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When you consider the market for faxing service providers, you will see that many of them were established before the year 2000. This is the common thread that you will find among them.

MyFax, on the other hand, had barely started its life when it was purchased by j2 Global, the owner of two other existing online faxing systems, eFax and MetroFax, less than a year after it opened its doors in 2009. eFax and MetroFax were both established in 1999.

As a direct result of this acquisition, MyFax underwent the typical j2 makeover, which resulted in a service that is very simple yet wholly trustworthy.

A subscription with MyFax provides access to all of the capabilities that one would anticipate seeing in a modern faxing service. The user-friendliness of the online account is a direct result of its straightforward layout and the creative fax management tools that it offers, such as customizable folders and the ability to label messages.

Similarly to its siblings from j2 Global, outgoing faxes can be sent through email, and incoming messages can be accessed via the default mailbox or the very simple MyFax mobile app. This means that anything fax-related can be used even if the user does not have access to the account or owns a fax machine.

The fact that MyFax can be tested for free for a period of two weeks makes it simple to evaluate the service in comparison to the other products offered by j2 Global.

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