Kava Theme Review: Best WordPress Theme in 2022 No One Knows !!

The world of WordPress is full of surprises and hidden treasures. One of these is called the Kava theme. I am unable to speculate as to why so few individuals bring it up in conversation. Despite this, it’s a theme that’s up to date, quick, and not too heavy. And there is no charge.

Crocoblock, the business behind it, is also responsible for the development of other high-quality Elementor plugins. While a significant number of designers and developers make use of their plugins, relatively few people discuss Kava.

I really like this theme since it is easy to customise, it loads quickly, it doesn’t take up much space, and it features some of the most flexible designs for blog archives. It functions quite well on all of the websites where I’ve tried to use it, which is quite a few. Particularly when using Elementor.

And because it is a really nice WordPress theme, but very few people talk about it, I want to evaluate it and let you know that there is an incredible Kava theme out there.

Kava Theme Review : Design

Kava is one of the most elegant and uncluttered designs that I have ever come across. It is designed in a way that is both contemporary and elegant. Constructed and planned with precision. In addition to that, the code is really tidy. Fantastic team of developers standing behind it.

The flavour of kava is really fresh and up to date. When you look at the pages that are blank, it is quite easy to notice how well organised and professional everything is.

The graphics for the archives and individual postings are lovely and very nicely done. Very neat, simple, and current in its presentation. The blog entries and archive pages on Kava have a beautiful design.

It offers a wide variety of style options for blog post archives as well as single posts. You have the option of using a grid, masonry, creative, and other layouts. And for a single unique layout for photos, text, sidebars, and other elements such as these.

Additionally, the layout is quite streamlined and contemporary. In my opinion, one of the most aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced WordPress themes currently available is called Kava. And it works wonderfully with the Elementor plugin.

Kava Theme Review -- Customization Options

The flexibility with which the Kava theme may be customised is another one of its many strengths. It exceeds the expectations of what a free theme should be capable of in terms of its features and capabilities. It provides all of the fundamental choices, such as a logo, favicon, social links, and so forth.

You have access to a variety of page layout options, as well as colour selections for paragraphs, headers, accent, and hover. Additionally, you need select distinct fonts for the various forms of text. Therefore, you have the ability to choose a variety of colours and fonts for the text, header, menu, and so on.

There are fifty distinct designs available for your blog to choose from when you use the Kava blogging theme. You are free to build any pattern that comes to your mind. The blog archive has the following five layouts:

  • Listing
  • Grid
  • Masonry
  • Vertical Justify
  • Creative

In addition to that, each of these categories has 10 distinct formats. That is a great deal. There is none another free WordPress theme that I am aware of that has as many different blog layouts. You have the option of showing or hiding the sidebar.

These blog templates are of a very high quality and have been developed quite skillfully. There is nothing further that has to be done because they have an excellent appearance now.

And all of the fundamental features, such as the ability to display or conceal the author, date, tags, comments, button, and adjust the length of the excerpt, among other things. Kava allows for a wide variety of customizations.

In addition, you have 10 distinct options for the layout of a single post. And each of the designs is very stunning and up to date. Your blog entries are going to look great. However, you will need to modify the layout of the single article using the WordPress admin.

And the only drawback I discovered in the customizer is that it does not come with any options for header design; this is something that needs to be improved. mainly due to the fact that several free themes provide a variety of header layouts. You will receive the default header layout when you use the Kava theme.

Kava Theme Review -- Speed

It’s great to have a gorgeous look and a variety of personalization possibilities, but what about the speed and performance? It is essential for establishing a theme. And many individuals have different opinions on this. There is no purpose in utilising a theme if it cannot be executed quickly.

The Kava theme is a quick one to play. According to Crocoblock’s own website, this is the case. They report that the page size is less than 200 kilobytes, that it has less than 15 queries, and that its speed score is more than 95 percent. But can we trust it?

I conducted the test personally, and I will share the findings with you. During the speed test, I made use of the GTmetrix speed tool and tested the following pages:

  • Home Page — There will be no pictures, writings, or anything else. Simply a blank page here. I need to know how easy it is to carry and how quickly it is.
  • Blog Page — The second test was performed on the blog archive page, which had six blog articles that were all equipped with high-definition photographs.

And it turned out to be an amazing success. The performance received a score of 96 percent, had a load time per page of 1.4 seconds, and had a time to first byte of 0.472 seconds. The results were very remarkable. GTmetrix reported that the page size of Kava was 125 KB, and it received a total of 15 requests.

I went with the grid format, style 7, for the blog page that I created. Images are shown quite large in this manner. I was curious about Kava’s plan to deal with this situation.

The outcomes were impressive to say the least. The outcome was rather satisfactory taking into consideration the fact that there is no image optimization, no cache plugin, and that the website was hosted on inexpensive shared hosting.

A performance score of 84 %, a load time of 1.5s LCP, and 2.7 seconds for the site to completely load. The page itself is just 715 KB in size, and there were 21 queries. If the photos had been optimised, the score would be far better.

The outcome of this test demonstrated that the Kava theme is a nimble and lightweight option. I also checked its performance on mobile platforms. According to Google Speed Insights, it had a score of 70. Additionally, the score for the mobile version is rather impressive.

The results of this test demonstrate that it is an excellent, quick, and lightweight theme. Excellent compatibility with Elementor and its plugins. Its performance will increase even further with additional optimization, better caching, and reliable hosting.

I believe that Kava is an excellent WordPress theme, and I encourage you to give it a shot. I am perplexed as to why no one ever brings it up. You might also look at the plugins and templates offered by Crocoblock.


If you are interested in switching up the look of your website, the Kava theme is an excellent choice to consider. It has a very crisp and contemporary appearance. Additionally, it is exceptionally lightweight, quick, and made specifically for Elementor. The Kava WordPress theme is capable of competing with other popular free WordPress themes.

You may use it in conjunction with Jet Plugins to develop a wide variety of websites, including corporate, blog, eCommerce, and booking websites, among many others.

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