Books Gallery Review 2022 – Is it Best WordPress Library Plugin?

Books Gallery Review 2022

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Do you want an unbiased opinion on the Books Library plugin? Then this is what you’ve been searching for.

Books Gallery is a straightforward WordPress book library plugin that allows you to set up an online bookstore, gallery, or library.

You may use it to stylishly exhibit your books and sell them straight from your website or third-party marketplaces such as Amazon. It also makes it simple to construct attractive book product pages. And creating your mobile-friendly books shop will just take a few minutes.

We evaluated the Books Library plugin and given you this extensive and complete evaluation to learn more. Here, we’ll look through the Books Gallery plugin’s features, cost, support, pros and downsides, and more.

Then we can assess if it is the greatest WordPress library plugin for you to utilise. So, let’s get started.

A) Books Gallery – WordPress Book Library Plugin Introduction B) Books Gallery Plugin Key Features
C) How Do I Install and Set Up the Books Gallery Plugin?
D) How to Make a Book Showcase Page with the Books Gallery
E) How to Sell eBooks with the Books Gallery and WooCommerce
F) Books Gallery Pricing Structures
G) Customer Service at the Books Gallery
H) Book Pros and Cons Gallery
I) Book Gallery Alternatives
J) Conclusion – Is it the Best WordPress Library Plugin?
A) Books Gallery – WordPress Book Library Plugin is now available.
Books Gallery is one of the top freemium WordPress self-publishing plugins for creating an online book library or shop. It’s a simple, but useful and powerful plugin.

Books Gallery – WordPress Library Plugin Review Whether you’re a book author, publisher, or book shop, you can simply create your own online books library and self-publish your books online. Visitors may also download or purchase the books for free. You may sell your books directly from your website using WooCommerce or via a third-party site.

In reality, you may develop a book gallery that simply features the books of others and make a lot of money via affiliate marketing.

You could, for example, create a book gallery and promote Amazon’s books. When visitors purchase books on Amazon after clicking on our links, you’ll get a percentage of the sale. You should, however, utilise your affiliate links for this. You may get such connections by becoming a member of Amazon’s affiliate programme.

If you’re a good marketer, merely building a book display website may help you become self-sufficient. And Books Gallery is the ideal plugin for creating such a website!

Another possibility is to sell your own books on your website. Even that is simple using the Books Gallery plugin.

The plugin includes a plethora of important fields for a book library. You can also completely tweak those choices to make your book shop seem stunning. Once the gallery has been constructed, just connect WooCommerce and begin selling.

This is a significant benefit since WooCommerce alone is insufficient for creating a feature-rich bookstore because it lacks the functionalities required to operate a bookstore.

Let’s continue with this Books Library review.

B) Key Benefits of the Books Gallery Plugin
In this portion of the Books Library review, we’ll go through the Books Gallery’s main features. It is a freemium plugin with both free and premium functionality.

So, let’s have a look at these characteristics.

1. Responsive Book Display
Books Gallery enables you to create a clean, modern, and responsive book display. So, by utilising this plugin, you may show your preferred books in a visually appealing manner.

Books Gallery Plugin with Responsive Design – Library Review
Showcase of Responsive Books
All you have to do now is upload the books with the information. While the plugin handles the remainder of the front-end presentation of the books. And it’s been meticulously developed to deliver a simple and sleek aesthetic that adapts to every screen size.

2. Search Panel That Is Completely Customizable
A search panel is essential for a bookshop or library to efficiently browse through a large list of books. Books Gallery has a completely customizable search bar to help your visitors easily locate the books they’re looking for.

The Search Panel Settings may be found on the admin dashboard. It has Content options and Style settings, which allow you to tweak and personalise the search panel.

Settings for the Search Panel in the Books Gallery
Configuration of the Search Panel
You may put seven free search items on your search panel. They are the title of the book, the year, the language, the category, the author, the publisher, and the ISBN.

The following are some of the settings available in the Search Panel Settings:

The search panel may be shown or hidden.
Enable or deactivate all search items to appear or disappear from the search panel.
Capable of searching for objects based on placeholder or default text.
The ability to search using the submit button text option.
Colorize the submit button, border, and text.
It is possible to provide a refresh button to reset the form data.
3. Extensive Gallery Settings Panel
You may manage your book gallery from the dashboard in the same way that you can modify your search panel. To do so, go to the Gallery Settings menu. There, you’ll find the previously stated Content and Styles settings.

Gallery Preferences in Books Gallery Plugin Gallery Preferences
You may adjust gallery columns for desktop and mobile devices under the Content settings. Then you may choose whether the book cover width should be default or full. It also features sorting options such as ascending and descending order depending on particular information. And these are only a few examples. It has a lot more to offer.

Style Options in the Books Gallery
Style Preferences
Following that are the Styles options. You may now modify the contents of your library that you just finished. It entails selecting the colour and font colour of the download or purchase button, book title, and so on. You may also change the font size of the book title, description, and other elements.

4. Several Shortcodes
This plugin includes a number of shortcodes that allow you to simply build up basic to complicated functionalities on the online library. Some of them are accessible for free, while others are only available in the premium editions of this plugin.

Among the free ones, the first is [wp books gallery]. Using this, all of the books and their information will be shown on your website.

You can also use the shortcode [wp books gallery category = “Thriller”] to show the books by category. (Replace Thriller with the category name of your book.)

Shortcodes in the Books Gallery
On its premium editions, you may reveal or conceal the quantity of books to display by using shortcodes. It is also possible to show the books of an author.

In addition, you may reveal or hide the search panel using a shortcode. You can also add a pagination option to your gallery by using a shortcode.

5. Various Book Details Preferences
It should be noted that visitors may see the specifics of a certain book on the detail page. So, when you click on a book, another page with information about that book appears.

Detail Options in the Books Gallery Detail Options
The Books Information Settings menu may be found on the admin dashboard for controlling and altering various book details. There, you may choose how the author, category, publisher, publish date, ISBN, number of pages, country, language, and other information appear alongside the label text.

6. Compatibility with a Wide Range of Other WordPress Plugins
Books Gallery is tightly integrated with a slew of other popular WordPress plugins. To begin, you may utilise the Amazon Affiliate plugin to sell other authors’ books through affiliate marketing.

You may also use WooCommerce to sell your own books on your shop. Books Gallery is well-integrated with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell books in your shop with ease. You may also include book reviews and rating tools into your library.

You may also look at some of the other WordPress plugins offered by this firm. Such as HM Product Catalog, HM – Cool Author Box, and so on, which may be used in conjunction with Books Gallery.

7. Additional Premium Features
The Books Gallery plugin’s premium edition includes a slew of special features. In this Books Library review, we’ll also go over a few of them.

I) Advanced Book Display Page
The premium edition comes with some incredible features for your book display page. For example, you may display an endless number of books and add pagination to them. You may also show the price of each book.

In the Books Library, there is a premium book showcase.
Advanced Book Showcase Premium
You may also enable visitors to contribute reviews and ratings to a book. Not only that, but you may include two buttons on the same book, one for download and one for purchase.

Slider of Featured Books
Slider of Featured Books – Books Library
Slider with Featured Books
Using this shortcode, you may show the featured books in a slider on the Professional Plan:

[wp books gallery view layout=’slide’ type=’featured’ display=8]

Slider of the Most Recent Books
Slider of the Most Recent Books – Books Library
Slider of New Books
Similarly, you can use the following shortcode to show the most recent books in a slider:

[wp books gallery view layout=’slide’ orderby=’date’ order=’desc’] type=’latest’ display=8 orderby=’date’ order=’desc’]

Categorized Books Slider – Books Gallery IV) Categorized Books Slider – Books Gallery
Slider with Categorized Books
You can also use this shortcode to show the slider on a certain category:

[wp books gallery view style=’slide’] ‘Thriller & Crime’ display=6]

Let us now move on to the following portion of this Books Library evaluation.

C) How Do I Install and Set Up the Books Gallery Plugin?
We’ll teach you how to download and install the Books Library plugin in this portion of the review. The procedure outlined below applies to both free and paid versions.

Install and Setup the Free Version
You may simply get a free copy of this plugin to test and use on your site. You must first install and activate it on your WordPress site.

And installing and activating Books Gallery is comparable to installing and activating any other WordPress plugin.

So, please follow these procedures to make it as simple as possible.

Step 1: Download and install the plugin.
You must first log in to your WordPress dashboard. Then go to the Plugins area. Then, choose Add New from the drop-down menu.

Books Gallery WordPress Library Plugin Installation
Activating the Books Gallery Plugin
On this page, a search box is located in the upper right corner. To search for this plugin, enter the phrase ‘Books Gallery’ and press enter.

The search results are available in a matter of seconds. As a result, the ‘Books Gallery’ plugin is also available here. To install this plugin on your dashboard, click the Install Now button.

Step 2: Enable the Plugin
The Install Now button is replaced by the Activate button after the installation is complete. So, you may now click the Activate button.

Activating the WordPress Plugin Books Gallery
Using the Books Gallery Plugin
Books Gallery will be active on your WordPress site as a result of this. In addition, a new option called ‘WBG Books’ has been added to your dashboard.

There is an option here to enable the Freemius service while using the WordPress Books Gallery plugin. By selecting the Allow & Continue button, you will be able to access and upgrade the plugin’s premium features.

Activation of Freemius in the Books Gallery
Step 3: Configure the Settings after Activating Freemius
The majority of the options in this plugin are deactivated by default. So, you can use the dashboard settings to show the necessary information about the books and change their contents.

In the last part, we discussed the Search Panel Settings, Gallery Settings, and Book Details Settings. Now, depending on your need, you may activate some of the necessary options.

Tick the Display Search Panel option, as in the Content settings of the Search Panel Settings, and then activate the search items there. Enable the information to appear on the book showcase and detail page under the Gallery Settings and Book Details Settings, respectively.

Similarly, you may edit your content by using the Style options in any of these settings. Please remember to click the Save Settings button after making any changes to a configuration.

You may now begin utilising this plugin in your book library.

Get the Premium Version and install it.
You must buy the plugin in order to utilise the premium version. And in this Books Library review, we’ll show you how to accomplish it.

You may do so directly from the Books Gallery website. If you have previously installed the free version, you may upgrade from the Upgrade option in the WBG Books menu on your dashboard.

Step 1: Buy the Plugin
We’re talking about the purchase from the website here. So, browse through the FAQ menu on the website’s navigation. Then, from the three price options, choose one. Click the Purchase button on the price plan you’ve selected.

Purchasing the Premium Version of Books Gallery
Buying Books Gallery
You will now be redirected to another website. On a dropdown menu, you may purchase a Single Site License, a 5-Site License, or a 20-Site License. In addition, each licence has an Annual and Lifetime access option.

Filling Personal Information for Purchasing Books Gallery Filling Personal Information for Purchasing Books
After selecting the licence and payment method, you must fill out the form with your personal information, including your email address. You must also enter your payment information and click the Review Order option.

Review Order for Book Purchases Library Reviewing Order
That’s worth noting that if you have a promotional code, you may input it as well.

When you click the buy button, you’ll get an email with a download link. So, click on the link, and the premium version will be downloaded to your computer.

Step 2: Download, install, and activate the Premium Plugin.
You must first upload the downloaded file to your dashboard in order to install the premium version of Books Gallery. So, navigate to the Add New option in your dashboard’s Plugins menu.

Click the Upload Plugin button, followed by the Choose File button. Now, upload the downloaded file here and click the Install Now option to the right of it.


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