variety of customization possibilities available after you install the theme will astound you.


Options for Customizing the Neve WordPress Theme

4. Compatibility with the most popular page builders

Page builders, for those who are unfamiliar, are WordPress plugins that enable you to construct and modify pages using drag and drop. Because you don’t have to code, drag and drop feature makes website creation accessible to everybody.


Themeisle’s staff is fully aware of this, therefore they’ve supplied a plethora of alternatives to pick from. It is fully compatible with Gutenberg, Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, and Divi.


Compatibility of the Neve WordPress theme with Page Builder

5. AMP Compliant

If you’re not familiar with the word, it stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Simply said, this technology helps your site load much quicker on mobile devices. It is an open-source initiative aimed at improving the performance of mobile websites on the internet.


Because Google appreciates it, establishing an AMP page is worthwhile. As a result, with performance in mind, Neve is completely compatible with AMP, allowing for rapid loading.


AMP Compatibility for the Neve WordPress theme

You must install the AMP for WordPress plugin in order for the AMP on your site and Neve to function properly. It’s critical for a smooth user experience and driving more traffic to you.


6. Starter Sites That Are Ready to Import

The creators of Neve have worked hard to make it the finest on the market. The inclusion of a plethora of sample sites ensures that the theme lives up to its name.


They claim to provide more than 80 starting webpages spanning a broad range of sectors or businesses. The distinction is that certain templates are only available to free users. The remainder is exclusively accessible to premium buyers.


Take a look at these ready-made templates that come with Neve.


Starter Library for Neve WordPress Themes

C. Neve Installation and Customization

Okay, let’s get started with the Neve theme installation. Following that, we’ll proceed to the customising methods.


The installation procedure is quick and straightforward for both the free and premium editions. Follow us as we lead you through this.


I. Setting up the Neve Theme

First and foremost, you must access your WordPress website. Only then will you be able to install the theme from your WordPress dashboard. Once there, go to Appearance > Themes.


Navigating to the themes section of the WordPress Dashboard

Navigate to Themes

You will then be redirected to another website. Then, choose the ‘Add New’ option.


Creating a New Theme in the WordPress Dashboard

Create a New Theme

Then, look for Neve and, when it appears, click the ‘Install’ option.


Installing the Neve theme from the WordPress Dashboard

Install Neve for free.

Finally, click the ‘Activate’ button to install the theme on your WordPress site.


That’s all there is to it; it’s that simple!


That concludes the installation procedure for the free version.


Similarly, you should utilise the upload method to install the pro version. You may learn more about it by going through how to install a WordPress theme.


II. Changing the Neve Theme

Customization is one of the key reasons why Neve is such a popular theme. Navigate to Appearance >Customize to make changes.


Continue from Appearance to Customize.

WordPress Menu Customization

We’ll take a look at each important one.



WordPress Customizer Neve

WordPress Customizer Neve

Inside the layout, you’ll find options such as:


Container: From here, you may update the content of your whole website. You may, for example, adjust the width of a container and the layouts of blogs, archives, and pages.

Content/Sidebar: You may choose a sidebar layout and adjust the width of the blog/archive, single post, and other content.

Change the layout of your blog, configure post pagination, post content order, excerpt length, and thumbnail shadow. You may also change the meta order and separator of post meta.

Set the header layout, title alignment, page element order, and space between components for a single post. You may also modify the order of the post meta and the separator. Not to mention that you may change the submit form section button, text, padding, background colour, and so forth.

Homepage Settings: From here, you can customise what appears on your site’s homepage. You have the option of displaying your posts in reverse chronological order or on a fixed/static page.


Because it contains a header builder, creating your header is a breeze. You can make a spectacular header in only a few minutes. The header builder generates three rows (a top, main, bottom).


Customize Neve Header Options

Builder of Neve Headers

You may alter the arrangement and design of each row by clicking on it. Full width-contained, full width, and contained are all layout alternatives. In the style, you may change the row height, text colour, and row background.


The Mobile Sidebar component also allows you to customise the sidebar for mobile devices. In addition, by heading to Header Presets, you may choose presets from a variety of possibilities.



It works similarly to the header builder in that it allows you to construct a nice footer. It has three rows, much as the header rows (a top, main, bottom).


Neve Footer Creator

Neve Footer Creator

You may change the arrangement and design of each row. There are three layout options: full width-enclosed, full width, and full width, contained. Aside from that, you may choose the number of columns and the column layout.


Similarly, you may adjust the row height, text colour, and row background in the style.


Background & Colors

You may build a gorgeous colour pallet with the Global colour option. It has global colours (Base/Dark Mode) and the ability to set a custom palette. You may choose any palette colour and return it all to default with a single click.


Color & Background Options for Neve

Color & Background Options for Neve


When you click on it, you’ll be presented with typographic possibilities such as:


Neve Typography Alternatives

Neve Typography Alternatives

Set the font family, font weight, font size, line height, letter spacing, and so on.

Headings: This category comprises heading-related choices (H1-H6).

Blog Archive: It includes options for the blog/archive page as well as a single post layout.


You may change the look of the buttons from here.


Options for Neve Buttons

Options for Neve Buttons

Padding, button text, button weight, font size, line height, letter spacing, and other options are available.

Primary Button: It has two button styles: filled and outline. Both have border radius, background colour, text colour, hover settings, and other options.

Secondary Button: The secondary button contains the same information as the main button.

Form Parameters

Neve provides stylistic choices for forms, which you can use with plugins like as WPForms Lite, Contact Form 7, or even Elementor.


It has options for four different areas:


Form Fields by Neve

Form Fields by Neve

Form Fields: Configure field padding, background colour, border width, border radius, and so forth.

Color, text-transform, text weight, font size, line height, and other options are available while entering text.

Label transform, label weight, font size, line height, and so on are all options for form labels.

Button: You may change the appearance of the basic button styles.


You’ll notice a main and secondary menu for menu modification. It also enables you to create a new one. Both of these panels have options such as Menu Name, as well as the ability to reorganise and add items.


Menu Options for Neve

Menu Options for Neve

Most significantly, you may choose where the menu should appear.



You may use widgets to display vital information such as recent posts, testimonials, social icons, and so on.


Optional Neve Widgets

Optional Neve Widgets

How Do I Import Neve Starter Sites?

With that out of the way, let’s look at how we can import the ready-made templates that Neve provides. To import these demo sites, first ensure that Neve is installed and enabled. Let’s go on if everything is in order.


To effectively import any of Neve’s starting sites, you must first install the Cloud Templates & Patterns collection plugin. You may get it right from your WordPress dashboard. To begin, log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to ‘Plugins > Add New.’


Install a New Plugin

Install a New Plugin

After that, look for and install the Cloud Templates & Patterns collection.


Install the Cloud Templates & Patterns pack.

Install the Cloud Templates & Patterns pack.

You must now activate the plugin.


When you’re finished, you’ll see a new Starter sites tab in the Appearance menu. Click on it to view all of the demos that are available.


Go to the Beginning Sites

Go to the Beginning Sites

Each example site is designed particularly for use with a page builder. Select your preferred page builder and click the ‘Import’ button.


Starter Sites should be imported.

Starter Sites should be imported.

It provides you two options: import the whole site or just a selected page.


For the first choice, it’s a simple procedure; just click the ‘Import full site’ button.

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