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Are you seeking for a true WordPress vs. Tumblr comparison? Or are you unsure if you should write on WordPress or Tumblr? We’ve got your back.

A blogging platform is a website-creation tool that allows you to establish a blog, make entries, and share your material online. The most popular blogging systems are WordPress and Tumblr. You may have also come across several blogs developed on such sites.


So, you may be wondering, ‘Is WordPress superior than Tumblr?’ Or is it the inverse? In this post, we’ll distinguish between them and learn what all the fuss is about.


In this section, we’ll compare WordPress with Tumblr in areas such as content ownership, customization options, and more. Let’s get started!



A. General Comparison – WordPress vs. Tumblr

B. Ownership of Content – WordPress vs. Tumblr

C. Functionality & Flexibility – WordPress vs. Tumblr

D. Customization Possibilities – WordPress vs. Tumblr

E. Usability — WordPress vs. Tumblr

F. WordPress vs. Tumblr for Business

G. Options for Social Sharing Tumblr vs. WordPress

H. Help – WordPress vs. Tumblr

I. WordPress vs. Tumblr Price Comparison

J. WordPress vs. Tumblr: Pros and Cons

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A. General Comparison – WordPress vs. Tumblr

Let’s take a quick look at WordPress and Tumblr before comparing them in different ways.


What exactly is WordPress? (Overview)

One of the most popular blogging systems is WordPress. It is a full-fledged website creation Content Management System (CMS).


In fact, since it is open-source software, you may use it on as many sites as you wish. You may also change the programme and share the updated version to others.


It’s worth noting, though, that WordPress comes in two flavours: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.


WordPress.org is a platform that is self-hosted. It implies that in order to create a WordPress website, you must first choose a web hosting package and register a domain name. You may find more information in our step-by-step tutorial on how to construct a website.


Website: WordPress.org

Homepage of the WordPress.org Website

WordPress.com, on the other hand, is a fully hosted blogging platform where you can just join up and begin constructing your blog.


Read the article WordPress.com versus WordPress.org for more information.


Because WordPress.org enables complete independence, we’ll refer to it whenever we say “WordPress exclusively.” As a result, this article compares WordPress (self-hosted version) to Tumblr.


What exactly is Tumblr? (Overview)

David Carp founded Tumblr in 2007 as a social networking and microblogging service. Tumblr was bought by Yahoo later that year. Tumblr is presently owned by Automattic, which operates the fully hosted WordPress platform, WordPress.com.


It’s a wonderful medium for visual blogging and short-form essays. Tumblr is a free service that even inexperienced users may use. The user interface is straightforward to grasp and apply.


Tumblr versus WordPress: Which Is Better for Blogging?

Homepage of the Tumblr Website

Tumblr allows you to schedule posts to go live on a certain date. This enables you to pre-load material for auto-posting.


Tumblr also includes typical on-page SEO elements (Search Engine Optimization). You may, for example, add custom URLs, tags, and titles to your article. To optimise more, such as picture alt text and meta description, you’ll need to change your blog’s HTML code.


Tumblr users may now publish and share multimedia and other sorts of posts. Because it enables users to connect with one another, it is a social networking site in and of itself. Many photographers, musicians, and filmmakers utilise it as a free publication platform.


B. Ownership of Content – WordPress vs. Tumblr

When it comes to blogging, one of the most important factors to consider is content ownership. Once you’ve launched your blog, you’ll need to determine if you want total control over your content. Or if you’re OK with the platform and its control over your material.


WordPress Content Ownership

You will have complete control over the content of your blog website since WordPress is self-hosted. When you install WordPress.org on a host, the resulting website is all yours.


For example, you are now reading this article on SiteSaga.com. The copyright, as shown in the picture below, belongs fully to SiteSaga. As a result, SiteSaga has complete control over its content.


WordPress versus Tumblr SiteSaga Website Example for Content Ownership

WordPress Content Ownership

Although the hosting company’s space isn’t yours, the site and any material on its server are. You can do anything you want with it. You can save it, transfer it, or share it with others.


To cut a long tale short, you are the only owner of your WordPress.org material.


Tumblr Content Ownership

Tumblr, on the other hand, is not the same as WordPress. One of the sad limitations of Tumbler is that you do not control your material. As previously indicated, Automattic currently controls this blogging platform. This implies that Automattic owns both the service and your blog posts.


Terms & Conditions for Tumblr Content Ownership

Tumblr Content Ownership

Tumblr users may upload their material on a free website. As a result, it’s unclear if your blog will be up and running tomorrow. In addition, if you upload improper information, your account may be suspended in a matter of seconds.


In conclusion

Tumblr lags far behind in terms of content ownership, but with WordPress, you are the king of your material.


C. Functionality & Flexibility – WordPress vs. Tumblr

One of the most important characteristics to look for in a blogging platform is flexibility. You should be able to handle all of the functionality of your growing blog and add new features.


WordPress’s Flexibility and Functionality

WordPress is a free to use open-source tool. It’s easy to add and change features as you see appropriate. You may simply add any kind of functionality to your WordPress site using plugins and third-party integrations.


On the WordPress.org plugin directory website, you may discover over 59,000 free WordPress plugins to integrate into your blog, as well as a plethora of paid plugins. It allows you to quickly and simply personalise your blog.


WordPress Plugin Directory

WordPress Plugin Directory

You may also create several forms and online storefronts. It enables you to install as many WordPress SEO tools as you like, as well as many others. Not only that, but if you know how to write, you can design your own customised plugins.


There are a plethora of free and paid WordPress themes available to assist you in making your site appear more appealing. You may also simply alter the design of your blog using a simple drag-and-drop tool.


You’ll also have access to themes that are appropriate for practically any form of website. All of the available themes are of high quality and can be customised to meet the needs of your website. You may also make use of high-quality third-party themes.


Tumblr’s adaptability and usefulness

Tumblr is a straightforward social blogging platform that supports rich material such as videos and photos. It also enables you to follow other users and join in communities freely.


Users may upload text, chat messages, quotations, links, photos, videos, and audio files. Some internet companies benefit greatly from the ability to include a large amount of rich media. Tumblr has a superb email or text-based publishing mechanism that makes it simple to upload visually appealing material to a Tumblog.


Tumblr Flexibility – SiteSaga WordPress Website Example Content Ownership – WordPress versus Tumblr

Medias on Tumblr

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about website upkeep, speed, security, or performance. You also don’t have to hunt for a hosting firm or deal with a slew of settings. You don’t even have to purchase and register a custom domain name if you don’t want to.


You will not, however, have legal ownership of your website. Furthermore, if you break Tumblr’s community rules, your account may be suspended at any moment.


In conclusion

Tumblr lags well behind WordPress in terms of versatility and usefulness. Because you will have complete control over your WordPress content. With its plethora of plugins, you can simply add functionality to your website. As a result, WordPress comes out on top.


D. Customization Possibilities – WordPress vs. Tumblr

Customization features are essential for personalising your blog and making it more appealing and presentable. Customizing the design of your website adds spice and unique identification to your content.


Let’s see how much customisation is available on WordPress and Tumblr.


WordPress Customization Options

WordPress is a platform that is simple to personalise. You have total control over every aspect of your blog, allowing you to create whatever design you like. Color and layout are fundamental customization choices that are quite easy to change. Furthermore, before WordPress 5.8, widgets and customizable menus enable you to further personalise your website.


Starting with WordPress 5.9, you’ll be able to change any aspect of your site in the Editor. It also has a global styles option, which allows you to simply make changes to the fonts, colours, and layout of the whole site at once.


Customization Options for the WordPress Editor

Customization Options for the WordPress Editor

Two of the best free WordPress themes are Astra by Brainstorm Force and Kadence by iThemes. Both have received five-star ratings and have over 100,000 active instals. Premium themes with extensive functionality are also available.


WordPress is suitable for both new and experienced users. Following installation, novices will have access to a user-friendly dashboard with a wide range of themes and plugins.


Advanced users, on the other hand, may dig out the code hidden inside any of the files and modify the necessary functions as they see suitable.


Tumblr Customization Options

Tumblr offers a limited range of customization options, yet it is easy to personalise your blog on Tumblr. Its ability to connect with people straight immediately is an excellent spot to start your blogging journey.


Colors and typefaces, as well as a profile picture and background photographs, may all be changed with a single click. It also has themes that you can use to create a professional-looking site with several pages, comment spaces, social sharing buttons, and other features.


Tumblr Customization Options – SiteSaga WordPress Website Example for Content Ownership – WordPress versus Tumblr

Tumblr Personalization Options

There are a plethora of free and paid themes to choose from. However, if you want the identical style for your site, you’ll need to get a premium theme. This will cost you an additional $49.


If you have the requisite technical knowledge, you may modify the HTML code. To further personalise your blog, you may even code totally on your own. Simply said, it lacks the versatility that WordPress does.


In conclusion

Tumblr has some customization capabilities, but it cannot compete with WordPress’s endless customization choices. Because of WordPress’s adaptability, more than half of the world’s websites are presently developed on it.


E. Usability — WordPress vs. Tumblr

Visitors will concentrate on a blogging platform that is intended to be more user-friendly. Which of the two systems do you think is more user-friendly? Scroll down to find out more.


WordPress’s user-friendliness

Before you can launch your WordPress website, you must first purchase the finest hosting provider, register a domain name, then download and install the software. However, after the setup is finished, it presents a basic dashboard suited for novices.


You may edit all of your settings, create new articles or pages, and change the design of your site from the dashboard. You may design your blog by selecting from hundreds of parameters in the theme. You may use WordPress to design a website that looks precisely way you want it to.


WordPress Dashboard Example for User-Friendly WordPress

WordPress is user-friendly.

Because WordPress is a full-featured CMS, it provides its users with more capacity and freedom. This features sophisticated blogging options. As a consequence, it may be difficult and irritating for rookie and non-technical users, necessitating a steep learning curve.


Tumblr’s user-friendliness

Tumblr, on the other hand, does not need you to choose a hosting provider or even register a domain name. Tumblr, as opposed to WordPress, makes it easy to build a site, post content, and interact with people straight immediately.


Tumblr simplifies everything, from creating a free account to publishing your first post. It offers a straightforward UI (User Interface) with huge buttons and a plethora of functionality. If you dislike a complex interface, Tumblr is for you.


Tumblr User-Friendly Example – SiteSaga Website WordPress Content Ownership Example – WordPress vs Tumblr

Tumblr is an easy-to-use platform.

Tumblr puts every choice at your fingertips, such as searching messages, viewing posts, and customising designs. It enables the rapid publication of news, multimedia, and other information. It enables people to like, react to, and share your content using their Tumblr account. Users may share material using mobile apps such as Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and others.


In conclusion

Tumblr has taken over WordPress in this case. Tumblr makes it simple to construct a website; you don’t need a domain name or a hosting provider. Furthermore, the Tumblr interface is straightforward; you won’t have to spend hours searching for what you’re looking for. You may quickly access design and communications options and establish a website.


F. WordPress vs. Tumblr for Business

As we all know, the majority of companies operate on an internet platform. Furthermore, traditional enterprises are on the edge of becoming eCommerce. WordPress and Tumblr both include features that are useful for an online company. Let’s go through the specifics.


WordPress for Enterprise

WordPress, without a doubt, provides for a wide range of applications, including the building of one-page websites, blogs, membership sites, and online companies, as well as their future evolution.


The WordPress platform has all of the capabilities and functionality required to create any sort of corporate website. It has a lot of power on its own, plus there are many WordPress business themes and plugins to help you design the ideal website.


Astra Travel Blog WordPress Theme versus Tumblr Business Website for WordPress

WordPress for Enterprise

Astra is a free WordPress theme suitable for versatile websites. Estatik and Real Estate Manager Pro are both WordPress plugins designed exclusively for real estate websites.


WordPress enables you to create and manage a free website. And this without the need to purchase a hosting account or register a domain name. This is why it is suitable for small businesses on a tight budget.


A competitive company website must be responsive, which means it must look well on any screen, which WordPress delivers.


Online firms must reach out to prospective customers. Getting ranked in search engines is the greatest method to do this. A decent SEO strategy is also necessary to be recognised by search engines.


WordPress is a well-known platform for producing SEO-friendly content. There are several SEO-optimized themes and plugins available to help your company and ranking. This increases the frequency with which your online company site appears in search engines. As a result, your website gains trust and reputation among users.


WordPress also allows you total control over your site and a plethora of customization options to meet the demands of your business. As a result, it appeals to a diverse variety of significant corporations, including Microsoft, Facebook News, MTV, and others.


Check out our complete collection of the greatest and most popular WordPress site examples for more!


Business Tumblr

Tumblr is ideal for entrepreneurs that need to get their company up and running fast. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money developing a full-fledged website.


When it comes to utilising Tumblr for business, there are several options accessible. Tumblr just makes it simpler for businesses to share their content with a larger audience. To operate a successful Tumblr company, though, you must generate original material that people appreciate.


Example of a Tumblr Business Website Tumblr-created

Business Tumblr

Tumblr also has a unique tagging system that enables you to search for relevant tags by just inputting your brand or the name of a related company. You might also use a business theme. You may need to hire a designer for further branding possibilities on Tumblr in order to give your company a professional appearance.


Furthermore, promoting companies on Tumblr is entirely free. However, you may use the platform’s advertisements to push your companies even further. It’s a fantastic platform for increasing your company’s online visibility.


In conclusion

WordPress is the most effective platform for launching an internet company. You’ll receive access to a plethora of free and paid themes and plugins that will help you develop an online company. So, in terms of business, WordPress comes out on top.


G. Options for Social Sharing Tumblr vs. WordPress

There is a significant distinction between producing knowledge and sharing it with others. It is not sufficient to generate content; it must also be shared. Let’s have a look at the sharing options provided by WordPress and Tumblr.


WordPress’s Social Sharing Options

WordPress, as we all know, is a self-hosted platform. As a result, with WordPress, you have total choice over the sharing options you choose to include on your site.


This means that the platform will be unable to help you. It is solely your responsibility to register your website with Google. Also, include social profile buttons, promote your site, and share your content with others.


However, you will need to go above and beyond to promote your WordPress site. But don’t worry; there are a plethora of fantastic free and paid social sharing plugins available. You may use this to manage your website’s social media presence and, ultimately, to promote your WordPress blogs.


Example of a WordPress Easy Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress vs. Tumblr

WordPress’s Social Sharing Options

Plugins are add-on software or programmes for your WordPress website that add functionality or features. Easy Social Sharing, for example, is a free WordPress social media plugin that lets you add particular social share buttons to your site.


Tumblr’s Social Sharing Options

Tumblr is more than just a blogging site; it’s also a social networking platform, which is one of its most valuable qualities. Tumblr starts connecting you with other users the moment you create an account.


Tumblr starts recommending material to you as soon as you create your blog. Others will be able to see your Tumblr blogs in the same way. In contrast to the self-hosted platform, it automatically links you with other Tumblr users without needing any further effort on your behalf. As a result, you are entirely accountable for providing selections.


Options for Social Sharing on Tumblr

Tumblr’s Social Sharing Options

Tumblr not only recommends material, but also enables users to reblog, like, or share content, contact one another, and follow accounts they like. It also includes mobile apps like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and others to help you interact with more people.

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