Hostinger Review for WordPress: Is It a Good Option for You?

Hostinger Review for WordPress: Is It a Good Option for You?

When it comes to web hosting, cost is frequently a consideration. However, you may be tempted to ignore a substandard feature set in order to acquire anything inside your budget – therefore conducting preliminary research is critical. Our Hostinger review will look at this cost-effective choice and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Hostinger has evolved from a modest web host to one used by over 29 million users in just over a decade, thanks in part to its WordPress-specific plans. Furthermore, Hostinger publicises its server status, and its uptimes are consistently stable.

It’s no surprise that many new website owners find this to be an enticing alternative.

We’ll look at major criteria like features and performance in our Hostinger review to help you determine whether this host is worth your time and money. Let’s get this party started!

WordPress Hostinger Review: Features

To begin, let’s have a look at some of the options that Hostinger provides. You’ll discover a wide variety of plans here, including shared, cloud, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated.

Furthermore, you may choose a WordPress-specific package, which includes additional support options and one-click installation. These are low-cost shared hosting options that are ideal for a range of website kinds. You may also choose between single, premium, and business plans, however the business plan is advised if you want to use WooCommerce.

If you’re looking for a shared hosting package to get your site up and running, Hostinger has you covered. Some of its characteristics are as follows:

  • WordPress support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in over 20 languages.
  • WordPress installation in one click
  • A no-cost domain name
  • Daily backups and a free SSL certificate are among the enhanced security features.
  • Almost limitless bandwidth
  • As you can see, Hostinger’s shared WordPress plans have a comprehensive collection of capabilities. You’ll have all you need for most first-time website owners. Furthermore, all of this is available at a reasonable price, which we’ll discuss in a moment. But first, let’s take a look at the assistance you’ll receive.

Alternatives for assistance

After pricing, one of the most crucial hosting aspects for many consumers is support. You’re certain to have some questions while setting up your website on shared WordPress hosting. While the internet is full with useful ideas and instructive pieces, having a direct channel to address your unique questions is always a plus.

The good news is that Hostinger’s support team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in over 20 languages. You have two options: phone them or send them a message:

We submitted our own generic query to see how Hostinger would reply. We received a response in a little more than four minutes, which is acceptable but not exceptional:

Overall, the customer service agent we dealt with was kind and informative. The discussion offered actionable information as well as screenshots for clarity. Hostinger is straightforward to contact for common inquiries, and their response times are acceptable.


Above all, the performance of a web host’s servers is a measure of quality. After all, having a speedy website is critical for giving your visitors a great user experience (UX) and keeping your bounce rate low. Hostinger, fortunately, provides the following performance-specific features:

-99.9% Solid State Drive (SSD) hardware uptime guarantee
-Cache manager created from scratch

Even better, unlike many other hosting services, Hostinger makes server performance data available to the public. This covers uptime statistics from the last 24 hours, as well as the previous week and month:

The length of time a server is completely functional and online is represented by server uptime. In general, you want to be as near to 100% as feasible, if possible. 1% downtime is 45 minutes of outage every month. As you can see in the screenshot above, Hostinger’s uptime may be a little wobbly, which is one of the concessions you’ll make for its low costs.

In this instance, even 10 minutes of downtime every day is possible, with numbers as low as 99.3 percent at times. That’s not good.

Pingdom page speed testing

Of course, getting a real-world perspective on performance is also beneficial. Pingdom may be used to measure page speeds, while Load Impact can be used to examine loading times under pressure.

Let’s start with some page speed testing. Pingdom is a popular and useful tool for this, and a simple test is free. To complete our test, we installed the default theme, a sprinkling of plugins covering different basic functionality, and the WordPress Theme Unit Test Data on Hostinger’s servers. We next entered our website’s URL into Pingdom and conducted the test from multiple locations.

The averages of three tests from each site are shown in the following results:

  • 0.81 seconds in Washington, D.C.
  • 1.12 seconds in San Francisco
  • 0.54 seconds in London
  • 2.49 seconds in Sydney
  • 1.57 seconds in Tokyo
    Overall, these findings are fairly satisfactory. It is recommended that you maintain your page loading times under two seconds. Anything beyond that may have an adverse effect on your bounce rate (how many visitors leave after viewing only one page).

Based on these findings, we can conclude that Hostinger’s servers perform admirably on both sides of the Atlantic, and especially well in London. Furthermore, the other areas we examined are both within permissible levels. Based on this information, we can assume that Hostinger is likely to deliver adequate speed throughout the vast majority of the English-speaking globe.

Load Impact page speed testing

Let’s see how our site handles visitors next. We’ll need a new tool for this — Load Impact. This allows you to simulate a large number of virtual visitors to your website, which is a terrific method to test how well your website performs under strain.

To check how our test site would function, we ran it using Load Impact’s tool:

Based on the results of this test, we can conclude that loading times were fairly consistent. The response time (blue line) did get a little choppy as the request rate (purple line) grew, but Load Impact found no performance concerns.

Hostinger’s shared servers will enough for the majority of websites. However, if you want to maintain a high-traffic site – or if you see dramatic changes when your site is live – an upgraded plan may be in order.

Pricing for hosting services

Finally, in our Hostinger review, we get to the price area. This will be one of the most crucial aspects for many people when choosing a web host. After all, great hosting won’t help you much if it costs too much.

Keeping this in mind, Hostinger offers some unexpectedly affordable price options for the services it provides. A single website, for example, starts at only $1.99 a month with promotional price (applicable just to your first billing cycle):

If you are prepared to pay a little more ($2.89 per month), you will also receive a free domain name to go with your hosting. Furthermore, higher-tier services provide free backups and let you to create an infinite number of websites on your account.

Along with low-cost hosting plans for novices, Hostinger also offers sophisticated hosting alternatives such as cloud hosting (starting at $9.99), VPS hosting (starting at $3.95), email hosting (starting at $0.99), Windows VPS hosting (starting at $26.00), and Minecraft server hosting (starting at $8.95).

Overall, Hostinger is a very low-cost choice. This is especially true when the server speeds are considered. This is an excellent starting point for newcomers, and you may always consider increasing your plan as your site grows.

Overall advantages and disadvantages

To conclude our Hostinger review, let us quickly list its advantages and disadvantages. After all, it’s critical to analyse the whole picture before settling on a web host.


  • Affordable shared hosting options with a free domain name and one-click WordPress installation
  • Excellent performance outcomes for the United States and the United Kingdom in particular -Server status that is publicly stated


  • Response times for help are moderate. -Performance results for locations outside of the United States and the United Kingdom are modest.
  • There is some inconsistency in uptime.


Overall, Hostinger is an excellent alternative for both expert and inexperienced WordPress developers. It provides fast speeds as well as skilled customer service. However, while its general performance is good, you may see performance blips on high-traffic sites from time to time.

If you’re still hesitant and want to look at a few additional possibilities, have a look at some of our previous hosting reviews:


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