MyFax Review 2022 (Features & Pricing) Is MyFax A Good Service?


When you consider the market for faxing service providers, you will see that many of them were established before the year 2000. This is the common thread that you will find among them.

MyFax, on the other hand, had barely started its life when it was purchased by j2 Global, the owner of two other existing online faxing systems, eFax and MetroFax, less than a year after it opened its doors in 2009. eFax and MetroFax were both established in 1999.

As a direct result of this acquisition, MyFax underwent the typical j2 makeover, which resulted in a service that is very simple yet wholly trustworthy.

A subscription with MyFax provides access to all of the capabilities that one would anticipate seeing in a modern faxing service. The user-friendliness of the online account is a direct result of its straightforward layout and the creative fax management tools that it offers, such as customizable folders and the ability to label messages.

Similarly to its siblings from j2 Global, outgoing faxes can be sent through email, and incoming messages can be accessed via the default mailbox or the very simple MyFax mobile app. This means that anything fax-related can be used even if the user does not have access to the account or owns a fax machine.

The fact that MyFax can be tested for free for a period of two weeks makes it simple to evaluate the service in comparison to the other products offered by j2 Global.

What Is MyFax?

MyFax provides users with fundamental faxing alternatives, such as the capacity to send faxes using a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone. You may choose to call a local number, a number without an additional charge, or an international number. Each individual fax may be sent to a maximum of fifty different recipients.

Email makes it easy to send and receive documents, and each team member on a shared account may have up to five separate email addresses. In addition, MyFax offers more than a hundred different cover page themes.

MyFax allows users to save documents locally, and the service also offers users unlimited cloud storage space. The fax archive may be accessed via the View Faxes section of the My Account page.

Major Features and Benefits of MyFax:

MyFax is a fantastic alternative for sending and receiving faxes; but, since it does not have a desktop version, its capabilities is severely limited in contrast to that of its larger brother, eFax, which is a j2 programme. When seen alongside MetroFax’s sibling, the two services seem to be almost indistinguishable from one another.

Even though none of these services enables electronic signatures, j2 has developed a separate service known as jSign in order to fill the need that this leaves. You are welcome to give it a try without spending any money, but keep in mind that when the trial time is up, you will be responsible for paying the full price.

One of the most important features of the service, in addition to the capability to download and send a message through fax or email, is the capability to organise all faxes into various folders. This is true regardless of whether the categories were defined by the management or by you personally.

In addition to folders, custom tags may be used to organise faxes. This makes it much easier to search for both incoming and outgoing messages using the basic search box.

Searching, on the other hand, may be extremely fussy; thus, it is highly recommended that you study the search recommendations before doing an individual search. This will help you avoid coming up empty.

1. Telephone Fax Numbers:

MyFax and MetroFax are essentially indistinguishable from one another in practically every respect; however, the variety of fax numbers available via MyFax is the most important difference between the two and one of the areas in which MyFax excels in comparison to its sister.

When they sign up for service, new users have the option of selecting a local number based in the United States, Canada, or almost any other country or region in the world.

In addition, while selecting a fax number in either the United States or Canada, one has the option of selecting a toll-free number, which may include a genuine 800 number.

However, in order to access these numbers, you must be physically located inside the continental United States. Additionally, toll-free numbers cannot be substituted for foreign virtual ones.

It is also feasible to port a fax number, however this requires first obtaining a temporary fax number and then calling MyFax’s customer care to initiate the transfer. Fortunately, the process does not cost anything – in contrast, getting rid of the fax number would set you back a whopping $40.

2. Getting Started:

Even when starting from square one, the process of registering a MyFax account is quick and easy, just as one would anticipate from a service provided by j2. Although it is feasible to transfer a number from one service provider to another, doing so requires the creation of a new account and the assignment of a temporary fax number.

Establishing an account or fax number, as is common with j2 Global services, does not incur any expenses, and the first two weeks of use, as well, are free of charge; however, this is only the case if the most affordable pricing plan is chosen.

After going through this relatively uncomplicated setup process, the system is ready for instant use as soon as the account has been created. Even though you will be able to send and receive faxes as soon as the service is activated – although not from traditional fax machines, as these are not supported – it is a good idea to personalise the service first. This can be accomplished by importing contacts from email clients and indicating which email addresses should be used for sending faxes from the email client or receiving inbound messages in an email format.

3. Online Fax Management and Mobile Applications:

As was said earlier, managing faxes via an online account with MyFax is ridiculously easy. This is especially true when one takes into consideration the fact that folders, labels, and the search bar can all be personalised. Having the capability to import and export contact lists through. CSV files, on the other hand, are a lifesaver that is often overlooked.

In point of fact, this is the one and only way to import contacts from any desktop email client, whether it Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or even less popular webmail services.

There are two notable exceptions to this rule: the web-based email services Gmail and Yahoo Mail, both of which let you to import contacts directly into MyFax without the requirement to submit a.CSV file.

Contacts are also not going to be a problem with the application; in fact, the iOS and Android apps deftly separate the contact list of the device from the contact list of the MyFax account, while still enabling users to send a message to a contact on either list. This feature is available on both apps.

On the other hand, in terms of its functionality, the MyFax app is simply a small reproduction of the online account, with one crucial difference: the app can send push notifications whenever a fax message arrives in the online account, which is a feature that is quite helpful.

4. Faxes: Sending and Receiving

When it comes to sending and receiving faxes, MyFax’s performance is impressive, in spite of the fact that it satisfies the bare minimal standards.

Even though all incoming messages are placed in the Inbox folder, this account may have up to five email addresses linked with it, and each of those email addresses can be set up to receive incoming messages if the user so chooses.

In point of fact, adding additional email addresses for outbound faxing allows you to take use of one of MyFax’s most useful features, fax by email. This function gives you the ability to send faxes straight from your email client without first having to log in to your MyFax account.

It is just as simple to send faxes by regular mail as it is to send them using email; in fact, it may be even simpler given that a single message may be transmitted to as many as fifty different recipients. In addition, a fax message may contain up to ten documents or a total of twenty megabytes in data, regardless of the kind of file that is attached.

Additionally, and probably most crucially, there is the ability to adjust the overall quality of the message. This may be done in order to either keep the attachment’s quality at its highest possible level or to speed up the process of delivering the attachment.

MyFax Security:

In spite of the fact that MyFax Central provides you with everything you want to send and view faxes, the interface of the website is surprisingly simple. Having said that, it is really easy to use, and we had no difficulties when doing our review of the service.

The mobile application, which offers exactly the same features as the website, thankfully looks and operates in a manner that is a significant improvement over the website.

Remember that you may also send faxes directly from your email client, skipping the step of using MyFax in the process. If you have a reliable connection, the faxes you send should reach at their destination within a few seconds of their sending.

MyFax Setup:

When you sign up for MyFax for the first time, you will be asked to give some basic information about yourself, including your location, name, phone number, and email address.

You have the option of transferring an existing fax number or selecting one of the fax numbers that are currently accessible on the platform to use. You will be expected to provide a credit card number whenever you sign up for anything, even if it’s only a free trial.

Following the completion of the account creation process, you will be brought to the MyFax Central dashboard. From this location, you are able to view and send faxes, as well as make adjustments to your settings and access support materials.

The Frequently Asked Questions section provides in-depth instructions for sending and receiving faxes with MyFax.

MyFax Pricing:

In spite of the fact that j2 Global’s multiple fax services have some similarities, their respective pricing plans are rather distinct from one another. MyFax is priced in between MetroFax, which is the most affordable of the “j2 triplets,” and eFax, which is the most expensive but also offers the most features in a single package.

MyFax, just like its other two siblings, provides a pricing structure that is reasonable and consists of three plans. These plans, which have pretty straightforward names, limit the total number of faxes that can be sent in a given month; however, there is an option to send more faxes by paying an additional $0.10 for each additional page that is sent.

Home Office User is the plan that is automatically selected for you, and it is also the most cost-effective option. It costs $10 per month, and it gives you free access to 200 pages of incoming and 100 pages of outgoing faxes.

This is the only subscription choice that includes a free trial period of fourteen days. In addition, an annual membership may be purchased in place of the monthly payment, resulting in a price reduction of $8.33 per month (or $99.96 per year) and a save of 17% off the original price.

Small Business User and Power User are the other two alternatives, and both of them include free extra pages. Small Business User includes 250 incoming pages and 200 outgoing pages, which is the same as eFax’s most expensive plan, while Power User has 475 incoming pages and 400 outgoing pages.

The prices, which do not, however, correspond to the level of service provided: the Small Business User plan costs $16.67 per month (or 200.04 dollars annually), while the Power User plan costs 33.33 dollars per month (or 399.96 dollars annually). Consider the fact that the most expensive plan offered by MetroFax contains a staggering 2,500 free pages per month for an additional cost of just $3; in comparison, the most expensive plan offered by MyFax only includes 500 free pages each month.

MyFax Customer Support:

The helpfulness of MyFax’s customer support came as an unexpected pleasure. In point of fact, we couldn’t think of a single question that hadn’t been answered inside the first few minutes. Because it does not need users to have an account, the 24/7 live chat option makes it possible for customers to rapidly handle any concerns with a MyFax professional at any time of day or night.

In addition, you may communicate with the company through chat on its social media platforms, which is also where the company releases monthly updates.

MyFax provides users with not just the standard email method, which often results in a response within a few hours, but also a wide variety of excellent options for static support.

The two user manuals and the two parts of the website devoted to frequently asked questions (FAQ), one of which is located on the website and the other of which is located inside the account, are both quite educational and alleviate any concerns that a customer could have.

In addition to that, the business’s YouTube channel has a profusion of video lessons that can be accessed online. MyFax customers have the added benefit of being able to submit direct feedback to the company through a suggestion box that can be found in the My Account section of the website.

MyFax Pros and Cons:


  • There is customer assistance accessible. 365 days a year

  • To prevent getting charged for blocked calls, you may create a "blocked"/"allowed" call list.

  • You have the option of previewing your fax before sending it.

  • There is no limit to the amount of faxes that may be stored online.

  • In compared to the quantity of pages offered, the monthly fee is fair.

  • There are 200 inbound pages and 200 outgoing pages included.

  • A 14-day fax trial is available for free.

  • When you pay annually in advance, you save 9%.


  • The plan’s pages are not merged.

FAQs About MyFax Review:

Is MyFax a service that can be trusted?

MyFax offers a large selection of fax lines in other countries as well as an amazing mobile app; nevertheless, the service seems to be out of date, there is no option for digital signatures, and the monthly fee is somewhat expensive.

Are the phrases eFax and MyFax interchangeable in any way?

Both MyFax and eFax are examples of online fax services that are quite similar to one another. eFax is more expensive than MyFax and is one of the few providers that charge setup fees; yet, it still boasts excellent mobile apps and an astounding selection of functions that come standard.

Is MyFax a service that can be trusted?

MyFax offers a large selection of fax lines in other countries as well as an amazing mobile app; nevertheless, the service seems to be out of date, there is no option for digital signatures, and the monthly fee is somewhat expensive.

What exactly is the point of using this MyFax service?

MyFax is an all-in-one solution for sending and receiving faxes online. We make it easy for you to send and receive faxes using your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. The cheapest monthly plans for sending and receiving faxes cost around ten dollars.

Conclusion: MyFax Review 2022

MyFax is a web-based service that provides a user-friendly design and reasonable prices. MyFax is a good option for those who send and receive a lot of faxes since it only costs $10 a month for both inbound and outbound faxing of 200 pages.

This price is typically what MyFax costs for “200/100” “incoming/outgoing” fax pages; however, visitors to FaxCompare may be able to acquire a better offer of “200/200” by signing up using our links and getting started right away. If you pay for a whole year in advance, the monthly fee drops to $9.17.

In spite of the fact that MyFax’s customer service has, on the whole, been really beneficial, we’ve lately been inundated with unfavourable feedback. MyFax offers a free trial of their online fax service that lasts for 14 days, during which time you may assess the quality of the service.

MyFax is a service that costs $10 per month and does not charge any startup fees or monthly fees. The bundle that we investigated includes both 200 monthly incoming pages and 200 monthly outgoing pages. This is beyond our Market Standard of 300 pages combined, thus this is a significant improvement. In addition, MyFax offers a free trial period of fourteen days.

Because the whole process of sending a fax is carried out on a single screen, utilising the online interface provided by MyFax makes it a snap to send a fax. You are able to get a preview of your fax before it is sent, and you are able to fax up to eight documents at the same time.

You are allowed to send and receive faxes using a maximum of five different email addresses, and you may concurrently fax a maximum of fifty different people. MyFax allows you to keep faxes online for an endless amount of time, which is far longer than the industry standard of thirty days.

MyFax offers local fax numbers in all 50 states, in addition to Washington, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. They do not supply (800) numbers, but they do provide free access to (866), (877), and (888) lines. However, they do not provide (800) numbers. In addition, MyFax offers phone support that is available around the clock.

Our interactions with their customer service professionals led us to believe that they had a high level of expertise. In addition to delivering concise responses to the questions we posed, they also offered us a plethora of knowledge. On the other hand, during the last few days we have seen a considerable increase in the number of critical remarks about its support.


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