48 Best Personal Website Examples 2022 + How to Make one

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Are you here to find out the best personal website examples? Or, do you want to create your own personal website? Then, you’ve landed on the right page.

We all know about business websites and eCommerce, but websites don’t necessarily have to be about business. You can also have personal websites, where you can explore your interests, share your feelings.


Your personal websites can be about anything including hobbies, pets, or any other interests. You can also create a family website sharing your adventures with areas for comments and discussions. If you’re an author, personal websites can be a platform to publish your story, ideas, and get feedback.


Simply decide what you want to write about and be dedicated to your personal site. For inspiration, we’ve brought together the 48 best personal websites in 2022.


Let’s get started!



Why Do You Need Personal Websites?

48 Best Personal Websites Examples in 2022

Personal Portfolio & Resume Website Examples

1. Elizabeth Gilbert

2. John Green Books

3. Verena Michelisth

4. Tristan Harris

5. The Beast is Back

6. Hank Green

7. Jessica Hische

8. Brandon Johnson

9. Quinnton Harris

10. Adam Hartwig

11. Natsai Audrey

12. Josh Kaufman

13. Al Kavadlo

14. Melanie Daveid

15. Albino Tonnina

16. Ryan Holiday

Best Personal Blog Website Examples

17. Kristi Hines

18. Matt Mullenweg

19. Everywheriest

20. Mr. Money Mustache

21. Seth’s Blog

22. Binging With Babish

23. KafleG

Best Personal Podcasting Websites Examples

24. Tim Ferris

25. Amy Porterfield

Best Personal Brand & Business Website Examples

26. Neil Patel

27. Smart Passive Income

28. Side Hustle Nation

29. Penelope

30. Charlie Waite

31. Ali Abdaal

32. April Dunford

33. Jasmine Star

34. Andy Raskin

35. Nia Shanks

36. I Will Teach You to be Rich

37. Simon Sinek

38. Marie Forleo

39. Gala Darling

40. Charli Marie

41. Gary Vaynerchuk

42. Tim Harford

Personal Biography Website Examples of Famous People

43. Katy Perry

44. JK Rowling

45. Leonardo DiCaprio

46. David Beckham

Other Types of Personal Websites Examples

47. Coffee Table

48. Tony D’Orio

How to Create a Personal Website? (Step-by-Step)


Why Do You Need Personal Websites?

A personal website is mainly for informative and entertainment purposes, but can also be used for career marketing. Building and maintaining a personal website is good for your personal data and your career.


Personal Website

Personal Website

Let’s explore the reason why you need a personal website.


I Gain instant credibility with a personal website:

On your personal website, you can include your work experience and educational qualification. Also, you can add your portfolio or work samples to gain credibility in your industry. Let your website speak for itself.


ii) Boost your chance of getting a job:

Your personal professional website lets you stand out among competitors. It’ll allow you to display your strength and demonstrate why companies or organisations should hire you. Therefore, it’ll enhance your chance of getting a job.


iii) Freedom to be creative:

A personal website gives you tonnes of opportunities to get creative. Whether you’re writing your bio or original article, your personality gets to shine through your corner of the internet. Creating a personal website is a better way to display your creativity.


iv) Helps you acquire new skills:

When you start creating your personal website, you’ll get to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Also, you’ll test new ways to deliver your message. In addition, when you realise how to rank on Google, you’ll also learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (SEO). Hence, gaining more skills will do wonders for your career.


So, now you know the importance of having a personal website. And you might be thinking of creating one for yourself.


Check Out This Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Website!

We’ve also mentioned how to build a personal website at the end of this article.


But before that, let’s get inspired by checking out some of the successful and awesome personal website examples.


48 Best Personal Websites Examples in 2022

Let’s take a look at some of the best personal website examples. There are many amazing websites and it’s hard to cover all of them. So, we’ve tried to list the best personal websites based on their popularity.


Let’s get started.


Personal Portfolio & Resume Website Examples

1. Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth-Gilbert best personal website

Elizabeth Gilbert is a popular writer best known for her book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. She has a personal website ElizabethGilbert.com where you can find information about her books, events, news, and her bio. You’ll also find social media in a navigation menu at the top of her page.


In addition, this website provides you different platforms to purchase her books such as Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, etc.


What can you find here: Biography of Elizabeth Gilbert and information about her books.

Target Audience: Book lovers.

Facebook: Elizabeth Gilbert

Twitter: @GilbertLiz

2. John Green Books

Jonh-Green-Book-Website personal website examples

John Green is the New York Times best-selling author. He’s best known for his books ‘Looking for Alaska, ‘An Abundance of Katherines’ and more. On his portfolio website johngreenbooks.com, you’ll find about his achievements and newly published books.


The website has readable typography and good use of the colour scheme for a better user experience. He also embeds a few of his youtube videos about his new book. Moreover, he has made good use of call-to-action without making it look too promotional.


What can you find here: Portfolio of John Green, information about his Books, podcasts, and blog.

Target Audience: Novel fans.

3. Verena Michelisth

Verena-Michelitch-Website best personal blogs

Verena Michelisth’s portfolio website is fully jam-packed with art. She displays various colours, styles, and dimensions where visitors can see the range she possesses as a designer. Also, you’ll find the huge library of her work without any use of pixels on this website.


What can you find here: Art and designs.

Target Audience: Graphic designers.

Instagram: Verena Michelitsch

Pinterest: Verena Michelitsch

4. Tristan Harris

Tristan-Harris-Website best personal blog websites

Tristan Harris is a co-founder of the Center of Humane Technology. He is also the Co-Host of the ‘Your Undivided Attention’ podcast. His personal website tristanharris.com is a platform to collect and display press coverage, and podcasts.


On his website, you’ll also find his detailed bio, achievements, and experiences. In addition, he places a headshot of himself with a short sentence to help explain his driving force.


What can you find here: Biography of Tristan Harris, his podcasts, and press coverage.

Target Audience: Young technology enthusiasts.

Twitter: @Tristan Harris

Linkedin: Tristan Harris

5. The Beast is Back

The-Beast-is-Back-Website personal portfolio website

Christopher Lee is the author of the website The Beast is Back. He is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator. His website is a colourful and busy gallery-style portfolio website.


Lee displays his toy designs in a fun and vibrant way on this website. The Beast is Back is a brand name where he emphasises brands like Mario and Target. You’ll also find a link to buy his work on his website.


What can you find here: Portfolio of Christopher Lee, online shop, and blog.

Target Audience: Children and Parents.

Instagram: The Beast is Back

Twitter: @thebeast isback

6. Hank Green

Hank-Green-Website personal resume websites

Hank Green is one of the internet celebrities, also a science communicator, video creator, and entrepreneur. On his personal website hankgreen.com, he displays different things he has done with a bit of humour. For instance, his website displays his best-selling book and the link of platforms to buy it.


In addition, you’ll find a subscription button at the bottom of the page to get his newsletters.


What can you find here: Information about his Books and his Biography.

Target Audience: Students.

Facebook: Hank Green

Instagram: Hank Green

7. Jessica Hische

Jessica-Hische-Website personal portfolio website

Jessica Hische is an artist and author of the New York Times Best-selling ‘Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave’. On her portfolio website jessicahische.is, she covers a wide range of topics in very approachable terms. From formal models of letter construction to software suggestions and decorative shadings.


Plus on her website, her achievements and experiences are perfectly displayed. Also, you’ll find an online shop on her website to buy her books.


What can you find here: Jessica Hische’s letter art, logo designs.

Target Audience: Artists, and Designers.

8. Brandon Johnson


Brandon Jonson is an associate professor in the Department of Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Science at Purdue University. He has a resume website BrandonJonson.com where you’ll find his work experience and achievements. Also, the use of animation makes his resume an experienced one rather than a document.


Besides, an awesome photo of the planet in the background complements his website about planetary science. However, the use of textured and multilayered background gives this two-dimensional page some depth in terms of design.


What can you find here: Information about Geology and Crater formation.

Target Audience: Geology and Astronomy students and enthusiasts.

9. Quinnton Harris

Quinnton-Harris-Website awesome personal websites

Quinnton Harris tells his personal story and displays his resume on his website QuinntonHarris.com. He includes every basic thing of a resume and covers all of his educational background, work experience, and skills on his website. He’s also a co-founder of experimental studios that works with small-to-large size companies.


Moreover, at the navigational point, you’ll find some scrolling circles on the left-hand side of the page. The last circle link redirects visitors to quinntonharris.com where he tells the details of his story.


What can you find here: Biography of Quinnton Harris and Resume.

Target Audience: Designer, Business enthusiasts, and Minority audiences.

10. Adam Hartwig

Adam Hartwig Website personal websites section

Adam Hartwig is a web designer and developer. His personal website AdamHartwig.co.uk is a fun and interactive portfolio website. On his website, you can also find an example of his work.


Moreover, you can rollover the text to change the design. Also, if you click on Skills, you’ll find his skills displayed in an interactive way with a fun animation of the solar system.


What can you find here: Portfolio of Adam Hartwig.

Target Audience: Designers and Creators.

Twitter: @Adam Hartwig

11. Natsai Audrey

Natsai-Audrey-Website good personal websites

Natsai Audrey Chieza is a member of the Global Future Council on Synthetic Biology. It’s a project focused on contextualising the global shifts and providing guidance on major issues. She has a personal website of NatsaiAudrey.co.uk, that launches her full-screen portrait, with name and specialties.


Her website features both her brand and her multidisciplinary design website Faber Futures. Also, the homepage includes more detailed information about her work. Moreover, visitors can watch Natsai’s TED talk that’s embedded on a website.


What can you find here: Motivation and advice on life science and Natsai Audrey’s biography.

Target Audience: General public.

Instagram: Natsai Audrey

Twitter: @NatsaiAudrey

12. Josh Kaufman


Josh Kaufman is a best-selling author who writes books about business and skill acquisition. His personal website JoshKaufman.net displays his achievements and work experiences. On his websites’ homepage, you’ll also find a subscription button which you can unsubscribe at any time.


In addition, you’ll also get redirected towards a site to buy books or listen to his audiobooks.


What can you find here: Books on business, entrepreneurship, skill aquisition, creativity, and more.

Target Audience: Businessman and Entrepreneurs.

13. Al Kavadlo

AL-Kavadlo-Website personal profile websites example

Al Kavadlo is a fitness enthusiast known for his gravity-defying callisthenics and gymnastics. On his personal website AlKavadlo.com, you’ll find his in-person workshop and youtube videos.


His website is a black and yellow colour scheme similar to caution tape and gritty fonts to show his individuality. in his website you can find his books on fitness advice like ‘Get Strong’, ‘Convict conditioning’, and more.


What can you find here: Useful advice and books about fitness.

Target Audience: People seeking a fit and healthy life.

Facebook: AlKavadlo

Twitter: @AlKavadlo

14. Melanie Daveid

Melaine-daveid-Website personal websites templates

Melanie Daveid is a User Interface Designer and art director. Her website MelanieDaveid.com is one of the best personal websites. It displays Daveid’s clear and well-branded imagery of strategies and apps she worked on.


On her website, you’ll find only a few examples of her work. On the other hand, she turns her personal website into service by adding her best and most significant campaigns.


What can you find here: Portfolio and resume of Melanie Daveid.

Target Audience: Designers and creators.

Twitter: @Melanie Daveid

Instagram: Melanie Daveid

15. Albino Tonnina

Albino-Tonnina-Website professional website

Albino Tonnina is a self-taught web engineer. On his personal website AlbinoTonnina.com, if you follow the direction to scroll down, you’ll see the website be built before your eyes. Also, you’ll get to learn about his story and can find his contact information as well.


What can you find here: Portfolio and work experience of Albino Tonnina.

Target Audience: Coders and Technology enthusiasts.

Linkedin: Albino Tonnina

Twitter: @albinotonnina

16. Ryan Holiday

Ryan-Hoilday-Website best personal development websites

Ryan Holiday is a best-selling author of ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’, and also a media strategist. On his portfolio website RyanHoliday.net, you can find his work experience and achievements.


He has made good use of call-to-action without making it look too much of a promotion. You can also find the ‘subscribe me’ button on the top bar on his website to get his article in your inbox.


What can you find here: Portfolio of Ryan Holiday, and his Blogs on writing books.

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs.

Facebook: Ryan Holiday

Twitter: @RyanHoliday

Best Personal Blog Website Examples

17. Kristi Hines


Kristi Hines is a freelance content writer and marketing professional. She has a personal blog website KristiHines.com. On this website, she managed to make examples of her writing work visual with the help of a variety of content.


In addition, you’ll find useful tips on marketing research, affiliate programmes, freelance writing, and more on her website. Also, her personal experience adds credibility to her suggestions.


Highlighted Topic: Content Writing and Digital Marketing.

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18. Matt Mullenweg

Matt-Mullenweg-Website fundraising websites

Matt Mullenweg is a founding developer of WordPress. He has a personal website of ma.tt where he displays his work experience. On his website, you can find his podcasts, press release, and speeches.


Moreover, there’s a section on the website “Work With Us” where interested and qualified individuals can apply.


Highlighted Topic: Startups and Entrepreneurship.

Popular Articles: Unlucky in Cards.

19. Everywheriest

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