Demio Review 2022: The Best Webinar Platform?

The pandemic taught business owners and marketers alike how to adapt to changing circumstances. And at an era when physical distance and community restrictions made it difficult to organise events, webinar software made it feasible to organise activities online.

One obstacle stands in the way, however, and that is the fact that not everyone is familiar with utilising webinar software.

And for the sake of this discussion, let’s assume that everybody is knowledgeable enough to participate in live webinars. Which of the several webinar platforms should you utilise in order to successfully organise your event? And are the people who are attending your event willing to download and install software in order to participate in a webinar?

Is there a simple method that can be used to sign your audience up for a webinar without a lot of hassle?

Without a doubt, there is. To put it succinctly, it is the raison d’être of Demio.

In this review of Demio, we will demonstrate exactly why it is the webinar platform that we recommend most highly and why it provides an excellent return on investment.

Demio Review -- Overview

Demio is a webinar solution that streamlines the process of registering for, attending, and returning to a webinar for anyone. The best part is that participants do not need to download any software in order to participate in a live webinar; all they require is a browser. Simply stating that reduces the amount of work required from your readers.

But Demio also provides tools that let event organisers give each event a personal touch and make it their own. You not only have the ability to incorporate your company’s branding, but you also have the choice to personalise the specifics so that every event is suited for the expansion of your company.

You’ll now have the ability to cultivate long-lasting relationships with both your leads and your consumers.

Automated webinar

Demio webinars aren’t simply about live events. In addition to that, you might utilise it to initiate automatic webinars. These are the kinds of events that may be carried out automatically by use of prerecorded presentations.

Even though you don’t have to go live all the time, it’s a fantastic method to get new leads for your business. It’s similar to having material available on demand, which customers may access anytime and whenever they choose.

Visually pleasing presentation tools

Attending a webinar hosted by Demio is in no way dull. You are equipped with everything you need to make every event one that people will remember. More to the point, this is one of the very few webinar systems that places a significant amount of importance on providing a satisfactory experience for the end user.

It reduces the number of distractions while also placing the focus on your brand.

You are free to make your presentations as aesthetically pleasing and factually sound as you see fit.

Launch marketing campaigns to promote events

You already have access to the tools and resources you need to properly advertise your fantastic webinars. In addition, using them does not require any kind of specialised expertise.

You have access to templates that may be used to give each registration page a very credible and expert appearance. You may also customise each landing page to collect all the information you’ll need from leads, such as their names, email addresses, firms, and responsibilities, and you can do this by editing the page’s configuration settings.
When you are ready, you can insert a link to the webinar registration page into a landing page or blog of your choosing.

There is also the possibility of elevating the number of attendees of your webinar via the use of fully customisable email alerts.

The best webinar tool for customer engagement

You are already aware that Demio is a fantastic value for your money given all of the features that have been discussed up to this point. However, those are not the final words on the matter. The Demio team also made the user interaction process a unique and enjoyable experience.

While you are hosting a live webinar, you have the ability to conduct interactive polls, connect to offers and sign-up sites, provide gifts or handouts, manage and answer questions live, communicate through private or public chat (including @mentions and gestures), and invite guests to the stage.

Demio Review -- Features

Let’s have a look now at some of the unique and fascinating features that set Demio apart from competing online webinar systems. When you begin a session of a webinar, you have a number of options available to you. What are some of those options?(

Live events

Using Demio, you can host live webinars in a variety of formats, including question-and-answer sessions, seminars, and live training films. However, in contrast to other webinar software, Demio allows you to set up several events in a matter of minutes, which is one of the features that sets it apart.

You may begin hosting fantastic webinars at any point in time and for any number of days. Let’s say you want to organise a string of activities for the members of your online community. No issue. You have the option to run an event only once or several times when you are scheduling the forthcoming sessions for your organisation. You can even have it happen at predetermined times in the future.

The attendees are then given the opportunity to select the workshops that most interest them.

Even more impressive is the fact that Demio supports streaming in high definition (HD), and users are not required to download or install anything in order to use the service. The participants in your webinar will not only be able to keep up with the conversations because to the great video quality, but they will also be able to communicate with you right away.

Presenters of webinars are also provided with the tools necessary to incorporate creative elements into their talks.

To begin, you may make use of a multi-cam configuration with Demio because the software enables you to simultaneously share up to three different video sources. That is an excellent solution in the event that you want separate video feeds for the host and any guests who could be present at the place. You can even utilise OBS to boost your production value.

Or, if you are giving instructions, you may concentrate one camera on the person who is hosting the webinar and utilise an overhead camera to record what other participants are doing.

You are not restricted to utilising only a live camera system, of course. You may also disseminate information through a variety of additional methods. Demio offers the capabilities that you require in order to share your screen. With just a few clicks, you may even share films or slideshows that have already been recorded.

In addition, for the full, immersive experience, invite your attendees to join you on stage throughout the webinar. You are able to grant authorization for guests to use their own microphones and cameras. It is an amazing opportunity to have visitors ask questions live on broadcast rather than simply through the chat feature, while the latter option is also available.

Automated events

Live webinars are beneficial, but not everyone has the time to participate. However, this should not prevent you from giving education to your customers. You may consider doing a webinar that is automated instead.

Webinars that are run by automation make use of movies that have been recorded in advance to maintain attendees’ interest. A replay page is available for your use. If you have a recording of a Zoom webinar and are looking for another way to put it to use, you may submit it to Demio, where it will remain for other people to watch and enjoy.

You are free to change the material whenever you choose. You have the ability to replace whatever has been posted at any time if you own a superior version of it (one with higher video and audio quality, more recent material, etc.).

You can arrange sessions, just like you can schedule live webinars. There is also the possibility of recurring sessions. You have the option of making films accessible on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. On the other hand, if you want your guests to have rapid access to previously recorded webinars, on-demand sessions are a good option.

If you want to obtain input from the people in your community, you have the ability to create polls, as we explained before in this section. You may also show appreciation to consumers by providing them with freebies. In addition, there is the choice to include a call to action and connect it either to your personal website or to a landing page of your choosing.

Even while you aren’t physically present to teach the online classes in real time, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the shenanigans. During the time that your audience is watching your automated webinars, you may still send chat messages to them. You may answer questions or just say hi. Even though the webinar presentation itself is recorded, it is a fantastic method for maintaining a high level of involvement during live events.

These are just some of the reasons why some people consider Demio to be the most effective webinar software for commercial use.

Demio Integrations

Integrations provide your webinar campaigns with more capabilities. You may also use them to preserve registration data, keep contact information up to current, and capture leads, among other things.

Demio is compatible with a number of third-party tools, including Zapier, Marketo, Drip, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, ConvertKit, AWeber, GetResponse, Ontraport, and Market Hero. If you use any of these products, you should be aware that you may use them in conjunction with Demio.

Take note that the application programming interface (API) can be used to incorporate your own applications.


If you are wondering as to how many people participated in your events, then you will be delighted to learn that there is a reporting tool that will show you all you need to know about your event. This feature will show you how many people participated in your events.

The reports will give you the duration of the session, the average amount of time attendees stayed, the average amount of time they concentrated on the event, how many people attended, and how many people did not attend.

The information is further broken down into attendance categories. You will be able to view the names and emails of all of your attendees, in addition to the date and time of the session, a timestamp, and any other relevant information.

For your convenience, you have the option of exporting all of this information as a CSV file.

Multi-platform and device support

Demio is compatible with a variety of platforms and devices. This enables your participants to participate in your webinars across the majority of internet browsers available for usage on desktop computers and mobile devices, regardless of the type of mobile device they use.

Demio is compatible with the web browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Additionally, it is compatible with iOS as well as Android.

Accessibility has never been greater to online educational opportunities.

Demio Pricing Review

Let’s begin with the positive news first. You won’t have to pay anything to get started with Demio. However, if you want to explore Demio at its full potential, we recommend that you sign up for the free trial that lasts for 14 days.

But if you are willing to pay the full fee, you have four different payment options to pick from.

It is important to note that all of the plans include all of the standard features, including unlimited sessions, storage, and registrations; access to a support team that is available around the clock; room engagement tools; customizable registration options; insights; event localization; integrations; and media file uploads.

Starter plan

The monthly cost of the Starter plan is $44, or it may be paid for annually at a discount of $34 per month. It is the perfect choice for anyone who is just beginning the process of getting their business off the ground. With this package, you’ll have access to a webinar room that can accommodate up to fifty people.

However, each session is limited to a maximum of three hours. And there can be only one host at a time. In addition to that, you will only receive ordinary assistance. This indicates that the time it will take the staff providing customer care to reply to inquiries might be anywhere within an hour.

Growth plan

The Growth plan costs $99 per month, or $69 per month if bought for the entire year up front. It gives you the ability to start an online course or webinar with a room capacity of up to 150 people. You get everything that is included with the Starter package, plus a few upgrades on top of that. Here, you receive a 5-hour session restriction plus branding possibilities.

You will have access to automatic events and individualised form fields. Despite this, you will continue to receive the regular customer support. In addition to this, you still only have access to a single host.

Business plan

The price of the Business plan is $234 per month, or it may be paid for annually at a discount of $163 per month. You now have a limit of 8 hours each session and may accommodate up to 500 attendees. You will also receive priority assistance, which decreases the amount of time it takes for a client to obtain a response to little under ten minutes.

In addition, you will receive integration with Marketo and an onboarding call with this package. Additionally, it permits a maximum of four hosts in each session.

Premium plan

The Premium plan is the most expensive one that can be purchased. Due to the fact that it is a customised plan, pricing information is not yet accessible. What we are able to tell you is that with this package, you may have a maximum of one thousand people participating in each webinar.

Additionally, a session might run for up to 10 hours. You will receive priority assistance as well as an onboarding concierge. Demio will additionally offer you with a dedicated account manager and event tech assistance for one event every month, provided that the event is booked with Demio.

This plan allows for as many as five hosts to participate in each session.

Demio Review -- Pros & Cons

The following is a summary of the aspects of Demio that we now enjoy, as well as those that we do not.


The fact that Demio is so simple to use is, without a doubt, our favourite feature of this platform. Some of the other webinar systems might be difficult to use. But if you use Demio, you can have a recurring event up and running in a matter of minutes.

Private chat —

It is convenient that your webinar rooms may be equipped with private chat boxes in addition to the public ones already present. In the event that it becomes necessary, you will have the ability to communicate with a particular user.

The data tools included —

It does come equipped with the latest marketing features and webinar facilities, both of which are essential for the effective launch of an event.

HD Videos —

Because every video is in high definition (HD), the quality of your presentations and meetings will be very high.


Customer support —

The concept of having standard and priority customer assistance is not appealing to us at all. Wouldn’t it be great if all paying customers were handled in the same manner, irrespective of the particular package they opted for?

Screen presentation —

As far as we can determine, the only choice available to you is to share the entirety of the screen (instead of a specific window). A little complaint, but one that bears mentioning all the same.

Session closes 10 minutes after host disconnection —

I’m going to put this as a problem, but unfortunately, the vast majority of webinar systems have this problem. In the event that the host becomes disconnected, they will have a window of ten minutes to rejoin the session. In the event that they do not, the session will be ended for everyone involved. Having nevertheless a second admin account that is logged into the session is a workaround that may be utilised. You may delegate the task to another member of your team, or you can manage it yourself on a second laptop so that you can resume the webinar in a timely manner.

Demio Review FAQs

Is Demio better than Zoom?

In certain respects, sure. Demio offers the benefit of allowing participants to join through web browser or mobile application. These are not currently feasible with Zoom.

Is Demio free to use?

True and no. You may get started for free, but you must subscribe to a subscription plan to receive the full experience.

How much does Demio cost?

The least expensive package costs $34 per month (paid annually). Additionally, a bespoke plan is possible.

Does Demio have video?

Yes, Demio may be used to stream live or prerecorded video.

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