7 Best WPX Hosting Alternatives to Consider in 2022

Every good web hosting provider competes with one another to provide the packages that appeal to a wide variety of consumers and, in the end, are beneficial to those clients. On the other hand, it never quite lives up to expectations in a few key areas in which its rivals may excel.

The same is true with WPX Hosting, where some individuals may not find the proper match for them, and the fact that you are on this page demonstrates that this is the case.

If you are interested in trying out a different service provider and are open to receiving some solid suggestions, then have a look at the following list of some of the top alternatives to WPX Hosting:

1) Kinsta

Kinsta is, without a doubt, one of the greatest alternatives to WPX hosting. Not only does it provide powerful hosting, but its prices are also incredibly reasonable. Despite the fact that it is a relatively new player in the game, it adds a lot of things to the table that, if done well, may make you fall head over heels in love with it.

The sophisticated, individualised interface makes it possible to utilise all of their features with ease. In addition, since they place such an emphasis on speed optimization, you will get first-rate hosting via the Google Cloud Platform, which is also used for the majority of Google’s own products.

In addition to this, you will get free CDN service directly from KeyCDN as well as free DNS service from Amazon Route 53. Let’s check out what other services they have to offer:

  • WordPress optimized security mechanism
  • Automatic backups on a daily basis
  • Free website migration
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Easy set-up of WordPress staging sites

2) Rocket.net

I started off with WPX Hosting, but after three years I decided to switch to Cloudways. Recently, though, I decided that I needed a speedier hosting service, and that’s when I started looking at Rocket.net. It was in a Facebook community devoted to speed where I first heard about Rocket.net. Many people in the group recommended Rocket.net above any other managed WordPress Hosting.

In light of the fact that the first month is just one dollar, I decided to try it out for myself. Within a matter of minutes, I became pleased with its performance and TTFB response around the World, and I promptly made the decision to move this site.

Unlike other hosting companies, Rocket.net has tied with the Cloudflare Enterprises level CDN to provide all its users with an advanced Edge caching with Cloudflare’s 250+ locations.

Your users will be able to visit your website in an effective and expedient manner since your content will be supplied over these networks. Your website will not only load quicker, but it will also be more secure thanks to Cloudflare’s web firewall and the free SSL certificates it provides.

3) Cloudways

It is one of the very few hosting service providers that strikes the ideal mix between providing a high level of functionality and being affordable. Cloudways is distinguished by its solid infrastructure, which has been carefully honed to provide optimal levels of performance, safety, and, most crucially, velocity.

It makes site transfer simple and website setup uncomplicated, and it gives you the option to choose from the top five cloud providers, which are AWS, Google Compute Engine, Vultr, and Digital Ocean and Linode respectively. Concerning the speed of the website, they make use of a content delivery network (CDN) to ensure that it loads as quickly as possible by selecting the server that is geographically located the closest to the user.

Additionally, the firm provides scalability that is both simple and fast; thus, if your company has a sudden spike in traffic, you can rest certain that you can always make it more powerful to manage all of that additional load with only a few clicks of the mouse. My recent assessment of WPX and Cloudways includes a comparison of the two services.

4) WP Engine

WP Engine is well on its way to joining the ranks of the industry’s major competitors, with over 500,000 clients from over 120 countries and data centres in Tokyo, the United States, and London. The firm offers practically all of the capabilities that are offered by many of the larger hosting providers, and in addition to this, it offers a great deal more.

In addition to automatic backups, they also provide automatic updates for plugins, which is a useful and time-saving option to have. In addition to that, they provide both AWS and Google Cloud Platform, which are both quite fast.

In addition to the quickness of their service, the site staging function, which is included in all of their pricing plans, is one of the most compelling arguments in favour of selecting this firm. Alternate versions of WP Engine may be found on this website as well.

Some features of WP Engine:

  • 2-month money-back guarantee
  • Plugin for automated site migration
  • Every hosting has a firewall and malware scanning
  • Unlimited data transfer on a monthly basis
  • Excellent live chat support with under 3-minute response time

5) Media Temple

They are one of the larger companies in the industry, and they have created more than 1.5 million websites to their credit. They use a one-of-a-kind server architecture that they call The Grid. This architecture was developed specifically to enhance the uptime and performance of shared hosting. The website may also be set up more quickly and with more ease thanks to this capability.

One of their most notable advantages is the excellent customer care that they provide; in fact, the vast majority of their staff are devoted to providing assistance to clients.

They achieve the fast speed they promise by using high-performance SSDs, and the best thing is that these SSDs are included with each of their plans. In addition, they provide 1 terabyte of data transmission even for their most basic plan, which removes the need of worrying about bandwidth limitations. Some more important characteristics are:

  • One-click script installer (free)
  • Free secure local backups
  • Emergency malware clean-up (monthly fee)
  • 30-day backup of files and restoration
  • DDoS protection

6) Flywheel

Flywheel is capable of making your website travel at speeds of several miles per hour or more because to its rapid loading speed, its prompt support, and its general solid performance. The finest advantage is that it enables users to develop websites from start by providing them with free sample sites and features that are simple to use.

The fact that Flywheel includes a free content delivery network (CDN), free website migration, and free SSL certificates, among other perks, in every single one of their plans is the company’s most appealing selling point.

In a nutshell, Flywheel is a trustworthy hosting company that offers high levels of optimization in the areas of scalability, performance, and security.

Let’s check out some key features:

  • Data backups on a nightly basis
  • One-click site staging in all plans
  • Auto-healing technology
  • Free clean-up of malware
  • Optimized for WordPress
  • Excellent Support

7) Pressable

Pressable is a managed hosting solution that is created to optimise WordPress websites for speedy performance and unbreakable security. This is the last but not the least of our recommendations. They are the go-to service provider for many startups as well as Fortune 1000 enterprises because of the high quality of their service and the ease with which it can be scaled.

They make life simpler for their customers by providing automatic updates for WordPress and plugins. In addition, their user-friendly staging mode enables you to test the appearance and functionality of your website using clones before it is made public.

Pressable is committed to alleviating the strain that its clients are experiencing by providing hassle-free services such as free migration and SSL.

  • Some more features are:
  • Unlimited monthly data storage and transfers
  • Automatic malware scans and daily backup
  • Admin-level access
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 15-day free trial

Which is the best WPX Hosting Alternative?

All of these alternatives to WPX hosting have been tried and tested by thousands of users all around the world, and they have gotten generally positive reviews.

If you are interested in using a hosting service other than WPX, then you should most certainly give one of the other options a go. To begin, let’s look at the ones that provide The risk-free test drive ought to end up saving you some money. Rocket.net is the company that I would suggest using since I’ve found them to be the most reliable.

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