24 Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites 2022 (Free + Paid)

Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites

Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites (2022): OVERVIEW

Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites (2022): OVERVIEW (2022): Pros and Cons

Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites(2022): OVERVIEW (2022): Pricing

Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites (2022): OVERVIEW (2022): Features

Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites (2022): OVERVIEW(2022): Alternatives

Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites (2022): OVERVIEW (2022): Final Thoughts

Are you seeking for the finest free WordPress event website themes? If so, you’ve come to the correct place.

Event websites allow you to organise your events by advertising them online to a specific audience. You might incorporate event specifics to pique your audience’s curiosity. This helps to build buzz and surely, organisers may profit from it.

Furthermore, with a professionally designed WordPress theme, you may quickly add everything you need for an event. It also assists you in paying attention to the list of minor and large details needed for your occasions. You may, for example, manage the date, time, location, guest lists, programmes, and much more.

However, there are a plethora of WordPress themes available on the market for handling events. Searching for and sifting through a large number of themes is time-consuming.

Despite the fact that there are several themes available, you must choose one that is appropriate for your event location. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the finest free WordPress themes for event websites in 2022. Let’s get this party started!

How Do You Select the Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites?
24 Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites 2021 (((((((((((((((((((
1. Exhibibz (Premium)
2. occurrence (Freemium)
3. Happenings (Premium)
four. kadence (Freemium)
5. Several Events & Conferences (Premium)
6. Calendar of Events (Free)
7. Corporate Function (Freemium)
8th. Avada (Premium)
9th. Divi (Premium)
ten. Astra (Freemium)
eleven. eventum (Premium)
12th Annual WellExpo (Premium)
13th Projector (Premium)
EventPress 14 (Freemium)
Grand Conference (15th) (Premium)
16th occurrence (Premium)
Berliner, no. 17 (Premium)
KALLYAS, 18 (Premium)
EvnTalk 19 (Premium)
ConferPress 20. (Premium)
twenty-first (Premium)
22. The Event Star (Freemium)
Management of Events (Freemium)
24. Event Organizers (Freemium)
How Do You Select the Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites?
When selecting a theme for your website, you must consider a number of factors. So, we’ve classified some of the important aspects when picking WordPress themes for event sites.

Design: Make certain that the WordPress theme has attractive designs. Because events are partly about aesthetics, this helps to attract guests at first. As a result, attractive designs increase your audience’s faith in your team.
Adjustable: In addition to beautiful designs, the theme should be readily customizable. This manner, instead of being limited to the look of the templates given, you may construct your website to your liking.
Responsiveness: Check if the theme’s templates are responsive. People nowadays choose to utilise mobile phones rather than desktops and PCs. As a result, responsiveness enables more people to check in on your event using any device.
Social sharing options: Because social media is one of the most effective venues for marketing, your theme should have a social sharing option. As a result, you may get more clients for your events, which is advantageous.
Budget: While we’ve selected largely free themes, some also offer a premium version with varying prices. So it is entirely up to you to decide whether the free or paid version is best for your event website.
Other considerations include ratings, reviews, recent updates, active instals, and so on. Please see our entire guide on how to select the best WordPress themes for more information.

2021’s 24 Best WordPress Themes for Event Websites (Free + Paid)
We’ve compiled a list of the top free WordPress themes for event websites, along with descriptions, features, and price. So, look over each theme to see which one is perfect for your website.

1. Exhibibz (Premium)
Exhibz is a creative WordPress theme that may be used to organise meetings, seminars, culinary festivals, educational conferences, and other events. Multiple events, recurrent events, single events with ticketing systems for events, and much more may be simply managed.

Exhibz-WordPress event website themes
You may choose from 15+ different home page layouts to help you build up your event website. It also includes a drag-and-drop Elementor builder that enables you to easily change anything. As a result, you may change its colour, background, picture, typography (using FontAwesome or Google Web Fonts), icons (using Icofont), and so on.

Exhibz’s key features include the ability to manage time, location, schedule, event organiser, speaker, and so on.
You may preview your site while modifying it with the live customizer.
With RTL (Right to Left) language support, you may reach a worldwide audience.
It enables you to sell event tickets online.
Your events and webinars may now be held online thanks to the integration with Zoom.
Pricing: The regular licence of the Exhibz theme is $45 from ThemeForest and includes 6 months of free support.

Get Exhibz Right Now!
2. occurrence (Freemium)
Event is a freemium multipurpose WordPress theme that is perfect for establishing a professional event, blog, or corporate website. It offers a variety of layouts to pick from, all of which are readily configurable with a plethora of choices using the customizer. You may either use the default layout to create your event site, or you can choose a different look for each page or post.

WordPress themes for event websites that are not event-specific
Furthermore, this theme is social media-integrated and includes social media icons. As a result, you may promote all of your events on social media to increase the number of people that attend. This also aids in the conversion of visitors to consumers.

Furthermore, with a basic and clean style, it is designed for quick page load time.

Event Highlights:
It has a responsive layout that is suited for all screen sizes.
Cross-browser compatibility, so users may access your event from any browser.
Capable of setting up an eCommerce shop on your event website.
There are an infinite number of colour schemes to choose from for customisation.
To promote your business, include your own logo on your website.
WordPress.org has a free version of Event themes that you may download and install. It does, however, provide a premium version, with the following prices for each plan:

$59 for the Personal Plan
$79 for a business plan
$99 for the Developer Plan
Get Event Right Now!
3. Happenings (Premium)
Events is a responsive theme with strong built-in features for building a professional event website. It is appropriate for exhibits, conferences, parties, ceremonies, startup events, concerts, and other similar events. You may also organise events depending on their location, date, category, and other parameters.

Events WordPress themes
This theme provides you with a number of alternatives for monetizing your event website. It features PayPal connectivity, so you can start accepting payments right away. You will also be able to make offline payments. Furthermore, you may link your site with different payment gateways likewise.

Events’ key features include the ability to establish both regular and recurring events. Simply define the occurrences before setting a global start/end date.
Allow users to submit events and monetise submissions by developing custom-paid event submission packages.
A widgetized homepage enables you to personalise the content of your homepage as well as the appearance of your events.
Using Google Maps, assist your audience in locating the event’s location.
Capable of customising every field on the event submission form or creating a new custom field.
The Events theme is a premium WordPress theme with many price options, which are as follows:

1 site licence plan costs $69, while 5 site licence plans cost $159.
Get Your Events Now!
four. kadence (Freemium)
Kadence is a lightweight yet feature-rich WordPress theme for developing stunning event websites. You may change site width for pages, posts, and even custom post kinds, giving you complete control over the layout of your website. It also has a simple drag-and-drop header and footer builder that allows you to create them in a matter of minutes.

Kadence is a collection of free WordPress themes.
You may also choose from pre-built menu designs or personalise the design by making adjustments. You’ll also be able to customise your own design, complete with font, colour, and drop-down menu choices.

Kadence’s distinguishing characteristics are as follows:
View the changes you’ve made while updating your site in real time.
Allow your visitors to buy event tickets.
Users may see the specifics of your events, such as the date, time, location, host, and so on. And that’s before you’ve even registered for the event.
Connect with your community by including social icons in your site’s header and footer.
Select a Google font and change the size, style, and text.
Pricing: The Kadence theme is available for free download from the WordPress themes directory. However, if you wish to buy the premium version, here are the price options:

Kadence Pro Plan: $59 per year for unlimited sites, includes header add-ons, WooCommerce add-ons, hooked components, and one year of free support.
Kadence Theme Pro, Kadence Blocks Pro, and Pro Starter Templates are included in the Essential Bundle Plan, which costs $129/year for unlimited sites.
Full Bundle Plan: $199/year for unlimited sites, contains all Essential Bundle features as well as Kadence AMP, Kadence Cloud, and more.
Lifetime Full Bundle Plan: $649, includes unlimited sites as well as lifetime support and updates.
Get Kadence Right Now!
5. Several Events & Conferences (Premium)
Multiple Event & Conference is a multi-event WordPress theme ideal for any event, including event searching, listing, and so on. It also makes it easier to handle the location, speaker, timetable, host, and many other aspects of the event.

Several Conferences and Events
You may sell tickets both online and offline, in addition to organising the events and conference. In addition, there are over 90 payment options available in this theme.

Furthermore, it has a variety of tools and possibilities for customising your site. You may change the colours, fonts, layouts, post styles, loader, and other elements of the theme.

Multiple Event & Conference Key Features: Allows your clients to build events and submit them to your site.
To establish recurring events, just input the dates.
Allow the import of events from Facebook, Meetup, Google Calendar, and other sources.
It includes over 150 pre-built pages and components. You may use this to create a creative and effective event website.
On the calendar, organise your events by days, months, or years.
Pricing: The ordinary licence of Multiple Event & Conference is $59 from ThemeForest.

Get a variety of events and conferences right now!
6. Calendar of Events (Free)
Are you looking for a free WordPress theme for event websites? If that’s the case, let’s get started.

Event Listing enables you to easily create, administer, and classify events on your website utilising the simplest option at no cost. You will also be able to manage many events, locations, and organisers from a single organiser account.

WordPress themes for event websites that do not need event listings
From the frontend submission form, your users may submit, manage, and organise your event listings. Additionally, it enables your users to update any fields at the time of event submission.

The following are the key features of Event Listing: Users may witness a live screening of a planned event before posting it.
Your visitors will be able to locate the list of events they are interested in thanks to the Ajax-based filtering and search tool.
Provides fully configurable templates that may be altered to meet your individual needs.
Display your events in a variety of styles, including ListView and Box View.
Include event information anywhere on your website in the widget section.
The Event Listing theme is available for free download from WordPress.org. You may also purchase it through the company’s official website.

Get Your Event Listing Right Now!
7. Corporate Function (Freemium)
Corporate Event theme assists in the creation of conference or event websites with extensive customization and interactive elements. You may customise your theme by choosing Google fonts for the title, paragraphs, and logo. It comes with an infinite number of colour schemes, enabling you to tailor the site’s look to fit your own.

Corporate Event WordPress Themes for Free
You have the ability to rearrange the parts of any page on your website. On the homepage, there are many sections that you may sort, reorganise, and conceal depending on your preferences. You may also display and hide any specific component as needed.

You may also show event data on the hero section, such as event name, date, time, location, and so on. It also allows you to show or hide each component based on your needs and the nature of your event/conference.

Key Features of a Corporate Event: Include an event countdown option to attract more attendees and tell visitors about the event’s date and time.
Create multi-day event plans and simply monitor various events.
Display session data such as session room, speaker, time period, and so on in the event calendar.
There are various choices for event tickets and registration.
Different header and footer styles are available.
Pricing: The Corporate Event theme is available in both free and paid editions. You may get the free version from WordPress.org, however the premium version includes the following plans:

$59.99 for the Premium Plan
$149.99 for the Premium Plus Plan
Get Corporate Event Immediately!
8th. Avada (Premium)
Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is adaptable, intuitive, and user-friendly. It is particularly perfect for creative event websites. It provides you with 9 pre-built event websites, each with a different sort of event. You can easily import them with a few clicks and adapt them to your needs.

Theme for Avada Events
Furthermore, you can design your website with 120+ elements, giving you a plethora of options. They’re also quite adaptable to any style or function. As a result, you may make your site seem in whatever way you like.

You may also develop and design as many layouts as you desire. Layouts for the footer, single articles, archives, search results, and more are available. You may opt to use a single layout for the whole site or several layouts for specific articles and pages.

Avada’s key features include the ability to create an endless number of events and enable people to check in on your events.
Provide information on volunteers, sponsors, and timetables, among other things.
Allow consumers to buy event tickets via the website.
You may schedule your events using the Event Calendar plugin, which is compatible with it.
Supports multilingualism and translation in order to reach audiences all around the globe.
Pricing: The ordinary licence of the Avada theme is $60 from ThemeForest and includes six months of free support.

Get Avada Right Now!
9th. Divi (Premium)
The Divi WordPress theme is another another versatile theme that has tools for creating event websites. You may simply add, remove, and move objects on the front end of the website using its drag and drop editor. As a consequence, you may construct your website in real-time using its simple visual tools and immediately see the results.

WordPress theme Divi
It has all of the fascinating design components needed for an event website. You may choose from 800+ pre-built styles to advertise unique events, present exquisite event listings, timetables, and so on.

Furthermore, you will have total control over the look and feel of your website. As a result, you may experience hundreds of one-of-a-kind page components and personalised designs.

Divi’s main features include displaying the venue location in a Google Map on your website.
You can simply undo, redo, and review your entire editing history.
Allows you to modify your draught pages from the front end. As a consequence, you may view results as you write.
Provides countdown options (days, hours, minutes, and seconds) to create a sense of urgency for attendees to attend the event.
Capable of saving and managing an endless number of bespoke designs for re-use.
Divi is a premium WordPress theme with the following price plans:

Annual Access Plan: $89/year
$249 for a Lifetime Access Plan
Get Divi Right Now!
ten. Astra (Freemium)
Astra is a fast, lightweight, versatile, and well-liked WordPress theme. This theme includes templates and pre-built websites for the most of website kinds, including event sites. As a result, you may save website creation time by using its pixel-perfect ready-to-use website demonstrations from its library designs.

The free WordPress theme Astra
You may also customise the layout of the website container, header, archives, single pages, posts, sidebar, and footer. It also allows you complete control over the layout, allowing you to choose from a multitude of possibilities. Boxed, full width, fluid layout, default container, spacing control, and more settings are available.

Astra’s key features include all event specifics such as venue, entertainment, programmes, day, time, and more.
Add social media icons to your site to link your social media accounts directly to your website.
You can easily clone any element to make an additional duplicate, and you may remove unnecessary components.
Capable of displaying the timetables and programmes for the event.
Provides a variety of header choices such as sticky, translucent, mobile, and so on.
Pricing: The Astra theme is available for free download from the WordPress themes directory. It does, however, provide a premium version. Its premium version’s plans are as follows:

White label, sticky header, complex header/footer builder, mega menu, and WooCommerce management are all included in the Astra Pro Plan, which costs $49 per year ($239 if bought in full).
All Astra Pro features, Elementor/Beaver Builder extensions, WP Portfolio plugin, and 180+ premium starter templates are included in the Essential Bundle Plan, which costs $169 a year ($499 if paid in full).
Growth Bundle Plan: $249/year ($699 if paid in full) contains all Essential Bundle features, the Convert Pro plugin, the Scheme Pro plugin, and future plugin access.
Get Astra Right Now!
eleven. eventum (Premium)
Eventum is a highly configurable and user-friendly events organiser WordPress theme. This advanced event management theme has a slew of features for both administrators and event organisers.

It provides demonstrations of how to develop your own event sites such as conferences, festivals, seminars, music, and more. You may also organise professional and powerful events in any industry you desire.

Furthermore, its event calendar is feature-rich, stylish, powerful, and responsive. By hovering over any of the dates on the calendar, your visitors may explore events. It also displays the event’s name, venue, start and finish dates, and timings.

Eventum’s key features include the ability to add regular and recurring (daily, weekly, monthly, and annual) events.
To keep track of event participants, display the list and validate their participation.
Capable of adding a page that displays the whole list of events (Past, Current, and Upcoming events).
To buy event tickets, click the “Book Now” button on the event description page.
Visitors who are logged in may also see a list of the events they will be attending.
Price: The Eventum theme is a premium WordPress theme with the following pricing plans:

$89 for a single site licence plan.
$189 for a five-site licence plan.
Get Eventum Right Now!
12th Annual WellExpo (Premium)
The WellExpo theme includes a number of templates and attractively designed homepages that are ideal for event websites in every way. It also includes ready-made inner pages for events, performances, venue information, and much more.

WordPress event theme for WellExpo
It allows you to construct a timetable for any form of event, including conferences and exhibits, in a matter of minutes. This theme also includes a registration and application form, as well as a popup to check in to the event.

Moreover, you may also build a page to introduce your team members. There, you may add a detailed list of all speakers, sponsors, and volunteers for the event.

WellExpo’s main features are as follows:

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