HostGator vs. GreenGeeks Compared (2022) – 1 Clear Winner!

Do you want to know which hosting company is superior, HostGator or GreenGeeks? HostGator and GreenGeeks both host millions of domains from all over the world. However, with so many competing viewpoints, it may be difficult to determine which is the best option.

In this unbiased comparison of HostGator vs GreenGeeks, we’ll show you which provider offers the best web hosting service for your budget and requirements.

Overview of HostGator vs. GreenGeeks

HostGator and GreenGeeks are two of the most well-known hosting companies on the market. While they provide a variety of hosting alternatives, including VPS and dedicated servers, they excel in the shared hosting business.

HostGator also has the most affordable reseller hosting options.

HostGator was formed in 2002 and now hosts about 8 million websites for clients all over the world. Endurance International Group purchased HostGator in 2012. They’ve been steadily rising as one of the world’s major web hosting companies since the purchase.

GreenGeeks, on the other hand, was established in 2008 and has consumers from over 150 countries. They frequently stress their environmental commitment and position themselves as the market’s leading eco-friendly web hosting service.

HostGator vs. GreenGeeks -

Uptime and Speed

When selecting a web host, the most crucial elements to consider are page speed and uptime.

Nobody enjoys a sluggish website. Even a 1-second delay can reduce conversions by 7%. Furthermore, Google continues to highlight the importance of speed in its algorithms.

Similarly, uptime is critical since your visitors want your site to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We set up for a shared hosting account with both hosting companies to evaluate the performance and uptimes for our comparative piece. We also replicated a production environment on these shared hosting accounts by installing a default WordPress theme, establishing a WordPress site, adding dummy text, and uploading some photos.

Then, using the following testing tools, we ran a few different performance and uptime trials on these test sites:

  • -Pingdom

  • -Impact on Load

  • -Bitcatcha

Pingdom reported that our HostGator site took 691ms to load, whereas our GreenGeeks site took 697ms.

Following our Pingdom tests, we used a popular testing tool, Load Impact, to see how our testing sites handled traffic surges during peak hours, and we sent some virtual visitors to our sites.

Our HostGator server answered promptly, according to Load Impact, until there were roughly 80 visitors at a time. As traffic increased, the site began to slow slightly.

During the Demand Impact test, however, our GreenGeeks site operated nearly consistently regardless of load. During the test, there was no downtime.

We also wanted to look at server response times from all around the world while disregarding the content of the websites. Bitcatcha was utilised for this test. It takes the average loading time from eight distinct worldwide locations: New York, Los Angeles, London, Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.

According to the Bitcatcha test, our HostGator server in the United States answered in a matter of seconds. While response times in overseas regions were quite long, the server still responded in less than a second.

Bitcatcha also gave GreenGeeks‘ server a C rating. The response time was nearly identical as that of HostGator from several locations.

GreenGeeks are the winners.

GreenGeeks vs. HostGator

Ease of Use

HostGator and GreenGeeks both offer cPanel access for managing your web hosting account. Every hosting plan includes a 1-click WordPress installer to help you get your site up and running quickly.

HostGator’s drag-and-drop website builder, designed in-house, allows you to create the website of your dreams. You may even connect an eCommerce storefront with your website using the builder.

GreenGeeks, on the other hand, provide a very basic builder with their hosting services.

HostGator is the winner.

HostGator vs. GreenGeeks

Advantages and Disadvantages

GreenGeeks is always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to features. Let’s take a look at how GreenGeeks compares to HostGator:

GreenGeeks offers unlimited domain hosting with every hosting plan, but HostGator’s shared starter plan only allows you to host a single site.

SSD (Solid State Drive) storage is included with all GreenGeeks plans, whereas HostGator offers HDD (Hard Disk Drive) storage. SSDs have been shown to outperform HDDs by a factor of two.

Free domain registration: Unlike HostGator, when you join up for a GreenGeeks hosting plan, you may avoid paying the domain registration price.

GreenGeeks are the winners.

GreenGeeks vs. HostGator -

Support and Documentation

HostGator and GreenGeeks both provide live chat, phone, and email technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What distinguishes HostGator is their extensive knowledge base. It includes over 680 support articles and 500 video lessons to guide you through every part of web hosting step by step.

HostGator is the winner.

Pricing Comparison: HostGator vs. GreenGeeks

Let’s look at the hosting pricing for GreenGeeks and HostGator plans side by side.

HostGator is also in our list of the best free web hosting providers that provide the most affordable options.

As the table shows, HostGator plans are less expensive than GreenGeeks plans. HostGator also provides other hosting alternatives, such as cloud hosting and WordPress cloud hosting.

You may also get a significant discount by using our HostGator promo code.

HostGator is the winner.

HostGator vs. GreenGeeks Recap

Based on our findings, we feel HostGator is a superior hosting option than GreenGeeks. HostGator offers more hosting alternatives than GreenGeeks. Their hosting services are inexpensive and reasonable.

If you’re just starting out and don’t want to employ a developer to establish a website, HostGator’s website builder could be worth a shot.

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We hope this post has assisted you in locating the finest hosting service. If you like this post, you might also be interested in our full HostGator review and GreenGeeks review.


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