Demio vs Zoom Comparison 2022: Which is Best Webinar Tool to Select?

In the modern world of business, Demio and Zoom are two of the technologies that are considered to be among the finest for hosting webinars and online conferences.

You have arrived at the correct spot if your interest and worry is on the expansion of your business through online platforms and if you are seeking for either Demio or Zoom to assist you in reaching the next level of growth in your business.

Check out our comprehensive comparison of Demio and Zoom to get the best advice on which platform to use to organise webinars and online conferences with potential customers.

I will walk you through everything that is included in this comparative guide;

  • The Features of each platform
  • The product pricing
  • The Pros and Cons of both Demio and Zoom
  • When to choose which platform, alternatives tools
  • The final verdict on the comparison

So, keep your eyes open!

Demio vs Zoom Comparison

Demio vs Zoom -- Overview

Both Demio and Zoom have robust features that provide a pleasant experience for you and your readers; thus, let’s examine the characteristics of each platform and evaluate how they stack up against one another in order to select the best one.

Demio Overview & Features

Demio has all of the tools that are necessary for you to successfully hold any kind of webinar event and completely engage a large number of audience members.

Key Features of Demio

  • Conduct any variety of webinar events: The platform supports all webinar types, including Live, Automated, Series, and Evergreen webinars.
  • Customized Branding: Using a variety of branding slides, you may enhance your lead conversion.
  • Real-Time Chat: This tool increases participation in your webinar by allowing you to communicate with attendees.
  • Multi hosts: You can have many hosts for a single webinar.
    Your participants can view On-Demand Webinars at any time after logging in.
  • Polls/Voting: For raising some of your webinars’ profits.
  • Q&A Management: A great tool that allows you to interact with your webinar guests and receive their opinions. Alerts/Notifications for informing your customers about your seminars and goods.
  • Reporting/Analytics: This provides you with essential information for your webinar.
  • Screen Sharing:  This allows you to effectively display your items to your audience.
    This allows you to reach a wide audience for your webinar.

Your participants may join the webinar with a simple click from any device and web browser without requiring a download.

Zoom Overview & Features

Zoom is packed with incredible features that will assist you in elevating your company to a level that is both desirable and wanted.

Key Features of Zoom

  • Provides video conferencing and virtual meeting solutions for a variety of corporate applications, including your company’s internal and online training.
  • Customizable Branding: With this, you can build a variety of presentations that can help raise the number of people that sign up for your webinar.
  • Multi-hosting: A single webinar can include any number of hosts that the organiser specifies.
  • On-Demand Webinars provide your audience the ability to view your presentation at any time that is convenient for them.
  • Events for the purpose of hosting virtual experiences inside a single-platform environment.
  • Streaming on social media: If you want to attract a large number of people to your webinar, you may broadcast it live on both Facebook and YouTube.
  • Cloud storage that is unlimited for all of your events, including webinars.
  • Polls and Surveys that will assist you in obtaining insightful feedback on businesses and webinars.
  • Q&A dashboard that plays an extremely important role in maintaining audience engagement throughout the events.
  • Increase the amount of engagement during your webinar by connecting completely with your audience through group and private chat.
  • Your potential customer base will benefit from the vast audience of over 10,000 people that have backed you.
  • Integrations with various marketing programmes, allowing you to promote your webinar as well as your products to a larger and more focused audience.

Demio vs Zoom Key Features Comparison

Webinar Types and Ease of Setup

The configuration of Demio is tidily done and uncomplicated, without a lot of extra bells and whistles. Your webinar’s title is all that is required, after which you can book it, and you will be ready to go because everything is set up by default.

Demio gives you the ability to hold any kind of webinar; you may set up recurrent webinars to run every week; however, they will only run once each week.

You will be able to host live webinars and recurring webinars that are not automated using Zoom Webinars. The scheduling of recurring webinars is quite versatile, and they can take place on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at any predetermined time.

The setup for a Zoom webinar is really straightforward, and you may have everything ready to go in one minute. In a similar vein as Demio, the configuration process is uncomplicated and very little customization is required.

Winner: Both

Webinar Funnel Pages

The Registration page in Demio provides a limited number of opportunities for personalization. You are only able to add various information such as the title, bio, and profile photo of the presenter, as well as an image of the product and a video taken from YouTube. After some time, the components will show up beneath the registration fold for the webinar.

In addition, the registration page on Demio may be customised only to a limited extent. You are only able to upload your company’s logo, enter custom text, and select a colour scheme.

In contrast to Demio, zoom does not allow you to upload photos or videos on the registration page, nor does it keep track of registration conversions.

On the other hand, you have the ability to generate unique registration links for each distinct source, which enables you to monitor which channels gave you the greatest number of people interested in registering for the webinar.

Winner: Demio

Webinar Email Reminders and Email Editors

Your sign-ups will immediately get information from Demio regarding the future webinar.

It is pre-configured with 4 email reminders, but you cannot alter them or change the timetable they follow. However, there is no need to worry about this because they are determined immediately after registration, 24 hours before the webinar, 1 hour before the webinar, and 15 minutes before the webinar respectively.

Following the webinar, a follow-up email with a link to the replay video will be sent to everyone who registered for it.

In a similar manner, after registering with Zoom, a confirmation email is sent to the user’s email address. The email provides information on how to register for and participate in the webinar.

Reminder emails can be sent to attendees one hour, one day, or one week before the webinar is scheduled to begin. A text sample may also be included underneath the email body, which is a feature offered by the platform.

It is possible to independently compose the post-webinar follow-up email and then send it to either the participants or the non-attendees. They do not include the link to the webinar replay recording in the follow-up email, but you are able to manually enter the URL into the email.

Winner: Demio

Webinar Audience Interaction Tools

With Demio, you may have private or public conversations with the people who are attending your event.

During the automatic on-demand webinars, you will not be able to interact with your guests in any way. However, following the event, if someone asks a question in the chat, you will be able to identify it as a question and respond accordingly. The message in the chat room will be formatted as a question, and you may immediately begin responding to it. Simply click the “Finish responding” button when you have completed providing a response to the question.

Participants in Zoom live webinars have the ability to send chats to both the hosts and other participants. It is not possible to send the conversation in a secret manner to only one host but rather to all hosts.

In addition, Zoom gives you the ability to conduct polls during live webinars; these polls will immediately be visible to the audience. After you have finished taking votes, you will be able to give the results to the people who attended your event.

Another aspect of the platform is a question and answer section, which, depending on how the webinar is configured, can be open or closed to participants. You may search for the questions that have received the most votes and answer them live, while providing written responses to the questions that have received less votes. One advantageous aspect of the Q&A function is that it allows users to vote on the questions.

In contrast to Demio, Zoom does not include a function that allows you to initiate offers. This is one of the drawbacks of using Zoom.

Winner: Demio

Webinar Attendance

When using Demio, your participants will not be required to download any software in order to participate in your webinar. They may be brought into your attendance room with a simple click on any browser of your choosing.

In order for your participants to participate in your webinar using Zoom, they will need to download the Zoom software onto either their personal computer or a mobile device.

It is possible that downloading and installing the app will be a time-consuming and difficult process, particularly for those participants who are not familiar with how to do either of those steps.

Winner: Demio

Video Engine & Tech Support

Prior to the main event, Demio conducts a test to ensure good connection and audiovisual quality. This maintains a better connectedness even for the other speakers participating in the webinar.

The customer care offered by Demio is among the finest since it provides instant responses through a customer support chat that is open around the clock. When responding, they do it in an extremely prompt, polite, and courteous manner.

On the other hand, Zoom enables you to conduct a practise session before the actual webinar begins, during which you may become comfortable with all of the controls and tools that are available. You have the option of streaming the webinar live on either YouTube or Facebook.

There is also an option inside Zoom’s video settings to activate high-definition video, which improves video quality without causing participants to experience any latency in the presentation.

Regarding the technical support, you may receive assistance by watching video lessons or going through interactive records, although the latter is not as beneficial.

Winner: Demio

Webinar Analytics

The Demio tool known as Analytics will assist you in gaining information such as the peak attendance periods, the amount of time that many participants lost, and the total amount of time that attendees spent participating in the webinar.

Demio webinar analytics provide a unique function in which they allow you to track the attention of attendees to determine whether or not they were paying attention to the presentation or were engaged in another activity.

After the webinar has concluded, Zoom will give you with five different analytic reports that may be downloaded in CSV format. The Registration Report, the Attendee Report, the Question and Answer Report, the Poll Report, and the Performance Report are among them.

Winner: Both platforms tie

Mobile Devices & Browsers

The Zoom solution provides mobile-responsive experiences; but, in order to take use of them, you will need to download the Zoom app, regardless of whether you are using Android, iOS, or a PC or MAC.

The Q&A is simple to browse, and it is made very apparent how attendees may submit new questions and vote on the usefulness of current ones.

In a similar vein, Demio provides an exceptional mobile responsive experience for all of the guests. The video and the interaction tools that it offers are two independent things. When you start a poll or provide an offer to attendees, they will be redirected to a new screen instantly.

In addition, in order to provide participants with an experience that is as intuitive as possible, guests may move between the webinar video and the engagement tools simply swiping sideways.

Winner: Both Demio vs Zoom tie but Demio is browser-based while Zoom needs to download the app.

Integration Tools

Both Demio and Zoom provide you the ability to integrate fluidly with other market players in order to carry out the supply of high-quality services.

You can link with a wide variety of different online apps using Zappier, which you can combine with Demio to do. Additionally, the system enables you to integrate with email marketing automation so that you may gather leads, retain registration data, and keep contacts up to date.

In a parallel fashion, the Zoom solution is compatible with a wide variety of widely used marketing applications, including Google Calendar, Marketo, Hubspot, and Salesforce, amongst many others.

Winner: Both Demio and Zoom tie

Customer support

Your questions will be answered as quickly as possible by the support team at Demio, which is available around the clock.

It also displays the most current software updates and any modifications that have been made to it. In addition to the live service, the support page also features a collection of articles that might provide you with useful information and can be accessed there.

In addition to this, the platform includes comprehensive step-by-step directions, videos, and walkthroughs, all of which are designed to assist you in achieving whatever you want throughout the webinar.

On the other side, Zoom provides support in the form of video courses and chatbots, which are less interactive but nonetheless useful.

Winner: Demio

Demio vs Zoom -- Similarities & Differences

Zoom vs Demio Similarities

Both Demio and Zoom allow screen sharing, live chat, question and answer sessions, and polling.

Both programmes automatically record live webinars and save them as MP4 files.

You may promote your webinar events on social media channels such as Facebook using both Zoom and Demio.

Both platforms allow you to have several webinar hosts for an additional fee.

Both platforms permit integration with third-party marketing applications, including email marketing. CRM, Funnels, Etc. applications.

With both solutions, you may obtain analytics-based webinar insights.
Plus much more…

Zoom vs Demio Differences

  • You can host live webinars, automated webinars, hybrid webinars, and on-demand webinars with Demio. Zoom, on the other hand, only permits you to offer live webinars and on-demand recordings of live webinars.
  • With Demio, guests may join your webinar with a single click from any web browser, whereas Zoom needs participants to download and install an app.
  • Zoom enables participants to dial a phone number to join the webinar, however Demio does not.
  • Demio enables you to incorporate the registration page on your webinar, hence increasing the number of attendees. Zoom only enables you to send links to a registration form for webinar invitations.
  • Demio allows you to submit presentation slides, whereas Zoom simply allows you to screen share your desktop slides.
  • Demio enables you to launch deals with a countdown timer to sell your products and services, but Zoom lacks this capability.
  • Demio permits the sending of handouts and gifts, whereas Zoom simply permits the sending of files via the meeting chat.
  • Zoom provides flexible scheduling for webinars, but Demio does not offer flexible scheduling for series events.
  • You may construct polls and schedule their appearance during the webinar using Demio. On the signup page only, Zoom offers a polling function.
  • Demio offers a Q&A tool with a start answering feature, although Zoom lacks this functionality.

Demio vs Zoom -- Pricing

Demio Pricing

Demio’s price structure offers three categories that are optimal for your business’s requirements.

Demio Starter Plan At $49/m: This package includes 1 host, 50 participants, a 3-hour session time limit, Live and Event series, and standard support.

Demio Growth Plan At $99/m onward: This plan provides many choices dependent on the amount of guests, such as $99 per month for 150 attendees, $234 per month for 500 attendees, and $367 per month for 1,000 attendees. This package provides a 5-Hour Session Limit, Custom Room & Email Branding, Automated Events and Custom Form Fields, up to 5 hosts per account, and registration source monitoring in addition to the capabilities of the Starter plan.

Demio Premium Plan: This customised package includes a 10-hour session limit, 1,000 participants, concierge onboarding, bespoke domains, a dedicated account manager, and monthly event tech support for one event.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom provides a variety of price choices dependent on the tool you use; below are the costs for Zoom Events & Webinar.

Zoom Basic Plan @ $0: This FREE plan includes 100 users, 40 minutes of unlimited group meetings, and private and group conversations.

Zoom Video Webinars At $79/month/license: This includes Cloud recordings, exportable registrant and attendance lists, a customer relationship management system, unlimited webinar sessions of up to 30 hours each, paid registration, live streaming, and analytical reports.

Zoom Event Platform @ $99/month/license: This contains everything in the preceding packages in addition to an integrated event management system, multi-session events, and post-event recording.
Zoom Costing Add-on Plans (Optional)

Audio Conferencing starts@ $100/m: This plan is based on the per-call prices per country.
Cloud Storage beginning at $40/month: This package enables you to upload, stream, and download video recordings to the Zoom Cloud.

Zoom Event Services begins @ $600/event: Here, you may collaborate with Zoom event specialists to optimise your events.
The Leading Developer Assistance: This tiered support package aids in limiting risk and lowering downtime.

Zoom Pricing Summary: If you simply require a single host or a small number of guests for your webinar, the pricing package is quite reasonable.

However, the fee increases as the number of webinar hosts and participants increases. This is certainly more expensive.

The benefit is that you can have up to 100 panelists/presenters, which may eliminate the need for numerous webinar hosts.

Another key aspect of these zoom price plans is that you must pay extra for the Zoom Meeting plan in order to obtain any of the plans.

Demio vs Zoom -- Pros & Cons

Demio Pros / cons


  • Dedicated & truly all in one webinar platform

  • Offering Live, Recurring, and Automated Webinars.

  • Custom questions can be included on the registration page.

  • It offers continuous attendance and attentiveness monitoring

  • Its bundle for 50 attendees is particularly inexpensive for small enterprises.


  • There are no polls or promotions in automatic webinars.

  • Webinars that are automated lack interactive components.

  • Limited to 1,000 attendees

zoom Pros / cons


  • It focuses on video conferencing and virtual meetings.

  • It makes live presentations on YouTube and Facebook possible.

  • The platform supports up to one hundred panelists/presenters.

  • Its Q&A has a voting mechanism.

  • It permits up to 10,000 participants each webinar.


  • Needs download and installation of the Zoom app

  • It is highly costly compared to Demio. There are no call-to-action offerings on webinars.

Demio vs. Zoom: Which Is the Better Option for Your Business?

Choosing the best solution between Demio and Zoom largely depends on your business’s requirements and aims.
Regardless of your decision, it is important to note that Zoom concentrates on video conferencing and webinars whereas Demio excels at client retention and product promotion.


Choose Demio if…

  • You desire an exclusive, all-in-one webinar platform with robust features and reasonable pricing.
  • You are seeking for marketing and sales webinar software.
  • You do not need to download any software to access the webinar.
  • Your webinar attendance do not exceed 1,000.
  • You also wish to do an automated webinar.
  • You desire a platform with enhanced presentation and interaction options that are great for encouraging your consumers to take additional activities.
  • You focus more on generating leads and demand for brand recognition and web advertising.
  • You need an excellent platform for connecting with social media platforms in order to develop strong consumer interactions.
  • You wish to increase your conversion rate by converting attendance into prospective clients.

Choose Zoom if…

  • You wish to utilise webinar software for massive live events.
  • You wish to host meetings and webinars using the same platform.
  • You desire a platform that is perfect for your current customers and internal audiences.
  • You desire software with a free, feature-rich bundle.
  • You are searching for the finest video conferencing tool.
  • You desire a webinar platform with flexible scheduling capabilities.
  • You are unconcerned about spending a great deal on major enterprises with expansive gathering spaces.
  • You desire a platform that supports a simple and error-free transfer from audio to video for your vast audience.

Growth plan

The Growth plan costs $99 per month, or $69 per month if bought for the entire year up front. It gives you the ability to start an online course or webinar with a room capacity of up to 150 people. You get everything that is included with the Starter package, plus a few upgrades on top of that. Here, you receive a 5-hour session restriction plus branding possibilities.

You will have access to automatic events and individualised form fields. Despite this, you will continue to receive the regular customer support. In addition to this, you still only have access to a single host.

Demio vs Zoom — My Recommendation?

In this comparison between Demio and Zoom, I would prefer Demio.

When compared to Zoom and other market options, Demio stands out because to its simple setup procedure, feature-rich platform, and competitive price.

The platform is the most all-inclusive webinar solution with solid capabilities that can catapult your organisation to the level you desire.

Demio is also the right marketing option if your primary objective is to generate leads and demand for your organisation.

However, if you have an internal audience of workers, students, or existing customers and you are wanting to increase their knowledge, I would recommend Zoom, as it is the greatest option for the business’s video conferencing and virtual meeting requirements.

Other reasons why Demio is the most recommended all-in-one platform in this guide include:

Exclusive, comprehensive webinar solution platform.
No download is required for consumers to join, similar to Zoom, making it simple and quick, hence increasing conversions.
Have a very tiny plan with only 50 participants to facilitate small company access.
Enhancing client connections and obtaining new consumers increases conversion rate.
It gives all the resources necessary to attract more registrants to the webinar, therefore elevating your business.
It offers a very straightforward and user-friendly layout that provides clients with a smooth experience.
The customization options for landing and registration pages have a greater impact on the webinar conversion rates.
Its public and private chat capabilities, as well as its live chat functionality, are crucial for increasing audience participation in your webinars.

Demio versus Zoom FAQs

What does the term room size mean?

A webinar room size is the maximum number of participants that may participate in a webinar at once.

How many attendees may participate in a Zoom meeting?

By default, all plans permit up to 100 people each meeting (up to 10,000 with a large Meeting add-on).

What is the primary distinction between Zoom and Demio?

Zoom is designed for online meetings and conferences, whilst Demio is geared towards webinars.

Which of Zoom and Demio is more affordable?

Demio is somewhat less expensive than Zoom, depending on your organization’s requirements and the size of your audience.

Does Zoom provide prompt customer support?

Yes, similar to Demio, Zoom provides quick customer assistance, including weekly live training.

Demio vs. Zoom Conclusion

Demio, being one of the top webinar solutions, can fulfil your company needs and assist you in reaching your goals.

The platform’s pricing packages are reasonably priced and its features are complex.

Demio is your webinar solution if you need a platform for lead generation, product promotion, brand recognition, or product sales with marketing automation and customer interaction capabilities that help increase your conversion rates.

However, Zoom may be your best option if you’re searching for a platform that combines video conferencing and webinars for staff training, meetings with your students or organisation team, etc.

I hope this Demio vs. Zoom comparison has helped you make an informed decision about which platform is best for your business.

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