GeneratePress Review 2021 – Is it the Best Business WordPress Theme?

GeneratePress Review -2022

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Are you looking for an objective GeneratePress WordPress theme review? Or are you unsure about implementing GeneratePress on your website? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place for an unbiased GeneratePress review.

There are numerous WordPress business themes available for creating websites. GeneratePress, for example, is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes available. It’s a popular theme among WordPress users because of its simplicity. In fact, with this theme, your website loads quickly and smoothly.


So, is it a wise decision to use it as the best business WordPress theme?


That is something we will take care of right away! This is an in-depth examination of the GeneratePress WordPress theme. We’ll look at its key features, installation, setup and customization, performance, cost, and a variety of other factors.


Let’s get started!



A. Overview of the GeneratePress Theme

B. The GeneratePress Theme’s Key Features

C. Setup and Personalization GeneratePress

D. Making Use of GeneratePress Starter Sites

E. Theme Support for GeneratePress

F. Pricing for the GeneratePress Theme

G. GeneratePress Theme Advantages and Disadvantages

Alternatives to the GeneratePress Theme

Is it the best WordPress business theme?


A. Overview of the GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is a multipurpose WordPress theme with exceptionally clean and lightweight code. It’s an excellent WordPress theme that prioritises performance without sacrificing functionality or design. It’s incredible to think that it’s a five-star rated theme with over 400000 active instals.



Theme by GeneratePress

Essentially, you can enable the functions that you require for creating your desired website selectively. There is no restriction on creating only certain types of websites with this theme. You can quickly create any type of website, from a business website to an eCommerce store.


It also includes a plethora of starter templates to get your new website off to a good start. You can further customise those templates by using a variety of adjustable elements. Furthermore, in such a way that your website perfectly meets your anticipated goals.


Furthermore, it is built with Vanilla JavaScript to provide an unlimited scrolling option for your website. This leads to a better user experience and more organic traffic to your website.


Let’s move on to the next section of this review, which will go over the key features of GeneratePress Theme.


B. The GeneratePress Theme’s Key Features

Essentially, GeneratePress is a theme with a slew of features that you’ll almost certainly need while developing your website.


We’ve compiled a list of the majority of its key features right here. Let’s go over them one by one.


1. Performance Driven

The first thing worth noticing is that GeneratePress is a theme that is built with performance-focused in mind. The free GeneratePress theme prioritises speed, efficiency, and affordability. It basically emphasises the core fundamentals required for building your website.


At the same time, it makes sure that it doesn’t slow down your site and loads quickly. Further, this enhances the user experience as well as improves search engine ranking. And, you’ll be able to get good organic traffic in no time.


2. Block-Based Theme Builder

Another key feature that you should know is it’s a block-based theme builder. Basically, it means that every aspect of this theme is made up of blocks. For that, it has GenerateBlocks free plugin. That includes your grid, container, buttons, headline, and more in the premium version of the GeneratePress theme.


GenerateBlocks Block Editor Plugin Interface for GeneratePress Theme

GenerateBlocks Block Editor Plugin for GeneratePress Theme

You can customise almost everything from header to footer, post descriptions to author containers, one-page layouts to 404 pages, and more. Furthermore, it’s done quite effortlessly and efficiently. This provides you with full control over the designs you want to construct for your website.


To be more precise, you don’t have to worry even if you are not tech-friendly. You can easily modify your website without having to touch a single line to code. Additionally, for tech-savvies, you can tailor the theme to our choice by using your coding knowledge.


3. Integration with WooCommerce

If you have an eCommerce website built on the WooCommerce plugin, then using the GeneratePress theme can be the best thing to do. As it includes WooCommerce modules such as background, layout, colour, typography, spacing, and more.


With this, you can give additional flexibility and control to your WooCommerce store. Basically, these modules offer theme styles alternatives for your shop and product pages. The perfect blend of this theme helps you to build your ideal website with ease.


4. Easy Demo Import

GeneratePress theme comes with a large number of attractively designed templates. Basically, these templates include basic pages and demo contents that exactly display the features of this theme.


GeneratePress Site Library for Easy Import Demos

GeneratePress Site Library for Easy Import Demos

You can easily import these templates using the demo import option. Afterward, you can make the necessary changes to the content such as images, texts, and more. As a result, you can rapidly create and configure your site to your liking. And, your site will be ready to go live in no time.


5. Customization Options

Another key feature that distinguishes the GeneratePress theme from the rest of the themes is its customization flexibility. It provides tonnes of customization options so that you can make your site as unique as you want.


The free version offers minimal customising choices. However, you can switch to the premium version to open up whole new customization possibilities. Once you install the GeneratePress theme, you’ll find all the editable elements in the customization options.


6. Compatible with Major Page Builders

Basically, demo templates are created based on major page builders plugins such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and so on. And the GeneratePress theme is built compatible with all these major page builders.


So after you import the demo, you might want to change a few of its elements. And for that, you’ll require these page builders that can transform your web page elements into draggable elements.


Since this theme is already compatible with major page builders, it becomes incredibly easy to craft the site. And there you go with a unique website of your liking.


7. Translation Ready

GeneratePress is a translation-ready theme. This means your website can be translated into languages other than English. To be specific in numbers, it can be translated into 25+ languages.


This further helps your website to reach a larger audience. Additionally, you get a good amount of traffic on your website. Not to mention, it also supports RTL i.e. Right to Left scripts.


8. Premium Version Features

In addition to the free ones, GeneratePress has a number of premium features. You must upgrade to the premium version in order to use them.



GeneratePress Premium

The following are some of the premium features:


Easily make your mobile site’s header low profile.

Provides more styling controls for the background image, colour, typography, and spacing.

Offers an advanced hook system to add anything anywhere on the theme.

Lets you add and create secondary navigation with the same choices as the primary navigation.

It has advanced display rules to change the theme’s layout.

You can use column style to display your blog content. And masonry layout for displaying blog archives.

These are some of the perks of using the GeneratePress theme. Now, let’s move forward to the next section of review i.e. installing and customising the process of GeneratePress.


C. Setup and Personalization GeneratePress

As you may be aware, the GeneratePress theme is available in both free and premium versions. Now, depending on which version of the theme you wish to install, the installation process will differ. Here, we’ll see a few simple steps to install the free version of GeneratePress.


Installing the GeneratePress Theme

You can install the free version of the GeneratePress theme straight from your WordPress dashboard with only a few clicks.



Installing GeneratePress Theme

To do so, firstly simply login to your WordPress website. Then go to Appearance >Themes. Following that, click on the Add New button.



Activating GeneratePress Theme

Afterward, search for GeneratePress in the search field located at the very top right-hand side of the page. Once you have found the theme, click on the Install button.


Once the installation is completed, click on the Activate button and you’re done!


Pretty simple right? Well, this is how you install the free version of the GeneratePress theme into your site.


Likewise, to install the premium version, you can use the upload method. For a more comprehensive guide, you might want to check our article on how to install a WordPress theme.


Customizing the GeneratePress Theme

You can begin customising as soon as you finish the installation process. To start, go to Appearance and click on the Customize option.



Go to Customize Option

On the following page, you’ll see a range of possibilities. Now we’ll change some of the main customizer options here.



Customization Options

I Site Identity

On this site identity tab, you’ll find settings for:



Customizing Site Identity

Site Title: The first setting is Site Title. Basically, with this option, you can put your website’s name. For e.g. Tiresome Start!


Tagline: Secondly, we’ve got a tagline. You can provide a certain tag to your website. This helps to give thorough information to your users regarding what your site is about. For e.g. Ultimate Guide to Themes. If you don’t want a tagline, then you can hide it by clicking on the hide site tagline option. It is exactly below the tagline option.


Logo: Thirdly, we’ve got a logo option. For any firm, the logo acts as their face. You can upload your logo via the select logo button.


Site Icon: Lastly, there is a button for the site icon. You can add your own site symbol, which viewers will see in their URL bar, tabs, bookmarks, and anyplace else. This helps your website to be visually recognisable.


ii) Layout

Next, we’ve layout tab where you’ll find customization options for:



Customizing Layout

Container: Basically, the container is the portion of the screen that displays all of your website’s content. You can personalise the width, layout, and alignment of your container.


Header: In simple words, the header is the topmost visual aspect of your site. You can alter your header presets, header-width, inner header width, and header alignment.


Primary Navigation: This option makes it easy to set your core navigation so that your visitors can explore your site with ease. You can choose navigation width, alignment, location, search option, and more.


Sidebars: Aside from the main element, a sidebar is a user-interface optional element that shows a list of information. You can modify your sidebar, blog sidebar, and single post sidebar with this option.


Footers: Footer is the bottom area of your site that contains general information. This option makes it easy for you to set footer width, inner footer width, and even the number of footer widgets to display. You can also turn on or off the back to top button.


Blog: You can set the appearance of your blog with this option.


iii) Colors

With this option, you can set the colours of your choice. You can easily change the colours of background, text, blog title, navigation, links, and more.


iv) Typography

The typography option lets you change your font size, line height, paragraph margin, and so on.


v) Menus

With this option, you can create the menu as per the requirement of your site. Also, you can choose the menu location for displaying the menu on your site.


vi) Widgets

Simply, widgets are small pieces of content that can be placed in specified locations of your website. Basically, with this widget option, you can place the widget of your choice on the widget areas.


vii) Homepage Settings

This option gives you full control over what appears on your site’s homepage. You can choose whether your homepage is static or displays your most recent content.


viii) Additional CSS

In case if you’re tech-savvy, then the Additional CSS option is going to help you. You can add your own CSS codes to personalise the look and style of your site.


D. Making Use of GeneratePress Starter Sites

GeneratePress starter sites are pre-built websites that you can import to get a good start on your website. Importantly, you should only use the demo site on a new website with no existing content.


There are tonnes of GeneratePress starter sites available. It includes demo sites specifically for all kinds of business, eCommerce, and blog websites.



GeneratePress Starter Sites

Importing the starter sites is quite simple. But before that, make sure that you have installed the GeneratePress premium version and enabled the site-library module.


Afterward, all you need to do is go to Appearance > GeneratePress > Site Library. Then, choose the demo site that suits your website the best and import.


It basically has an area specifically for business websites. There are numerous templates available that are ideal for business organisations. You can also select the most appropriate templates that meet your requirements.


Similarly, if you run an online store, then there is a section dedicated to eCommerce where you can find relatable templates. And so with the category for blog websites. You can choose designs that are best relevant and appropriate for your concerned site.


E. Theme Support for GeneratePress

It’s critical to get support from the WordPress theme developers, particularly if you’re a newbie. GeneratePress most likely provides the most comprehensive support and documentation. You’ll discover tonnes of useful materials and documentation for customising every single GeneratePress template.


You can easily find the HELP section on the top menu bar of their website. Further, on clicking the HELP section, you can navigate to Documentation, Support Forum, and Contact Area.



GeneratePress Documentation

Afterward, navigate to the Documentation section to find all the official documents and tutorials about the theme. You can find detailed knowledge bases on general information, customizations, modules, and developers-dedicated articles.


Similarly, you can go to support forums on their website to have access to genuine support of this theme.



GeneratePress Support

In order to ask queries, you’ll need to have a GeneratePress account. Meanwhile, premium users can directly go to the login section to ask any queries about GeneratePress and get answers. However, free users can click on the free support that leads to the support section provided in the WordPress directory of the GeneratePress theme.


Likewise, you can go to the Contact Area of the help section. There you’ll be able to ask any questions related to pre-sales, billing, and technical issues.


Now, let’s move on to the pricing of the GeneratePress theme.


F. Pricing for the GeneratePress Theme

By now, we know that GeneratePress is a freemium theme. You can download the free version directly from


For additional functions, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version. And the best thing is that it’s quite reasonably priced for the functions it provides.


GeneratePress offers you two different pricing schemes to choose from i.e. Yearly and Lifetime plans.

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