ClickMagick Review 2022: Is It the #1 Tracking Software for Marketers?

Looking for simple link tracking software? Consider using ClickMagick.
It includes a plethora of features such as cross-device tracking, offline sales tracking, automated split testing, bot filtering, and many others.
Here’s our frank ClickMagick review, complete with features, pros and cons, pricing, and more.

Are you looking for an unbiased ClickMagick review? You’ve come to the right place.

If you’re a blogger or affiliate marketer looking to boost website conversions and sales, you must track ALL of your clicks.

Tracking your clicks can help you with a variety of things, including:

  • -You can gain a better understanding of your target audience.
  • -You can identify all of your traffic sources.
  • -You can see where your marketing campaigns are succeeding and where they need to be improved.

So, what’s the best way to accurately track your clicks?
Allow us to introduce you to ClickMagick.

What exactly is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a “link tracking software” that allows you to track your online and offline conversions easily and accurately.

It enables you to test and optimise links in your marketing campaigns, such as sales funnels, social media, blogs, emails, ads, and more.

Cross-device tracking, offline sales tracking, split testing, and other powerful tracking features are available from ClickMagick.

In a nutshell, ClickMagick is a click tracking tool that allows you to track every external click that leads to your website.


Why Should Everyone Use This Amazing Tracking Software, According to ClickMagick Review 2022?

ClickMagick's features include:

Here are a few of ClickMagick’s powerful features.

  • -Here are a few of ClickMagick’s powerful features.
  • -Track the sales funnel for your entire website.
  • -Make use of tracking links or your own URLs.
  • -Tracking across multiple devices
  • -Tracking of offline sales
  • -Endless custom tracking domains
  • -In-the-moment statistics and reports
  • -Extreme geotargeting and mobile optimization
  • -Split testing that is automated
  • -Analysis of traffic quality and click fraud
  • -Insert retargeting pixels into any link.
  • -Affiliate links that change dynamically
  • -Google Analytics-compliant
  • -Import/export your data and statistics, among other things

How to Begin with ClickMagick

Here’s how to get started with ClickMagick tracking software quickly.

To begin, if you’re new to ClickMagick, take advantage of their 14-day free trial.

After logging into your account, you’ll see a setup wizard. Here’s how it appears:

As you can see above, there are several options. Choose the one that best meets your requirements.

When you select one of them, you will be taken to a custom 2-minute video to help you get started.

This is how the welcome screen setup wizard appears;

Follow these three steps to begin tracking with ClickMagick on your website or landing page.

Step 1: Insert the tracking code into your website or landing page (which you can find by clicking on Grab your Website Code on your main Campaigns Welcome Screen under Step 1).

Step 2: Insert the UTM tracking parameters into the URLs you already have. ClickMagick provides a Campaigns URL Builder to assist you in quickly creating all of the UTM tracking links that you require.

Step 3: Put your newly created URLs to use for tracking.

To begin tracking, use your newly-generated URLs on your website, landing pages, ads, and so on.

That’s all there is to it; the setup is complete, and you’re ready to track every link.

Once you’ve completed your setup and begun tracking links, you can view analytics in your ClickMagick dashboard.

Here’s how it appears:

Have you noticed that? You can see everything from a single location where you can discover;

-All of your campaign statistics (including total clicks, unique clicks, repeat clicks)

-All of your link statistics (including total clicks, unique clicks, and flagged clicks)

-All of your rotators’ statistics (including total clicks, unique clicks, and flagged clicks)

-All of your conversion statistics (including total customers, actions, engaged conversions)

-All of your revenue figures (including total revenue, expenses, and net profit)
So, what are you holding out for?

7 MAJOR Advantages of Using ClickMagick

Here are SEVEN major reasons why you should use ClickMagick to track all of your online marketing activity.

1. Reliable Link Tracking

The MAJOR advantage of using ClickMagick is that it provides precise link tracking.

You can monitor the performance of each and every link.

In fact, you can determine the IP address and timestamp of each click.

ClickMagick also allows you to track your entire sales funnel.

Examine it out;

  • As you can see above, it’s simple to determine which page is generating sales for you (along with the action earnings). Isn’t it useful?

2. Device-to-Device Tracking

Did you know that the average Internet user owns THREE different devices?

According to Statista, the average American in the United States has access to more than TEN connected devices.

For example, a user may browse information about a product on a smartphone, then watch a review about it on an iPad, and then purchase that product on a laptop a few days later.

When an Internet user uses multiple devices at the same time, it is nearly impossible to determine their true activity.

So, how do you know what your target customer wants when he’s constantly switching between devices?

This is where cross-device tracking comes into play.

Cross-device tracking enables you to track your customers’ true activity across multiple devices.

In layman’s terms, cross-device tracking allows you to track a single user’s behaviour across multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and so on.

You can then optimise your landing pages, product copy, ads, and so on to increase your overall conversions and sales.

Here’s an example to help you understand it even better.

One significant advantage of cross-device tracking is that it allows you to better understand the journey of your target audience. It ultimately assists you in improving your own products based on user behaviour.

Fortunately, ClickMagick software includes cross-device tracking, allowing you to monitor and optimise everything.

If you want to set up cross-device tracking, make sure to read ClickMagick’s guide.

3. The Rotators

ClickMagick provides “Rotators,” which allow you to easily redistribute your clicks to multiple URLs based on your needs.

Rotators’ primary function is to distribute your traffic.

Here’s an example of a rotator:

To deliver clicks to your rotator URLs, ClickMagick provides four rotator modes, which are listed below.

  • 1. Mode of Operation (this mode will send all traffic to the first active URL in the rotator including repeat clicks from the same user until that URL has received the maximum number of unique clicks)
  • 2. Cross-contamination (this mode will send traffic to each URL in the rotator, one after the other, as repeat users hit your rotator multiple times)
  • 3. haphazard (this mode will distribute your clicks in a completely random manner to all active URLs)
    Mode 4: Sequential (this mode will send incoming clicks to each rotator URL in order, then when it reaches the bottom it will simply start over again at the top)

4. It provides automated split testing.

Split testing (also known as A/B testing) is a popular method used by website owners to increase website conversions and sales.

However, most people get it wrong because they either stop performing split tests too soon or don’t optimise for the right metrics.

This is where ClickMagick comes in handy, as it provides automated split testing that employs proprietary algorithms to assist you in selecting the BEST winner when performing split testing.

You can easily set up split testing on your ads, landing pages, and website using ClickMagick to see which one works best.

Not only does ClickMagick’s split testing end the split test once a winner is determined, but it also redirects all traffic to the winner page to make the most of every click.

5. An Easy-to-Use Interface

Another significant advantage of using ClickMagick is that it has an easy-to-use interface.

Even if you’re new to click tracking, you’ll find ClickMagick’s interface to be extremely user-friendly.

Whether you’re a website owner or an affiliate marketer, ClickMagick can help you improve your website conversions by quickly tracking all of your clicks.

It is simply 10 times easier and more efficient to use ClickMagick for tracking or split testing.

Here’s what it looks like after you log in:

As shown above, you can create everything from campaigns to links to rotators from a single location.

You’ll also be able to view all of your stats in one place and have access to tutorials and videos if you need them.

ClickMagick also provides a 14-day free trial, so give it a try by clicking on the link below.


6. Automatic Bot Traffic Filtering

“Bot traffic” is one of the most serious issues that most website owners and advertisers face.

Bot traffic is simply internet traffic generated by automated software or bots. It’s pointless and frequently messes up your traffic statistics as well as your ad budget.

ClickMagick assists you with automatic bot filtering, ensuring that you always have accurate traffic statistics.

To block bot traffic for all of your tracking links and rotators, go to the Filter tab and select Block for “Bot.”

Here’s how it appears:

7. 24/7 Expert Support

If you’re going to use click tracking software, make sure it has 24-hour customer service.

Whether you’re new to click tracking or have never used a tracking software like ClickMagick, you’ll need assistance (especially in the beginning).

ClickMagick provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You’ll have access to live chat support, onboarding calls, and phone support if you use their Standard or Pro plan.

If you have their Starter plan, you can submit a ticket at any time and they will respond within 8 to 10 hours.

ClickMagick also provides a plethora of helpful video tutorials, FAQs, support tickets, and other resources to help you get started with their software.

ClickMagick Pricing

So, how much does ClickMagick set you back? The three pricing options available from ClickMagick are as follows.

1. Starter plan:

If you’re just getting started and want basic tracking features, this plan is for you. It costs $37 per month and includes the following features.

  • You can track up to 10,000 clicks per month.
  • Add one more team member.
  • Conversions are unlimited.
  • TrueTracking’s core features
  • Tracking of a single project’s funnel
  • Set up two custom tracking domains.
  • Data retention for six months
  • Basic online assistance

2. Standard plan:

This plan is appropriate for growing businesses and costs $77 per month. It includes the following features.

  • You can track up to 100,000 clicks per month.
  • Add up to three team members.
  • Conversions are unlimited.
  • TrueTracking’s core features
  • Tracking across multiple devices
  • Tracking phone and in-person sales
  • Optimization of the audience
  • API for Facebook conversions
  • Click Shield for PPC
  • 5 projects’ funnel tracking
  • You can create up to ten custom tracking domains.
  • Data retention for one year
  • Helpdesk service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Live chat assistance is available.
  • Call for one-on-one onboarding
  • Phone assistance is available.
  • Paid traffic courses are available.

3. Pro plan:

If you want unlimited features with extended tracking limits, this plan is ideal for you. It costs $197 per month and includes the following features.

  • Everything included in the Standard plan
  • You can track up to 1 million clicks per month.
  • You can have an unlimited number of team members.
  • Tracking of unlimited funnels
  • Add an unlimited number of custom domains.
  • “Done For You” Assistance
  • Data retention for two years

ClickMagick's Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using ClickMagick software.


  • Every ad on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other paid platforms can be tracked.
  • Provides a 14-day no-strings-attached free trial.
  • It provides true cross-device tracking, allowing you to accurately track a user’s behaviour even if he switches between devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so on.
  • It is fully compatible with Facebook’s Conversion API.
  • Offline conversions can also be tracked.
  • Provides real-time statistics such as conversion rates, ad spend, average order value, return on ad spend, and more.
  • Allows you to easily optimise all of your landing pages through automated split testing.
  • It has a large knowledgebase with over 400 articles and tutorials on how to use their software.
  • You will have access to a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Because ClickMagick has so many features, there is a learning curve for those who are new to it.

It does not provide live chat support.

Customer Feedback & Testimonials for ClickMagick

Looking for ClickMagick customer reviews and testimonials? This section is entirely dedicated to you.

Shaqir Hussyin, the founder and CEO of &, has this to say about ClickMagick.

Finally, some thoughts on the ClickMagick review

ClickMagick is an all-in-one tracking software that can handle all of your online marketing needs. You can use it to track every link on your website, landing pages, social media ads, Google ads, and more.

If you want to get the most out of your links, use link tracking software such as ClickMagick.

So, what are your thoughts on our ClickMagick review? Were you able to use it? Do you have any queries about this tracking software? Tell us in the comments.


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