7 Best Flywheel Alternatives for Your WordPress Site in 2022

Although Flywheel is an adequate WordPress hosting solution for agencies and developers, the company’s high prices may make it unaffordable for the majority of website proprietors. Even if you have a substantial amount of money to spend, in my opinion, Flywheel is not really worth it. On the surface, it appears to be successful; nonetheless, there are several significant problems with it.

To begin, Flywheel does not provide a suitable uptime guarantee for its customers. It guarantees an uptime of 99.9%, but as this isn’t backed up by a service level agreement (SLA), there isn’t much you can do if the service is down for an extended period of time.

In addition, Flywheel only operates a small number of data centres located in various parts of the world. If your audience is from South America or East Asia, for example, you are out of luck because these only cover a few regions in North America, Europe, and Australia. Even though the majority of your site’s traffic comes from within the United States, certain locations will receive better service than others due to the fact that Flywheel only operates a single data centre within the United States, which is located in Iowa.

However, many of the potential replacements to Flywheel had the same problems when I tested them, and I evaluated dozens of them. None of these options made it into my list of possible services. Instead, I have listed WordPress hosts that are considerably more affordable (yet can still be relied upon), in addition to a few premium providers that have pricing that are comparable but far more functionality.

Find out which of these hosts works best for you by working through this exercise together.

What We Looked For in the Best Alternatives to Flywheel

I was looking for WordPress hosting services that were not only as user-friendly as Flywheel’s, but also excelled in crucial areas in which Flywheel was lacking. These were the most important things to me:

Managed WordPress.

Considering how expensive Flywheel is, I was hoping it would offer more than just a couple of WordPress’s best features. On my list, you’ll find hosts that have managed performance and security features, as well as managed core and plugin upgrades.

Optimized servers.

You should already have LiteSpeed or NGINX web servers, server-side caching, and any other speed enhancements that you need setup. Because Flywheel is so good at this, I checked to see if the other options I listed are just as good.

Multiple data center locations.

Although Flywheel offers a respectable number of data centres located in various parts of the world, the majority of the hosts I’ve picked can access even more areas. It is to your advantage to be as near to your audience as possible.

Uptime guarantees.

When it comes to uptime, I’ve been searching for servers that provide more than just empty assurances. Their warranties are supported by robust SLAs, and you are eligible to get compensation in the event of excessive downtime.


I’ve included an option for every budget. You’ll find premium hosts that give you more value than Flywheel, and you’ll also find much cheaper, yet reliable hosts that are more suitable for small to medium websites.


The managed WordPress hosting platform Kinsta is the one that we’ve found to be the quickest overall. In addition to this, it handles everything for you, including migrations, performance, and security, so you don’t have to worry about any of it. In the meanwhile, you may concentrate on the layout and content of your website.

  • Kinsta is not the most cost-effective solution given that its price is somewhat comparable to that of Flywheel. However, if you have the financial means to do so, Kinsta offers more advanced options.
  • Kinsta, for instance, leverages LXD-managed Linux containers to ensure that every site you host has its own set of software resources that are not shared with the other sites (like NGINX and PHP 8.0). Your databases are hosted from the same server, as opposed to a distant server, to ensure that there is no delay while running DB queries. This results in improved performance, particularly during times of high traffic volume.
  • And while we’re on the subject of enhanced speed, it’s important to note that while both service providers employ Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta has 24 data centre locations whereas Flywheel only has five. Your website’s performance may be increased even further with Kinsta by hosting it in a location that is physically closer to your target audience.


Managed caching.

There is no need to search for cache plugins, install them, or configure them in any way. Enjoy the increased performance while leaving these adjustments to the professionals at Kinsta, who will take care of them for you.

Managed security.

Because Kinsta takes care of security on the server side, you won’t need to be concerned about it. In addition to this, if for some reason your website is hacked, Kinsta will restore it and clean it up for you.

Expert WordPress support.

Customer help for WordPress-related difficulties is typically not provided by the vast majority of hosting. Kinsta does this, and in my experience with it, the support personnel are really competent and are constantly there to assist you.

Streamlined dashboard

MyKinsta is a proprietary control panel built specifically for WordPress. It’s both powerful and relatively easy to use, even for a beginner.

2) Liquid Web

In my experience, Liquid Web offers one of the most feature-rich and well-managed WordPress platforms available, and the cost of using it is lower than that of Flywheel. In addition, you will receive an increase in both storage space and bandwidth, as well as free use of a number of premium plugins.

Email hosting, which is not included with any of Flywheel’s plans, is incorporated into each and every one of Liquid Web’s packages. However, arguably the most significant benefit of using this service is that it does not place a strict limit on the number of visits that may be made each month.

When using Flywheel, if you go over your monthly allotment by more than 1,000 visits, you will be charged an additional fee. Liquid Web does not impose this kind of price, and it also provides free auto-scaling for times when there is a lot of website traffic. You have not seen any slowdown in the loading speed of your website, and your total expenditures have not increased much.


Managed plugin updates.

Liquid Web will build a copy of your website on a daily basis in order to test updated versions of any plugins that you have installed. If everything is functioning well, the technical support staff will update these plugins for you.

Optimized servers.

Your website may be sent to users more rapidly with the aid of NGINX, the most recent version of PHP, image compression, and other improvements. Because Liquid Web is not quite as quick as Kinsta, it comes in second place on my ranking, but it is extremely close to taking the top spot.

100% uptime guarantee.

Liquid Web, in contrast to Flywheel, offers a guarantee that your website will be accessible and operational at all times. You are eligible to submit an application for credits that are worth 10 times the length of time that your website was down.

Premium WordPress plugins.

Every package comes with iThemes Sync and iThemes Security Pro pre-installed at no additional cost. These premium plugins were designed to work only with WordPress, and as a result, they simplify the process of managing and securing your websites.

3) Hostinger

You won’t find a WordPress host that’s any good and that’s cheaper than Hostinger. And don’t worry: I really enrolled on its entry-level plan, and the performance was rather satisfactory. In point of fact, our tests showed that Hostinger was one of the quickest budget hosts available. It turns out that in order to acquire dependable WordPress hosting, you don’t need to pay a fortune.

Additionally, Hostinger is quite simple to operate. I was extremely pleased with its user-friendly control panel, and there is a WordPress installation that can be activated with a single click to assist you in getting started. Even though the most affordable plan has a lower total amount of storage space and bandwidth than the other options on this list, it still provides more than adequate resources for a single website.

Having said that, you should not be under the impression that Hostinger will provide you with the same degree of performance as Kinsta or Liquid Web will. Because they are hosted in a shared environment, the company’s managed WordPress plans are not ideal for use with websites that receive a high volume of traffic.

If, on the other hand, you wish to start a personal blog or a website for a small business, Hostinger is more than adequate. Additionally, it is around fifteen times less expensive than anything that Flywheel has to offer.


LiteSpeed web server.

LiteSpeed is another web server that belongs to a more recent generation than NGINX. It is both quicker and more stable than the earlier version of Apache, and it is often considered to be the most effective server for PHP-based content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress.

Built-in caching.

Although Hostinger does not manage caching on your behalf, it does provide you with all of the tools necessary to increase the performance of your website. Since the LiteSpeed Cache Manager is already included into your dashboard, activating it is as simple as clicking a button.

Automatic WordPress updates.

Because Hostinger takes care of the installation of core and security updates for WordPress and its plugins, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your website, such as the content.

Data centers around the world.

Even though it’s a more affordable option, Hostinger offers access to more data centres than Flywheel does. The United States of America, Brazil, many countries in Europe, Singapore, and Indonesia are all included in this coverage.

4) FastComet

Although Flywheel has a data centre in Australia, the company does not provide any solutions that are practical for its customers in India or East Asia. FastComet is your best pick here if you don’t want to spend a small money, while Kinsta is a possibility if you want to consider it.

Depending on the package that you select, FastComet is anywhere from two to three times more affordable than Flywheel. In contrast, even with the most basic FastCloud plan, you receive unlimited email hosting in addition to a larger amount of storage space and bandwidth than you would with Flywheel.

The fact that FastComet’s “managed” WordPress hosting is, in all practical respects, equivalent to standard shared hosting is one of the company’s few drawbacks. There are no genuine managed features available, thus you are responsible for managing updates, performance, and security on your own. The installer is the only managed feature that is provided.


Complete account isolation

In spite of the fact that FastComet’s basic plans are hosted in a shared environment, the resources available to each user are unique. In addition, a security breach that occurs on the website of a nearby account cannot transfer to your own website.

Daily automatic backups.

Because FastComet stores backups offsite, you will be able to swiftly restore your website even if someone gains unauthorised access to your account. You may even approach the customer care team for assistance with this.

Extensive caching.

The FastCloud Extra plan comes with five distinct levels of caching, each of which will drastically cut down the amount of time it takes for your website to load. It is still less expensive than Flywheel, despite the fact that it is more expensive than the other plans.

Data centers in India, East Asia, and Australia.

FastComet has 11 data centres throughout the globe, some of which are situated in inconveniently accessible cities such as Mumbai, Tokyo, and Sydney. After Kinsta, FastComet is the platform that offers the finest worldwide deployment options available.

5) Kamatera

If you are a WordPress developer, the platform that Flywheel offers can appear to be too limiting for your needs. You will not have complete root access to your server, and you will not be able to edit the wp-config.php file. On the other hand, you have total command while using Kamatera. Because you have root access and may customise your virtual machine to suit extremely precise hardware specifications, there is no component of the server that is unavailable to you.

The most exciting part? The cloud servers provided by Kamatera come at a price that is quite reasonable. In exchange for the price of Flywheel’s most affordable plan, you may obtain one virtual CPU, two gigabytes of random access memory, twenty gigabytes of storage space, five terabytes of bandwidth, and the operating system of your choosing.

Keep in mind that the cloud solutions offered by Kamatera are self-managed, which means that you will be responsible for provisioning, configuring, and maintaining your own server. Kamatera is an excellent and cost-effective choice for users who are well-versed in technology; nevertheless, I would not suggest it to those who are just starting out.


Fully-customizable cloud.

You purchase precisely the number of resources that correspond to the requirements of your project. Even after you have launched your server, you will still have the ability to simply add or remove storage, CPU, and RAM on an as-needed basis.

Choose your OS.

Because FastComet stores backups offsite, you will be able to swiftly restore your website even if someone gains unauthorised access to your account. You may even approach the customer care team for assistance with this.

Data centers in the Middle East.

Even Kinsta does not have any data centres in this region that cover it. In addition to its facilities in various other countries and regions throughout the world, Kamatera operates five data centres in Israel.

Free trial.

The 30-day trial provides access to all of Kamatera’s cloud services in addition to a cloud server that may be entirely customised by the user. There are no additional costs that are not disclosed, and you are free to terminate your subscription at any moment using the user site.

6) InterServer

InterServer, much like Kamatera, provides inexpensive cloud VPS options; however, these solutions come preconfigured with an operating system, a web server, a control panel, a one-click setup, and several more features. Even while you won’t be responsible for configuring anything on your own, you’ll still have complete command over the server.

Alternately, the Standard shared hosting plan offered by InterServer is a good option for websites that receive less traffic. The plan comes with unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and email, but because those resources are shared among all of the users on the account, it is not ideal for really active websites. The dedicated CPU and RAM that come standard with the VPS come at a cost that is just somewhat higher.

Both of InterServer’s data centre sites are located within the United States. My testing showed that performance was satisfactory in the United States and Western Europe; but, if your target demographic is located in Asia or Australia, InterServer is not the ideal choice.


Webuzo control panel.

Using this application, it will be much simpler for you to install and setup a web server, in addition to your preferred CMS and any other essential software. A WordPress installer that can be installed with a single click is also supplied.

NGINX web server.

NGINX is one of the most powerful web servers available today, and InterServer’s WordPress Virtual Private Server (VPS) utilises it by default. You may anticipate faster loading times and enhanced stability even when there are traffic surges.

Preconfigured caching

Because a plugin for caching has already been built into your dashboard, activating it will just need a few mouse clicks on your part. Alternately, you might use an other plugin of your own to take its place.

Full root access.

InterServer, in contrast to Flywheel, grants you unrestricted access to your virtual private server (VPS).

7) A2 Hosting

Because A2 Hosting offers both managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting, it is an excellent choice for businesses with a wide range of financial constraints. If you select for one of its managed WordPress plans, it will cost you around the same as Flywheel would, but there is one significant difference: A2 provides unmetered bandwidth on all of its plans, which means that you will not be charged any additional costs for exceeding your bandwidth allotment.

If you choose A2 Hosting as your web host, you won’t have to make any sacrifices in terms of speed while still being able to enjoy lower overall costs. We put A2 through its paces over the course of many months, and even if you go with the least expensive unmanaged plan, you should still be able to anticipate exceptional performance.

The unsatisfactory quality of A2’s customer care is the primary reason for the company’s position at the bottom of my list. If I’m being nice, I’d say that the live chat service is staffed by amateurs, but it isn’t absolutely worthless, and you do have the option to submit a ticket for more dependable assistance.


“A2 Optimized.”

When you install the A2 Optimized version of WordPress, you will also receive a variety of helpful plugins that improve both the website’s security and its performance. Because these settings have already been determined for you, you may immediately begin constructing your website.

“Turbo” servers

The managed WordPress plans offered by A2 are housed on high-performance servers equipped with more CPU and RAM, LiteSpeed technology, and fewer neighbours than traditional shared hosting environments.

Jetpack license.

Every managed WordPress package comes included with a personal licence for the Jetpack plugin. This premium plugin provides a variety of additional features in addition to automated backups, including spam filtering, DDoS protection, an image CDN, and site analytics.

Integrated CDN.

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) provided by Cloudflare is already integrated into your A2 dashboard. When you switch it on, cached versions of the graphics and code on your website are saved on servers located all over the world, which results in enhanced speed across the board.

Flywheel Is OK, But There Are Better Options

Although all of the web hosts I’ve mentioned on this list are dependable and quick, selecting the web host that is the most suitable alternative to Flywheel requires careful consideration of a number of factors.

For instance, Kinsta provides the most advanced and user-friendly managed WordPress hosting that money can buy. It is quick, it is strong, and it is still reasonably simple to use, but it will set you back a significant amount of money.

The price of Liquid Web is a little bit lower. It is not nearly as remarkable as Kinsta, but it does provide a 100% uptime guarantee, managed plugin updates, premium WordPress plugins, and unlimited monthly visitors on all of its plans. Kinsta offers all of these features and more.

Or, if you have a small to medium-sized website and are looking for a service that won’t break the bank, Hostinger is your best choice. Signing up for numerous years at once may earn you a tremendous discount, and the performance is really good even for sites that don’t receive a lot of visitors.

Kamatera is the service that should come first in the minds of technically skilled developers that are looking for complete access to a cloud server. It is extremely budget-friendly, and it enables you to swiftly tailor your virtual machine (VM) to unique requirements.


Which is the best Flywheel alternative?

Kinsta is, without a doubt, the superior choice when compared to Flywheel. It has amazing performance, the dashboard is simple to use, and the technical support staff will handle almost everything for you, including maintenance, caching, and security. The performance is outstanding.
Having said that, Kinsta’s prices are comparable to those of Flywheel. In my opinion, the price that is being asked for it is justified; but, if you are working with a more limited budget, you may discover other solutions that are less expensive on our list of the top web hosting services for 2022.

Are there free alternatives to Flywheel?

There are a few free options that are of reasonable quality, but none of them provide managed WordPress hosting like Flywheel does. In spite of this, a respectable assortment of WordPress features may be obtained without spending a fortune. These WordPress providers are inexpensive while yet providing a solid service. They feature optimised servers, 100% uptime, and substantial starting plans.

How do I cancel my Flywheel account?

Flywheel makes it simple and painless to terminate your account, and you are not need to get in touch with the company’s customer service to do so.
To change your user settings, access the user dropdown menu located in the top right corner of your dashboard. You will need to go into your billing account, locate the subscription that you want to cancel, and then click on the Plan details button. This link will lead you to the page that displays your billing history. Simply select “Cancel subscription” after clicking the gear icon that is located on the right-hand side of the screen. That sums it up well.

Which is the cheapest and most reliable Flywheel alternative?

Hostinger is the most affordable alternative to Flywheel that does not make any sacrifices in terms of speed or security. If you join up for the WordPress entry-level plan for many years at once, you may take advantage of an incredible discount on that plan. You are provided with a large amount of storage space and bandwidth, in addition to wonderful WordPress features such as the LiteSpeed web server and the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress.
Check out our discount page before you commit to a plan so that you may obtain the greatest possible value on our services.

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