9 Best Flickr WordPress Plugins for 2022 (Mostly Free)

Best Flickr WordPress Plugins -2022

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Are you looking for the finest Flickr WordPress plugin? If so, you’ve come to the correct place.

There are a variety of methods to show your photographs on the WordPress site. However, you are sometimes unable to show photographs from your social network accounts. Take, for example, Flickr.


In this case, you may use a plugin like the Flickr WordPress plugin, which allows you to integrate Flickr photographs into your WordPress site.


As a result, we’ve compiled a selection of the top Flickr WordPress plugins for your website in this post. Let’s get started.



What exactly is Flickr? What Is the Purpose of a Flickr Plugin?

The Top 9 Flickr WordPress Plugins in 2022

1. Meks Flickr Widget Meks Simple Flickr Widget Meks Simple Flickr Widget Meks

2. Flickr Album Viewer

3. Grid Gallery Is Essential


5. Flickr Photonic Gallery Plugin

Sixth. Global Gallery

7. Image Grid That Is Justified

8. Flickr Album Photostream Profile

10Web’s Photo Gallery

How Do I Insert Flickr Photos Into WordPress? (Step-by-Step)


What exactly is Flickr? What Is the Purpose of a Flickr Plugin?

Flickr is a popular photo-sharing website where you may post photographs for others to view. You may use this platform to distribute your high-resolution photographs and Flickr photos.




This site is popular not only among professional photographers, but also among amateur photographers. To get started, just create a free account and submit your images to share with your friends and other online followers.


If you want to show all of your Flickr visual material on your WordPress site, you’ll need to utilise the Flickr plugin. When you use these plugins, you will have a plethora of customization choices to ensure that your material is displayed in a more visually appealing manner.


As a result, let’s take a look at some of the top Flickr WordPress plugins on the market right now.


The Top 9 Flickr WordPress Plugins in 2022

1. Meks Flickr Widget Meks Simple Flickr Widget Meks Simple Flickr Widget Meks

Simple Flickr Widget by Meks

Meks Simple Flickr Widget is the finest Flickr WordPress plugin for easily displaying your Flickr photographs in the form of a widget. It’s the most user-friendly Flickr WordPress plugin for beginners.


Unlike other plugins, it does not need any special authorization to use and simply requires your user ID. It also has a more responsive style for displaying your photographs at bigger sizes.


Key Characteristics:

Both Flickr individuals and Flickr groups are supported.

Change the thumbnail size to suit your needs.

A well-integrated caching mechanism improves speed.

Price: None.


Get the Meks Flickr Widget Right Now!

2. Flickr Album Viewer

Flickr Album Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Flickr Album Gallery is a well-known Flickr WordPress plugin that allows you to show all of your Flickr albums on your WordPress site. The nicest thing is that you can publish Flickr Albums on WordPress by just using your Flickr API and Flickr Album ID.


Similarly, you may show your Flickr album picture with a smooth transition to provide a relaxing impression to your visitors. Additionally, it has several columns, a thumbnail limit setting, a slow loading option, and custom CSS.


Key Characteristics:

Simple and simple to use

200 photos per album

Setting for lazy loading

It includes 8 mouse hover effects and animations for album thumbnails.

Album galleries that are SEO friendly

Lightbox, two-column layout, masonry layout, and other features are also included.

Flickr Album Gallery is available in both free and paid editions. The free version is available from the WordPress.org plugin repository. Similarly, you may buy its premium version from its official website, which comes with three price options:


$21 for a single website licence

$75 for a five-site licence

Multiple Website Licence: $129

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3. Grid Gallery Is Essential

Flickr WordPress Plugin – Essential Grid Gallery

Essential Grid Gallery is a strong WordPress gallery plugin that allows you to build stunning media galleries and grids on your site. The best part is that you may draw pictures from a variety of sources.


You may, for example, establish automatic grids and promote your content on other social networking platforms. YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Behance, and Flickr are just a few examples.


The plugin includes a variety of layout variations and skins. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly visual skin designer that allows you to create an unlimited number of new skins for your gallery.


Key Characteristics:

Responsive and mobile-friendly

Boxed, full-width, and full-screen layouts are available.

There is a collection of over 50 basic grid designs.

It includes comprehensive and focused video instruction for novices.

It also has a variable transition speed.

Pricing: One of the finest WordPress plugins for Flickr galleries is Essential Grid Gallery. CodeCanyon sells it for $69 USD.


Get your copy of Essential Grid Gallery right now!


Flickr WordPress Plugin Slickr-Flickr

If you want to create simple Flickr slideshows and galleries for your website, Slickr-Flickr is the tool for you. It allows you to show off your Flickr photographs as a gallery, a galleria, or an unbranded slideshow.


Similarly, its great use of an effective caching technology makes loading the picture gallery quick. It includes a number of lightboxes, including Evolution Lightbox, Shadow Box, Pretty Photo, Highslide, and others. Furthermore, this plugin is simple to configure, and even inexperienced users may utilise it efficiently.


Key Characteristics:

Sorts your photographs by date, title, or description.

To quickly display your Flickr photographs on WordPress, use the “slickr-flickr” shotcode.

Slideshows that play automatically or manually

Also works nicely with sidebar articles, pages, and text widgets.

Price: None.


Get Slickr-Flickr Right Now!

5. Flickr Photonic Gallery Plugin

Flickr Plugin for Photonic Gallery

Photonic Gallery Flickr plugin is another another popular Flickr WordPress plugin, with over 10,000 active instals. It allows you to build picture galleries for social networking accounts like Flickr, Facebook, and Google Photos, among others. It enhances your WordPress gallery with a slew of new features.


You may set up authentication to enable visitors to access private and protected photographs from each supplier for more enhanced protection. In fact, you may display your lovely galleries in a variety of ways, including justified grid, masonry layout, tiled mosaic, and slideshow. Additionally, it allows you to utilise your own shortcode for Photonic galleries.


Key Characteristics:

Supports deep linking for non-WordPress photos.

Flickr images, albums, galleries, and collections are supported.

To show photographs with high sizes, use a responsive gallery layout.

Supports video galleries and lightboxes as well.

Furthermore, there is Gutenberg support.

Price: None.


Obtain Photonic Gallery Flickr Immediately!

Sixth. Global Gallery

Flickr WordPress Plugin Global Gallery

Global Gallery is another another popular WordPress gallery plugin that enables you to create visually appealing picture galleries from a variety of sources, including Flickr. It allows you to construct dynamic and adaptable galleries with an infinite number of picture sources.


It also has four gallery layouts. By using the gallery filtering engine, you can even tag each picture. It also includes 7 ready-to-use and completely customisable lightboxes.


Key Characteristics:

It has a self-hosted image manager that can handle massive numbers of photos on the fly.

Integrates seamlessly with WordPress galleries, functioning globally or on particular pages.

Allows you to customise the picture size for specific galleries.

Includes a visual gallery builder for thumbnail cropping and sorting.

Global Gallery is a $35 premium WordPress Flickr plugin available from CodeCanyon.


Get Global Gallery Right Now!

7. Image Grid That Is Justified

Flickr WordPress Plugin for Justified Image Grid

Justified Image Grid is a robust and responsive grid plugin for WordPress. It allows you to present your photographic material in a contemporary, clean, and eye-catching manner. You may use this to arrange your photographs into a perfectly balanced horizontal photo grid. In addition, when you show your photographs on your website, they will preserve their original aspect ratio.


You may also use it to show the gallery or the lightbox solely to paid/subscribed members. You may even conceal the amount of thumbs/likes, but the lightbox will still display all photos. You may also change the shape of the thumbnails to create a more regular or fuzzy grid.


Key Characteristics:

CDN compatibility and lightning-fast galleries

Layout that is automatically justified

The one-of-a-kind mix of parameters may be customised.

Allows you to speed up and extend the gallery with a single click.

It is possible to use animated GIFs and translucent PNGs.

Pricing: Justified Image Grid is a $27 premium WordPress gallery plugin available from CodeCanyon.


Now you can get a Justified Image Grid!

8. Flickr Album Photostream Profile

Flickr Album Gallery Photostream Profile

Album Photostream Profile is a Flickr gallery WordPress plugin developed with Bootstrap responsive CSS and based on the PHP API. It allows you to embed your Flickr albums and photostream into your WordPress site.


It also shows the photographs as a gallery, unbranded slideshow, or galleria. Other prominent features include adaptable design, an easy-to-use admin gallery, and compatibility with all web browsers.


Key Characteristics:

Simple to use

Color choices allow you to personalise your galleries.

To begin creating galleries, enter your user id and API key.

It includes a photostream and an album with over 30 hover effects.

There are many responsive lightboxes with thumbnails.

Pricing: This is a free Flickr WordPress plugin that can be downloaded from WordPress.org. You may, however, buy their pro version from their official website. There are three price options for this:


Personal Permit – $25

$99 for a business licence

$149 for a developer licence

Get Your Album Photostream Profile Right Now!

10Web’s Photo Gallery

10Web Photo Gallery – Flickr WordPress Plugin

Finally, we have Photo Gallery by 10Web, which allows you to create stunning Flickr mobile-friendly galleries for your WordPress site. Images and photographs may be added straight to your blog from the WordPress media library or an external image source.


Similarly, it has a plethora of addons that allow you to sell your digital picture rights from your website. It has four widget choices for displaying your albums in your website’s sidebar. They are the WP Standard Tag Cloud, the Dynamic Tags Cloud, the Slideshow, and the Gallery widget. Furthermore, you may display your media material in a flexible lightbox using one of 15 distinct slideshow effects.


Key Characteristics:

Make an infinite number of photographs, galleries, and albums.

Organize your galleries and albums in a way that is completely customisable.

Audio and video media are supported.

It has a watermarking tool that allows you to apply text or picture watermarks to your images.

Include social sharing buttons as well.

Photo Gallery by 10Web is a freemium plugin with both free and premium editions. You may get the free version from the WordPress.org plugin repository. The premium edition, on the other hand, has two price options:


Basic: $30 – For a single site

Pro: $60 – For Up to 5 Sites

Get 10Web’s Photo Gallery Now!

How Do I Insert Flickr Photos Into WordPress? (Step-by-Step)

We recently examined a couple of the greatest Flickr WordPress plugins. These are some of the most popular for showing your Flickr albums and photostream on your WordPress blog.


Anyway, today we’ll look at how we may use one of these plugins to integrate our Flickr photographs in our WordPress site. For the time being, we’ll use Meks Simple Flickr Widget to explore how we can integrate Flickr photographs into our WordPress site.


Step 1: Download and install Meks Simple Flickr Widget.

Meks Flickr Widget Plugin must be installed and activated.

Meks Flickr Widget Plugin must be installed and activated.

To install the plugin, click to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress dashboard. Then, in the search field, type in “Meks Simple Flickr Widget.” After you’ve located the plugin, click the Install Now button, followed by the Activate button.


Step 2: Construct a Flickr Widget

After you’ve finished and enabled the plugin, you’re ready to make a basic Flickr widget. To create a widget, go to Appearance > Widgets.


Page of Appearance Widgets

Page of Appearance Widgets

Following that, it will lead you to a widget page where you may add and configure your WordPress widgets as needed.


To make a Flickr widget, click the Add symbol and look for the Meks Flickr Widget.


Flickr Widget Block by Meks

Flickr Widget Block by Meks

Following that, it will create a new pop-up block for Meks Flickr Widget, from which you may configure it.

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