MemberPress Review 2022 – Is it Worth it? (+ How to Use Guide)

Are you interested in reading an unbiased critique of the MemberPress plugin? Or are you unsure as to whether MemberPress is the best plugin to use when constructing a membership website? If yes, then you’ll find the solution here.

It’s possible that you run a really popular website that brings in thousands of visitors each day along with a significant amount of traffic. But if you’ve decided that you want to make money off of your website, one of the most effective methods to do it is to launch a membership website. This will bring in regular and steady revenue.

You will need to make use of a membership plugin on your website, such as MemberPress, in order to accomplish this. When it comes to WordPress membership plugins, MemberPress is by far the most popular option currently available on the market. Additionally, it includes everything that is necessary for the creation of a membership website that is completely functional.

Consequently, you could be pondering whether or not investing in MemberPress is worthwhile. Don’t be concerned! In this review, we will go through the features, cost, benefits and drawbacks, support options, and other aspects of MemberPress.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business

What is MemberPress? – Overview

You may establish and manage membership subscriptions, users, and content access with the help of MemberPress, which is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress’s membership functionality. It offers a comprehensive collection of features that you can employ in the construction of a robust and one-of-a-kind membership website for your company or group.

Because of this, you will be able to offer individuals limitless subscriptions and provide them with the ability to simply upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their memberships. It is equipped with a robust access control system that gives you the ability to restrict access to any material, whether it be posts, pages, categories, tags, files, or anything else.

In addition, you may utilise the function known as “content dripping” to display restricted content to users after a particular amount of time has passed. When it comes to selling online courses or other forms of educational content, a feature of this sort is really helpful.

In addition to that, it incorporates support for payment methods like as PayPal, Stripe, and right into the software itself. In spite of this, it is compatible with widely used email marketing platforms like AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and GetResponse.

Coupon creation, dynamic pricing, the ability to power paywalls, and thorough analytics for tracking the profitability of your membership site are some of the many prominent features that are included with MemberPress.

Now that it’s out of the way, let’s move on to the following part of our analysis and find out more about the MemberPress plugin.

Major Features of MemberPress

In this next segment of the study, let’s have a look at some of the most important aspects of the MemberPress plugin. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these different characteristics, shall we?

1) Powerful Access Rules

The robust access rules that MemberPress provides is another another feature that stands out. This provides you with full control over the material that your users are able to see, depending on the sort of membership they have.

You have the ability to limit access to practically any file in your WordPress installation, including pages, child pages, posts, categories, tags, and almost any other type of information. In a similar vein, if you do not choose to provide your subscribers with access to your material in perpetuity, you are free to make that decision.

You only have to make advantage of their Expiration Feature, which gives you the ability to choose exactly when material stops being accessible to each user.

2) Easily Build & Sell Courses

MemberPress is not only a membership plugin, but it is also an online learning management system (LMS) plugin. Its Course extension is equipped with a robust LMS functionality that makes it incredibly simple for you to construct online courses.

Using this, you can develop your own curriculum, arrange your courses, and make quizzes using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop customizer. From that point on, the process of adding, editing, rearranging, and selling courses on WordPress is as easy as clicking and dragging your mouse.

In addition to this, it includes a built-in progress tracking function that gives students the ability to monitor their development inside each course that they have begun.

3) Customizable Coupons

Are you considering holding contests and giving away prizes in an effort to increase sales? The MemberPress discounts will take care of everything for you.

You are able to produce an unlimited number of vouchers using MemberPress at your disposal. You have complete control over the validity of the coupons, including when they expire and how many times they may be used.

In addition to this, it is an excellent method for gathering email addresses, luring new visitors, and motivating existing members to keep their memberships active. In addition, MemberPress provides a single, uncomplicated interface from which you can access, organise, and manage all of your promo codes.

4) Dynamic Pricing Pages

With MemberPress, you can quickly design stunningly dynamic and visually appealing price pages for your membership items to sell. It comes with a number of basic templates that make it possible to construct a price page with a high conversion rate in a matter of minutes.

Without a shadow of a question, it affords a great deal of adaptability and enables you to effortlessly personalise every facet in accordance with your preferences. You can use your own CSS styles or build your page templates in the WordPress theme that you have installed, if you are an expert user.

5) Premium Community Forums

You will undoubtedly want to cultivate a tight-knit community on a premium membership website, where users will be able to communicate with one another. To your utter astonishment, MemberPress works faultlessly with bbPress in addition to a wide variety of other WordPress forum plugins.

The inclusion of an interactive channel, such as a community forum, is of assistance to those who communicate with one another in significant ways. You are able to restrict access to the VIP forum depending on a user’s membership level with MemberPress Rules.

As a result, these are some of the most important functions that are made available by the MemberPress plugin. Now that we’ve covered that topic, let’s move on to the next part and investigate how the MemberPress plugin should be installed and configured.

How to Install and Set Up MemberPress Plugin?

Now that we’ve got everything out of the way, let’s have a look at the process of installing and configuring the MemberPress plugin. In this area of the review, we are going to proceed with the installation of MemberPress by going through its many processes.

It is important to keep in mind that MemberPress is a paid WordPress plugin. This indicates that there is not a free version of this plugin included with the purchase of this product. In order to utilise this for the purpose of constructing your membership website, you will first need to purchase the licence and then activate it.

In any case, let’s examine the stages, and then proceed to carry out the installation in accordance with those instructions.

Step 1 - Purchase the MemberPress Plugin

Before you can make a purchase of the MemberPress plugin, you will first need to go to the Pricing page on the website of its official organisation. Following this, you will be presented with the three different price options that are offered by MemberPress: Basic, Plus, and Pro.

After that, you will be prompted to select the membership plan that best suits your needs for your online membership community. After you have decided the plan to go with, click the box labelled “Get Started.” As an illustration, in this case, we’ve decided to go with the Basic Plan offered by the MemberPress plugin.

When you click the button, you will be sent to the Checkout page immediately afterward. In this section, you will first be required to give your basic account information such as your name, email address, and phone number.

In a similar vein, if you have a discount coupon, you are eligible to submit an application for it. To accomplish this, simply go to our website and select the Have a coupon? link from the menu.

After that, scroll down the page until you see the opportunity to pick the payment method for the purchase of the plugin, and then click the Buy Now button.

You have the option of paying for it with either a credit card or with PayPal. After that, in accordance with that, complete the form with all of the necessary payment information, and then click the option labelled “Get Started with MemberPress.”

Following the completion of the transaction, both the download link and the licence key will be emailed to the email address that you provided during the purchase. The premium MemberPress archive will then be made available for download to your PC from that page. Additionally, make sure that you do not let go of the licence key, since you will require it at a later time.

Step 2 - Install the Plugin on Your WordPress Site

Now that you’ve paid for the MemberPress plugin and saved the file to your local device, we’ll walk you through the steps of uploading it to the dashboard once you’ve already done so.

To do so, sign in to your dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, and then click the button labelled Upload Plugin at the bottom of the page.

After that, pick the option that says Choose File from the menu. After that, choose the plugin’s downloadable zip file from your computer, and then select the Install Now button. The installation of your plugin on your site will begin in just a few seconds.

Following the conclusion of the installation process, you will need to activate the plugin by selecting the Activate Plugin button from the available options. After that, everything necessary to start constructing a membership website has been successfully installed and enabled on your website.

Step 3 - MemberPress License Registration

After you have enabled the plugin, the next step is to activate the MemberPress licence for your site. Okay? For that, from your dashboard’s MemberPress Menu, pick the Activate option from the list of available options.

After that, you will be sent to a new page where you will be able to see a space where you may enter the licence key. After you have paid for the MemberPress, an email including all of the information you need regarding the licence key will be sent to you.

Therefore, in the blank area provided, input the licence key for the plugin, and then click the button labelled “Activate License Key.” When you are finished, you will be able to move forward with the construction of your membership websites.

If you’ve been successful in installing and activating the MemberPress plugin on your WordPress site, please accept our congratulations.

Now that we’ve covered the last portion of the MemberPress review, let’s move on to the next one.

How to Use the MemberPress Plugin?

In this segment of our review of MemberPress, we are going to demonstrate how to create a membership site by walking you through each of its most important features.

In this section, we are going to investigate each of them in order to determine the ways in which they might be applied on a membership website.

Let’s get started!

How to Create a Membership in MemberPress?

A Membership or Subscription is the very first thing you need in order to get started with developing a website for members only. owing to the fact that it serves as the central component of your membership website and the fact that employing this tool makes it simpler to administer and produce membership-related content.

Consequently, the process of creating a Membership in MemberPress is quite analogous to the process of generating pages or posts in WordPress.

You may create a membership by going to MemberPress > Memberships > Add New from your dashboard. This will bring up the membership creation screen. After that, it will take you to a new editor page that has an interface that is quite similar to the one used by the traditional WordPress editor.

When you sign up for your very first membership, you’ll need to fill up the “title” text field with a title. In addition, right below it, you’ll fill in some more details on this specific membership. In this section, you should make a list of all of the advantages that they will obtain by subscribing to it.

For example, we have given the title name SiteSaga Membership and provided a brief explanation to our membership, as can be seen in the image that follows:

Membership Advanced Settings

Now, right underneath the editor for the description, you’ll see a box labelled Membership Options. This box gives you the ability to customise several extra parameters pertaining to your membership. This option for configuring settings is further broken down into four distinct areas, which are titled Registration, Permission, Price Box, and Advanced.

Registration –

You have the ability to personalise the signup message, enable a message to appear on the thank you page, select the payment options that will be offered, and modify the fields on the registration form inside this tab.

Permission –

You will be able to determine who is eligible to acquire this membership after you have done this. You could, for example, make it so that only people who have subscribed to any membership before may subscribe to this one, or you could make it so that only people who have subscribed to any membership before can subscribe to this one.

Price Box –

When you establish groups and pricing pages, this will provide you the ability to personalise the information that appears in the box for each membership’s fee.

Advanced –

You may customise the user role that is assigned to this membership, define a membership access URL, add an after-login redirect, and adjust a few other parameters by using this section.

How to Setup a Membership Level?

After you have established and developed your membership, the following step is to establish the various tiers of membership available to members.

As was just discussed, MemberPress gives you the ability to make an endless number of membership levels. You have the option of making your membership plan free of charge, charging one-time payments for access, or charging recurring costs.

You’ll notice that there’s a box labelled “Membership Terms” right next to the description box when you go to configure a membership level. You’ll choose a fee for the membership and the length of the subscription term in this box. To begin, you will need to decide how much your membership will cost; alternatively, you can choose to make it free by entering “0” as the fee.

After you have finished doing that, you will see two additional choices that you may customise; they are the Billing Type and the Access. You have the choice of selecting between One-Time or Recurring billing when you go to the Billing Type section of the menu.

Billing Type:


If you choose with the option to pay for the service all at once, you’ll have three different choices to make when it comes to accessing the content.

Lifetime -

You only need to make a single purchase to gain access to the material for the rest of your life.

Expire –

After the member’s join date, you have the option of setting it to expire after X days, weeks, months, or even years.

Fixed Expire –

By selecting this option, you will be able to terminate any membership on a specific date, regardless of the circumstance.
You may also enable early renewals with Expire and Fixed Expire; all you have to do to do so is tick the box labelled Allow Early Renewals. This option is available with both types of expiration.


If, on the other hand, you choose the Recurring option, you will be able to specify the billing interval, and then you will be presented with two new options:

Trial Period –

Before it begins, you have the option of making the trial time either free or for a fee.

Limit Payment Cycles –

Using this option, you will be able to specify a maximum amount of payments, at which point access will either expire or be granted permanently. When it comes to payment arrangements, this is a very helpful option.

You will have the ability to choose between a one-time cost and regular billing for your subscription in this way. In a similar vein, you have the option of making it a plan with lifelong access, one with a monthly expiry, or one with a fixed expiration.

And that wraps things up! Congratulations, you’ve reached an official membership level, and may now post it! You can continue the procedure in this manner in order to add other levels.

How Do I Setup Different Methods of Payment?

Following the creation of our very first membership tier, the next step is to establish the payment method that will be used for the membership. It is possible that you do not need to modify this parameter at all, especially if you are solely providing free memberships.

Stripe, PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout,, and Offline Payments are the five distinct payment methods that appear to be supported by MemberPress at the present time.

Let’s get things rolling by going to the Payments tab located in the MemberPress > Settings menu. At this point, you will be able to decide which payment gateways your users will be able to use to make payments.

You can consult their page titled “Choosing a Payment Gateway” if you are unclear which gateway to go with in the event that you are confused which gateway to go with.

To add a gateway at this time, all you have to do is click the option labelled “+ Add Payment Method.” Because of this, you will now see a new setup box, in which you may select your preferred gateway and configure it based on that selection.

Keep in mind that each gateway will come with the settings that need to be specified in order to link it up with your account. In addition to this, MemberPress gives its users the ability to set up various gateways, from which their members can select the one that best suits them.

How to Setup Reminders for Your Users?

The Reminders feature, which is included with MemberPress, enables you to send pre-written emails to your membership database on a recurring basis. This may be an effective method for informing your members about upcoming events or reminding them that their membership will soon be coming to an end.

To begin the process of developing a new reminder, navigate to MemberPress > Reminders > Add New button.

After clicking on the Add New button, you will then be given the opportunity to customise the Trigger and assign the email reminder to particular memberships, as seen in the following example:

In the area labelled “Trigger,” you will specify the trigger length, which indicates the amount of time—in hours, weeks, months, or years—that will elapse before the occurrence. In the final version, you will be able to select the precise trigger, such as before or after the subscription expiration date, after or before signup, after or before signup abandonment, and so on.

After that, you will be prompted to select whether you would like to send email reminders to the admin or the user. In this section, you also have the ability to create individualised emails for each trigger. In the end, you will be required to make a decision on whether or not to send the email reminder to just one membership or a group of memberships.

Therefore, by doing things in this manner, you can ensure that none of your members will ever be unaware of any significant occurrences that took place inside the membership.

How to Create a Coupon with MemberPress?

You may provide customers with unique discount coupons to use on their membership plans with the assistance of MemberPress. Because discounts are a fantastic method for bringing in new customers and increasing sales.

In addition, it is a wonderful opportunity to express thanks to your most devoted members by presenting them with special offers, such as discounts and coupons. On this page, you have the option of giving new users a promotional code that they may enter on the registration page of your website in order to receive a discount.

In a similar manner, you may also give registration URLs that already have discount codes applied to them.

Simply navigate from your dashboard to MemberPress > Coupons > Add New to get started making a discount coupon. This is all that is required of you.

After that, you will be taken to a new page where you will see a discount coupon code that has been produced automatically. You have the option of using the code that was automatically produced or changing it to match the details of your voucher.

You can see a wide variety of setup choices listed beneath the Coupon option. The first option is a discount, in which case you may choose how much of a savings you wish to receive from the coupon. You have the option of selecting whether the reduction will be based on a set price or a percentage (USD).

MemberPress Coupons Discount Mode

In the next menu, you will be prompted to select the Discount Mode. You will have the option to select a discount mode from one of three different settings with this purchase: Standard, First Payment, or Trial Period Override.

Standard –

By selecting this option, you will be able to apply promo coupons without being subject to any additional requirements or guidelines.

First Payment –

When you switch it to this mode, the discount coupon will only be used toward the total amount of the first payment made by a new customer.

Trial Period Override –

This will generate a personalised trial period depending on the total number of days as well as the cost of the trial. It will only function with recurring payments, and any trials that have previously been established on the membership will be nullified by its use.

Along with all of that, you also have the option of choose how many times the coupon may be used. You have the option of making the voucher good for an infinite number of uses or invalidating it after a certain number of times it has been redeemed.

After that, you may select the membership to which the coupon code will be applied, after which you can pick an expiration date for the coupon. Last but not least, you are now able to Publish the freshly produced voucher for your subscription.

MemberPress Help and Support

To your astonishment, it appears that MemberPress does in fact provide you with exceptional customer care. You will receive everything, from a comprehensive knowledge base to a premium support ticket, when you sign up for MemberPress.

When we go more into its Help Center, we will see that it is divided into three distinct sections: the Knowledge Base, Current Customers, and Future Customers.

You will find guidelines and tutorials within the Knowledge Base that will teach you how to utilise MemberPress and the integration it provides. You can expect each instruction to come with high-quality video content that is visually appealing enough to assist you on your trip.

Similarly, you are eligible to make use of MemberPress’s premium ticket service if you are an active user of the membership platform. You are ready to utilise this function as soon as you have logged in to your MemberPress account, which is all that is required.

New customers who have questions concerning this plugin and want to submit them are also allowed to do so. Your questions and concerns will be addressed by qualified specialists, and you may anticipate receiving a response within the following twenty-four hours.

In conclusion, if we were to describe the support option, we would say that we believe MemberPress performs an adequate job of offering customer assistance.

MemberPress Pricing: How Much Does MemberPress Cost?

At this point, you probably have a lot of questions concerning this plugin floating around in your head already. And among those, the question “How much does MemberPress cost?” is the one that will come up the most frequently.

As was noted before, MemberPress is an upgraded version of the WordPress plugin. This indicates that in contrast to other WordPress plugins, it does not come in a free version that may be downloaded. You will be required to purchase it through the company’s main website.

Having said that, MemberPress provides users with the ability to select from three distinct pricing tiers: Basic, Plus, and Pro.

Basic @ $179/year

Ideal for first-time members who are just getting their feet wet with their first membership site. Use on 1 Site.

Plus @ $299/year

Beneficial for sole proprietors, independent contractors, and other types of small enterprises. Use on up to 2 different websites.

Pro @ $399/year

Ideal for Advanced Membership Sites and Professionals to use to get significant results. Use on up to 5 different websites.

You will also receive unlimited members, unlimited courses, drip material, email automation, endless quizzes, subscription management, promo coupons, and more in addition to the benefits that come with these options.

Having said that, we strongly suggest that you begin with its Basic Plan because it ought to be adequate for the majority of websites.

Nevertheless, the policy of MemberPress’s one hundred percent, risk-free money-back guarantee is the finest feature about this membership site. This indicates that if you return the goods within the following 14 days of its purchase and express dissatisfaction with the product, you will receive a full refund of the money you spent on it.

MemberPress Pros & Cons

Now that we’ve examined several aspects of MemberPress in this review, it’s time to consider some MemberPress advantages and downsides.


  • Simple to set up and utilise

  • Membership tiers are very customisable.

  • Content drips and coupons are configurable.

  • A fantastic drip content choice

  • Drag-and-drop course builder for beginners

  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party and other WordPress plugins

  • Within 14 days of purchase, there is a no-risk money-back guarantee.

  • Excellent video training and documentation.


  • For beginners, using this plugin might be daunting and confusing at times.

  • There is no free trial available.

  • Only the three most common payment gateways are supported.

  • There are no interfaces with other popular services.

  • Customer service options are limited.

Final Verdict

With this, we conclude our MemberPress review, and we hope you have enough information about it. We assume you’ve already decided whether or not you want to utilise this membership plugin.

To make things even easier for you, let’s describe everything in a few words. We believe that MemberPress is a robust membership plugin that makes it simple to develop and administer membership websites.

When it comes to features, MemberPress does not appear to disappoint. Its comprehensive range of significant features and third-party service connections will undoubtedly ensure the seamless operation of your membership website.

It does not, however, come with a free version, and its fill price may be on the upper end of the space for many customers. However, investing a little more to acquire the proper functionality will not squander your money.

Overall, we believe that MemberPress is an excellent choice for creating your first membership site.

Finally, we urge that you join in its Basic plan and use it on your own. If you enjoy it, you can keep using it; otherwise, you can return it within 14 days after purchase. This will provide you with a better grasp of its features and functions.


That’s pretty much it. This is a quick look at the MemberPress plugin. We hope you agree with our assessment.

If you have any more questions regarding MemberPress, please post them in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Some of the links on this article/page are affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and purchase the product, we’ll earn a specific percent commission from the seller. But it won’t at all affect the price you’ll pay.


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