Mesmerize Theme Review 2022 – Is it Good for Your Website?

Mesmerize Theme

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Do you want an unbiased Mesmerize theme review? Are you wondering whether or not to utilise it on your website? If so, this article will make everything apparent to you; just keep scrolling to the conclusion.

Mesmerize was created by Extend Themes, and the word alone conveys a lot. According to statistics, the theme has been installed on over 40K sites to far. It also has a perfect rating of 5 stars.

So, do you think you can trust this theme with your eyes closed? Or does this theme really live up to its name?

We’ll tell you all you need to know about the Mesmerize theme right here. We’ll go through its features, installation, cost, customization, support, and much more in this in-depth review.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

A. Overview of the Mesmerize Theme
B. Mesmerize Theme’s Standout Features
C. How to Install and Personalize the Mesmerize Theme
D. Mesmerize Demo Sites Import
E. Mesmerize Theme Customer Service F. Mesmerize Theme Pricing
G. Mesmerize Theme Advantages and Disadvantages
Alternatives to the Mesmerize Theme
Is it the best WordPress theme for your site? – Finally, our Verdict
A. Overview of the Mesmerize Theme
The first thing you should know about Mesmerize is that it is a strong versatile WordPress theme. As a result, you may use it to build any form of website, including personal blogs, enterprises, eCommerce stores, and niche-specific sites.

Fascinating Free WordPress Themes
The greatest aspect is that you may design your desired site using Mesmerize without breaking a sweat. It has an easy-to-use user interface for constructing your website, and no coding is necessary! So, even if you’re not very tech-savvy, you can create websites on your own.

Another noteworthy feature is the provision of pre-designed content sections. Building a website in this manner is not only simple, but also quick. You can quickly construct pages with the aid of these parts.

You’ll have a plethora of customising possibilities to create a genuinely one-of-a-kind design. All modifications may be made using the WordPress customizer.

The most significant feature of this theme is that it is responsive. As a consequence, your website will appear great on any screen size or device. As a result, it improves the user experience.

The core theme is free and may be downloaded from the theme directory. Meanwhile, if you want to use more sophisticated features, you’ll need to purchase a premium licence.

B. Mesmerize Theme’s Standout Features
To set yourself apart from the competition, you’ll need a theme with a plethora of features. The makers of this theme are well aware of this fact, since they’ve added a plethora of useful features.

Let’s get to know them up up and personal now.

1. 18 Pre-Configured Starter Templates
Creating websites from the ground up may be a time-consuming and unpleasant endeavour. Mesmerize, on the other hand, solves this issue by giving you access to 18 wonderfully made themes.

These included templates span a wide variety of specialisations or sectors, fully living up to their name. Agency, company, goods, services, and eCommerce are a few examples.

Pre-designed Sites will be mesmerised.
Pre-designed Sites will be mesmerised.
With a simple click, you may import any appealing template. And then just change the text with your own.

However, there is a drawback if you are a free user: you will only have access to a few themes. Premium members, on the other hand, get access to all 18 demonstrations.

2. More than 100 pre-designed content sections
Mesmerize grants you incredible design abilities. It is not just restricted to pre-made templates, but it also offers pre-designed content sections. You may create pages rapidly by adding required content components.

Pre-designed Sections for the Mesmerize Theme
Pre-designed Sections for the Mesmerize Theme
There are hundreds of page parts accessible, such as about, team, testimonials, and contact. You may adjust the content of each section and change the layout to reflect your vision.

Not only that, but you can change the visibility of the major menu with a single click of a button. For example, a section called ‘Contact’ may be added to the top menu with a single click.

Options for Mesmerize Theme Page Sections
Options for Mesmerize Theme Page Sections
Mesmerize’s free edition offers you access to a total of 30 ready-made content parts. To get the remainder, you’ll need to buy the pro version.

3. Easily Modifiable Design
Making modifications to your WordPress theme is critical if you want your site to stand out from the crowd. As a result, customisation is also a significant consideration.

Customization Options for the Mesmerize Theme
Customization Options for the Mesmerize Theme
Mesmerize allows you to customise every component of the theme, including menus, navigation, blog settings, and so on. And everything from a single location, namely the WordPress customizer.

Simply click on any element to alter it immediately in the customizer while viewing the results in real time. You must upgrade to the premium version for additional customising options.

4. Various Header Design Options
As a website owner, you want your site to be as appealing as possible. One of the key aims is to capture the attention of visitors and keep them for a longer period of time. To a significant degree, Mesmerize provides you with that option.

And by that, we mean that it has a variety of header settings. By selecting one of the designs, you may modify the default appearance of your header section.

Optional Mesmerize Theme Header Designs
Optional Mesmerize Theme Header Designs
Mesmerize Theme with Multiple Header Presets
Mesmerize Theme with Multiple Header Presets
The free version includes a total of 5 header settings. You must buy the premium licence to have access to the remainder, i.e. 18 more.

5. Backgrounds for video and slide shows
The theme contains video and slideshow backdrops to captivate your audience. It will contribute to the attractiveness of your website.

Through the WordPress customizer, you may activate the slideshow and video backdrop options in Mesmerize. You’ll obtain the appropriate settings for each of them based on your preferences.

Backgrounds for video and slideshows might be mesmerised.
Backgrounds for video and slideshows might be mesmerised.
The slideshow backdrop choices allow you to add new slideshow pictures, modify slide length, effect speed, and so on. When it comes to video backgrounds, you’ll be able to use either self-hosted (MP4) or external video.

6. A Wide Range of Color and Typography Options
Extensive colour and typography choices are only available to premium buyers. The only thing free users may do is alter the background colour of their site, not the typeface.

Upgrading to the pro version provides you considerably more power. To be more particular, it allows you to change the colours of items such as buttons, icons, text, and so on.

You may also adjust every component of your site’s typography, such as font family, size, weight, and so on.

It also enables you to search for and add new web fonts to your site. In all, there are 600+ Google Fonts accessible in the premium edition.

This theme also includes the whole Font Awesome icon collection. As a result, users will not have to spend as much time hunting for icons.

WooCommerce Compatibility
Another intriguing aspect of this theme is its WooCommerce compatibility. It implies you may use the Mesmerize theme to create an eCommerce website.

Mesmerize WooCommerce Ready Theme
Mesmerize WooCommerce Ready Theme
Essentially, it consists of a large number of eCommerce pages that have been meticulously developed (product list, product details, cart, checkout, etc). As a result, you may set up an online shop in a matter of minutes.

These eCommerce-based layouts, however, are only accessible in the premium edition.

8. Multilingual Capability
Your website should support various languages if you want to attract a worldwide audience. This request is granted with the Mesmerize theme.

This theme is compatible with multilingual plugins such as WPML and Polylang. As a consequence, you may construct numerous language versions of your site. It’s also a wonderful technique to increase visitors to your website.

9. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive
The number of individuals using mobile devices to access the internet has increased dramatically. In this case, the theme you choose must be responsive and mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you will very certainly lose a lot of traffic.

Fortunately, the Mesmerize theme has also addressed this issue. By default, each piece is intended to appear great on mobile and other devices.

Mesmerize Responsive Design Theme
Mesmerize Responsive Design Theme
Aside from that, it offers a unique navigation system that is suited for mobile devices.

To summarise, your site will adapt and display gracefully on all screen widths.

10. Google Maps integration implemented in
Customers and site visitors should be able to easily discover your company. The simplest way to do this is to include a Google map on your website.

Customers or visitors may acquire directions to your company by using the map on your website. In other words, they’ll know precisely where your company is.

This Google map component is included inside the ‘Contact’ block. Unfortunately, it is not accessible to free users.

Google Maps Integration in Mesmerize Theme
Google Maps Integration in Mesmerize Theme
Section 11: Pricing
Do you want to offer goods or services? If this is the case, Mesmerize has your back.

You can easily explain clients the advantages of purchasing a product or service by using price table parts. Customers may view the whole cost of your goods, to be more specific. So they know exactly what they’re getting.

Pricing Section of the Mesmerize Theme
Pricing Section of the Mesmerize Theme
Meanwhile, only premium customers have access to these price areas.

12th. Image Gallery
Photo gallery sections, as the name implies, are perfect for presenting photographs that promote your company. Most significantly, it is an excellent method of attracting people to your website.

Mesmerize has two distinct gallery areas that you may access by subscribing to the premium version.

Section of the Mesmerize Theme Gallery
Section of the Mesmerize Theme Gallery
With everything out of the way, let’s move on to the next area of the review: installation and customization.

C. How to Install and Personalize the Mesmerize Theme
In this part, we’ll look at the installation and customization of the Mesmerize theme. You’ll be able to utilise this theme on your own if you follow this tutorial. So come along with us.

Putting the Mesmerize Theme in Place
You may already be aware that Mesmerize is a freemium theme. That is, it is accessible in both free and paid forms.

We’ll walk you through the installation of both versions of the Mesmerize theme in this section.

To install the free Mesmerize theme, you must first log in to your WordPress site.

Following that, you’ll be taken to the WordPress dashboard. The theme may then be installed with a few clicks from there.

WordPress Dashboard Admin Section
WordPress Admin Panel
We’ll show you how to do it!

Go to Appearance > Themes after you’ve logged into your WordPress account.

Navigating to the themes section of the WordPress Dashboard
Navigate to Appearance > Themes.
You will be routed to another page as a result of this. Simply click the ‘Add New’ option from there.

Creating a New Theme in the WordPress Dashboard
Create a New Theme
Then, in the upper right-hand corner of the page, type ‘Mesmerize’ into the search bar. When it comes, press the Install button.

Mesmerize may be found and installed by searching for it.
Mesmerize may be found and installed by searching for it.
Finally, after the installation is complete, click the Activate button.

That’s all! You’ve successfully installed the Mesmerize theme’s free version on your WordPress site.

Mesmerize Pro Theme Installation
The premium version’s installation procedure differs somewhat. But it’s not that difficult.

To begin, you must go and the Extend Theme’s web page to buy the Mesmerize Pro. There will be a Pricing menu there; click on it to view the pricing choices.

Pricing Options for the Mesmerize Theme
Pricing Options for the Mesmerize Theme
There are three price options available; choose one and click the Buy Now button.

Select a Mesmerize Pricing Plan.
Select a Mesmerize Pricing Plan.
You may then buy the theme and download the zip file to your own PC.

After that, you’ll need to install the theme. Go to your WordPress dashboard to do so.

Then, from there, go to Appearance > Themes. Then, choose the Add New option.

After that, you’ll see an Upload Theme button; click it.

With a single click, you may upload Mesmerize Pro.
With a single click, you may upload Mesmerize Pro.
Following that, choose the Choose File option. There, you must pick the zip file containing the theme that you downloaded.

Choose the Theme Zip File
Choose the Theme Zip File
After you’ve uploaded the downloaded zip file, you’ll need to click the Install option and then Activate the theme.

This way, you can simply and quickly install and activate both the free and pro versions of the Mesmerize theme.

How to Begin Using the Mesmerize Theme
It is advised that you install a few WordPress plugins before you begin customising. If you wish to import demo sites, you’ll need these. When you try to import a certain demo, you’ll receive an automated notice to install these plugins.

The Mesmerize Companion plugin is the first to support drag-and-drop. The second plugin is the WPForms Contact Form. It’s also handy for the theme’s contact page.

If you purchased the premium version, you must install an extra plugin called Mailchimp for WordPress. It’s also useful for the one-page express subscription sections.

All of these plugins may be installed and activated by going to Appearance > Mesmerize Info.

Go to Appearance > Mesmerize Info.
Go to Appearance > Mesmerize Info.
Mesmerize Theme Customization
We already discussed the many customization options available. It’s now time to witness that in action!

Go to Appearance > Customize to make changes.

Go to Appearance>Customize.
Go to Appearance>Customize I Navigation
This navigation tab contains options for:

Top Bar: You may activate or disable the top bar from here. By activating the top bar, you’ll have access to choices such as backdrop type, colour, and height. You may also customise the information shown on the top bar’s left and right sides.

Front-Page Navigation: Within it, you’ll find a variety of front-page navigation choices. Stick to the top, boxed navigation, navigation bottom border, and translucent navbar may all be enabled or disabled. Aside from that, you may modify the kind and appearance of the navigation bar.

Mesmerize Navigation Preferences
Inner Page Navigation: Enable/disable front page navigation style, stick to the top, boxed navigation, navigation bottom border, and translucent navbar. You may also change the kind and design of the navigation bar. You’ll also receive navigation menu settings.

This enables you to change the colours of the standard and sticky menus. You may also alter the navigation typography, such as font family, variation, font size, and so on.

Mobile (Offscreen) Navigation: It enables and disables navigation on tablets and desktop computers. You may also change the offscreen menu button settings, such as adjusting button stickyness and usual colour.

There is also an offscreen navbar option where you may customise the navbar’s colours. Finally, you have the option to activate or disable offscreen nav bar social icons.

Site logo: You may change the colour and font of the home page logo. Not only that, but also allows you to customise the inner page logo colour and font.


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