Envato Elements Review (2022) PROS & CONS | Envato Elements vs ONE by Template Monster – S

Envato Elements Review (2022) PROS & CONS | Envato Elements vs ONE by Template Monster

Envato Elements is a product offered by Envato. Its major goal is to provide artists, designers, and others with access to a large and growing collection of digital materials. WordPress plugins and themes, HTML templates, fonts, images, drawings, pictures, audio files, videos, and other material are all available through Envato Elements. In this Envato Elements review, I will discuss what this service has to offer as well as its benefits and drawbacks.

Envato Elements users now get access to over 1,200 eBooks and video courses from EnvatoTuts+. Customers now get access to over 1 million digital assets and instructional resources from EnvatoTuts+.

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Envato Elements is a product offered by Envato. Its major goal is to provide artists, designers, and others with access to a large and growing collection of digital materials. WordPress plugins and themes, HTML templates, fonts, images, drawings, pictures, audio files, videos, and other material are all available through Envato Elements. In this Envato Elements review, I will discuss what this service has to offer as well as its benefits and drawbacks.

Envato Elements users now get access to over 1,200 eBooks and video courses from EnvatoTuts+. Customers now get access to over 1 million digital assets and instructional resources from EnvatoTuts+.


Envato, based in Melbourne, Australia, is one of the world’s major online digital asset producers. They have the following major asset directories:


ThemeForest – Website templates and themes

CodeCanyon – Download plugins, scripts, and code snippets.

Royalty-free videos and themes are available from VideoHive.

AudioJungle — Offers royalty-free music and audio.

GraphicRiver – A collection of graphic elements, icons, typefaces, and logos.

PhotoDune – A massive collection of royalty-free stock pictures.

3DOcean – Offers CG textures as well as three-dimensional print models.

In recent years, Envato has expanded its activities to include a useful website builder, online courses and tutorials, a freelancer marketplace, and other services. Envato Elements has left the most of an impression. The “Ultimate Creative Asset Subscription” has being promoted.


During this Envato Elements review, I’ll go over the subscription’s features, functionality, and price so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.


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Envato Elements Review – What Is It?

Envato Elements is intended for whom?

What Do You Get When You Purchase Envato Elements?

What is the Envato Elements License?

User Interface of Envato Elements

How Do You Find What You’re Looking For in Envato Elements?

Advantages and disadvantages

The Competition vs. Envato Elements

What is the price of Envato Elements?

Conclusion of the Envato Elements Review

Envato Elements Review – What Is It?

Envato Elements is a subscription-based service that provides designers with access to over 2,000,000 digital assets that can be downloaded and used in their projects. Subscriptions are invoiced monthly or yearly.


Both membership rates include unlimited digital downloads. Customers that utilise any subscription (rather than simply the yearly membership) may now use Envato Elements’ 900+ WordPress plugins and themes, thanks to a recent pricing change.


free envato elements




You won’t have to worry about download restrictions or credits with this service. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to experiment with various visuals, files, and themes before settling on the ones that are most suited to your specific project.


Envato Elements’ digital assets are created by a large community of freelance designers. Each designer is compensated for their efforts through a revenue-sharing scheme. The content developers that contribute the assets used in Envato Elements receive half of the income.


benefits of envato elements




If you already have a WordPress website, I highly recommend that you use the Envato Elements WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you to add media to your existing posts and pages by browsing the Envato Elements stock picture archive from your WordPress website admin area.


The plugin provides access to more than 80 template kits and over 1,400 page templates. These kits and templates may be added to your website with Beaver Builder (see the difference between free and premium Beaver Builder versions) or Elementor (see how Elementor free and pro version differ).


Envato Elements is intended for whom?

The following are some of the primary categories who potentially benefit from this service:


Sound effects are sought after by audio producers for use in their compositions.

Bloggers looking for high-quality photos to accompany their blog articles.

Owners of businesses that might benefit from pre-made business cards, stationery, and website themes.

Illustrators and graphic designers who wish to experiment with different fonts, actions, brushes, and layer styles.

Podcasters that want to use audio in their shows.

T-shirt makers and creators looking for basic templates and graphics.

Vloggers that require video templates and stock video assets.

Owners of websites, agencies, and freelancers that require a variety of WordPress plugins and themes.

Web designers who require HTML templates, WordPress themes, and other comparable materials for their projects.

Anyone who generates or utilises audio and/or visual material should be considered part of the target market for Envato Elements.


WordPress plugin by envato elements




This service is a useful resource for anyone looking for the right image for a blog post or who want to increase workflow efficiency by utilising a template or starting with presets and actions for particular applications that you use frequently.


Envato Elements may be quite beneficial to WordPress users. This service is vital for WordPress bloggers, website owners, freelancers, and others due to its enormous library of WordPress themes and plugins.




What Do You Get When You Purchase Envato Elements?

At the time of publishing this Envato Elements review, their asset repository included the following items:


WordPress Themes (1,116+ items) — Business, blogging, e-commerce, portfolio, and multi-purpose themes, among other things.

Plugins for WordPress (502+ items) – Forms, email marketing, social networking plugins, and so forth.

Images (955,551+ items) – Many high-quality royalty-free stock photos of technology, people, cuisine, landscapes, and other subjects.

Graphics (24,335+ items) – A plethora of objects, drawings, icons, vectors, and backdrops are available.

UI & UX kits, infographics, and product mockup templates (52,716+ items)

Presets and actions are available as add-ons (2,064+ items). layer styles, brushes, and so on

Fonts (6,666+ items) – Sans serif, serif, ornamental, and other fonts.

Keynote, PowerPoint, and other presentation templates (26,654+ items)

Web Templates (2,281+ items) – This category contains admin, email, landing page, and website templates.

CMS Templates (993+ items) — ready-to-use Drupal, Ghost, Magento, Shopify, and Tumblr templates.

3D Renders (26,174+ items) – Renders of various things.

Motion graphics and stock video footage (616,900+ pieces) –

Product promotions, broadcast packages, and titles are among the video templates (16,840+ pieces).

Music (19,501+ items) — A large selection of royalty-free idents and songs.

Sound Effects (101,470+ items) – Sounds from animals, cartoons, video games, and nature.

Envato Elements now includes WordPress plugins and themes. There are over 600,000 royalty-free stock pictures available for usage as well.


cons of envato components




Envato Elements’ material collection is continuously updated with new products. Even with all of these options, it’s still incredibly simple to discover exactly what you’re searching for. To assist you narrow down your search, most of their top-level categories are divided into sub-categories.


What is the Envato Elements License?

Envato Elements maintains licencing as easy as possible. All downloaded assets are covered under a commercial licence. More information about this licence may be found here. This enables you to use such materials in your client work as well as your own.


To summarise the licencing process:


–Only one commercial licence


The licence conditions for all objects that may be utilised in Envato Elements are the same. You receive comprehensive commercial rights, allowing you to utilise objects in client and personal projects.


–Log objects every time they are utilised.


When you download an item, you will be given a perpetual licence for single-use. If you wish to re-use an item, simply go to your downloads and register it again for a different usage.


–The following common-sense limits apply:


Items cannot be redistributed or resold.

Items cannot be used in on-demand services;

In most cases, you cannot use the goods you have downloaded as a foundation for marketing. For example, you cannot print an Envato Elements item onto a T-shirt.

–License if you no longer use Envato Elements


You can use any of the elements in the Envato Elements collection for commercial purposes if you have paid for access to that library. You will be unable to download any further products if you cancel your subscription.


Any things you downloaded and registered for a project before the membership was terminated, however, can still be utilised for that project.


User Interface of Envato Elements

The whole user experience is kept simple using Envato Elements. You may even look through their collection for free before committing to a membership. If you find anything you like, signing up and downloading stuff just takes a few minutes.


After you’ve created your free Envato account, you may choose between a monthly membership and a yearly subscription (which is a better value).


When you come across an item you like, you may read more about it on its own website before deciding whether or not to download it. When you’re finished, click the “download” button to gain access to the files.


Before you may download an asset, you must either register it for usage in a specific project or download it for trial purposes.


licence envato components

When registering a product for usage, an example of a licence is provided by Envato Elements.

The latter approach is great for people who wish to inspect an item before selecting whether or not to utilise it. You can keep using an item you’ve downloaded even if you cancel your membership.


The items you choose will be downloaded as zip files. You can extract the required files to your computer and open them using appropriate software.


When you download a background picture or other graphics, you can utilise the PNG or JPEG versions of the image in addition to the Illustrator or Photoshop versions. Needing PNG or JPEG versions allows you to utilise the picture right away without having to launch a specific software tool.


Downloads from Envato Elements

When you log in to your Envato Elements account, you may view a list of all your downloads.

From your Envato Elements account dashboard, you can view all of your downloaded goods. This makes it simpler to identify certain products if you need to download them again, register them for multiple projects, or apply a licence to a trial item so that it may be used in an ongoing project.


How Do You Find What You’re Looking For in Envato Elements?

With so many options, you may need to focus your search to locate the proper digital assets for your purposes. Fortunately, Envato makes this process quite simple.


To locate exactly what you’re searching for, you may utilise filters and categories. A search box is located at the top of each page. You may also narrow your search by category to discover what you’re looking for faster.


When you click the “Browse” button at the top of a page, you will be sent to the “All Items” page. At the top of the page, you’ll notice a list of item categories. A sample of products from each category is shown below. Before selecting a category, you can navigate through the preview items.


When you hover your mouse over the Browse button, you’ll see a list of item categories and sub-categories. This menu page is available from any page on the Envato Elements website.


Adding filters is another wonderful approach to discover the proper stuff. After you’ve selected a category, you’ll see a list of possible filters on the left side of the page. Filters can be used to limit search results to certain subcategories or related tags.


envato elements digital downloads

Filters can help you quickly locate what you’re looking for in Envato Elements.

For example, you could only want to view things that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop. When there are millions of goods to pick from, having effective search capability is critical.


If you have the correct terms, utilising the search bar at the top of every page may suffice. However, you will most likely return to category menus and refining down searches using filters at some point.


Don’t forget to check beneath the main description box to view the displayed linked products.


Advantages and disadvantages

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of utilising Envato Elements:




A single membership allows you to download an infinite number of files.

All materials are covered by a single commercial licence.

Every day, more products are added.

A large collection of themes, pictures, videos, templates, design elements, and so on.


Each membership includes EnvatoTuts+ premium access.

It provides fantastic value for money.





–Quality is a hit-or-miss proposition.


Envato Components offers a large selection of themes, graphics, stock movies and pictures, website assets, fonts, sound effects, music, 3D elements, and other resources. However, when browsing the photo selection, it may appear that certain photographs are fairly antiquated, and the area is made up of images that did not sell.


–It’s difficult to find the proper visual.


If you have a huge number of stock photographs, you will most likely spend more time sorting through them until you locate the ideal images for your purposes.


You may download photographs only to discover that they do not meet your quality criteria. However, with such a large number of articles to look through, you will undoubtedly come upon useful, useable stuff.


Everything is in one place with Envato Elements. However, you may need to do a comprehensive search for precisely the perfect photographs and still be unsatisfied.


–All users have access to the same files.


Another disadvantage is that every user has access to the same files. That means you could see or hear the same goods utilised by other businesses, blogs, or rivals.


This is the fundamental reason why individual businesses want to employ exclusively unique material. That way, they control all of the stuff they utilise and may use it anyway they see fit.


Keep in mind that when you buy stock content, you don’t actually own it. You’re merely buying a licence from someone else in order to utilise it.


–There is no item support or notice of updates.


Unfortunately, Envato Elements does not provide any technical help. Envato is unable to give this because it is an unlimited membership and all material is provided by independent authors.


In most circumstances, this should not be a problem. It might be a source of concern for web developers looking to acquire site designs, WordPress plugins, and themes.


There are also no alerts for item upgrades or updates. If you’re using a current item and want to know if it’s been updated, you’ll have to manually search for those updates.


–A smaller catalogue than standard stock exchanges.


Other creative stock markets with larger digital collections than Envato Elements include Adobe Stock, Pond5, and Shutterstock. One of the primary distinctions between these firms is that they either provide a restricted subscription plan or force you to pay separately for each item that you use.


This can be costly, especially if they limit your number of authorised downloads to a set number of daily, weekly, or monthly downloads.


Each Envato Elements membership includes limitless downloads. Just bear in mind that their Video Template and Stock Footage collections are still in their early stages. I’m sure the firm is working on increasing these areas.


The Competition vs. Envato Elements

When it comes to sourcing photos and other materials for your website, you have a lot of alternatives. The majority of them are obtained from either free repositories or commercial services. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages.


Individuals and small enterprises find free services appealing. Nonetheless, they frequently have a huge number of low-quality things or a limited number of high-quality items.


The greatest content from free repositories are often utilised across the web. Using a commercial service is a better approach to get more high-quality photos and other goods. However, premium providers such as Shutterstock and others may be rather costly.


Envato Elements falls midway between the free and paid solutions. It gives customers access to an increasing number of high-quality things.


If you need a little bit of everything, Envato Elements is a wonderful option. If you only require stock images, for example, you should choose a website or business that specialises in delivering stock photos.







Plan A is free.

WordPress add-ons

WordPress layouts



Templates for graphics



Templates for presentations

Templates for websites

CMS design templates

3D renderings

Stock footage

Templates for videos


Effects on sound

Online classes, eBooks, and video courses are all options.

Download as many goods as you like.

Filters for advanced users


template monster vs. envato components


$198/year or $33/month
















Find Out More

envato components vs. one by template monster





15 606 209







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NOTE: As services are updated and changed, the information in the comparison table may become out of current. For the most up-to-date information, please consult official websites.


Check out the One by Template Monster review for more information. You may also look at the Motion Ridge service as an alternative to those two possibilities.


What is the price of Envato Elements?

An Envato Elements membership offers access to over 1.6 million digital assets and over 500,000 stock pictures on Twenty20. Each membership includes TutsPlus eBooks and online courses.


The yearly membership fee is only $16.50 per month (the pricing in Europe is 14.50€/month). If you choose to pay monthly, the cost is 29€ each month.


By giving a student email address when joining up, students may save an extra 30% off a membership. Eligible charity can receive a 50% discount on Envato Elements memberships.


pricing of envato components

The cost of Envato Elements. Students and nonprofits are eligible for a discount.

There are no long-term obligations or contracts. You have the option of paying annually or monthly, and you may cancel your membership at any moment.


You can download an infinite number of digital goods with each membership. Just keep in mind that downloading an asset does not imply that you own that asset.


For example, you cannot download a specific item and then print it on T-shirts to sell commercially, nor can you resell a downloaded item. Read the licencing conditions for Envato Elements to fully grasp what is and isn’t permitted.


Conclusion of the Envato Elements Review

Envato Elements is an outstanding platform. You may have access to a wide library of high-quality digital goods for as little as $33 per month (or $16.50 per month if you pay annually).


As a social media user and website owner, I’m constantly looking for photographs to supplement my blog articles, tweets, and other social media activities. Envato Elements is particularly beneficial to web developers, graphic designers, and other types of artists.


The option to easily download alternative typefaces and website layouts for use in client projects may be quite beneficial. This service provides a plethora of possibilities for business owners in need of beautiful stationery templates.


Envato Elements has become an even better option with the addition of WordPress themes and plugins. My main problem with this business is the lack of quality control. All of the pieces look to have been made to extremely high standards.


I’m hopeful that as this resource grows in popularity and becomes a key source for creative individuals to sell their work, the firm will stay on top of each submission to guarantee that the high-quality standards are upheld.


This service is a wonderful choice for anyone in need of WordPress plugins, themes, templates, graphics, mockups, and a variety of other visual materials for a low cost.


It’s a terrific bargain, even if you just need a few pieces to finish a project, because you may keep using any materials you’ve registered and downloaded even after your membership expires.


This is a service that I believe many people may benefit from. When you consider how many digital assets are available to you, the monthly fee is shockingly modest.


You can cancel your membership at any moment and are not required to sign a long-term commitment. I value what Envato Elements has to offer, but I also recognise that it isn’t for everyone.


You must use it frequently enough to make the purchase worthwhile, just like any other subscription service. If you don’t need to constantly download music files, films, photos, or other forms of digital data, you’re usually better off buying what you need when you need it.


You might not find everything you’re seeking for on Envato Elements. Many of the most popular files on Envato Marketplace are not included in Envato Elements subscriptions.


That means you’ll have to buy those goods individually or limit yourself to the items you may access through your membership.


This second point is critical to grasp before signing up for a subscription. If you want to pay for an annual subscription, you will only pay $16.50 per month. You are not paying hundreds of dollars for this service, as you would for other popular content services.


For some customers, Envato Elements will be a one-stop shop that offers everything they could possibly need. For other customers, an Envato Elements membership is a low-cost supplement that nicely compliments their existing asset purchases.


I strongly advise you to visit Envato Elements’ website to view what they have to offer. It might help you appreciate the countless high-quality pieces in their archive. Also, if you’re looking for an excellent graphics app, be sure to read RelayThat’s review.


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