7 Best GetResponse Alternatives for Better Email Marketing 2022

7 Best GetResponse Alternatives [2022]

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7 Best GetResponse Alternatives (2022): Alternatives

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Are you seeking for the finest GetResponse email marketing alternatives? Or do you wish to plan your email marketing strategies in a way different than GetResponse? If so, you’ve come to the correct place.

GetResponse is a well-known email marketing service provider that allows you to send emails, build landing pages, and automate your marketing. It has several sophisticated features such as email automation, website builder, segmentation tool, SMS marketing, and so on.


As a result, we may call it an all-in-one platform for your email marketing solution.


However, before you commit to this, it’s a good idea to investigate the many GetResponse options. As a result, in this post, we’ll go through some of the top GetResponse email marketing platforms.


Let’s get this party started!



What exactly is GetResponse?

Why Do You Need an Alternative to GetResponse?

7 Best GetResponse Substitutes for Email Marketing in 2022

1. The ActiveCampaign

2. Campaign Management

Mailchimp is third.

MailerLite is number four.

AWeber is number five.

ConvertKit (version 6)

Sendinblue 7th.


What exactly is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing solution that allows you to send emails, construct landing pages, and automate your marketing. It has a plethora of tools to assist your company in increasing revenue and driving online traffic.


Email Marketing Platform GetResponse

You may use it to build a mailing list, send e-newsletters, automate email marketing, and examine and analyse data. It not only has email marketing tools, but it also has a website builder, live chat services, sponsored advertisements, landing sites, and automated sales funnels.


Key Characteristics:

You may send automatic email sequences to your subscribers depending on time or a certain occurrence.

It includes data-driven email list management, which allows you to organise and segment your lists in order to reach the appropriate individuals at the right time.

It includes strong automation templates that have been pre-built to help your company develop quicker.

Includes a sophisticated AI-powered code-free website builder that allows you to construct a magnificent website that looks great on all platforms.

Allows you to send SMS messages automatically depending on predefined parameters, user behaviour, or contact information.

It enables you to monitor and assess the activities of your visitors in order to generate personalised contact profiles based on particular data and criteria.

For accurate email marketing, you may monitor your success using important indicators and automatic reports.

Let us connect and communicate with you at any time and from any location by using webinars, screen sharing, polls, and surveys.

Pricing for GetResponse:

When it comes to price, GetResponse has four options for everyone: Free, Basic, Plus, and Professional.


Pricing Structure of GetResponse

Pricing Structure of GetResponse

Free Plan – Includes limitless newsletters, 1 landing page, website builder, custom domain, 5GB bandwidth, predesigned templates, and registration forms.

Basic ($15.58/month when paid annually) — Includes all of the capabilities of the Free plan, as well as autoresponders, limitless landing pages, basic segmentation, email scheduling, 10GB bandwidth, and A/B testing.

Plus ($48.38/mo when paid monthly) — Includes all of the capabilities of the Basic plan, as well as marketing automation, webinars, 3 team members, advanced segmentation, 5 sale funnels, split automation, and more.

Professional ($97.58/month when paid annually) — Includes all of the capabilities of the Plus plan, as well as limitless automation, paid webinars, 5 team members, eCommerce tools, infinite funnels, and more.

Aside from these four options, it also has a fifth plan called GetResponse Max, which is primarily aimed at medium and large-sized businesses. Pricing may be set based on your company type, and it includes powerful marketing capabilities and dependable support.


Why Do You Need an Alternative to GetResponse?

If we merely check at the GetResponse customer reviews on G2 Review, we can see that it has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating, which is rather impressive. Similarly, it received 4.1 out of 5 stars from 429 consumers in the Trustpilot user review.


This demonstrates that GetResponse is a very dependable email marketing platform. Furthermore, the majority of its customers consider it to be one of the greatest email service providers.


Having said that, and taking into account all of its features, it may not be the best platform for your purposes.


As a result, these are some of the reasons why you may want to consider a GetResponse alternative:


It has a severe learning curve at first.

In compared to its rivals, the cost is highly expensive.

GetResponse has just recently debuted their website builder, which still needs to be improved and should provide more personalization choices.

Although it has an outstanding auto-responder builder, it is extremely extensive and might be intimidating for inexperienced marketers.

Even some of the most basic capabilities, such as autoresponders and A/B testing, will need you to upgrade to a higher-level subscription.

Don’t be discouraged!! There are plenty more fantastic email service companies that may fulfil your needs. As a result, let’s take a look at the GetResponse alternatives and see how they stack up against GetResponse.


7 Best GetResponse Substitutes for Email Marketing in 2022

1. The ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a marketing platform that combines email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM features. It’s the ideal marketing automation solution for delivering an exceptional client experience.


ActiveCampaign – The Best GetResponse Substitute

Similarly, its sophisticated marketing automation manages your campaign completely so you can concentrate on other vital things. Furthermore, it assists you in locating and growing your target audience by captivating their attention with messages that are relevant to who they are.


You can use this to create precise objectives and monitor them in order to assess your marketing and observe what occurs at each stage of your funnel.


You may also transfer anything from your existing platform to ActiveCampaign for free. It enables you to import subscriber lists, CRM data, email templates, and automation.


Key Features and Advantages of ActiveCampaign Over GetResponse

You may send customised newsletters and communications that are tailored to each contact’s specific interests.

It takes time and effort to automate your email follow-ups, identify your most engaged contacts, and link with your favourite applications.

With clever CRM email and sales automation, you can maintain all of your clients’ data in one place.

You may categorise or segment your contacts using its powerful segmentation tool based on region, age, and interest to deliver each contact what they want to see.

By making the most of your data, you can provide detailed reports on what’s working and what’s not.

This enables you to engage with consumers in a meaningful way, answering their queries, recommending items, offering deals, and soliciting feedback.

It features four distinct sorts of forms from which to gather emails and get more consumers.

Cons of ActiveCampaign

Pricing is somewhat pricey on higher-end programmes.

The user interface is slow and unfriendly.

It has a severe learning curve.

Pricing for ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign has four price tiers: Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. So, if you have a contact/subscriber list of up to 500 people, the cost and functionality are as follows:


Pricing Structure of ActiveCampaign

Pricing Structure of ActiveCampaign

Lite ($9/month when paid annually) — Includes newsletters, email marketing, marketing automation, 1 user, free email templates, autoresponders, detailed reporting, and GEO tracking.

Plus ($49/month when paid annually) — Includes all of the capabilities of the Lite plan, as well as landing pages, 25 users, an automation map, a built-in CRM, sales automation, conditional content, and configurable user permissions.

Professional ($149/mo when paid monthly) — Includes all of the Plus plan’s capabilities, as well as split automation, 50 users, one-to-one email automation, site messaging, web personalisation, and more.

Enterprise ($159/mo when paid monthly) – Includes all of the Professional plan’s capabilities, as well as custom reports, limitless web personalizations, unlimited users, HIPAA compliance, phone assistance, and more.

ActiveCampaign Customer Service and User Reviews

When it comes to support, ActiveCampaign ensures that clients have a simple approach to receive solutions to their questions. Furthermore, if you get further perplexed, you may consult their knowledge base for further information.


Similarly, for a smooth experience, they assess all of their customer’s essential information and give help based on it. Not only that, but all plan levels get 14 days of free real-time conversion with the support staff.


According to the Trustpilot assessment, ActiveCampaign has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 500+ genuine users.


According to the G2 Review report, it receives 4.6 out of 5 stars from 9231 people.


The Final Word

ActiveCampaign is without a doubt one of the most complete marketing solutions available. The main feature of this platform is its sophisticated automation system, which allows you to create tailored experiences across all of your client touchpoints.


Furthermore, its basic plan is reasonably priced and ideal for newcomers and small organisations. However, if you have never used such tools previously, it has a high learning curve.


However, we believe that after you figure out how it works, you’ll be blown away by its capabilities and vast range of automation choices.


Get ActiveCampaign Right Now!

2. Campaign Management

Campaign Monitor is another excellent GetResponse substitute to consider in the industry. It connects you with your audience with simple email marketing and automation solutions.


Campaign Monitor – The Best GetResponse Substitute

Its robust email automation allows you to effortlessly produce tailored emails to keep your audience engaged. This will increase your earnings while decreasing the amount of time you spend developing and distributing campaigns.


It also has attractive configurable templates, a drag-and-drop builder, an engagement-based segmentation tool, CRM, A/B testing, and other features.


Campaign Monitor Advantages & Features vs. GetResponse

It has a Link Review function, which warns and alerts you if you miss or have broken links in your current email.

It effectively analyses client data and assists you in sending more successful emails.

You may utilise the consumer data to create hyper-targeted groups and send highly customised emails that are tailored to their specific interests.

Comes with transactional email services that allow you to send automated emails depending on your audience’s interactions with your company.

You can even access over 2 million free Unsplash photos right from the email builder, allowing you to produce visually appealing and engaging emails.

Allows you to design custom email registration forms in order to expand your email list and reach a larger audience.

Provides built-in integration with your preferred marketing tools — Shopify, WordPress, Unbounce, AdRoll, Lexer, Qgiv, and so on.

Cons of Campaign Monitor:

The email template maker lacks functionalities.

Dashboard customization options are limited.

Pricing for Campaign Monitor

When it comes to price, Campaign Monitor offers three options: Basic, Unlimited, and Premier.


Pricing Strategy for Campaign Monitor

Pricing Strategy for Campaign Monitor

Basic ($9/month) — This package includes 2500 monthly send volume, 2FA verification, a drag-and-drop builder, a configurable template library, a free picture gallery, segmentation tools, and email support.

Unlimited ($29/month) – Includes an unlimited monthly email send volume, an unlimited number of users, priority email support, design & spam testing, an unlimited number of automated emails, and other features.

Premier ($149/month) – Includes an unlimited monthly email send volume, an unlimited number of users, advanced engagement segments, premier email support, advanced link tracking, phone support, and other features.

Similarly, depending on your list of contacts, you may acquire the best package for your company.


It also provides a free trial in which you can set up an account and launch a campaign to up to five subscribers.


Support for Campaign Monitor and User Reviews

Campaign Monitor is a user-friendly and accessible platform with excellent customer service.


Almost immediately, you’ll discover an outstanding and skilled support crew to assist you. They reply quickly, understand the problem, and provide ample information on how the process works.


In addition, before closing the ticket, they follow up to verify that you are pleased. It also contains a large marketing resource library with all you need for digital and email marketing.


Meanwhile, according to Trustpilot user ratings, Campaign Monitor has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. Isn’t it just fantastic?


Similarly, Campaign Monitor gets a 4.1 overall rating out of 5 based on the comments of 650 genuine users, according to G2 Reviews.


The Final Word

To summarise, Campaign Monitor is a fantastic all-in-one email marketing software. It’s simple to use and simplifies the process of sending out promotional emails.


Furthermore, it allows you complete control over your emails, allowing you to deliver targeted information to a greater number of subscribers at your leisure. It also works flawlessly for both small and large corporations.


Finally, Campaign Monitor is a flexible and automated email marketing tool that may serve as a viable alternative to GetResponse.


Get Campaign Monitor Right Away!

Mailchimp is third.

Mailchimp is a good alternative to GetResponse and one of the top email marketing providers. It enables you to write and send interesting emails in order to contact the appropriate individuals and strengthen connections.


Mailchimp is the best alternative to GetResponse.

Meanwhile, it offers a landing page builder for creating appealing landing pages that entice people to join your company or purchase your products. You may also use Content Optimizer to enhance the content of your emails.


This helps you improve your email content by analysing campaigns and proposing improvements to your message, images, and layout.


Key Features and Advantages of Mailchimp Over GetResponse

It comes with a number of drag-and-drop email templates to pick from, or you can use its email builder to create your own.

You may use Customer Journey Builder to automate your emails and send emails depending on your customers’ behaviour and interactions.

You may use its Send Moment Optimization function to discover when your consumers are most likely to interact, allowing you to send emails at the optimal time.

You may send customised transactional emails to your consumers with confidence to keep them up to date on their purchases or account activity.

Using its audience segmentation features, you may deliver the proper marketing messages to the right people without bombarding them with irrelevant ones.

Its built-in anticipated demographics assist you in getting to know your clients so that you can create ads that resonate with them.

Mailchimp’s disadvantages:

It was a little tough to adjust to at first.

If you have a large number of members, it might get rather costly.

Mailchimp Costs

Let us now discuss price.


Mailchimp has four price tiers: free, essentials, standard, and premium.


Mailchimp Pricing Structure

Mailchimp Pricing Structure

Free Plan – You may quickly join up for it and begin using it for free. This plan is ideal for people with up to 500 contacts and a monthly email send limit of 10,000 sends (daily limit of 2,000). Marketing CRM, creative assistant, website builder, Mailchimp domain, and landing pages are all included.

Essentials Plan – Pricing begins at $11 per month, with monthly emails sent up to ten times the plan’s contact limit. It includes a custom journey builder, email and landing page templates, bespoke branding, A/B testing, and email and chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Standard Plan – The Standard Plan is available for $17 per month (monthly email sends: 12x plan contact limit). You get send-time optimization, behavioural targeting, bespoke templates, and dynamic content with this.

PremiumPlan – This plan includes advanced capabilities starting at $299 per month (monthly email sends: 15x plan contact limit). Sophisticated segmentation, comparison reporting, multivariate testing, and phone and priority assistance are among the advanced capabilities included.


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