25 Best WordPress Directory Themes for Online Listings in 2022

Best WordPress Directory Themes-2022

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Do you want to find the finest WordPress directory theme? If so, continue reading until you reach the end.

Directory websites are one of the most popular and valuable types of websites these days. The reason for this is because it rapidly enables you to locate a hotel, discover neighbouring book shops, and so on. In addition, an internet directory is a lucrative business.


To your surprise, creating a directory website using WordPress isn’t all that difficult. You can discover a plethora of the best directory themes and plugins with outstanding style and functionalities. You may simply establish a directory site with them.


The only difficulty is choose which of these seas of alternatives to pursue. However, you should not be concerned!


After considerable research, we’ve narrowed down some of the top WordPress directory themes. So, without further ado, let us begin.



What exactly is a WordPress Directory Theme? When Should You Use It?

How Should You Choose the Best WordPress Directory Themes?

In 2022, there will be 25 best directory WordPress themes.

1. ListingPro

2. Listify

3. Directory

4. Motors

5. MyListing

6. Theme for Directories

7. Astra

8. Divi

9. Jobify

10. Wilcity

11. Listeo

12. PointFinder

13. ListingHive

14. AdForest

15. FoodBakery

16. Classiads

17. Workreap

18. Lisfinity

19. DWT

20. Search and Go

21. Classima

22. Vehica

23. TownHub

24. Golo

25. ListingEasy


What exactly is a WordPress Directory Theme? When Should You Use It?

In general, a directory theme is beneficial when constructing a directory site. Alternatively, these themes add a web directory to your WordPress site. You may use directory themes to list real estate, employment, local companies, events, and many other things.


You may have arrived to www.WordPress.org/themes while looking for themes. It’s a kind of web directory. You may discover a collection of free themes, as well as information about them, right here.


Let us look at another case. Zomato is a well-known online restaurant directory. It provides a list of restaurants, motels, cafés, pubs, and other establishments in a certain city or region.



Other prominent directory sites include Angi (formerly Angie’s List, which contains a list of home services such as plumbing and helps you discover one at a reasonable price), Tripadvisor (which includes a list of user evaluations of tourist attractions), and so on.


You Can Create Various Types of Directory Sites

WordPress allows you to construct a directory website where you may list anything. It makes no difference what kind of directory you want to create since WordPress makes it feasible.


Here are some examples of directories that you may create using WordPress:


Online Business Directories: In a nutshell, business directories are used to list firms in any field. You may look for these firms based on their kind, size, geographical location, and so on.

Real Estate Directories: Real estate directories include a list of available properties. These sites are mostly used by property owners to list their properties. Additionally, site users may search for particular homes based on location, price, number of rooms, and so on.

Job Directories: On the internet, job directors give a list of work prospects for job searchers. You’ll find a list of job opportunities published by workers for hiring purposes on a job directory website. Job searchers may use these sites to look for and apply for jobs of interest.

Restaurant Directories: A restaurant directory is a list of restaurants, hotels, cafés, and so on. Visitors may search for a restaurant based on its location, reviews, and ratings on this page.

Automotive Directories: A website that has lists of various autos is known as an automotive directory. Automobiles are classified as cars, trucks, luxury motorcycles, and so on.

Classifieds Directories: A classifieds directory is essentially an internet advertising platform. Visitors on the site may log in and list the adverts for the items and services they offer.

The rest of them: It doesn’t stop here. WordPress may be used to construct a variety of different types of online directories. For example, an events directory, a travel directory website, or an online video directory website.

To summarise, you can use WordPress to construct any kind of directory site you can think of. All you need to do is install a directory theme for WordPress and a directory plugin.


How Should You Choose the Best WordPress Directory Themes?

Choosing a topic may be the most difficult part for you. And properly so, for there are a plethora of them, each claiming to be the greatest. It’s very normal to be in this predicament in such a setting.


But don’t be concerned! Here, we’ll go over some of the characteristics you should seek for in a WordPress directory theme. As a result, keep an eye on them before settling on a theme.


Frontend Submission: Visitors to the site should be able to contribute listings through the frontend. It’s an essential, thus your preferred theme should contain this function.

Advanced Search Function: A directory site’s search function is critical. It enables users to search for postings based on keywords, location, and other criteria.

Reviews and ratings: Reviews and ratings are useful for increasing credibility and trust. Visitors to your site will be able to rate and comment on the listings on your site in this manner.

Compatible with Google Maps: The integration of Google Maps enables users to search for listings based on their location. As a result, it’s equally vital.

Money-making options: The theme you choose should provide a plethora of alternatives to monetize your directory site. Some of them include listing submission and claim, advertising, premium packages, and subscriptions.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the top directory listing themes for WordPress.


In 2022, there will be 25 best directory WordPress themes.

We’ll show you the description, features, and price for each theme here. And you’ll have a better notion of which will be a good match for your site as a result. So, let’s put these themes to the test!


1. ListingPro

WordPress Theme ListingPro Directory

ListingPro is one of the most popular directory WordPress themes on ThemeForest. It is a complete directory solution that includes all of the necessary elements for creating and monetizing your online directory.


The theme has a plethora of ready-made examples that will help you to design your ideal directory in minutes. It also allows you to create a front-end submission form using the drag-and-drop form builder. Similarly, users may utilise the theme’s sophisticated search feature to find a particular listing.



It allows you to store and bookmark a listing for later use.

You may use Google reCAPTCHA to safeguard your forms against spam.

After executing an action, such as submitting a listing, users will get a notice.

You may also make money by charging companies a charge to have their listings claimed.

Menu function, which allows you to visually itemise a list of food, services, persons, and so on.


ListingPro is a premium theme that must be purchased in order to be used. It costs $69 and is available from the ThemeForest store. You’ll also receive 6 months of support and future upgrades.


Get ListingPro Right Now!

2. Listify

WordPress Theme for Listify Directory

Listify is a great directory WordPress theme for companies who want to operate a location-based directory site. The thing that distinguishes this theme from others is that it uses geolocation technology. Users may then search for listings based on their usual address or location.


Aside than that, it works with Appointify. It’s a WordPress appointment planner with a lot of features. It allows you to easily create and manage appointments, as well as store calendar events.



Users might be charged for submitting or claiming a listing.

End users may store listings to read them later using bookmarks support.

Users may look for listings by either location or zip code.

All of the local listings are shown on a map for users to see.

Using the drag and drop WordPress editor, you can personalise every element of this theme.


The normal licence for Listify costs $69 from the ThemeForest marketplace. It also offers six months of free support.


Get Listify right now!

3. Directory

WordPress Directory Theme

Templatic’s Directory is a robust internet directory WordPress theme. You may use this theme to construct a local or worldwide directory site. This theme incorporates a geo-tracker that records the user’s IP address. It also shows the listings that are close to them.


This theme should be considered if you want a lot of revenue alternatives for your listing site. You may design a variety of subscription packages that allow customers to access the site for a monthly fee. You might also charge a one-time fee to publish the listings. Directory accepts PayPal, enabling you to receive money immediately.



The theme works in tandem with the WordPress booking plugins to transform your directory site into a full-fledged booking system.

You and your visitors may manage adverts from both the front and back ends.

You’ll get email alerts anytime a user submits a listing, for example.

Visitors to your website may rate and comment on the listings on your site.

With the aid of extensions, you may expand the functionality of your directory site.


Because it is a premium theme, you must purchase it. The theme is available in three different price options, from which you may choose the one that best suits your needs.


1 Site License: $89, includes 1 domain, lifetime use licence, upgrades, and support for a year (optional annual renewal at $30).

5 Site License: $189 includes 5 domains, a lifetime use licence, upgrades, and support for a year (annual renewal is $30).

Club: $130, you may use this theme and 90+ other Templatic themes on an infinite number of domains, and you get a lifetime licence.

Get the Directory Right Now!

4. Motors

WordPress Theme for Motors Car Dealer & Listing

Motors, designed by StylemixThemes, is one of the most popular automotive listing themes. It’s perfect for car dealers, auto dealers, automotive dealers, motorbike dealers, and a variety of other businesses. This theme may be used to sell, acquire, or lease autos online.


You may customise the theme by adding numerous filters and car comparison features. Users can simply and quickly discover their selected listings as a result of this. As a result, it improves the user experience. Furthermore, it is compatible with Google Maps, allowing users to search for automobiles depending on their location.



Users have the option to contribute their own listings.

You may attach pdf files to the postings so that users have access to all of the information they want.

You may use Google Maps to illustrate where the listings are located.

It enables you to add as many filters as you like to improve the search function.

It has 17 distinct sample layouts to pick from.


Motors is a high-end theme. You can get it from the ThemeForest store for $79 USD.


Get Motors Right Now!

5. MyListing

WordPress Theme for MyListing Directory & Listings

MyListing is jam-packed with features that may be used to build a professional directory site. This WordPress theme has you covered whether you want to list local companies, real estate, or autos.


One outstanding feature of MyListing is the ability to submit listings from both the front and back ends. The theme connects with WooCommerce, which handles the payment component. Users might be charged fees for uploading new listings or advertising their existing ones.



It includes three pre-made explore page themes as well as tens of Google map skins.

You may look for properties based on their location and vicinity.

Users may rate and evaluate the listings by giving them stars.

Users may manage all listings from the user dashboard.

Users may converse with one another using the direct messaging function.


On the ThemeForest marketplace, you can get this theme for $59 for its normal plan. You’ll receive 6 months of free support with it.


Get MyListing Right Now!

6. Theme for Directories

WordPress Directory Theme

Directory Theme is a feature-rich WordPress directory theme created by PremiumPress. You may use this theme to create a directory site similar to Yelp.com and Yellow Pages. The theme includes all of the requirements for creating a professional directory.


The theme has support for photos, audio, and videos, allowing you to add them in the listings. It offers a sophisticated search option, much as other themes. Visitors to the site will be asked to enter their zip/postal code, after which listings in their area will be shown. Aside from that, you may earn money by using Google advertising.



Users may score and review the listings using an advanced feedback system.

Under the listing information, business owners may choose their opening and closing hours.

Users may communicate with other parties via the built-in messenger.

From the admin section, you may manage all of the listings.

There are several monetization possibilities available, such as free and paid listings, listing upgrades, membership packages, and so on.


Because it’s a premium theme, you’ll have to pay for it. The user licence for Directory will set you back $99. It includes automatic upgrades, video training, and a 10-day money-back guarantee.


Get the Directory Theme right now!

7. Astra

Astra Real Estate Listing Demonstration

Astra is one of the most popular free WordPress themes available. It connects easily with all page builders, making it simple for even non-technical users to create a site. As a versatile theme, it may be used for a variety of applications, including your listing site.


It includes a fully working WordPress real estate template. It also includes pages such as properties, agents, about, contact, and so on. On the site, you’ll discover a number of listing sections where you may look through all of the available homes.



There is a separate properties page where you may list all of the flats and homes.

Allows you to display the location of listings on Google Maps.

The listing demo site has a professional appearance.

The theme is WooCommerce ready, so you can create an online shop in minutes.

It’s designed for speed and performance, so your site will load quickly.


Astra is a freemium theme (it is available in both free and paid editions). The free version is available in the WordPress.org theme directory. Similarly, the premium edition is available in a variety of price options:


Astra Pro costs $59 per year and includes product updates, premium support, and unlimited website use.

Product updates, premium support, and unlimited website use are all included in the Essential Bundle, which costs $276 per year.

Product updates, premium support, and unlimited website use are all included in the Growth Bundle, which costs $523 per year.

Get Astra Right Now!

8. Divi

Demonstration of Divi Car Dealership and Listing

Divi is a well-known theme and the best WordPress page builder. The theme includes 100+ readymade webpages and styles for practically every site conceivable. Among them are a few layout packs devoted to listing sites.


You can get your listing site up and running quickly with the help of these layout bundles. For a better user experience, they all feature a contemporary design with eye-catching colour choices. Divi is responsive by default, so your site will appear excellent on all devices.



There are layout packs for realtors, vehicle dealers, car rentals, real estate, job recruiters, and animal shelters.

Visitors to your website may submit listings directly from the front end.

There is a Google Maps interface to indicate the listings’ location.

You may drag and drop media files directly into your Divi pages.

The social follow feature assists you in growing your social following.


Divi is a premium theme with a variety of price options:


Yearly Access: $89 per year, includes software upgrades and premium support, as well as unrestricted website use.

Lifetime Access: $249 one-time fee includes lifetime upgrades and premium support, as well as unrestricted website access.

Get Divi Right Now!

9. Jobify

WordPress Jobboard Theme by Jobify

Jobify is a popular job board theme that covers all of the functionality required to create a professional job board. The WP Job Manager plugin, which offers job board features to your WordPress site, is integrated into the theme.


Recruiters may create a job listing that includes details about the position and the organisation. Similarly, prospects will utilise the live searching and filtering functionality of the theme to locate their perfect job in minutes. Another fantastic feature is the compatibility with the Resume Manager plugin. This enables job searchers to easily upload and submit resumes.



It comes with a plethora of pre-designed templates, making site development a breeze.

Integrates with the Appointify plugin, which enables you to easily make appointments.

Listing Payments are supported, so you may generate money by charging users to submit listings.

Includes fake material to give you an idea of how the listings will look.

It is search engine optimised, so your directory site will appear at the top of search results.


Jobify is available for $69 from the ThemeForest marketplace. In addition, you will get 6 months of free assistance from the theme creators.


Get Jobify Right Now!

10. Wilcity

WordPress Theme Wilcity Directory

Wilcity is a sophisticated WordPress listing theme that will give your online directory a professional appearance. It may be used for a variety of directory websites, including restaurants, events, and rental housing listings.


Site users may discover the listings they seek in their local region by using the location-based search. The theme incorporates an intriguing aspect of the app development tool. It also enables you to construct a mobile app for your directory without having to code.



You may specify business hours for each and every day of the week.

On the listing page, users may utilise the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

The listing owner may follow all of the listings’ reviews via the front-end dashboard.

It includes a new search page and a hero search form field.

You may look for events by day, time, area, nation, and so on.


The theme can be purchased for $69 from the ThemeForest store. You’ll also receive 6 months of free support.


Get Wilcity Right Now!

11. Listeo

WordPress Directory & Listing Theme

Listeo is a popular WordPress directory and listing theme with pixel-perfect examples. The theme was created to show listings for local companies, real estate, physicians, and apartment rentals, among other things.


With this theme, you can use Google reviews as social evidence on listing pages. It also aids in the development of user trust. The message system is an intriguing component of this theme. It allows site users and listing owners to communicate with one another through text.



There is a built-in booking system that allows you to make online bookings.

It supports OpenStreetMaps, MapBox, Bing Maps, and other mapping services in addition to Google Maps for presenting listing location.

You may use drag and drop to add, remove, or re-order form fields in the search forms editor.

You may configure automated email alerts to notify users of listing expiry dates, for example.

To handle paid subscriptions, it seamlessly connects with WooCommerce.


Listeo is a premium theme that will set you back $79 on ThemeForest.


Get Listeo Right Now!

12. PointFinder

WordPress Directory & Listing Theme by PointFinder

PointFinder is a versatile WordPress directory and listing theme with a plethora of useful layouts. Visitors to the site may publish their own listings using the front-end submission forms. And you have complete control over this activity.


You may also allow them to add listings for free or charge them a fee. You may simply monetize your directory site using it. You may build as many price plans and premium packages as you like. PayPal and Stripe can handle all of the payment operations.

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