Best Weebly Alternatives 2022 compared

Looking for a Weebly alternatives? In this article, I’ll go over five excellent options. The primary focus areas are the builders’ prices, templates, editors, and other features that may be useful for any specific needs.

Weebly is a well-known website builder known for its ease of use and a few business-friendly features. It also has a large app library. But nothing is perfect. One of Weebly’s most noticeable flaws is that it shifted its focus to eCommerce, leaving many users with unmet needs.

So, why should you think about a Weebly alternatives? Several factors are at work:

  •  Prices – Weebly’s prices have risen as a result of the builder’s increased emphasis on eCommerce sites. There are several less expensive options.
  •  Design – Weebly’s design options aren’t particularly extensive. Other builders may be able to provide you with more in this regard.
  •  Functionalities – Weebly, with its primary focus on eCommerce, omitted many useful features, while others, such as blogging tools, are severely limited.
  •  Editor – While Weebly’s editor is not the most difficult to use, it is also not the simplest. Perhaps you want something simpler and faster?

Without going into too much detail about the factors listed above, let’s see which of Weebly’s alternatives might be better for you.

Best Weebly Alternatives: Ranked

  • Zyro – the best overall Weebly alternative.
  • Squarespace – a more premium alternative to Weebly.
  • SITE123 – a beginner-friendly alternative to Weebly.
  • GoDaddy website builder – a Weebly alternative for businesses
  • Wix – a highly customizable Weebly alternative.

How DigitalOcean Alternatives Are Different From Regular Web Hosting

DigitalOcean has changed the way teams and individuals host applications and other web development projects. It is a distinct type of hosting that eliminates the need to maintain your own development infrastructure by utilising robust and dependable cloud hosting. DigitalOcean has also made this one-of-a-kind type of hosting more cheap. So why would anyone require DigitalOcean alternatives?

However, like with any technological systems, some customers desire a lower pricing, more storage, or unique features. That is why we have compiled a list of the finest DigitalOcean alternatives accessible right now.

Are you in a hurry? Here are the top DigitalOcean alternatives we’ll look at:

  • Vultr
  • Kamatera
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Linode

The most trustworthy alternatives provide a type of cloud hosting designed exclusively for developers. Some are less costly, while others are just “different” from DigitalOcean, the industry standard. Finding diverse programmes, like the Googles and Microsofts of the world, provides for a less cookie-cutter answer, and it’s always wonderful to have competition.

1) Zyro

Zyro is a low-cost alternative to Weebly with powerful built-in features. It outperforms Weebly in terms of performance, and the editor is incredibly simple to use. Not to mention the AI capabilities and pre-designed templates. It can undoubtedly meet a broader range of requirements.

Why is Zyro The Best Weebly Alternative?

Zyro is a less expensive alternative to Weebly, with a far more streamlined editing process.

Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Lower-cost eCommerce plans – Zyro is one of the most affordable website builders overall. Prices for the plans range from $2.69/mo to $14.39/mo, compared to Weebly’s $6.00/mo to $26.00/mo. At the same time, whereas Weebly’s prices for online stores begin at $12.00 per month, Zyro allows you to begin selling online for only $3.59 per month. Zyro also offers more advanced features for a lower price. For example, the $14.39/mo plan includes inventory management, whereas Weebly charges $26.00/mo for the same plan.

  • Modern templates – I’m not knocking Weebly’s templates, but Zyro’s appear more polished and modern. Furthermore, Zyro has over 130 design-crafted responsive themes, whereas Weebly only has 40.
  • Effortless editing – Zyro includes a simple and clean drag-and-drop editor that is simple to use. You can build on a template of your choice or let Zyro’s AI generate a website based on a few questions.

Excellent marketing and analytics functionality – Zyro is equipped with a wide range of features. The builder includes good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools as well as many built-in AI tools such as a heatmap and a writer, and it allows you to sell on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, you can connect your Google Analytics account to see what works and what doesn’t in order to improve your optimization.

Our Recommendation

What’s the bottom line? Zyro is superior to Weebly because it charges less for more features. I believe it is better suited to small businesses and personal use. It’s simpler, the templates look more modern, and you get more marketing and analytics features for a lot less money.


  • Prices begin at $2.69 per month.
  • 130+ contemporary templates
  • Editing procedure is simplified.
  • Excellent marketing and analytics tools built in.


  • Low prices are only available for annual billing periods.
  • The grid system restricts editing options.

2) Squarespace

Although Squarespace is a more expensive website builder than Weebly, it can assist you in creating a professional-looking website. The editing process is streamlined, and the most important tools for a successful site are already included. Furthermore, Squarespace has strong eCommerce and SEO features, making it suitable for both personal and business websites.

Why is Squarespace a good Weebly alternative?

Squarespace improves the appearance of your website. But there’s more to it than that:

  • PricingSquarespace offers more premium plans. Annual plans for the former start at $16.00/mo (the cheapest Weebly plan is $6.00/mo). If you want to sell online, you must select the Business plan, which costs $23.00 per month. Nonetheless, I believe it is worthwhile if you want that premium feel.
  • Built-in business toolsSquarespace’s strength is that you don’t need its app library to get everything you need for your website. All necessary features, such as a blogging platform, SEO, scheduling, and many others, are already included.
  • Modern templatesSquarespace has over 110 pre-designed templates that are all visually stunning. They’re entirely free and cover every major niche. They are divided into five major categories.
  • Simple and quick website building – To be honest, the website creation process is very similar to that of Weebly. The editor is simple to use, and all features are simple to add. You don’t have a lot of design options, but that’s true of most website builders.

Our Recommendation

Squarespace, in my opinion, is a better alternative to Weebly for creating a professional business website. The majority of important business features are pre-installed, and the premium themes look great.


  • Beautiful professional templates
  • A streamlined website development procedure
  • Essential business features are pre-installed.


  • Prices are higher than those of Weebly
  • Design flexibility is limited.

3) SITE123

SITE123 is another website similar to Weebly. It’s an excellent alternative for anyone looking for something simpler to use. Furthermore, ease of use is accompanied by built-in tools and the ability to sell online even with its entry-level plan, which is relatively uncommon in this industry.

Why is SITE123 a good Weebly alternative?

One of the primary benefits of using SITE123 is that you can create a fully functional site in a matter of minutes.

Other factors are also present:

  • PricingSITE123 is not necessarily less expensive than Weebly, but its basic plan allows you to sell online. That’s right, you can start selling online for only $12.80/month, compared to Weebly’s $12.00/month. However, the Basic plan only allows for 10 orders per month and PayPal payments. In addition to premium plans, SITE123 offers a free plan that can be used to familiarise yourself with the builder.
  • Building a website quicklySITE123 excels at this. Your website can be up and running in a matter of minutes. There are 160 stylish templates to choose from, and you can mix and match the elements to make something completely unique. The templates themselves could be improved, but they are still appealing.
  • Integrated featuresSITE123 does not rely on third-party applications. Everything you need to build and run a successful website is right at your fingertips. Whether you want to connect your Google Analytics account or optimise your website, the editor and dashboard have it all.

Our Recommendation

If you want something simple and quick, SITE123 is an excellent Weebly alternative. It is suitable for a wide range of users, from bloggers to businesses.


  • The entry-level plan includes eCommerce capabilities.
  • In just a few minutes, you can have a live website.
  • All necessary features are pre-installed.


  • Prices are slightly higher than those of Weebly.
  • The templates could use a few tweaks.

4) GoDaddy

GoDaddy Website Builder is one of many websites similar to Weebly. It’s a business-oriented website builder with a streamlined website creation process. The builder itself is very user-friendly and functional, particularly in terms of marketing and built-in features.

Why is GoDaddy website builder a good Weebly alternative?

Because of its excellent business features, some people prefer GoDaddy to any other website builder.

However, several factors are at work:

  • Pricing – GoDaddy’s prices are reasonable, and there are options for all budgets. The plans begin at $9.99 per month, which is slightly higher than Weebly. Furthermore, if you want to open an online store, GoDaddy only offers one eCommerce plan, which costs $16.99 per month. However, I believe that all of those marketing tools are worth the extra cost (when compared to Weebly’s cheapest eCommerce plan, which costs $12.00 per month).
  • Integrated functionalities – Because it is a business-oriented website builder, GoDaddy includes all business functionalities. You have free access to all of the following tools: online appointments, online booking, email marketing, and SEO advanced tools. However, eCommerce features are only available with the most expensive plan.
  • Streamlined website development process – To build a professional website with GoDaddy Website Builder, you don’t need any prior experience. The builder includes an easy-to-use user interface with all available options and features. Definitely beginner-friendly.

Our Recommendation

So, if you’re looking for sites similar to Weebly and want to run an online business, GoDaddy Website Builder might be the one. It’s reasonably priced, simple to use, and has excellent business tools.


  • Prices are extremely reasonable.
  • All necessary features are pre-installed.
  • The website creation procedure has been streamlined.


  • The editor’s time is limited.
  • There is only one eCommerce plan.

5) Wix

Wix is a highly customizable Weebly alternative. It includes a plethora of beautiful templates as well as numerous features. Wix also has an ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) that can help you build a website. This makes the builder even more appealing to novices.

Why is Wix a good Weebly alternative?

Wix is the most adaptable of the Weebly competitors. That is what most people are drawn to. That, along with a few other things:

  • Pricing – Wix has higher prices than Weebly, but it also has a wider range of features. Regular plans cost between $16.00 and $45.00 per month, while business/eCommerce plans cost between $27.00 and $59.00 per month. With 7 plans in total, there is something for everyone.
  • Modern templates – Wix’s templates are not only beautiful, but there are over 800 of them, including eCommerce templates. The possibilities are truly limitless. All of the templates are beautifully designed and mobile-friendly.
  • Editing options – I cannot emphasise enough how adaptable Wix is in terms of design options. There are over 1000 design elements that you can easily incorporate into your website. Furthermore, if the variety is a little overwhelming, Wix ADI can create a one-of-a-kind website based on a few questions. Not to mention that once you reach Wix’s drag-and-drop editor, you can edit the generated site as you see fit.
  • Large app library – Wix has an app market with over 250 integrations that offer a variety of functionalities. It’s safe to say that you’ll never be able to do everything Wix can.

Our Recommendation

Wix is an excellent alternative to Weebly because of its design flexibility. It provides you with the opportunity to create something unique and beautiful. You’re unlikely to find a more versatile website builder.


  • Over 800 contemporary templates
  • Complete design freedom
  • Over 250 plugins are available in the app market.


  • It costs more than Weebly.
  • There are so many editing options that it can be overwhelming.

Best Weebly alternatives: Final Recommendations

While there are many excellent Weebly sites, the platform is not without flaws. As a result, I’ve tested many builders and narrowed them down to the top five that offer good prices or incredible features. Here’s a quick rundown of each website builder’s key features:

  •  Zyro is a less expensive alternative to Weebly that offers ease of use and powerful built-in features such as AI tools, SEO, and many more.
    With its many built-in features, Squarespace is a Weebly alternative that will assist you in creating a beautiful and professional website.
  •  SITE123 is a low-cost and straightforward website builder that provides a quick and simple website creation process.
  •  GoDaddy website builder is a business-oriented builder with an easy-to-use creation process and powerful marketing tools.
  •  Wix is a highly customizable website builder with over 250 apps and a plethora of customizable elements.

How To Choose the Best Weebly Alternative

When looking for Weebly alternatives, there are a few key factors to consider. I’m talking about your budget, the type of website you want to build, design freedom, and the skills and time you have available.

  • Budget – Making a budget is a great place to start. Weebly is not a cheap builder, but if you want a better price-quality ratio, a builder like Zyro offers great functionality for only $2.69/mo.
  • Type of website – Weebly has shifted its focus to eCommerce, so if you don’t want to build an online store, there are other more flexible builders available. You could, for example, use Squarespace. It can assist you in developing a professional landing page or a small business website. At the same time, SITE123 may be useful if you want to create a simple blog or personal website.
  • Design and freedom – Some website builders can provide more than Weebly when it comes to creating a truly unique and stunning website. Take, for example, Wix. No other builder will give you more design flexibility, let alone over 800 templates for a unique look.
  • Time and skills – The entire purpose of a website builder is to assist those who find website creation difficult. Some builders, however, are more complex than others. If you value simplicity, a builder such as GoDaddy will assist you every step of the way.

That’s all there is to it. As long as you know exactly what you need, you can make an informed decision about which Weebly alternative is best for you.

Best Weebly Alternative - FAQs

What is the best Weebly alternative?

Zyro is the best alternative to Weebly. It is less expensive, requires almost no skills, and provides a more streamlined website creation process. Not to mention that the templates are visually appealing and responsive. So, Zyro includes a plethora of built-in features ranging from blogging to AI tools.

Is Weebly still free?

Weebly provides one free plan. It is, however, extremely limited and no longer provides custom domains for free accounts. You only get a free SSL certificate and 500MB of storage space.

Is Wix cheaper than Weebly?

No, Wix is not less expensive than Weebly. Wix’s regular site prices range from $16.00/mo to $39.00/mo, and business site prices range from $27.00/mo to $59.00/mo. Weebly’s prices for the same categories range from $6.00 per month to $26.00 per month.

Some of the links on this article/page are affiliate links. If you click on such an affiliate link and purchase the product, we’ll earn a specific percent commission from the seller. But it won’t at all affect the price you’ll pay.


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