How To post Fiverr Gig in 2022

How to Post a Gig to Fiverr (EXPERT TIPS for 2022)

On Fiverr, you can find pretty about every service conceivable, from graphic design to web development, individualised relationship advise to amusing birthday movies. Workers on Fiverr, unlike other freelancing platforms, publish their services for clients to browse and buy; these are referred to as “gigs.”

Fiverr is free to join and post gigs, so whether you’re currently a freelancer trying to expand out to other platforms, a creative individual looking for some extra cash, or you’re just thinking about quitting your job, it’s worth a look.

If you’re not sure whether Fiverr is right for you, read our expert assessment. Then, by reading the experiences of someone who has worked on the platform, you may get a sense of what it’s like to work there.

Have you already made up your mind? Great! Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved in creating a Fiverr gig. Sure, it’s simple. It’s something that almost everyone can do. But I’ll show you how to do it properly. You’ll be conversing with your first new clients in no time.

Step 1: Create an Account

You’ll need to register an account before you can publish your first gig. You can use your Facebook account, Google account, or email address to join up. You’ll need to choose a username and either establish a password or enter an email address once you’ve decided how you want to create an account. After you’ve created your account, head to your email, activate it, and then fill up your profile.

Step 2: Set Up Your Profile

Prior to paying for one of your gigs, most purchasers will look at your profile first. Fiverr will request that you add a photo and many crucial pieces of information in it, allowing potential purchasers to learn more about you.
Pro Tips
Make sure that you create a profile that delivers on each and every aspect:

Profile Picture: Include a professional-looking snapshot of your real face as your profile picture. This can assist ensure that potential purchasers believe you are a real person, as well as make your profile look more professional.
Description: This part should be used to introduce yourself to potential purchasers. Keep it relevant by including your areas of expertise, experiences, or anything else you think is pertinent.
Languages: Make it clear which languages you speak and how fluent you are in them; this is especially crucial if your job requires you to write or translate.
Tests completed: The tests you’ve completed through Fiverr will be displayed in this section of your profile. Tests can help a potential buyer trust you by verifying your abilities. Just be aware that you may only take a test twice every three months; however, Fiverr does allow you to hide your test results if you perform poorly.
Skills: Include any skills relevant to the gigs you plan to generate in this section. These are skills you’ve acquired from previous jobs, hobbies, or other life experiences. Only ten are allowed on Fiverr, so choose wisely.
Education: Include where you went to college and what degrees you earned.
Certifications: Include any other certifications that can help you stand out

Step 3: Start a New Gig

After you’ve completed your profile, you may start working on your first gig! To do so, go to the “Selling” menu at the top of the screen and select “Gigs” from the drop-down menu. To begin the procedure, simply click the “Create New Gig” button from this page.

Step 4: Write Your Gig Overview

The Gig Overview is the first section you’ll need to complete. You’ll be asked to fill out three boxes here:

1. The title of your gig
2. The category that it falls under
3. Relevant search tags

Pro Suggestions

Do not scrimp on this step. To develop an engaging overview that will entice a new client, keep the following in mind:

Gig Title: You only have 80 characters, so make them count. Also, make sure it’s clear and simple; you want your potential purchasers to understand exactly what you’re selling. Also, write something that will stand out from the throng by making the title unique.
Category: Fiverr will recommend a few categories and subcategories based on your title, and one of them will most likely match your offering. If none of them are appropriate, you can choose from a variety of possibilities in their dropdown menu. Choose the appropriate category and subcategory for your gig.
Search Tags: Put the terms you think a buyer would look for while seeking for your service in the search tags. You only get five terms, so use them wisely. These will vary greatly depending on what you’re selling, so doing some research into the most commonly searched terms in your field can be really beneficial.

To move on to the next part, click the huge green “Save and Continue” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 5: Price Your Gig

Since Fiverr’s beginning, the pricing of your gigs has changed significantly. Sellers can presently offer up to three distinct bundles on the platform:

1. Basic
2. Standard
3. Premium

Pro Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind when filling out the scope and pricing section:

Number of Packages: You don’t have to use all three packages, but many purchasers appreciate premium alternatives, so include them where possible. Those that provide triple gig packages can also earn up to 64 percent more per order, according to Fiverr.

Name Your Package: Make sure that each of your packages has a distinct title and that the differences between them are obvious.

Package Description: Explain briefly what each package contains and why you included it. You only have 100 characters here, so you’ll have to get inventive if you want to say all you want. Just make sure that any potential purchasers understand what you’re giving.

Delivery Time: The amount of time it will take you to execute a project. This may vary substantially amongst packages depending on the nature of the task.

Revisions: How many times you’ll change your work in response to a buyer’s request. Additional revisions are frequently included in premium packages.

Price: Each package might cost anywhere between $5 and $995 USD. Your basic bundle should always be the cheapest, and your premium package the most expensive. Remember that you can always modify your pricing later, so it’s best to keep them low at first to assist develop reviews.

My Gig Extras: This is where you can charge extra fees for any extras you want to include in your packages. Extra fast delivery and multiple revisions are two frequently requested extras that can be selected from a menu. If there’s something you want to add but it’s not available, Fiverr makes it simple to make your own. Simply fill out the title, description, and price of the Gig Extra by clicking the “+ Add Gig Extra” button at the bottom of “My Gig Extras.”

Shipping: If you’re sending a tangible goods and need recompense, enter a shipping charge. Depending on the region, you have the option of selecting from a variety of pricing.

Step 6: Give Your Gig a Description and FAQ

The description, along with your title, is one of the most critical components of designing a gig that will get you clients.

You’ll be asked to go into great detail about your offer in this section. As a result, the description has a minimum of 120 characters and a maximum of 1200 characters. Don’t leave any vital data out, since your buyers should be able to judge whether or not what you’re offering will meet their needs based on the information you provide.

Being overly ambiguous may result in dissatisfied customers and negative comments, jeopardizing future possibilities on this platform.

After you’ve finished your description, the commonly asked questions (FAQ) will appear. Provide responses to the questions you expect to be asked about your gig in this section. Because you may not know what many of your FAQ will be until after your job has been active for a while, this will most likely need to be amended later. To add as many FAQs as you need, click the “+ Add FAQ” button.

Step 7: Establish Your Gig Requirements

This is where you’ll list any requirements that your buyer will need to meet in order for you to finish the project.

You’re offered three options for requesting this information, including:

Free Text: You write your requirements in free text, and the buyer is supposed to respond with a text message response (e.g. dimensions, weight, essay topic).

Various Answer: With this option, you can ask a question and provide multiple answer options for your buyer to pick from. You must select at least two answers, but you can add more by selecting the “+ Add Optional Answer” option.

Attached File: Select this option if you require a file from your buyer in order to complete your work. In the description window, define what this file should include, and your buyer will be requested to upload it after purchase.

By clicking the “+ Add Another Requirement” box that appears after submitting your first, you can add as many needs as you need. You should uncheck the “Answer is Mandatory” box if the answer to a condition is optional.

Step 8: Add a Gallery to Your Gig

Photos, a video, PDFs, or all of the above can be included in your gig gallery. The files you choose to include in your gallery should all be related to the services offered by your job.

Pro Tips

When deciding on the different file types for your gallery, keep the following in mind:

Gig Photos: Most listings will include a photo of the service being sold, especially if it’s a graphic or web design gig. Include a photo even if the employment is something that is difficult to capture, such as a writing gig. Simply select something relevant to the job, even if it isn’t a work sample. Fiverr allows you to drag and drop up to three photographs into your gallery. Ensure that your photographs are free of plagiarism; else, your gig may be rejected.

Gig Videos: Adding a gig video is optional for all gigs except those in the animation and video categories, though they can be useful. According to Fiverr, gigs that contain a video generate up to 200 percent more orders and have a 40% greater level of user interaction. Videos can’t be longer than 75 seconds and can’t feature personal information.

Gig PDFs: These should only be used when additional clarification is required, and the ideal format for this is a PDF. This choice is usually designated for writers and other professionals whose work samples are most likely in PDF text format. Each gallery on Fiverr can have two PDFs connected to it.

Step 9: Publish Your Gig

This is the last – and by far the quickest – step in the process of putting together your gig. It’ll go online as soon as you click the “Publish Gig” button. Once your gig is online, simply click the provided link to promote it on a social platform like Facebook or Twitter. Gigs marketed through social media are up to three times more likely to sell, according to Fiverr, so it’s a good idea to think about it.

Bonus: How to Make Your Profile Stand Out

Fiverr is fantastic since it caters to a wide range of services and specialisations, including unusual ones such as voice impressions and hilarious photo alterations. However, this draws a large number of merchants – Fiverr currently lists over 830,000 dealers. That’s a lot of rivalry! There are, however, things you may take to improve your chances of being chosen.

Consider the following suggestions to making your Fiverr profile stand out:

Make a logo: Look into getting a logo to represent your service if you want to stand out among a big list of Fiverr gigs. For as little as a cup of coffee, you can hire a logo designer on Fiverr.

Engage the services of a copywriter or proofreader: The last thing you want is for someone who has clicked on your profile to be turned off by grammar issues and a large block of run-on text. On Fiverr, you may hire a proofreader or a copywriter to develop a compelling description for you.

Make a stand-alone portfolio of your work: Make an online portfolio of your work using Wix or other similar platforms. Then link your Fiverr profile to your external portfolio. This kind of setup makes you appear more competent and knowledgeable than other sellers.

Use of high-resolution images: Consider your concert as a product advertisement. People will swiftly browse through the search results, therefore the image you pick must hold their attention for at least 10-15 seconds. You may hire a photo editor or ad designer on Fiverr for as low as $5 to make it stand out.

Examine the opposition: Examine the top-rated sellers who have the most reviews and completed gigs. Take note of what they have to offer, their profile material, and any design elements that stand out, such as a unique logo or a professional profile photo. Take advice from successful sellers and implement their strategies.

Offer Bonus Services: Add-on services can be the decisive factor when a potential client is comparing you to other sellers. Offer several revisions, quick delivery, and everything else you can think of to make your Basic package more appealing. As you get more work and establish yourself on Fiverr, you can always change and upgrade your services.

Before you get started, make sure you read our in-depth guide on to 10 most profitable gigs post.
Getting the Most Out of Your Gigs

After you’ve made your first Fiverr gig, the next step is the most difficult: finding a client. The majority of purchasers on this platform want to see reviews so that they can assess the quality of your work. You’ll have nothing to display except the few examples you’ve added to your gallery when you first start.
As a result, it’s generally a smart idea to keep your costs low while you’re first starting out to attract more clients, and then raise them once you’ve established yourself. For your gigs, you should also look at search engine optimization (SEO), which is a terrific way to drive organic traffic. Another effective strategy is to use your profile to develop yourself as a brand, which will help you become known to individuals who scroll through Fiverr regularly.

You’ll be able to build gigs that are optimised for success on Fiverr, or any other freelance platform, by following these tips and tactics, researching how to succeed as a freelancer, and consulting Fiverr’s forums for professional advice.

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