25 Best Personal Website WordPress Themes for 2022 (Mostly Free)

Best Personal Website WordPress Themes

Best Personal Website WordPress Themes (2022): OVERVIEW

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Are you seeking for the finest WordPress themes for personal websites? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right spot to discover some fantastic themes for it.

A personal website is an excellent way to demonstrate your abilities. You may also express your thoughts or write about other subjects in it. In reality, having your own personal website allows you to advertise your own brand and develop greater professional chances.

There are a few WordPress themes available to help you construct and maintain your own website. It may help your brand acquire more attention from your target demographic.

Choosing the perfect theme, on the other hand, might be a challenging undertaking. So, we’ve chosen some of the greatest personal website WordPress themes for you.

Let’s get started right now!

What Is the Purpose of a Personal Website?
How to Select a WordPress Theme for a Personal Website
25 Best WordPress Themes for Personal Websites in 2022
1. Kazemi
2. astrology 3. typology
4. OceanWP. 5. GeneratePress. 6. Divi. 7. Soledad. 8. Alia. 9. Ashe.
Ruki 11; Foodica 12;
13. Blocksy 14. Neve 15. Zakra 16. Oraiste 17. Malina 18. Selfer 19. Johannes 20. Olsen 21. Writee 22. Fairy 23. Point 24. Polite 25.
What Is the Purpose of a Personal Website?
Personal websites are one of the most common forms of websites on the internet.

In layman’s terms, it’s a basic website that allows a person to have an online presence. It might be a blog where you share your thoughts, an online portfolio where you show off your work, or anything else you wish to share with your online audience.

Personal websites may be of numerous forms, depending on who you are. Personal websites of this sort include:

A Portfolio Website that allows you to present your most recent projects, experiences, case studies, and other information about yourself in order to develop a strong personal brand.
A personal blog where you may express yourself about anything.
A Personal Resume that serves as a digital counterpart to your conventional paper resume. It emphasises your experience to help you stand out in a competitive sector.
A biography website that enables you to discuss your accomplishments, qualities, and credentials as you advance in your profession.
All of these websites aid in personal branding, networking, and idea exchange! Check out the website of WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg, for example! create a strong personal brand

Personal Website of Matt Mullenweg
Matt Mullenweg’s Site (Personal Website Example) (Personal Website Example)
On this website, he offers his thoughts, inventions, works, and personal tales. It also contains a about page, contact page, Twitter profile link, and so forth. That’s all that makes a personal website.

You may be asking how to make a website for yourself at this point.

Don’t worry, utilising WordPress makes things quite straightforward. The platform is simple to use, very adaptable, and comes with a plethora of personal website templates.

WordPress themes provide a wide range of customization possibilities, allowing you to design your own one-of-a-kind personal website. The best part is that you won’t require any coding skills. Now, let’s speak about how to choose the best theme for your website.

How to Select a WordPress Theme for a Personal Website
Now, let’s go through some of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a WordPress theme for your own website. They are noted out below:

Layouts: The first and most important item to evaluate is the available layouts. The design must be adaptable and appealing, with choices for blogs, portfolios, and other features.
Performance: The next thing is loading speed of the theme. To attract more people’ interest, the theme should assist you in creating a quick website with excellent performance.
Customization Choices: The theme you pick should include a plethora of simple customization options. This will set your personal website apart from the crowd.
Plugin Compatibility: Plugins may be required to bring more functionality to your site. As a result, the theme must be compatible with the most popular WordPress plugins.
SEO-friendly: Finally, the theme must be SEO-friendly. This will improve your site’s ranking.
For additional information, see our post on how to pick the “ideal” WordPress theme for your site.

Finally, let’s take a look at the top WordPress themes and templates for personal websites.

25 Best WordPress Themes for Personal Websites in 2022
We’ve compiled a list of the finest personal website WordPress themes and templates. To make an informed decision, review the description, features, and price of each theme.

1. Kazemi
Kadence is one of the greatest alternatives for a personal website WordPress theme with a contemporary style. Starter templates for personal brands, influencers, and online courses may be found here. As a result, you can use it to construct an ultra-fast and gorgeous personal website in a matter of minutes.

Theme for Kadence’s Personal Brand
You may effortlessly drag and drop the pieces and modify them in real time. In addition, there is a header and footer builder. You can now simply create an appealing and responsive header and footer for your website. You may also include your social media links in the header or footer.

Features include the ability to easily integrate WordPress plugins like as Elementor, LearnDash, bbPress, and others.
Use global options to personalise typography, colours, and buttons based on your preferences.
Using the Kadence theme layout options, you may customise the layout of your pages, articles, and post kinds.
You will be able to add a customised scroll-to-top function to your website.
It has a breadcrumb generation engine that allows you to quickly add breadcrumbs to your website.
‘Kadence Blocks’ is a specialised Gutenberg blocks plugin that adds extra blocks and customisation possibilities.
Pricing: To access the extra features not available in the free version, you must buy the premium version. There are three plans, as listed below:

Kadence Pro: Unlimited sites with a year of support and updates for $59.
Build an infinite number of dynamic websites worth $129 with the Essential Bundle.
Full Bundle: This is a $199 package that includes a comprehensive set of tools for constructing WordPress sites.
Get Kadence Right Now!
2. astrologer
With over 1 million active instals, Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time. As a multipurpose theme, it can be used to create any type of website. The same may be said for personal websites. You may also use it to effortlessly construct a personal blog or a personal portfolio website.

WordPress Blog Theme Astra
Furthermore, this theme’s WordPress Customizer offers a plethora of customization choices. As a result, you’ll be able to use the layout settings to easily manage layouts such as blogs, posts, and more.

You may add a list, masonry, grid, and other appealing layouts to your own site by using blog layouts. You may also use the endless scrolling option to load additional articles while scrolling.

It is very quick (less than half a second) and lightweight, resulting in highly optimised performance.
Clean and up-to-date standard code is used to optimise SEO and rank your site higher.
It is made up of strong Astra widgets. The Address widget adds a company location, while the Info list widget provides a list of information. Furthermore, the Social icons widget connects social media networks.
180+ pre-built websites, some of which are particularly intended to help you quickly construct a personal website.
Includes other global design choices, such as specifying the location of the logo header.
Pricing: Astra is available for free from WordPress.org. There are three price options for the premium version. They are as follows:

Astra Pro: For $49., you get unlimited extra customization possibilities.
Essential Bundle: $169 for additional templates and add-ons.
Growth Bundle: For $249, you may grow your company with a comprehensive range of tools.
Get Astra Right Now!
3. Theoretical Framework
Do you desire a simple blog theme that focuses on the content for your own website? Then Typology is what you need.

Typology Theme for WordPress
Typology is a contemporary text-based WordPress theme that may be used to create a personal website. It’s perfect for bloggers to demonstrate their writing talents in a basic but stylish approach. As a result, even if you don’t use photos, your personal website will appear great with the attractive typographic style. It’s because your material is the major emphasis.

This theme is suitable for both technical and personal blogs. Furthermore, it enables heavy text blogs, regardless if you are a writer, book author, novelist, or poet. As a result, it’s ideal for a personal biography website.

Features: You have an unlimited number of font and colour combinations to match your brand. You’ll also be able to adjust the font widths and letter spacing of your paragraphs and headers.
Custom widgets are available to offer more typology functionalities.
Contains 12 shortcodes for quickly creating complicated features on your own website. As well as appealing columns, dividers, highlights, social icons, quotations, buttons, and other elements.
There are many textual post layouts to pick from.
Using the sophisticated theme settings panel, you can easily set up your customised site in 5 minutes.
Import demo material with a single click.
Pricing: The normal licence for this theme on ThemeForest is $49. Along with it, you’ll also receive 6 months of support and future upgrades.

Get Typology Right Now!
four. OceanWP
OceanWP is a WordPress theme that is very adaptable and extensible for constructing a personal website. Aside from blogs and portfolios, you may also create personal sites about health, fashion, lifestyle, and other topics. Furthermore, there are demo sites accessible for each category that you can import with a single click.

WordPress Theme OceanWP Personal Website
You may use the global site templates to build numerous pages, blogs, blog articles, product pages, and more for free. It also has a variety of blog post and blog entry features. You may quickly design your own site due to the existence of such layouts and features.

Features: Compatibility with Gutenberg and the greatest page builder plugins like as Elementor, Brizy Builder, Beaver Builder, WP Bakery, and others.
WooCommerce connection is seamless, allowing you to sell your items from your own website.
There are 7 adjustable and responsive header styles included. There are also possibilities to add social media networks and a personal brand logo.
It has global typography and colour choices for styling each component of your own website.
Choose a scroll-to-top icon from a list of available possibilities to add to your site.
There are several adjustable choices for the menu, page title, copyright, footer, breadcrumbs, and so forth.
Pricing: There are free and paid versions of this theme available. In its premium edition, there are three price tiers based on the amount of sites you may create. They are as follows:

Personal: This plan is ideal for a $35/year personal website.
Business: A popular option for 6 sites that costs $49 per year.
Agency: Create 50 sites for $79 per year.
Get OceanWP Right Now!
GeneratePress 5
GeneratePress is a lightweight WordPress theme that may be used to construct websites with a perfect page speed score. It is primarily concerned with speed and usefulness. This satisfies a site’s overall criteria for best performance for both users and search engines.

WordPress Theme GeneratePress
So, whether you’re a hobbyist, a freelancer, or a member of an agency, you can quickly create a website with this theme. You can also look through the site’s library. There are pre-designed blogs, eCommerce, and commercial sites there that you may utilise for your own site.

Features include sophisticated layout settings for effortlessly changing the theme’s layout.
For blog articles, it has masonry and archive columns.
You may load more blog entries on your own website by using the endless scroll option.
Primary, secondary, sticky, and other navigation choices are available.
For improved accessibility, RTL is available and can be translated into over 20 languages.
The premium edition includes the GeneratePress plugin, which includes a block-based theme builder. It has dynamic block components that allow you to customise every part of the site.
Pricing: The free edition has a plethora of appealing features. However, some of the features are only available in the premium edition. You’ll need to acquire the premium version for that. It is divided into two price plans. They are as follows:

Yearly: $59 per year.
Lifetime: $249 one-time payment.
Get GeneratePress Right Now!
6. Divi \sDivi is a popular, powerful, and all-in-one premium WordPress theme. This theme may be used to create personal websites by both pros and amateurs. It’s because it has a simple interface for dragging and dropping site pieces. As a result, you’ll have a fantastic experience with its powerful visual builder and inline editing.

WordPress Theme Divi Personal Styling
Many of the 800+ pre-designed themes are suitable for creating personal websites. Plus, it also comprises of 40+ website parts that are ideal for developing any sort of personal website. Blog, gallery, testimonial, call to action, and more features are available.

Features include the ability to undo, redo, and check the editing history if you make a mistake.
To stylize your own site, you have unlimited customization possibilities for hover styles, fonts, shape dividers, borders, and more.
Custom colours, photos, gradients, and movies may be used as backgrounds for every element.
The ability to pick several items and then modify them in masse.
Supports a variety of email marketing plugins and platforms for growing your subscriber base.
Monarch social sharing gives you the ability to promote your material on social media sites.
Pricing: To get all of these fantastic features, you must buy this premium theme. The price plans are as follows:

Yearly Access is $89 per year.
Lifetime Access: $249 one-time payment.
Get Divi Right Now!
7. Soledad Soledad is a lightweight and powerful WordPress theme. It’s a multi-concept WordPress theme that works great for creating blog and magazine websites.

WordPress Theme for Soledad Beauty Blog
It includes of 6886+ example homepages and 1000+ slider and blog/magazine layout variants. There are also over 1500 live customization possibilities. As a result, you have an infinite number of options for swiftly creating your one-of-a-kind personal website.

Because it is an SEO-optimized theme, it ensures that your site runs at peak speed. Furthermore, the adoption of AMP increases the loading speed of webpages on mobile devices by 5 times.

Features 11 configurable widgets for recent posts, popular posts, quotes, post sliders, list banners, and other social network interaction.
With 700+ Google Fonts and Typekit, you have an infinite number of typographic alternatives. You may also submit your own custom fonts.
Multiple ad spots for inserting your brand’s advertisements in between the post’s contents.
The grid, masonry, single slider, and justified galleries all have appealing gallery style choices.
There are 11 different header styles, 4 different body styles, and 4 different sidebar styles.
Capable of adding different post templates for various articles. Each design may be configured to include a right sidebar, a left sidebar, or a full-width style.
Soledad is available for purchase on the ThemeForest marketplace. So, in order to acquire this theme, you must purchase the normal licence for $59.

Soledad is now available!
8. Alia Alia is a personal WordPress theme designed for developing blog websites. It has fantastic typography options and space to help writers and readers read more easily. It also means that both you and your audience will have a fantastic writing and reading experience.

It includes easy settings and customization options in the live customizer for Alia Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme Plus. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly create your own blog site and begin writing within 4 minutes.

‘Stories’ is a fantastic feature of this theme. It allows you to share tales or memories by using a photo and a few words. So, rather of producing a fresh post every time, you may still have a positive connection with your readers.

The following post formats are available: regular text, picture, video, gallery, audio, aside, and status.
AMP-compliant to allow responsive blog pages to load quicker on mobile devices.
Retina-ready to ensure that every component of your site looks great on all contemporary displays.
On the personal site, you may choose from a variety of header designs to reflect your personality.
You may select from a variety of blog templates to display your blog articles.
The editor has the same appearance and layout as your articles and pages.
Pricing: This personal blog WordPress theme is available from the ThemeForest marketplace. It’s worth $49, plus it comes with 6 months of service and updates.

Get Alia Right Now!
9. Ashe Ashe is a personal WordPress blog theme that is basic, free, and beautiful. You may use it to create a variety of blog sites, including your own site.

WordPress Theme Ashe for Personal Blog Website
There are various Ashe demo sites accessible. Using the WordPress live theme customizer, you will be able to effortlessly alter the page layouts, fonts, and other parameters in real-time. You may also activate or disable the items from the list of custom options to construct your own site.

Features: \sThe featured slider lets you to present your latest blog entries in the header section.
For your blog feed, it includes conventional grid layouts with many columns.
In the header section, add promo boxes where you may maintain up to 6 beautiful connected photos. Custom links and banner adverts may also be stored there.
Personal blog entries might be in audio, video, gallery, link, or quotation style.
Capable of sharing content on prominent social networking networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.
You may customise your product grid using WooCommerce integration. Furthermore, you may activate or disable the components it gives based on your needs.
Pricing: You may begin constructing your site using the free edition of WordPress.org. You must buy the Ashe Pro version to use the theme’s premium features. The two price schemes are available. They are as follows:

Regular License: A one-time payment of $29.99 for a single site.
Extended License: $29.99 per year for unlimited websites.

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