35+ Best & Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2022 (Free + Paid)

Best & Must Have WordPress Plugins-2022

Best & Must Have WordPress Plugins (2022): OVERVIEW

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Do you want to know what the greatest WordPress plugins and tools are for your site in 2022? If you answered yes, then this is what you’re searching for.

In the WordPress.org plugin catalogue, you can discover over 59,000 free WordPress plugins. You may also obtain thousands of premium and third-party plugins from other websites.


Choosing the finest WordPress plugin from such a large pool of plugins is difficult, particularly if you are a newbie. A plethora of plugins with a plethora of functions might be quite perplexing.


WordPress plugins are handy for enhancing your website’s features and functionality. They contribute to your site’s increased production and efficiency.


We’ve chosen the 35+ top WordPress plugins and tools in 2022 to make it easier for you to locate the finest ones. So, let’s get started.



How Do You Pick the Best WordPress Plugins?

35+ Must-Have WordPress Plugins in 2022

1. SEO by Yoast (SEO)

2. Plugin for CoinGate (Cryptocurrency)

3. Wordfence Protection (Security)

4. Akismet (Spam Protection)

5. UpdraftPlus (Backup)

6. The WP Super Cache plugin (Cache)

7. smoosh (Image Optimization)

8. Performance is important (Performance)

9. WPForms (WordPress Forms) (Contact Forms)

10. Gutenberg Extensions at Their Finest (Gutenberg Blocks)

11. Elements (Page Builder)

12. WordPress e-commerce (eCommerce)

13. Dokan (Multivendor Marketplace)

14. GiveWP (Donation and Fundraising)

15. Registration of Users (Registration Form)

16. MemberPress (Memberships)

17. LearnDash (Library Management System)

18. Mr. BuddyBoss (Online Community)

19. Live Chat that is crisp (Live Chat)

20. WordPress Mailchimp (Email Marketing)

21. ThirstyAffiliates.com (Affiliate Marketing)

22. Ads of the Future (Advertisements)

23. Insights from Monsters (Google Analytics)

24. WordPress Adminify (Custom Dashboard)

25. Business Listings (Directory)

26. Pro Real Estate Manager (Real Estate)

27. The Calendar of Events (Events)

28. Timeline Pro is quite cool (Timeline)

29. Image Gallery Modula (Gallery)

30. 3rd Smart Slider (Slider)

31. WPML (WordPress Markup Language) (Multilingual and Translation)

32. SeedProduction (Coming Soon)

33. SSL in a Nutshell (SSL)

34. Rerouting (Redirects)

35. WP Migration All-in-One (Migration)

36. Custom Fields for Advanced Users (Custom Fields)


How Do You Pick the Best WordPress Plugins?

Using the finest WordPress plugins is critical for a site’s optimal operation and development. As a result, while building a website, you must carefully choose the plugins.


1) Begin by making a list of all the features you want on your site. This is due to the fact that you do not need all of the plugins available. You may limit down your search by deciding what features you wish to include on your website.


Checklist of Plugins You Might Need for Your Website

Checklist of Plugins You Might Need for Your Website

For example, you could need essential WordPress plugins such as an SEO plugin, a security plugin, a backup plugin, and a cache plugin. All that remains is to determine which plugin is the best in its category. For example, what is the best SEO plugin? It’s very simple!


2) Second, you’ll need an easy-to-use and set-up WordPress plugin. A difficult setup and usability might have a negative impact on productivity by wasting a lot of your time. As a result, simplicity of use is a crucial feature to look for in plugins.


3) Third, be certain that the plugin you’re obtaining is reliable and regularly updated. Examining the plugin’s history, reputation, and customer feedback may be quite beneficial in determining how effective the plugin is.


It also lets you know whether it has the features you want and if it delivers on its promises.


Please see our article on how to pick the best WordPress plugins for your website for more information.


35+ Must-Have WordPress Plugins in 2022

It might be difficult for a beginner with WordPress to choose which WordPress plugins to purchase.


To save you time and make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the finest WordPress plugins and tools for your site in 2022, along with their features.


So, let’s have a look at them!


1. SEO by Yoast (SEO)

Yoast SEO is a WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin that you must have for your website. It makes it simple to optimise your content and pages for SEO, allowing you to rank better in search engine results. It also provides real-time analysis of your content for keywords, title, meta, and other factors.


WordPress Plugin Yoast SEO

Furthermore, it has a slew of new capabilities to boost the readability of your material. It helps in the analysis of your content by indicating what you can do to enhance it. As a result, it offers all of the features and functionality that you want from an SEO plugin to help your site rank better and get more visitors.


Key Characteristics:

Analyzes your material for SEO and applies a grading system to determine its SEO level.

Highlight any SEO flaws in your text.

It generates XML sitemaps for your website.

Suggestion for additional keyword optimization of your material.

Content is analysed for keyword density, passive voice density, transition words, and other factors.

It aids in the decomposition of text for much better reading.

Automatically generates URLs and breadcrumbs.

Constantly updated and excellent support.

As a result, Yoast SEO is one of the top WordPress SEO plugins available.



Yoast SEO is completely free to use. As a result, you may get it from WordPress.org’s plugin directory or its official website. Another option is to install and activate the plugin from your WordPress dashboard. This procedure applies to all free WordPress plugins.


To access additional premium features, you may upgrade Yoast SEO to the premium version for $99/year per site. You will also get full access to Yoast Academy.


Get Yoast SEO Right Now!

Alternative Yoast SEO Plugins for WordPress SEO

Do you want to experiment with Yoast SEO alternatives for your website? Look into the following plugins:


Rank Math – Unique features such as Content AI — an artificial intelligence-based SEO content authoring aid. The free version is accessible on WordPress.org, while premium subscriptions begin at $59/year.

All in One SEO – Powerful tools such as the SEO Audit Checklist aid in the detection and correction of significant mistakes. You may get a free version from the WordPress plugin repository. The premium version costs $49 per year. Check out the All in One SEO versus Rank Calculator.

SEOPress – With Instant Indexing for Google, Bing, and Yandex, you can get your material in search results quicker. There is also a freemium version (available for free on WordPress.org and $39/year for the pro version).

2. Plugin for CoinGate (Cryptocurrency)

We’d gain from cryptocurrencies now that it’s here to stay for a long time (if not forever). As a result, it would be preferable if we integrated cryptocurrency payments into our website and online shop.


Plugin for CoinGate

CoinGate is a solid cryptocurrency WordPress plugin that will do the job for you. This allows you to take Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, and other cryptocurrencies on your WooCommerce shop fast and effortlessly.


It’s a WordPress integration plugin that links your WordPress site to CoinGate, a standalone cryptocurrency payment gateway. All you have to do is create a CoinGate account and connect the payment method using the WooCommerce plugin.


Key Characteristics:

Allows your clients to pay with any of 70+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Doge, XRP, Lightning Network, and more.

The payment amount is computed using current currency rates.

Platform for bitcoin processing and invoicing that is fully automated.

Allows you to text with Testnet Bitcoin in a sandbox environment.

You will not be charged any recurring or setup costs.


CoinGate is a free WordPress plugin that you may get from the WordPress.org plugin repository.


Get the CoinGate Plugin Right Now!

3. Wordfence Protection (Security)

Every day, hundreds of harmful assaults are carried out via the internet. As a result, protecting your website against harmful assaults and hackers is critical to maintaining a reputable site.


WordPress Security Plugin Wordfence

Wordfence Security, one of the top WordPress security and firewall plugins, is an excellent option. It includes features such as login security, traffic monitoring, spam prevention, and others. With over 100 million downloads, it is the most popular WordPress security plugin.


Furthermore, it has firewall security, which protects against malicious assaults, malware, and brute force attacks and keeps them from being hacked.


Key Characteristics:

Malware, harmful assaults, and viruses are all scanned for.

It has a function that blocks harmful networks.

Traffic monitoring in real time.

Email notifications about risks and issues.

Protection against brute force.

Anti-spam protection

Login security using two-factor authentication (2-FA).

Premium support is included with the premium version.

With the rise of cyber-attacks, it’s critical to maintain your site safe and free of threats. And the finest and most popular WordPress security plugin is Wordfence Security.



It’s a completely free plugin to use. As a result, you may quickly get it from WordPress.org or its official website.


You may, however, subscribe to a premium version with more features. As a result, the price plans accessible for it are as follows:


Premium: For $99 per year, it includes real-time IP blacklisting and country blocking.

Care: This service costs $490 per year and includes features such as unlimited incident response and hands-on help for your organisation.

Response: For $950 per year, you’ll receive incident response for mission-critical websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get Wordfence Security Immediately!

Alternative Wordfence Security Plugins for WordPress Security

Take a look at the finest Wordfence Security alternatives:


Sucuri Security is a cloud-based security plugin that provides effective DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. Freemium plugin (the free version is available in the WordPress.org plugin directory, while the premium version begins at $199.99/year).

iThemes Security: One-of-a-kind feature – ‘Away’ mode, which disables all access to the admin dashboard while you’re not there. WordPress.org offers a free plugin. Premium plans begin at $60 per year.

4. Akismet (Spam Protection)

Although the Wordfence Security plugin offers some spam protection, it is a good idea to buy a reputable anti-spam plugin that you can easily administer. Akismet is just that. It’s one of the greatest anti-spam WordPress plugins for keeping spammers at bay.


WordPress Plugin for Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet scans every comment on your site and filters out bogus ones. It gives a record for each comment so you can see which comments were flagged as spam and approve or reject them. As a result, this plugin makes filtering out spam comments incredibly simple and painless.


Key Characteristics:

Examines each and every remark for spam.

It keeps a complete track of all comments.

False identification warnings

It improves with time, allowing it to identify more precisely.

Runs in the background and requires no configuration.

Automatically removes questionable URLs.


Personal websites are free to use. As a result, you may either get it from WordPress.org or from its own website. It is also possible to install directly from your dashboard.


However, for business websites, you must purchase a premium version. There are a few price options for it as well:


Plus, for $8.33 per month, you receive 10K – 40K API calls per month as well as priority assistance. It is best suited for commercial locations.

Enterprise: This plan costs $41.67 per month and includes 60K API calls per month for an unlimited number of sites. As a result, it is ideal for multisite installations.

Enterprise Plus: It may cost up to $208.33 per month and is best suited for big organisations, since it includes a configurable API limit and specialised support.

Get Akismet right now!

Alternative Akismet Plugin for WordPress Spam Protection

Here’s the greatest Akismet substitute:


Antispam Bee: Easily search the local spam database for comments who have been flagged as spammers. The plugin is completely free and may be downloaded from the WordPress.org plugin repository.

5. UpdraftPlus (Backup)

The likelihood of losing data due to malware or hackers is increasing as the number of cyberattacks and malicious assaults increases. Getting a solid WordPress backup plugin is critical in the middle of these events.


WordPress Plugin UpdraftPlus – Best WordPress Plugins

UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress backup plugin that may assist you in safeguarding your website against data loss. It has excellent auto-backup capabilities. It enables you to easily create a complete backup of your site and store it virtually on cloud servers.


It also has a slew of other features. You may back up your data using its scheduled backup option. It also provides selective backup tools that allow you to backup certain pages or articles from your site.


Even if a plugin has robust backup functionality, restoring might be difficult at times. The UpdraftPlus straight restoration method from the dashboard, on the other hand, is simple and takes no extra work.


Key Characteristics:

It has an easy-to-use interface.

Backup options such as scheduled and automatic backups are available.

The restoration process is simple.

The backup process is quick, and the backup features are selective.

Backups can be saved directly to cloud services.

UpdraftPlus is one of the best free WordPress backup plugins available.



Because it is a free backup plugin, you can get it from its official website or the WordPress.org plugin repository. Another simple method is to install directly from your WordPress dashboard.


However, a premium version with additional expert support and database encryption is still available. And the pricing plans are as follows:


Personal: $70 for up to two sites.

Business: For $95, you can use it for up to ten sites.

This plan costs $145 and includes a licence for 35 websites.

Enterprise: It costs $195 and includes a licence for an unlimited number of domains.

Get UpdraftPlus Right Now!

Alternatives to UpdraftPlus for WordPress Backup

Other excellent backup plugins include:


BackupBuddy allows you to specify what you want to save and what you don’t want to save when taking a backup of your website. Premium plugin with the lowest plan starting at $80/year.

Everest Backup: View your overall backup history and download your database, themes, plugins, and media with ease. WordPress.org hosts a free plugin.

6. The WP Super Cache plugin (Cache)

WP Super Cache is a popular WordPress caching and performance plugin. It generates HTML files for dynamic pages, which significantly improves page speed.


WP Super Cache is a free caching plugin for WordPress.

Loading the created HTML file for your dynamic pages reduces load time because it avoids processing heavier PHP scripts. It contributes to the site’s overall performance. It can also compress pages more efficiently and has a more user-friendly interface.


Key Characteristics:

It has a streamlined user interface for accessing its features.

It has excellent compression features that aid in the reduction of page load time.

To improve load time, converts your dynamic pages to HTML files.

To serve cache files, mod rewrite is used.

Supports Content Delivery Network (CDN), which reduces the likelihood of a crash and increases speed.

WP Super Cache is one of the best WordPress caching plugins for increasing site speed and decreasing page load time.



WP Super Cache is available for free. You can get it as a free plugin from the WordPress.org plugin directory. Also, the simplest method is to install the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.


Get WP Super Cache Right Now!

WP Super Cache Alternative Plugins for WordPress Cache

Have a look at the top alternatives for WP Super Cache:


WP Rocket: Contains multiple extra add-ons to manage and optimise tasks like Analytics, Pixel Facebook, Varnish, etc. Rather a premium plugin with the starting cost of $49/year.

W3 Total Cache: Minify your HTML, CSS, and JS files that can save up to 80 percent bandwidth for best website performance. Freemium plugin (free plugin downloadable in WordPress.org, premium version costs $8.25/mo).

LiteSpeed Cache: Advanced caching features like cache vary support – cache can vary based on the user group, geolocation, and currency. WordPress.org hosts a free plugin.

7. smoosh (Image Optimization)

Smush is one of the best WordPress image optimization plugins. Images make your site more attractive and engaging. It is important to grab the attention of viewers. But uploading images without compression can cause your site to load slower because of large-size images.


Smush – Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugin

Compressing the images and media files on your site helps decrease your site load time by a lot. For a smooth and fast website, it’s important to compress and optimise image files. And Smush automatically compresses your images and eliminates the manual hassle of compressing.


It doesn’t reduce the quality of your images and optimises them using advanced compression algorithms.


Key Characteristics:

Automatically compresses the image file on a new upload.

Retains the quality of the image file.

Increase the speed of your site without reducing quality.

Optimization is done via a smush server, so it doesn’t require your resources.

It can bulk compress up to 50 attachments at a time.

Smush image compressor is free to use and really one of the best image compressor plugins for WordPress.



You can get the free version of the Smush plugin for WordPress. For using it, download it from WordPress.org.


Also, you get to buy the Smush Pro by choosing one of its pricing plans. Each of them offers features like unlimited backup smush, backup original images, etc. The plans are:


Just 1: Costs $5/mo for a 1-site licence.

Up to 10: At $11.67/mo, use for up to 10 domains.

Unlimited: With the price of $24.17/mo, you get to use it for unlimited sites.

Get Smush Now!

Smush Alternative Plugin for WordPress Image Optimization

An alternative to Smush is given hereby:


Imagify: 3 levels of compression i.e. Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra. They are for lossless (no loss of image quality), stronger, and strongest lossy (unrecognisable quality degrade) compression, respectively. The free version in WordPress.org paid version starts at $4.99/mo.

8. Performance is important (Performance)

One of the best performance plugins for WordPress, Perfmatters is a must-have plugin for every website. The main purpose of Perfmatters is to help you boost your website’s speed by optimising WordPress settings and disabling unnecessary features.


Perfmatters – Best WordPress Plugins

Furthermore, it has a lot of advanced features through which you can block virtually every service (emojis, queries, comments, and more) except the ones required to run your website. This is also made easy with toggles. You can toggle those services on or off through this plugin.


Key Characteristics:

Disables virtually every service for your website except the most vital ones.

Quick toggle options allow you to toggle services on or off in a single click.

Database optimization helps filter spam requests, comments, and auto-drafts to increase your website’s speed.

Disables unnecessary scripts that are not required to run your website.


It’s a premium plugin that you can purchase from its original site. The plans available are:


Personal: For 1 site, this plan costs $24.95/year. It comes with 1 year of updates and support.

Business: Costs $54.95/year and gives access to use it for up to 3 sites with all the features of the Personal plan.

Unlimited: At $124.95/year, you’ll get a licence for unlimited sites. Also, it offers multisite support.

Get Perfmatters Now!

Perfmatters Alternative Plugin for WordPress Performance

Looking for another performance plugin? Then, here’s one for you.


Hummingbird: World-class caching – consists of a complete set of cache tools for a fast browsing experience including full-page, browser, and Gravatar caching. Freemium plugin, free version available in WordPress.org while Hummingbird Pro starts at $5/mo.

9. WPForms (WordPress Forms) (Contact Forms)

WPForms is one of the best WordPress contact form plugins. Using it, you can very easily make forms for your website. It has many templates that you can choose from and with its easy drag and drop builder tool, designing one is no hassle too.


WPForms – Contact Form Plugin

Creating contact forms, email subscription forms, and other types of forms just takes a few clicks to set up and design. You can easily integrate it with email marketing services to grow your newsletter and email list.


Key Characteristics:

Beginner-friendly and easy drag and drop WordPress contact form builder tool.

It comes with pre-built templates.

Mobile-friendly and responsive design.

Uses smart conditional logic to easily create high-performance forms.

Easily integrate it with email marketing and payments portal.

Protects from spam submissions.

Different add-ons are available.

Thus, WPForms is indeed a must-have WordPress contact form builder plugin.



WPForms is a free plugin so easily download it from WordPress.org. Also, you can search fo

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