Affiliate Booster Theme Review 2022 : Best Theme for Affiliates

If you want the best affiliate theme for your blog, you should read our Affiliate Booster Theme Review.

Kulwant Nagi, one of the most well-known affiliate marketers, owns and develops Affiliate Booster Theme.

Kulwant Nagi launched this theme specifically for affiliates; previously, no themes were accessible in the market that were built just for affiliates.

Kulwant has been in this field for a long time, therefore he understands what is missing in the market. Affiliate Booster Theme is intended to address gaps in the market.

So today I am going to be doing an Affiliate Booster theme review.

I installed an affiliate booster theme and plugin on one of my test blogs a few days ago. In this piece, I’ll talk about my experience with the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin, as well as its features and a review.

What exactly is Affiliate Booster?

Affiliate Booster is a theme that was created just for affiliates. Kulwant Nagi, India’s top affiliate marketer, launched this theme in June 2020. Affiliate Booster Theme includes an affiliate booster plugin for controlling and managing blocks.

Highlights of the Affiliate Booster Theme Review

  • -Brilliant-Fast Loading
  • -Optimized Schema
  • -Compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg
  • -Free Affiliate Booster Plugin
  • -Completely Responsive
  • -Controls for Typography
  • -Color Management
  • -Score on Google SEO = 99

Review & Features of the Affiliate Booster Theme

1. Extremely Fast Loading

It is critical that your website loads quickly if you want to rank high in SERPs. If your website takes too long to load, you will lose a lot of traffic and conversions.

If your website takes more than three seconds to load, your bounce rate will be high, which is not a good sign for ranking.

To improve load time, you’ll need a fast-loading theme. I ran some tests to evaluate the Affiliate Booster theme’s speed and performance.

Here is the Affiliate Booster theme’s GTMetrix score.

The overall grade is A, the performance grade is 97 percent, and the structure grade is 96 percent.

GT Metrix displays web vitals as well.

  • 1.0s – LCP
  • – TBT – 0
  • 0.04 – CLS

The scores listed above are outstanding.

Pingdom is also one of the greatest tools for determining website loading time, so here are the Pingdom results.

Now, we’ve tested our blog on Google Page Speed, and here are the findings.

Google Page Speed has a desktop score of 100 and a mobile score of 83.

As a result, the Affiliate Booster theme performs admirably in the speed test.

2. Optimized Schema

What exactly is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a piece of code that you may add to your website to assist search engines provide more informed results in a more visually appealing fashion.

As a result, it is critical to choose a Schema Optimized WordPress theme for a higher SERP position.

Affiliate Booster claims to be 100% Schema optimised. I ran my blog via Google’s ‘Rich Results Test’ tool, and this is the outcome.

The Affiliate Booster theme is eligible for rich results, according to Google’s Rich Results Test tool.

3. Google SEO Ranking

SEO enables search engine crawlers to crawl and rank a website. If your website is correctly SEO optimised, there is a better probability that it will be ranked at the top.

The primary function of a theme is to make the website look nice, although currently practically all themes on the market are SEO optimised.

So we utilise Google’s Web.Dev to verify the SEO score of our blog, which has the Affiliate Booster theme installed.

We received an SEO score of 99 out of 100.

4. Mobile Responsive

The responsive WordPress theme will adapt to the screen size of the device.

Because 51.1 percent of people access the internet via mobile devices, it is critical that you utilise a fully mobile responsive WordPress theme.

Users will leave your website or blog if it does not seem good on their devices.

A responsive theme improves user experience and provides SEO benefits. Google uses mobile friendliness as one of its ranking variables.

So we ran Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test on our Affiliate Booster theme blog. And the end product is Affiliate Booster, a fully mobile responsive WordPress theme.

5. Compatible with Elementor

The Affiliate Booster theme is completely Elementor compatible. It implies you can use it to install and use the world’s most popular page builder.

Elementor is among the most popular and effective page builders on the market. Elementor is the ideal tool for creating any form of landing page or post design.

Affiliate Booster theme is compatible with practically all popular page builders, including Thrive Architect and Beaver Builder, in addition to Elementor.

6. Simple Customization

The theme’s primary goal is to make the website seem nice. Affiliate Booster theme offers for complete customization; with this theme, you can make your website appear nice.

It lets you experiment with different home page layouts, single-page layouts, header variations, menu customisation, logo width, footer width, global title colours, and so forth.

1. Design of the Homepage

The Affiliate Booster theme includes seven alternative homepage layout possibilities. In a row, you can also enable left, right, no sidebar, or full-width articles. All of these layouts are great and appear quite professional.

Affiliate Booster provides the following homepage layout options:

  • -Simple Layout
  • -Simple Layout + Large Featured Image
  • -Extensive Featured Images
  • -Grid Design
  • -Grid Layout with Large Featured Image
  • -Featured Image in Full Width
  • -Grid Layout with Full Width

2. Design of a Single Post

Affiliate Booster makes it simple to alter the single post layout. You can enable/disable the featured image, author bio, and Breadcrumbs in this theme.

It essentially comes with two single post layout options: Layout 1 and Layout 2. You can also activate and disable the right and left sidebars, as well as select a full-width post style.

3. Footer Design Alternatives

Affiliate Booster allows you to add up to 4 columns in a footer menu, as well as configure colours, fonts, height adjustment, and copyright Code.

4. Header Design

Affiliate Booster enables three distinct types of header layout options, allowing you to change the design of your website header with a single click. You can also change the padding of the header.

  • -Header 1 (Logo + Side Menu)
  • -Header No. 2 (Centered Logo)
  • -3rd Header (Logo + Banner)

5. Personalized Scripts

Custom scripts allow you to simply add scripts such as codes, Facebook pixels, tags, and others that aid in tracking and marketing.

Affiliate Booster users can quickly install global and local scripts. Simply copy your code and put your scripts into the header or footer.

Widget Configuration

These are the ten widget possibilities for Affiliate Booster.

  • -Primary Sidebar
  • -Banner at the top
  • -Advertisements above the title
  • -Ads below the title
  • -Following the Content Area
  • -Before Footer – for advertising purposes
  • -Column 1 (Footer)
  • -Column 2 (Footer)
  • -3rd Footer Column
  • -Column 4 at the bottom

7. Typography Alternatives

Affiliate Booster provides a number of font variations across the theme. Here are some of the most important options:

-Color of the body’s background

You can alter and establish a background colour for the body of your posts and pages using the body background colour option.

-Color of the Background Content

You can change the colour of your content background using Content Background Color.

-Excellent Typography

You can change the font style and size from here. For each text such as H1, H2, H3.., Body, Paragraph, and so on, you can easily change the font colour, size, font, and so on.

Features of the Affiliate Booster Plugin

Together with the Affiliate Booster theme, you will receive a free Gutenberg block editor plugin.

This is a Gutenberg block editor add-on that is incredibly useful for affiliate sites. You may add blocks like Pros and disadvantages, Star rating, Comparison table, and more with a single click.

In the Gutenberg block editor, the Affiliate Booster plugin is labelled ‘AB.’ Simply install and activate this plugin to begin creating your articles and pages.

So here are some Affiliate Booster plugin blocks for you.

1. Affiliate Booster Advantages and Disadvantages

Including pros and disadvantages in a post facilitates decision-making and aids in overcoming decision-making paralysis. You can add attractive pros and disadvantages with Affiliate Booster plugin blocks in a single click.

2. Affiliate Booster Comparison Chart

Visitors may quickly examine the price and details of a product by using a comparison table. It also improves conversion rates and aids in the exit from the product decision process.

To add a table, you must first install plugins and then design it manually, which is a time-consuming process.

However, the Affiliate Booster plugin allows users to construct an appealing product comparison table with a single click.

3. Call to Action Block for Affiliate Booster

If you want to boost conversions, use a call to action block in your content. It assists visitors in determining the next steps to take.

A gorgeous CTA box can be added to your post with a simple click.

4. Affiliate Booster Individual Product Block

With this single product block, you may showcase some of a product’s most critical qualities.

Affiliate Booster plugin provides ready-to-use blocks; all you need to do is edit the text, add a picture, and a link.

5. Notice Block for Affiliate Booster

The notice block aids in capturing the attention of your website’s visitors. Most readers scroll quickly, thus this block is really useful in that situation.

6. Affiliate Booster Notification Block

The AB Notification block is intended to highlight an essential notice or feature of a product.

7. Affiliate Booster's Favorite

This section is meant to promote or showcase some of the best top pick products. This contributes to a higher conversion rate.

8. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Booster

You can use this area to highlight the product’s advantages and disadvantages. This block aids in product selection and conversion.

9) Affiliate Booster Advanced Discount

This is a critical component of the affiliate website. If a product is on sale, you may use it to build an outstanding conversion optimised coupon box.

10) Affiliate Booster Product Column

You may use this block to add a couple of products in a column so that readers can easily and quickly check them out.

11. Affiliate Booster Progress Bars

This is also an important block for affiliates; you can use it to display your product’s feature rating in a progress bar.

Additional Affiliate Booster Plugin Blocks

AB also provides some additional blocks, which are listed below.

  • -The AB Button
  • Table of Contents -AB
  • Star Rating AB
  • -List of AB Icons
  • Dynamic Block AB
  • -AB Header Block
  • Coupon Box AB
  • -AB Finally,

Installing and Activating the Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin

Follow these steps to download and install this theme and plugin.

Step 1: Go to this page to buy Affiliate Booster themes.

Step 2: You will be led to the dashboard once you have successfully purchased it. You may get the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin from this page.

Step 3: Navigate to appearance > themes > add new > upload theme > install theme > activate on your WordPress dashboard.

To install a plugin, go to plugins > add new > upload plugin > install > activate.

Step 5: After that, enter your licence key from your affiliate booster dashboard and activate the theme and plugin.

Pricing for the Affiliate Booster Theme

Annual Pricing for Affiliate Booster Theme

Lifetime Pricing for Affiliate Booster Theme

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Booster Theme


  • -Quick Loading
  • -Gutenberg Compliant
  • -Easy to personalise
  • -Free Affiliate Booster Plugin
  • -Completely Responsive
  • -Excellent Assistance
  • -Theme #1 for affiliates
  • -Priced Reasonably


  • -User interface needs to be improved.

Final Thoughts on Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin

I hope you found this Affiliate Booster theme review 2022 useful.

Without a doubt, Affiliate Booster is the best theme for affiliates. I tested it on my test blog and am pleased with it, but if they can improve the UI, it will be even better.

As a result, I recommend this theme to affiliate marketers who are searching for a theme that is specifically designed for an affiliate website.


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