21 Most Popular Types of Websites in 2022 With Examples

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Do you want to know what the most popular sorts of websites will be in 2022? Then read on to learn about them all with the greatest examples!

There are a plethora of websites available online, each with a unique set of users and objectives. Some are basic blogs that provide information on a certain topic. Some are business sites that are designed to serve their consumers. While others are for online purchasing and selling.


If you want to create a website for yourself, the first step is to choose a suitable niche. But it’s not that straightforward, particularly if this is your first website.


But there’s no need to be concerned! In 2022, we’ll use real-world examples to assist you get acquainted with different sorts of websites.


Let’s get started!



What exactly is a website? What makes one website different from another?

The 21 Most Popular Website Types to Launch in 2022

1. Website for eCommerce

2. Website for a Business

3. Website for Blogging

4. Personal Internet Site

5. Website for Portfolio

6. Website for News/Magazines

7. Website for Education

8. Website for Members

9. Website for an LMS (Online Course)

10. Website Landing Page

11. Website Directory

12. Online Job Board

13. Website for a non-profit/charity

14. Website of the Government

15. Website for Brochure

16. Wikimedia Commons

17. Website for Podcasts

18. Website for Entertainment

19. Sites of Social Media/Social Networking

20. Website for a Social Forum

21. Lookup Engine


What exactly is a website? What makes one website different from another?

Simply said, a website is a’site’ on the internet where you may search information or get online services.


Overview of Website Types

SiteSaga.com, the website from which you are now reading this article, is an example of a website. This is a blog website mostly dedicated to offering knowledge and thoughts on website creation.


Amazon.com is another well-known website example. It is one of the biggest online marketplaces for individuals to buy and sell goods and services. It is an eCommerce site for buying and selling, as opposed to SiteSaga.com.


Similarly, every website on the internet is dedicated to a single topic, theme, or specialty. And every website serves a distinct function and user base.


As a result, each website is fundamentally distinct from the others. However, we may still classify and categorise them based on main characteristics and functions.


As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 21 key categories of websites that are now popular on the internet. Let’s have a look at them!


The 21 Most Popular Website Types to Launch in 2022

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular sorts of websites in 2022. So, go through each of their descriptions and get inspired by the greatest website examples they offer.


1. Website for eCommerce

An eCommerce website is a website that allows people to purchase and sell things online. It may be owned by a single company or it might be a portal through which various sellers present their items in a digital marketplace. Take a peek at Walmart.com, for example.


Example of a Walmart eCommerce Website

Walmart (Walmart) (eCommerce Website Example)

Customers benefit greatly from the ease of purchasing from an eCommerce business. This is due to the fact that it includes a model for searching, filtering, adding, paying for items, and deciding on delivery ways all inside the site itself.


An eCommerce website often contains the following features:


Search and filter for products

Shopping carts for products

Payment mechanism that is integrated

Method of integrated shipping

You’ve most likely used an eCommerce website before. The following are some of the most popular eCommerce sites:







Themes that are Elegant

If you have items to sell, you may set up your own eCommerce website. You may simply sell your items and services online there.


Single Vendor eCommerce Site vs. Multivendor Marketplace

There are two sorts of eCommerce websites. And it is dependent on the amount of sellers offering their wares on a certain website. So, let’s have a look at what they are:


Marketplace with many vendors.

eCommerce site with a single vendor.

If you have a multi-vendor marketplace, you will have numerous sellers selling their items on your site. Customers may therefore purchase things from a variety of retailers or brands. While you will get a share of their sales commission. Take, for example, Amazon.


A single vendor eCommerce site, on the other hand, has just one seller. If you create such a site, that single vendor will exclusively sell its items on your site. As a result, clients have the option of purchasing the things solely from that seller.


Elegant Themes, for example, is a single vendor from which you can purchase the company’s WordPress themes.


When comparing the two, multi-vendor sites are more challenging to administer. Having several suppliers, on the other hand, is less risky and more financially advantageous. As a result, both instances have advantages and disadvantages.


Should You Build an E-Commerce Site?

It’s a perfect time to establish your eCommerce business since the worldwide online purchasing industry is expanding all the time. According to a survey, eCommerce sales accounted for 18% of all retail sales globally in 2020, and this figure is predicted to rise to 21.8% by 2024.


However, if you are not a web developer, creating an eCommerce business might be a genuine difficulty.


However, there are several beginner-friendly eCommerce systems available today that allow you to simply establish an eCommerce website without hiring a developer.


WordPress WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce technology, with over 29 percent of the top 1 million sites using it. You may use the Dokan plugin to construct a multivendor website.


Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below to get started!


Begin Working on Your Website Right Now!

2. Website for a Business

A business website is one of the most common sorts of websites that companies construct to showcase their brand online. In general, a business website’s goal is to provide information about a company’s products and services while also promoting them. As a consequence, these sites help their clients establish a strong internet presence.


Business websites are a wide category that includes eCommerce storefronts, commercial blogs, and other business-related websites. As a result, some websites may be classified as both a company website and an eCommerce website, or as both a commercial website and a blog.


As an example, consider Microsoft.com.


Microsoft Business Website Example – Website Types

Microsoft (Microsoft) (Business Website Example)

This is a company website as well as an eCommerce site. Because this website has both instructional and promotional material, as well as checkout alternatives for consumers to purchase the company’s items.


Having a legitimate business website boosts the company’s reputation. Various studies indicate that individuals prefer firms and commercial agencies with a strong internet presence over those without.


As a result, all firms must now have a company website. Here are a few examples of companies that may need a website:


Gym/fitness, yoga studio, beauty care, and therapist are all available.

Electronics, mechanics, and physics

Coffee shops, restaurants, and motels

Finance, law firm

Clinic, dentistry

As well as any service provider or company.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the most popular company website examples to get you inspired!


Microsoft (Microsoft) (Technology business)

World Financial Organization (Finance consultancy)

The French Press of Chicago (Coffe and tea business)

Women Are Paid (Professional course for women)

According to Forbes (Business news and blog Site)

Are you considering creating a new website for your company? Please see the link provided below!


How to Create a Website from the Ground Up (Easy Guide for Beginners)

3. Website for Blogging

A blog is a website that contains information that is owned by a person or a group of individuals. The content of a blog is referred to as a “blog post,” and the process of adding a blog post is referred to as “blogging.”


To engage readers, blogs feature a very casual and conversational writing style, as well as user-friendly navigation schemes. Furthermore, a blog is kept up to date by publishing new blog articles on a regular basis. The most recently added posts show at the top of the list (reverse chronological order).


Copyblogger, for example, is a well-known digital marketing site.


Copyblogger Blog Website Example – Website Types

Copyblogger (Blog Website Example)

People utilised blogging as notebooks or diaries when it was first introduced. But it’s much more than that these days.


Blogs are used by many organisations and companies to market their goods and reach out to prospective clients. Many people utilise it to share funny and intriguing stuff.


But wait, there’s more! Blogging is extremely renowned as an excellent technique to earn money online. Once your blog has a sizable readership, you may put advertisements in your blog entries. This generates income for you.


Some well-known blog sites include:


BloggerCopy (Digital marketing blog)

The website TechCrunch (Startup and technology blog)

Notes from Gates (Personal blog of Bill Gates)

SiteSaga (Technology blog about website-building)

You may look at other blog kinds and examples.


Do You Want to Start a Blog?

If you want to create your own blog, we suggest that you use WordPress. It’s a fantastic blogging platform with a user-friendly layout and a plethora of options for growing and monetizing your site.


WordPress comes in two varieties: WordPress.org and WordPress.com. WordPress.com is a fully hosted platform where you may create a blog. WordPress.org, on the other hand, is a self-hosted platform, which means you must purchase hosting, a domain, and set up a site yourself.


See our comprehensive WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org comparison page for additional information.


Still have questions about what a blog is and how to get started? Click the button below to see our whole blog-creation tutorial!


How to Begin a Blog and Make Money (A Beginner’s Guide)

4. Personal Internet Site

A personal website is designed for an individual to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and emotions, as well as abilities and skills. Blogs, portfolios, films, picture galleries, and other forms of media may be included.


Consider Matt Mullenweg’s personal webpage.


Personal Website of Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg’s Webpage (Personal Website Example)

Personal websites are often developed out of a desire to share personal ideas rather than to gain money.


However, if the website grows in popularity among viewers and like-minded individuals, you may include adverts into it. You may make money by doing so.


If you want to establish a personal website to help you get started on the online, WordPress is the way to go. It offers a range of themes and templates from which to pick and allows you to construct a great website for free.


Personal webpages are shown in the following instances.


Mullenweg, Matt

Gilbert, Elizabeth

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income

Hines, Kristi

Do you like to see more examples for ideas? We’ve compiled a list of the top 48 personal websites available online.


5. Website for Portfolio

Portfolio websites are websites that highlight the greatest work of professionals. Professionals and freelancers develop these websites. In order for them to attract future clients or consumers, they must publicise their abilities and services.


A portfolio website demonstrates professionalism in your work and may also be used as a CV or online resume.


A portfolio website may be created by photographers, tattoo artists, painters, artists, developers, designers, cinematographers, or any other specialist.


Check out Leo Messi’s portfolio webpage, for example.


Messi Portfolio Website Example – Website Types

Messi’s (Portfolio Website Example)

The portfolio website is basic and attractive, with just a few pages and a logo. It includes a gallery of high-quality photographs, testimonials, and information about the services you provide. It should also have a about part with your contact information, about, social media accounts, prior works, and so on.


If you want to make a portfolio website, you may look at appealing designs on the internet. We propose that you utilise WordPress to receive a wide range of design and functionality possibilities.


Check out some of the portfolio websites we’ve mentioned below.


D’Orio, Tony

Harris, Tristan

Audrey Natsai

J.K. Rowling’s

Verena Michelisth’s

Messi, Leo

6. Website for News/Magazines

The outlets for publishing news online are news and magazine websites. They have been a more efficient means of distributing local or global news to readers.


News websites typically feature news on politics, weather, current events, events, sports, and so on. And not like entertainment websites, which only cover events that are solely enjoyable. However, there may be some overlap between entertainment and news websites.


Time.com, for example, is a well-known news website.


Example of a Time Magazine Website

The present moment (Magazine Website Example)

News and magazine websites are created by well-known media institutions such as newspapers, TV networks, and FM radio stations. This serves as an extension of their existing service. While others are on their own.


These sites make money via paid subscription models and adverts.


Here are some of the most well-known news broadcasters, along with links to their websites.


The Wall Street Journal


The newspaper The Daily Telegraph



The Fox News Channel

Are you looking for a unique magazine website design? Check out our curated list of the finest WordPress magazine themes.


7. Website for Education

Educational websites, as the name implies, are websites that provide students with educational information and resources. They are either an educational institution’s internet presence or portals for delivering online courses.


Check out the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment’s webpage, for example.


Example of a Website for Smith School Education

Smith College (Educational Website Example)

Educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and universities, provide material on their websites. Details about the institution, courses, notices, procedures, results, employees, and so forth. Students and guests may use the website to get the necessary information.


Nowadays, almost every educational institution has a website. Here are some of the top websites from educational institutions.


University of George Washington

Smith College

Chicago University

University of Ashoka

Toronto University

University of Kathmandu

8. Website for Members

A membership website is a sort of website that is designed for internal use by corporations, organisations, colleges, or enterprises. It is also known as a web gateway. It may also be used to share personal information amongst its members.


Only linked members have access to stored information through a subscription model. They must also check in to the websites in order to obtain the information. Subscriptions may be free or paid, depending on the website.


Dunbar Academy, for example, is a membership website where registered users may obtain both free and paid courses.


Example of a Dunbar Academy Membership Website

Dunbar School (Membership Website Example)

The various degrees of membership specify the kind of information that may be accessed. In a university, for example, students have access to fewer course-related information such as courses, procedures, outcomes, programmes, and so on. Faculty members, on the other hand, have access to administration and management information. On the same site, for example, pupils’ performance, records, instructional tactics, and so on.


The structure of membership websites is more sophisticated than those of other kinds of websites. Most online website builders seem unsuitable for creating a membership website that meets all of the criteria. For example, membership plugins for WordPress are available.


Here is a list of the top membership websites.


Dunbar School

Courses on Smart Passive Income

Explorer for Children

Yoga for Lasater

Knits in olive



Do you want to see more examples? Discover the top 23+ membership site examples.


9. Website for an LMS (Online Course)

A prominent sort of membership website is an LMS (Learning Management System) website. They concentrate on educating their members via internet methods.


These online learning platforms may be operated by established academic institutions, training institutes, or independent instructors. In any case, they provide online courses, tutorials, tips, techniques, movies, and so on on a single or a range of themes.


Coursera.org, for example, is a renowned LMS site that provides flexible, cheap, and job-relevant online learning. That goes for people and organisations all throughout the world.


Coursera LMS Website Example – Website Types

Coursera is a free online learning platform (LMS Website Example)

There are some LMS sites that provide free courses, while others require a fee. Some premium online course sites, on the other hand, are nice enough to provide free trials.


As a consequence, a large number of students have benefited from such e-learning sites. This is due to the fact that you can simply access them from anywhere to learn about what you’re interested in.


Some of the greatest LMS websites are as follows:





Yale Open Courses

If you want to operate an LMS website, WordPress is an excellent choice. There are several WordPress LMS plugins and LMS themes available. You may swiftly create your ideal e-learning site by using them. As a consequence, you will be able to motivate others to study online.


10. Website Landing Page

A landing page website (or just a landing page) is a website that consists of a few well-designed marketing pages. These sites are often used for a marketing or advertising effort.


To be more specific, it is the page that your visitors arrive at after clicking on a link in an email. Alternatively, adverts from Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other digital platforms on the web may be used.


Other websites include pages that are dedicated to a variety of objectives. Landing page websites, on the other hand, serve a single purpose. That’s for the call to action (or CTA) with the ultimate objective of increasing sales.


Users are urged to take action if they are on a landing page site. For example, purchasing a product, registering an account, and so on.


As a result, it is the most effective alternative for raising the conversion rate of your marketing initiatives.


Let’s look at the Shopify landing page as an example. There is a free trial option here to construct an online shop to sell your items and operate your company.


Example of a Shopify Landing Page Website

Shopify (Landing Page Website Example)

This is a collection of landing page website examples. So you can look them up.





Conversion Laboratory

Jones is fantastic.

Do you lack a landing page website? Or do you want to create a landing page website for your company? Then, WordPress offers a plethora of free landing page themes from which to pick.


11. Website Directory

A directory website is a sort of website that is very useful for online advertising. It is a website that gathers, organises, and displays the top provider names for a certain specialisation in one location.


This allows prospective customers to simply find what they are searching for. And one may search using keywords or certain criteria. Parameters might include business ratings, product/service type, location, and so forth.


There are several types of directory sites that may be built in various sectors. As an example:





Online employment

Property investment


Things to do, etc.

Zomato, for example, is a restaurant directory website. Customers may use this page to search for and find restaurants. They can also read/write customer reviews, reserve a table, order meals, and do other things.


Example of a Zomato Directory Website

Zomato’s (Directory Website Example)

The following is a list of some of the most prominent directory websites, organised by specialty.


Airbnb (Real estate)

Zomato’s (Restaurant)

YouTube (Video)

WordPress ThemeForest (WordPress Themes)

As a result, you may also list your company on a directory website. This will assist you in increasing the visibility of your products/services to a variety of audiences.


It is critical to include a few settings while creating a directory site. It has powerful filtering features as well as autosuggestion capabilities. By retaining them, your target audience will be able to simply locate what they are searching for. Furthermore, people will want to remain connected to your website.


Do you want to create a directory site? Examine the top WordPress directory themes for your website!


12. Online Job Board

Online job websites are a form of directory site that provides a list of available positions. You may locate open employment in our region or expertise on such websites.


Some websites serve as a meeting place for both employers and workers. Employers may now advertise jobs and locate suitable people to complete their tasks. The employee then works from a distant location and submits the finished assignment through email or another medium.


These sites have payment options built in, allowing you to pay and receive money via them. These websites are often used for data input, writing, designing, web building, editing, and other similar tasks.


Fiverr.com, for example, is an online employment board.


Example of a Fiverr Online Job Website

Fiverr (Online Job Website Example)

Furthermore, several websites provide job descriptions on their website. Visitors may explore jobs, choose one that interests them, and apply for it. These websites just provide users with employment information and do not promote remote working.


The following are some of the most prominent internet job search websites.







13. Website for a non-profit/charity

Non-profit or charity websites do not make a profit by selling items or services. They are created by non-profit or charitable groups, as well as anybody who want to persuade others to support their cause.


The cause might be anything that benefits the public or society. And, depending on the purpose, there may be several types of non-profit websites. As an example:





Education, for example.

Save the Children, for example, is a non-profit/charity website. It’s a fantastic website with the goal of making the world a better place for and with children.


Example of a Non-profit/Charity Website: Save the Children

Example of a Non-Profit/Charity Website: Save the Children

Having a charity website is critical for such organisations to connect with their target audience. As a result, these websites usually explain what the cause is about and how people may get involved, give, or support it.


There is also a function for collecting email addresses and storing them in a database. So that the group may remain in contact with those who are interested via newsletters.


We have compiled a collection of such lovely non-profit websites and their causes.


Help the Children (Children)

Cancer Research Institute (Cancer patients)

Water as a cause (Clean water)

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) (Wildlife animals)

Each non-profit or charitable organization’s distinctive work should be shared on its websites. So, if you have such an organisation or community, you must create an appealing charity website.


To do this, your non-profit website must be well-organized and simple to use. Overall, it should be aesthetically pleasing and offer your visitors a nice impression.


14. Website of the Government

Government websites are another sort of website on this list. A government website’s purpose is to inform the public about government activity and services. Such places may be of many levels of government. Like:





Furthermore, they provide a variety of information and services in order to save everyone’s time. A municipal government website, for example, may also be used to promote tourism.


Let’s look at www.USA.gov as an example. It is the official website of the United States government. They give individuals with information on numerous government initiatives here. It covers health, passports, education, and other things.


Example of a US Government Website

The United States (Government Website Example)

For your knowledge, the domain suffix ‘.gov’ refers to the government website of the United States. In the instance of the United Kingdom, it is ‘.gov.uk.’


Take a peek at some of the state-level government websites from various nations listed below.






Here is a list of additional sorts of government websites found inside a nation. In America, for example.


http://www.ed.gov/ (Education)

http://www.hss.gov/ (Health)

15. Website for Brochure

A brochure website is a basic design of a small company that is uploaded to the internet. The primary goal of such websites is to promote their goods and services.


With a brochure website, you may simply identify your company’s online existence. It also does not conduct business in the same way as commercial or eCommerce websites do. As a result, it functions more like a catalogue, providing basic information about your organisation. It contains information on the owner, registration data, address, phone number, email, and so on.


Bed & Breakfast Nationwide, for example, is a modest interior design firm with a brochure website. This website tells visitors about their services as well as other information such as contact information, address, team members, and so on.


Example of a Bread & Breakfast Nationwide Brochure Website

Bread & Breakfast Across the U.S. (Brochure Website Example)

A brochure website has a straightforward style with just a few pages. Depending on the demands of the agency, the website material might be static or dynamic. It may also serve as a basis for upgrading your website to a commercial or eCommerce website.


If you want to make a brochure website for your company, you may use website builders such as WordPress. It offers a plethora of design and feature possibilities.

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