8 Best domainracer Alternatives [2022]: domainracer Competitors

DomainRacer Overview

DomainRacer is dedicated to providing consumers with cost-effective hosting solutions via the use of their SSD Linux-based framework. There is a lot to look forward to, including the provision of LiteSpeed, complimentary SSL security certification, cloud storage, and alternatives for cPanel. DomainRacer is a competitive challenger in the market as a result of its provision of such cutting-edge technology at pricing that are comparable to those of its rivals, as well as the company’s provision of performance that is both secure and rapid across the board. Providing up to limitless bandwidth, storage, sites, and domains together with many email accounts to manage large amounts of traffic. However, DomainRacer does not just end its functionality there, oh no. They will also give you with services in the areas of content management, backup, and redundancy in order to truly help you stay on track. You can achieve continuous smooth operation with user assistance available around the clock and a variety of tools at your disposal to manage your website.

There are nevertheless some concerns surrounding DomainRacer, including poor pre-sales response and perhaps limited server locations. Then again, overall on balance this still remains relatively good value for money, is fairly reliable and responsive in terms of customer support and of course, performance. With their flexible monthly and three yearly subsidised rates, one can elect for anything to satisfy their requirements. So why not give DomainRacer a try and be amazed at its quaint yet capable nature!

DomainRacer Features

  • SSD hosting with LiteSpeed 20x fater
  • ModSecurity Protection
  • Free SSL Certificate 256Bit
  • Free SEO Tools
  • Free WHMCS Billing Software
  • Free Resources: Video, knowledge & Ebook
  • MagicSpam Pro Email Filter
  • CloudLinux Hosting
  • Pricing and Support

DomainRacer Plans & Pricing in 2022

    • Starting Price: $ 0.99/month
    • Pricing Module:0
    • Trial Days: 14 days

DomainRacer alternatives


Bluehost is among the most established companies offering web hosting on the world wide web.

They have earned a reputation for providing web hosting of a superior quality at prices that are reasonable.

It is true that in the past there were some problems with the amount of uptime that their website hosting provided, but those problems have been fixed.

On their remarkable web hosting platform, they are now providing power to more than 2 million websites.

The web hosting provided by Bluehost is notable for many reasons, including but not limited to its great speed, inexpensive price, SSD storage, and free CDN.

Therefore, in the event that you are seeking for ideal hosting for your WordPress website, you should most certainly give Bluehost web hosting a go.

Why you should go for Bluehost hosting?

You should opt with hosting provided by Bluehost for a number of important reasons, including the following:

Providing support for more than 2 million websites via their web hosting

Includes a large amount of SSD storage as well as other performance improvements to help your WordPress website load even more quickly.

Packed includes a number of goodies like as SSL encryption, a domain name, a content delivery network (CDN), Office 365, and more

Offers a reliable uptime of 99% as standard.

Protects your website from malicious cyber activity by providing you with security features like as two-factor authentication, free SSL, Cloudflare CDN, and more.

Includes help available around the clock that is lightning quick to reply.

Web hosting that is simple to use, particularly when you are just getting started online.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost


Includes reliable performance elements that will help your website load quickly.

Your website will be safe to use thanks to the many safety measures that come included.

Includes a 99% uptime guarantee and offers lightning-fast service.

Using this web hosting service will net you a number of free extras, like an SSL certificate, a domain name, and many more.

Web hosting provided by Bluehost is very quick in any region of the globe.

Recently increased the number of their datacenters from one to six.

Support that is lightning quick, both in terms of its response time and the speed with which it resolves issues relating to your web hosting.


Uptime and other web hosting-related concerns have been noted by certain Bluehost customers, who utilise the service.

They engage in deceptive business practises in order to raise the average purchase price of their customers at the checkout page.

The cost to renew your web hosting with Bluehost is much more than average. (If you want to be protected against it, you may get its plan that covers 36 months.)

They do not provide web hosting plans on a month-to-month basis.

Bluehost Pricing Plans 2022

Basic – $2.95/month
Plus – $5.45/month
Choice Plus – $5.45/month
Pro – $13.95/month

Note: The prices for the Plus plan and the Choice Plus plan are the same initially, however there are differences in the prices for the renewals. Therefore, choose a plan that is suitable for your financial means.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the shared hosting options offered by Bluehost:

1. Basic Plan

2. Plus Plan

3. Choice Plus Plan

pro plan

What’s the money-back guarantee with Bluehost hosting?

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is a live example of how much can be accomplished with very little financial investment. Because of the payments, you could be tempted to mistrust the service’s dependability. However, you can relax knowing that Hostinger does not sacrifice quality in order to provide competitive costs. This service provider caters to newcomers while providing a comprehensive range of options.

So, what exactly does Hostinger provide in its package?

  • The hPanel hosting and site control panel is exclusive to Hostinger and was developed by the company. It’s fairly comparable to the cPanel that Bluehost uses in terms of how easy it is to use. Because of this, you will have an easy time navigating it regardless of the degree of expertise you possess.
  • You may be certain that your website will not be down for many days thanks to the service provider’s uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which is not offered by Bluehost.
  • With its shared hosting services, Hostinger gives customers the option to choose from one of four distinct server locations. You have the option of selecting Singapore, the United States, the Netherlands, or Lithuania.
  • In addition, Hostinger is a company that places a strong emphasis on performance. Because it always uses the most recent versions of its hardware and software and incorporates a large number of cutting-edge features, Hostinger is able to easily manage spikes in visitor volume.
  • Last but not least, the pricing are some of the most competitive you’ll find in the industry, with shared plans beginning at only $2.59 per month.

Hostinger pricing

Hostinger offers three different shared hosting plans, whereas Bluehost offers four different packages. There is the Single shared hosting plan, which costs $2.59 per month, the Premium package, which costs $2.59 per month, and the Business plan, which costs $3.99 per month. Bluehost, on the other hand, costs $2.95 per month for their Basic plan, $5.45 per month for their Plus and Choice Plus plans, and $13.95 per month for their Business plan (Pro).

The plans that are shown above include everything that is required for a basic website. You are provided with email accounts, a reasonable amount of bandwidth, and satisfactory speed, in addition to a few additional features such as weekly backups and a complimentary SSL certificate.

Single ($2.59/month)

permits connecting 1 website, comes with 1 email account, and has a bandwidth cap of 100 GB. It is sufficient for use in a personal blog.

Premium ($2.59/month)

The difference between this plan and the first is that with this one you get a limitless amount of bandwidth and databases, as well as twice as much processing power and memory. Appropriate for a personal blog that receives a significant amount of traffic, a portfolio, or for a freelancer.

Business ($3.99/month)

This package offers everything that Premium plus does as well as daily backups, four times the processing power, and double the amount of memory. Recommended for a website with a higher load.

The Premium and Business plans each provide a free domain registration for the first year of service.

In conclusion, similar to Bluehost, Hostinger only charges the pricing mentioned for the first payment of the hosting plan. Bear in mind, despite the fact that the renewal rates are somewhat higher, they are not quite as steep as they are with Bluehost.

Hostinger performance

When it comes to performance, Hostinger consistently delivers surprising results. In this section, I examined the provider’s capacity to successfully manage high levels of site traffic.

I have tested Hostinger’s capacity by loading the website with fifty Virtual Users (VUs) to see whether it can keep up with the demand. Just a brief comment to let you know that if you have 50 new continuous users per minute for a whole month, it adds up to 50,000 visits every month.

And in contrast to Bluehost, which only managed 15 VUs, Hostinger was able to handle all 50 VUs.

Even the most affordable plan from Hostinger is able to accommodate quite high volumes of traffic without experiencing any failed requests (the dreaded “red line,” which, happily, does not exist) or persistent slowdowns (blue line). Bluehost’s service, on the other hand, is unable to.

Also, with its shared hosting services, Hostinger offers four different server locations, but Bluehost does not give you any control over where your server is physically located.

The main point to take away from this is that Hostinger provides dependable service at reasonable pricing. It’s possible that it has some neat tricks up its sleeve, but at the very least, its costs and performance are superior than those of Bluehost.



2. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is an outstanding premium option to Bluehost that provides cloud hosting services. If you need more capacity for your larger-scale projects, you should consider using Liquid Web since they provide cloud hosting. It does not provide any choices for shared hosting since it primarily concentrates on managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. In general, this makes it an excellent option to Bluehost for doing large projects.

So, what exactly should you anticipate from this service provider?

  • The fact that it places a high priority on data protection is one of the distinguishing aspects of Liquid Web. Every price plan comes included with a number of sophisticated features for server protection, including free SSL certificates, daily backups, integrated firewalls, dedicated IP addresses, and protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Liquid Web is a web hosting service that offers fully managed hosting and is known for its lightning-fast speeds and user-friendliness. This ensures that the provider’s software and technology are always up to date, which in turn results in consistently quick loading times. In addition, for even greater usability, you have the option to use one of three control panels: InterWorx, Plesk, or cPanel/WHM.
  • In addition, the service provider guarantees a guarantee of availability at all times. Although a perfect uptime of 100% is not quite achievable owing to server maintenance and several other unforeseen situations, the host makes it a priority to reimburse you for any downtime that may occur.

Liquid Web pricing

When it comes to virtual private server hosting, Liquid Web offers four different pricing options for Linux, with the most basic plan costing $25.00 per month. In contrast, Bluehost has three different VPS plan options. In contrast, Bluehost has three VPS plans at a lower pricing tier, with prices ranging between $18.99 and $59.99 per month.

No matter the package you choose, you will always have access to 10 terabytes per second (TBS) of bandwidth, monitoring, a firewall, and DDoS protection.

The resources available range from two to eight virtual CPUs, forty to two hundred gigabytes of solid-state drive storage, and two to sixteen gigabytes of random access memory.

To quickly return to the topic of cost, the supplier is offering a promotional pricing for new customers. This indicates that after the first payment, the promotional price will go back to the one that was initially offered, and there will be no rise in the renewal rates.

Liquid Web performance

When it comes to performance, Liquid Web performs an excellent job of meeting expectations. In order to determine how much traffic Liquid Web is capable of handling, I have sent fifty Virtual Users (VUs) to my website and given them five minutes to look around.

And let me tell you, the outcomes were excellent to say the least. The host was able to manage the complete 50 VUs test, which is no laughing matter considering that this level of continuous traffic might result in around 50,000 monthly visits. That is far more successful than Bluehost’s achievement of 15 VUs.

Although there were a few spikes in response time (seen by the blue line), the supplier absolutely aced this test. There are no more explanations necessary.

Last but not least, if you are curious about the locations of Liquid Web’s servers, you should know that they are located in both the United States and the European Union. Selecting the server that is geographically closest to your audience might help reduce latency.

The bottom line is that customers that want more in terms of both speed and security may take advantage of Liquid Web’s fully managed hosting options.



3. HostGator

If you’re looking for an alternative to Bluehost, you may want to give HostGator some thought as well. Bluehost and HostGator are quite comparable web hosting services; however, the latter offers lower prices and a friendlier user interface. HostGators is a strong competitor because of their reasonably priced and feature-packed hosting options.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that HostGator has to offer:

  • The hosting service provider employs a combination of native panel and cPanel integration in order to simplify the process of website maintenance and hosting. You have the option of configuring your website by using shortcuts to cPanel that are included in the native panel, or you can go straight to the cPanel itself.
  • Gator Builder is the name of the free website builder that is included with every HostGator account. You will only be able to utilise the builder to construct a website that has a maximum of six pages, despite the fact that it is incredibly user-friendly and simple to use. Remember that the free website you create will have a HostGator banner of some kind on it.
  • All of the price options offered by the service come complete with all of the essential tools, such as a free domain name, SSL encryption, and email accounts. You should not worry about incurring any more costs since there won’t be any.
  • In addition, the service comes with a money-back guarantee that is valid for 45 days, which is much longer than the typical money-back promise that is valid for 30 days.

HostGator pricing

HostGator offers three different shared hosting plans, whereas Bluehost offers four different options. The monthly cost of the Hatchling plan begins at $2.75, while the monthly cost of the Baby plan begins at $3.50, and the monthly cost of the Business package begins at $5.25.

Each and every one of HostGator’s plans comes with both a free domain and a free SSL certificate. The following is a comparison between the two:

Hatchling ($2.75/month)

You are allowed to host a single website. Appropriate for use on a personal website, such as a blog or portfolio.

Baby($3.50/month) –

The key distinction here is that you are permitted to host an infinite number of websites and link an unlimited number of domains.

Business ($5.25/month)

Free tools for search engine optimization, a free dedicated IP, and a free upgrade to positive SSL are included here at no additional cost. It is more appropriate for you if you need a higher level of safety.

HostGator performance

Without a shadow of a doubt, HostGator’s performance was of the best possible standards. I have activated fifty Virtual Users (VUs) on the website in order to evaluate its capacity for functioning normally under intense pressure.

50 VUs is a rather high traffic volume that has the potential to completely overload the server. If you received 50 new visits to your website per minute for a whole month, the total number of people who visited your website would be close to 50,000 each month. Indeed, quite a bit.

However, HostGator was able to handle this volume of traffic without any issues, as seen by the fact that it passed the complete 50 VUs test successfully. This is far more strenuous than the 15 VUs that Bluehost offers.

There were no indications of a breakdown in the reaction time, which was represented by the blue line, which remained quite steady. Definitely a formidable supplier.

However, I feel obligated to point out that the host only has its data centres in the United States, which is a limitation that is comparable to that of Bluehost and its exclusive use of server locations in the United States.

In all seriousness, HostGator may be considered to be in the same category as Bluehost, yet it still manages to outperform its competitor in a number of important respects. The plans are not only inexpensive but also all-inclusive, and the website builder offers a little bit more power.



4) HostArmada

HostArmada is a new web hosting service that is reputable and has lately emerged to the forefront of public attention owing to the lightning-fast web hosting it offers.

Because of the incredible services it offers, HostArmada is one of the few independent web hosting companies that is thriving in today’s competitive online environment.

Because I have used their website hosting, I am confident in stating that it is without a doubt one of the greatest web hosting services that I have ever utilized.

Your website will load much more quickly thanks to Hostarmada’s web hosting service since it makes use of all the most up-to-date technology and infrastructure.

It is a web hosting service that is entirely based on the cloud and is both quicker and more secure than conventional web hosting services.

In addition to that, it makes use of solid-state drives (SSDs) as the storage medium to manage the assets of your website, which also contributes to the performance of your website.

If you are in the market for a web hosting service, then you should most certainly give HostArmada a go.

Why you should go for HostArmada hosting?

Consider using HostArmada for your hosting needs for the following important reasons:

  • Every kind of hosting service offered by HostArmada is powered by the company’s cloud computing platform.
  • Includes Litespeed servers, SSD storage, and other features to help your website load more quickly.
  • 99.9% uptime, ensuring that your website will never experience any downtime.
  • Each of its plans comes with a free SSL certificate and domain.
  • There is an option for free daily backups as well as migration options.
  • Your website is protected from malicious software via the use of a malware scan and several other security mechanisms.

Pros and Cons of HostArmada


  • Your website loads quickly because there aren’t too many people using it at once.
  • The hosting provided by HostArmada is not only inexpensive but also provides further savings on subscription renewals.
  • Your website will load much more quickly and will be more secure than it has ever been with the help of HostArmada’s cloud hosting infrastructure and solid-state drives (SSDs).
  • All of the HostArmada plans offer both a free domain and an SSL certificate.
  • If you don’t like this web host, you may get your money back within 45 days.
  • HostArmada’s nine datacenters ensure that customers get consistent speeds no matter where they are located in the world.
  • All of its hosting services come with an unlimited number of email accounts.


  • Only HostArmada customers on the Speed Reaper plan will have access to LiteSpeed servers.
  • Pricing for HostArmada renewals may be rather pricey at times.

HostArmada Pricing Plans 2022

HostArmada offers you three plans for its cloud-based shared hosting:

  • Start Dock – $3.59/month
  • Web Warp – $5.09/month
  • Speed Reaper – $5.99/month

Here are all the HostArmada shared hosting plans in-depth:

1. Start Dock Plan

  • Can host up to 1 website
  • 15GB SSD storage, 2 cores CPU, and 2GB RAM
  • Free domain and SSL included
  • Free daily backups and migration features are available
  • All the security features like Malware scan, removal, and more are there
  • Comes with NGINX servers

2. Web Wrap Plan

  • Can host unlimited websites
  • 30GB SSD storage, 4 cores CPU, and 4GB RAM
  • Free domain and SSL included
  • Free backups and migration features are available
  • Comes with NGNIX servers
  • Comes with WRAP features which give you 2X CPU and RAM and a lot more awesome things

3. Speed Reaper Plan

  • Can host unlimited websites
  • Comes with 40GB SSD storage, 6 cores CPU, and 6GB RAM.
  • Free domain and SSL included
  • Comes with the latest LiteSpeed servers
  • Free backups and migration features are available
  • You will get additional CPU cores, RAM, and a lot more features in this plan
  • Comes with in-built caching features

What’s the money-back guarantee of HostArmada hosting?

Shared hosting packages purchased from HostArmada are backed by a 45-day, full-service money-back guarantee.

However, if you choose for HostArmada’s VPS or dedicated hosting, the trial period is reduced to seven days.

5) GreenGeeks

Since 2008, GreenGeeks has been one of the leading names in the web hosting industry thanks to the eco-friendly and feature-rich web hosting that it provides.

They are one of the few green web hosts that are now available on the market, and they are one of the few that put three times the amount of energy back into their grid in the form of renewable energy.

GreenGeeks, the company that provides web hosting, includes solid-state drive storage and unmetered bandwidth with all of its shared hosting options.

In addition to that, this web host makes use of LiteSpeed servers, HTTP/3, PHP 8, and all other kinds of cutting-edge technology, all of which work together to help your website load more quickly.

In addition, the cost of this web hosting service from GreenGeeks is fairly reasonable, so it won’t put a significant dent in your finances.

So, what are you waiting for? Attempt hosting with GreenGeeks right now!

Why you should go for GreenGeeks hosting?

  • GreenGeeks is a web hosting company that is carbon neutral and also plants a tree for each customer account.
  • Utilizes a plethora of cutting-edge components, including LiteSpeed servers, SSD storage, and many more.
  • Gives you access to a plethora of incredible performance capabilities, allowing you to load your website more quickly.
  • All of its hosting plans have a free content delivery network (CDN) and built-in caching, which together ensure that your website loads quickly.
  • Guarantees and maintains an availability rate of 99.9 percent
  • Include complimentary daily backups in addition to migrations.
  • In all of its programs, it gives you a free domain name and SSL certificate for the first year.

Pros and Cons of greengeeks


  • One of the few go green web hosting providers
  • Offers you a bunch of awesome features like LiteSpeed servers, SSD storage, and more in all its plans
  • 99.9% hosting uptime guaranteed
  • Comes with free CDN, SSL, domain name, free nightly backups, and migrations
  • Affordable pricing good for beginners
  • Comes with a bunch of security features to make your website secure
  • Independently owned web hosting company


  • Only has three data centers located in various parts of the globe.
  • No phone support 24/7
  • There are no refunds allowed for the setup fee or the domain names purchased.

GreenGeeks Pricing Plans 2022

  • Lite Plan – $2.95/month
  • Pro Plan – $5.95/month
  • Premium Plan – $10.95/month

1.Lite plan

Can host up to 1 website
50GB webspace, unlimited data transfer, and databases
Free SSL, CDN, domain name, and nightly backups
Built-in caching
Multi-user access
30 days money-back guarantee

2) pro plan

Can host up to unlimited websites
Unlimited webspace, unlimited data transfer, and databases
Free SSL, CDN, domain name, and nightly backups
Built-in caching
30 days money-back guarantee
Multi-user access, on-demand backups, and WordPress Repair feature

3. Speed Reaper Plan

Can host up to unlimited websites
Unlimited webspace, unlimited data transfer, and databases
Free SSL, CDN, domain name, and nightly backups
Built-in caching
30 days money-back guarantee
Multi-user access, on-demand backups, WordPress Repair feature, Free IP, AlphaSSL, and object caching enabled

What is the money-back guarantee with GreenGeeks hosting?

GreenGeeks backs all of its web hosting services with a 30-day, full-service money-back guarantee.

On the other hand, neither the setup costs nor the domain name expenses may be refunded.

6) DreamHost

DreamHost is a hosting service that comes highly recommended by WordPress and offers a wide variety of impressive features at a reasonable price.

Because of its fantastic features and services, it is my go-to choice when I need an alternative to Hostinger.

At the moment, it has more than 4 lakh paying clients, and it serves as a hosting platform for more than 1.5 million websites.

DreamHost offers a lot of great services, but the one that stands out to me the most is their one hundred percent uptime guarantee.

In addition, in contrast to other web hosting, DreamHost not only claims to provide 100% uptime but also delivers on that promise.

DreamHost is one of the few web providers on the market that gives unlimited storage space and bandwidth with its shared hosting plans. DreamHost is a leader in the web hosting industry.

In addition to that, it has solid-state drive (SSD) storage, software installation with a single click, and a lot of other cool features.

DreamHost is without a doubt the option you should go with if you want to host your website and are seeking for a good alternative to Hostinger.

Why you should go for DreamHost hosting?

Even on the shared hosting plan, there is unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth.

Includes an installer that allows you to install all applications on your web hosting with only one click.

Continually lives up to its claim of a 100% uptime.

Free domain name and SSL certificate are supplied.

Includes a function that will create backups on a daily basis automatically.

Incredible help for customers available round-the-clock

Pros and Cons of greengeeks


  • Included with unrestricted bandwidth and SSD storage space

    Comes with features designed to safeguard your resources and optimise the servers, so you can get what you really deserve.

    Excellent uptime, ensuring that your website will always be accessible through the internet.

    Responsive assistance to handle all its questions

    Has more than 4 lakh contented and paying clients at the moment

    Includes price plans that are really reasonable in cost

    One of the three web hosting companies that WordPress recommends.


  • There are some additional expenses involved for additional features.

    Only in the United States are there any data centres.

    There is a learning curve associated with the DreamHost control panel.

    The cost of hosting renewals is rather expensive.

GreenGeeks Pricing Plans 2022

  • Shared Starter – Starts at $2.95 per month
    Shared Unlimited – Starts at $2.95/month
  • Note that while both shared hosting plans from DreamHost have the same initial price, the renewal prices for each are different.

    Therefore, choose a plan that is suitable for your financial means.

    In-depth examination of DreamHost’s shared hosting plans includes the following:

shared starter plan

DreamHost’s most affordable shared hosting plan is $2.95 per month (the renewal price is $6.99), making it the company’s most affordable option overall.

The following is a list of the features that come standard with this shared hosting plan:

Can host up to 1 website
Free domain and SSL included
Automatically installed WordPress
Unlimited storage and bandwidth
Comes with modern infrastructure and SSD storage
Free backups and migrations
And a lot more awesome features

shared unlimited plan

You are able to host an unlimited number of websites thanks to the shared hosting plan offered by DreamHost.

It costs the same amount each month as the Shared beginning plan, which is $2.95, however the renewal rate is much more expensive at $12.99 per month.

The following is a list of all of the features that are included in the Shared Unlimited Plan:

Can handle unlimited websites
Free domain and SSL included
Free backups and migrations are available
Pre-installed WordPress
Unlimited storage and bandwidth
Unlimited customized emails
And a lot more features

I am aware that the DreamHost shared hosting renewal price may be a pain in the neck, but you can simply shield yourself from it by opting for any of its shared hosting plans for a period of three years.

It would make it possible for you to host your website on DreamHost, which is known for its lightning-fast speeds, without having to pay the additional renewal fees.

What’s the money-back guarantee with DreamHost hosting?

On both its monthly and yearly shared hosting plans, DreamHost provides customers with a 97-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

If you do not like the services that DreamHost provides, it is simple for you to terminate your account with them.

However, the money-back guarantee might change depending on the kind of hosting as well as any other items that are purchased.

7. Rocket.net

Although Rocket.net is the last Hostinger option on our list, it has the potential to be the quickest one available.

This is due to the fact that the exceptional quality of the web hosting provided by Rocket.net is one of the company’s primary selling points.

I am aware that a number of bloggers have expressed dissatisfaction with Rocket.net hosting due to the company’s allegedly excessive prices for web hosting.

If you put your money into this web host, however, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in any way.

You may read about my experiences with each of Rocket.net’s features in my assessment of the company’s hosting services if you’d want to see how confident I am in recommending it to you.

Therefore, if you are searching for a web hosting service that can manage a large amount of traffic without negatively impacting the performance of your website, you should consider using Rocket.net hosting.

In addition to this, you will need to have a sufficient budget in order to utilise the Rocket.net hosting service for your website.

If you don’t already have a hosting account, you may sign up for one via DreamHost, Chemicloud, or HostArmada.

Note: You can simply sample and test Rocket.net hosting before completely investing in it by taking advantage of their offer of web hosting for one dollar for the first month of service.

Why you should go for Rocket.net hosting?

You should choose with Rocket.net hosting for a number of important reasons, including the following:

Web hosting that is so lightning-quick, it will make your website load faster than a rocket.

Websites that get a lot of traffic are need to have web hosting.

All of its plans include complimentary CDN, WAF, and SSL service.

A plethora of built-in optimization options that, when activated, will propel the speed of your website to new heights.

Only counts visitors from unique IP addresses, which is a big assistance when it comes to managing website traffic.

Can simply test out this hosting with its $1 trial for the first month of service.

20 or more server locations that provide you with the same website performance no matter where you are in the world.

Pros and Cons of greengeeks


  • A web hosting service that is very quick for your website.
    Only counts unique visitors, making it capable of handling high volumes of traffic without slowing down.
    Your website will run very quickly thanks to the many built-in improvements that are provided.
    Includes a variety of free extras, such as a free CDN, WAF, and SSL, among others.
    Provides you with a multitude of security options, allowing you to make your website safer than it has ever been.
    20 or more server sites scattered around the web


  • There is no cost for the domain included.
    The prices are pretty exorbitant, and it is not advisable to purchase them if you are just getting started.
    There is no email hosting that can be provided.

Rocket.net Pricing Plans 2022

  • Starter Plan – $25/month
    Pro Plan – $50/month
    Business Plan – $83/month
    Enterprise Plan – $166/month
  • Note that while both shared hosting plans from DreamHost have the same initial price, the renewal prices for each are different.

    Therefore, choose a plan that is suitable for your financial means.

    In-depth examination of DreamHost’s shared hosting plans includes the following:

starter plan

Can host only 1 website
Can handle 250k unique visits
10 GB SSD Storage and 50 GB Bandwidth
99.99% uptime guaranteed
Free SSL, CDN, WAF, backups, and migrations included
20+ Global server locations
Free staging sites feature

pro plan

Can host only 3 website
Can handle 1000k unique visits
20 GB SSD Storage and 100 GB Bandwidth
99.99% uptime guaranteed
Free SSL, CDN, WAF, backups, and migrations included
20+ Global server locations
Free staging sites feature

business plan

Can host only 10 website
Can handle 2500k unique visits
40 GB SSD Storage and 300 GB Bandwidth
99.99% uptime guaranteed
Free SSL, CDN, WAF, backups, and migrations included
20+ Global server locations
Free staging sites feature

enterprice plan

Can host only 25 website
Can handle 5000k unique visits
50 GB SSD Storage and 500 GB Bandwidth
99.99% uptime guaranteed
Free SSL, CDN, WAF, backups, and migrations included
20+ Global server locations
Free staging sites feature

What’s the money-back guarantee with Rocket.net hosting?

All items linked to hosting that are sold by Rocket.net come with a money-back guarantee valid for a period of 30 days.

You may also test out Rocket.net hosting by taking advantage of the company’s offer of a dollar off the first month’s payment.

So, tell me, what exactly are you anticipating?

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