KingSumo vs UpViral: Which Tool Does Help You Best Go Viral?

In my previous post on the greatest giveaway tools for marketers, I mentioned 20 tools each with their own unique set of characteristics. Among them were UpViral and Kingsumo. Noah Kagan and Wilco De Kreij, two marketers, created the products KingSumo and UpViral. These tools have distinct properties that set them apart from one another.

In this Kingsumo vs UpViral comparison, I will discuss important differences as well as my opinions on which tool is ideal for your organisation in terms of functionality, cost-efficiency, and long-term performance.

UpViral is headquartered in the Netherlands, whereas KingSumo is situated in the United States. Originally, Kingsumo was a WordPress plugin, and in this UpViral vs. Kingsumo comparison, I will compare the cloud version of Kingsumo against Upviral.


Looking at who controls a product or a company’s direction is one of the finest methods to assess its direction. Noah Kagan developed KingSumo, as well as numerous other web firms such as Appsumo and Sendfox.

Wilco De Kreij started UpViral in 2015, and since then, it has evolved into a giveaway tool with a plethora of functions. He has built SaaS products like Connectio before selling them to focus on UpViral.

Kingsumo vs. UpViral

Feature Comparison

While Kingsumo (the cloud version of the non-hosted WordPress plugin) is still in development, UpViral has been created and on the market since 2015.

UpViral review

In my latest UpViral review, I walked over the full platform and discussed its pros and flaws. Here are a few examples:


  • -Infinite giveaway campaigns, opt-in page traffic, winners, awards, and grand prizes are all available.
  • -Support for Zapier, Integrately, and HTML form integration, as well as integration with several prominent email marketing tools and webinar platforms.
  • -Use a drag-and-drop page builder to create all of your Opt-in and Share pages without scripting.
  • -A/B test the opt-in page, the share page, and the email alerts.
  • -At the same time, run a giveaway on UpViral pages and your own websites.
  • -For landing pages and referral tracking, use a custom domain name.
  • -Insert custom fields
  • -Change the graphics and messages in your social media posts.
  • -Custom action elements to encourage campaign participants to accomplish activities in order to earn points
  • -Sign-up links with a single click to get individuals into campaigns without requiring them to register on the Opt-in page.
  • -Reporting and analytics
  • -Winners will be chosen in two ways: by random weight drawing and by the number of points earned.
  • -You may extend the giveaway’s end date as much as you like.
  • -Detection of fraud


  • -There is no daily entry function.
  • UpViral pricing might be difficult for a small business owner on a limited budget.
  • -It may take some time for people to become acclimated to the dashboard.
  • -For some years, UpViral has been having weekly co-pilot shows with UpViral professionals, delivering a wealth of helpful information on running successful contests.

UpViral’s blog has several case studies, and the Knowledge Base contains numerous lessons. UpViral offers Live Chat as well as email support (

Kingsumo review

KingSumo started off as a WordPress plugin. It is no longer under development, and the Kingsumo team’s major priority is the cloud-version. Although the KingSumo cloud version is still in development, it has a sizable user base thanks to their sibling firm Appsumo.


  • -Generator of official rules

  • -Lifetime cost

  • -Options for translation

  • -Advanced spam and fraud prevention measures are pre-installed.

  • -Use SendFox to create a newsletter referral programme.

  • -Bonus giveaway entries for certain activities

  • -Automatic mid-giveaway and final 24-hour email notifications to your participants


  • -There are no custom fields.
  • KingSumo branding on contest sites, widgets, and emails
  • -Strictly limited direct integrations
  • -There is no A/B testing function.
  • -There are no referral functions.
  • -No support for custom domains
  • -There are no daily entry activities.
  • -Restricted post-giveaway activities

KingSumo does not have as extensive a library of learning resources as UpViral. Its customer service staff may be contacted by email (

Kingsumo versus UpViral

Price Comparison

Currently, two services have separate price structures.

UpViral prices

UpViral offers three subscription-based plans.

  • -Starter – $79 per month
  • -Enterprise – $119/month
  • -Premium – $299 per month

While the Starter plan is the most affordable UpViral package, it lacks critical features such as split testing and geo-location limitation.

When UpViral was launched, there was an UpViral Lifetime bargain in which individuals could purchase UpViral for a one-time cost. However, you may only obtain a discount on Upviral at this time.

Kingsumo prices

For Kingsumo, there are two options. There are both free and paid options. The premium plan is now available in a lifetime price model and is available for purchase on Appsumo.

For $49, you can obtain lifelong access to Kingsumo Pro. Even on the Pro plan, however, there are limits, such as the inability to remove the Kingsumo credit (ex: logo) from campaign sites and emails.

Conclusion on Kingsumo vs UpViral.

Choosing a suitable sweepstakes platform might be difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with giveaway contest tools. Services like as Kingsumo and UpViral make it possible for anybody to establish a giveaway in a couple of hours without any technical knowledge.

You discovered significant differences in this UpViral vs Kingsumo comparison. I’ve tried both platforms, and Upviral is the clear victor for a variety of reasons:

  • -Weekly co-pilot show allows you to submit your giveaway and receive advice from professionals on how to improve your campaign.
  • -Training resources available on the UpViral learning centre are invaluable and may be accessed at any time.
  • UpViral makes it simple to import successful campaigns from other platforms.
  • -Custom tracking links enable you to track the best and worst performing referral sources in order to better improve your campaign.
  • -Insert Pop-up and Popover widgets on your websites to gather leads, execute evergreen rewards programmes, and automate the lead generating process.
  • UpViral’s drag-and-drop page builder is easier to use and offers more options than Kingsumo’s gift builder.

Overall, Kingsumo is still years behind UpViral in terms of functionality, and while Kingsumo is less expensive, UpViral is the better choice for marketers seeking boundless capabilities.

However, Viral Loops do not allow for the customization of referral links.

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