21+ Best WordPress Booking Plugins for 2022 (Free + Paid)

Best WordPress Booking Plugins 2022

Best WordPress Booking Plugins (2022): OVERVIEW

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Best WordPress Booking Plugins (2022): OVERVIEW (2022): Pricing

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Do you want to find the finest WordPress booking plugins? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot to locate the best WordPress booking plugin for your website.

By including a booking feature on your website, you can effortlessly organise and manage appointments and events. It provides a significant benefit to schedule appointments directly from your website without the need for a middleman.


Local companies, hairdressers, dentists, hospitals, consultancies, hotels, movie theatres, airlines, and any other service provider person or group may need such a booking tool.


If you’re using WordPress, there are a plethora of booking plugins on the market. You can simply add an online booking feature to your website using them.


As a result, we’ve identified the top WordPress booking plugins for 2022 to make your search easier. Let’s take a closer look at them.



How Do I Select the Best WordPress Booking Plugins?

The Top 21+ WordPress Booking Plugins for 2022

1. Simply Make Appointments

BookingPress No. 2

three. booknetic

BirchPress Scheduler (version 4)

5. Team Booking

6. Appointment Hour Scheduling

Calendarista (n.)

Amelia is number eight.


10. RnB – Booking & Rental Plugin for WooCommerce

eleven. LatePoint

12th. Reservation Package

13. Scheduled

14. Pinpoint Scheduling System

15. Salon Reservation System

appointment 16

MotoPress Hotel Reservations

BookingWP is the 18th.

Webba Reservations

20. Appointment Booking System, Booking Calendar

21. Organizing Activities

22. Schedule an appointment online PRO


How Do I Select the Best WordPress Booking Plugins?

Before we go into the list, there are a few things you should think about before deciding on a booking plugin. We’ve listed the most important aspects to consider while selecting the best WordPress booking plugins below.


Mobile-friendly: Firstly, you need to make sure the plugin you choose has a mobile-friendly interface. This makes it simple to schedule appointments on smaller devices.

Payment gateways are supported: Second, it must accept online payments for appointments. It will be simpler for you to collect payments and for your users to make payments this way.

Consider using interactive elements to pique your users’ interest. For example, utilise popups, sidebar forms, and so on to get your user to register for your appointment.

Simple to use: The plugin you choose should also be simple to use in order to save you time handling reservations. Make sure you don’t have to waste time organising calendars and appointments.

Pricing: Finally, choose a plugin that is within your budget. As a result, you must analyse this element in relation to your functionality and the amount you want to invest.

Other considerations include ratings, most recent upgrades, active instals, and more. Please read our article on how to choose the best WordPress plugins!


The Top 21+ WordPress Booking Plugins for 2022

Let’s take a look at the top WordPress booking plugins, each with a full explanation, features, and cost. So, browse over each plugin and choose the one that is perfect for your website.


1. Simply Make Appointments

Appointments on a Simple Schedule WordPress Booking Calendar

Simple Schedule Appointments is a free and simple online appointment booking plugin for WordPress. It’s quick and easy to set up, and it’s also simple and quick for your clients to schedule appointments. Simply allow your clients to arrange phone calls, meetings, or coaching sessions.


You can simply restrict the amount of daily appointments using this plugin. It also provides a variety of appointment options. For example, you might make a brief introduction call open to everybody and invite consumers to a longer meeting.


Furthermore, this plugin stores all of your appointment information and clients on your WordPress website. You control your data and are not required to use third-party appointment services.


Key Characteristics:

Beaver Builder modules, Elementor widgets, and Divi modules are all supported by this plugin.

Set minimum and maximum time limitations between appointments with ease.

Work holidays, birthdays, and other special days may all be simply designated.

It also enables you to change the colours, fonts, and other elements to fit your logo.


It’s a free booking plugin that you may find in the WordPress.org plugin directory. As a result, you can effortlessly install it on your website directly from the WordPress dashboard.


You may also upgrade to the pro version by visiting the company’s official website. It is available in three price options:


Plus Edition: $99 with a one-year upgrade and support contract.

Professional Edition: $199 includes one year of updates and support, as well as all plus edition features.

Business Version: $299 includes a one-year upgrade and maintenance period as well as all professional edition features.

Now is the time to get Simply Schedule Appointments!

Do you want to learn how to utilise this plugin? See our whole Simply Schedule Appointments review and how-to guide.


BookingPress No. 2

WordPress Plugin for BookingPress

BookingPress is a free WordPress booking and scheduling plugin that is both feature-rich and user-friendly. It may be used for any service-based company website that requires a booking option.


The BookingPress Plugin, for example, may assist salons, spas, tutors, barbershops, consultants, wedding planners, and other companies.


The plugin is jam-packed with useful features that make the online appointment booking process quick and easy. You can also create and manage bookings directly from the admin dashboard, eliminating the need for a third-party plugin.


Key Characteristics:

Excellent administrative dashboard

Excellent user interface and user experience

PayPal may be used to make payments online.

ready for translation (In-built translations for German, Dutch, Russian, French, and Arabic languages.)

Anti-spam protection is included in for increased site security.

Email notification that is customizable

Options for a Quick and Simple Setup


BookingPress is a completely free WordPress plugin. You may get it from its official website by clicking the icon below. You may also install it straight from your dashboard, as it is also accessible on WordPress.org.


Get BookingPress Right Now!

three. booknetic

Booknetic is a multi-purpose WordPress appointment plugin that automates online reservations for companies. It has a plethora of features that will make it simple to install and modify the appointment booking procedure.


Appointment Scheduling using the Booknetic WordPress Booking Plugin

This plugin allows you to tweak practically everything in the booking widget. Change the colours of the booking panel, for example, or add more forms, record booking processes, and so on.


You may also activate the Zoom connection and input your Zoom account information. You may use this to have video conferences with your customers and also record such meetings to watch later.


Key Characteristics:

The appearance module has 7 themes.

You may use shortcodes to show booking forms with pre-selected service, personnel, location, and so on.

You’ll have the Continue with Google button, which will enable your clients to instantly fill in the information with the click of a button.

You can also use the Custom CSS capabilities to add custom codes to the booking form.


It’s a premium plugin that costs $76 and comes with 6 months of support at CodeCanyon.net. In addition, for an additional $27.75, you may buy 12 months of extended support.


Get Booknetic Right Now!

BirchPress Scheduler (version 4)

BirchPress Scheduler is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to schedule online appointments. This plugin includes shortcodes for embedding booking forms into pages or articles on your website. Visitors to your website may quickly check availability, arrange appointments, or make bookings.


Birchpress Scheduler Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin

When an appointment is booked, rescheduled, or cancelled, it enables you to send email alerts and reminders. You may also send personalised, pleasant email reminders about forthcoming appointments.


Key Characteristics:

It has a booking form that may be customised.

Using the built-in form editor, you can easily create and customise your booking form.

It is pre-configured with PayPal, allowing you to accept online payments.

It also includes functions, action hooks, and filters for developers to use when creating their own custom forms.

Completely compatible with Google Calendar, iCal, and other calendaring systems.


BirchPress is a paid plugin that you may get from its official website. It includes 3 buying plans:


Personal: $99

Business: $199

Business+: $249

Get BirchPress Scheduler Now!

5. Team Booking

Team Booking is an innovative WordPress booking plugin. Using this plugin, you can design a flawless form to gather data from your consumers. You can quickly construct and edit text fields, text areas, dropdowns, files upload, and more.


Team Booking WordPress Booking System

This plugin is integrated with Google Calendar to help you plan and manage your appointments. Also, you can create events in Google Calendar, they’ll appear as bookable slots on your WordPress website.


Key Characteristics:

You can define the price that should be increased when certain options in the reservation form are selected.

Payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe are included in this plugin.

Also, create discount coupons and promotional campaigns.

This plugin allows you to approve or deny a reservation before forms get effective.

It comes with the timezone detection feature to auto detect the customer timezone.


You can buy this plugin from CodeCanyon.net for $29 with 6 months of support. Or, you can also extend the support by 12 months with an extra $9.


Get Team Booking Now!

6. Appointment Hour Scheduling

Appointment Hour Booking is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create booking forms. This plugin allows you to plan appointments with a start time and specified duration. Also, users can select a start time depending on the “open” hours and service duration.


Appointment Hour Booking for WordPress Booking Plugin

In addition, you can limit the number of people booking a certain service. This plugin is suitable for booking medical services, personal training sessions, booking rooms, classes, etc.


Key Characteristics:

You can create multiple services with different duration and prices.

Define your working days, holiday dates, and special dates.

Also, the calendar is available in 53+ languages.

Moreover, you can connect payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Redsys, and more to the booking forms.


This plugin comes in 2 versions free and premium. You can get the free version from the WordPress.org plugin repository. Also, get the premium version from its official website which is available in 3 pricing plans:


Professional: €5.99 monthly valid for a single website.

Developer: €77.99 monthly valid for 5 websites.

Platinum: €17.99 monthly valid for 25 websites.

Get Appointment Hour BookingNow!

Calendarista (n.)

Calendarista is a premium WordPress reservation, schedule, and appointment booking plugin. This plugin can be used for a wide array of business applications like rentals, hotels, gyms, beauty salons, clinics, and more.


Calendarista WordPress Reservation and Appointment Booking Plugin

This plugin allows you to connect with many applications, like sync your appointments with Google Calendar. Also, you can connect with WooCommerce if you’re into eCommerce. Furthermore, this plugin supports Zapier which lets you integrate your appointment with third-party applications.


Key Characteristics:

You can easily create coupon codes for your customers.

It comes with an email reminder feature to send notifications before an appointment.

Also, it supports the iCalendar format for iCAL live feeds.

This plugin supports WordPress Multilingual plugin (WPML) and Polylang.


You can get this premium plugin from codecanyou.net for $79 with 6 months of support. Also, get access to 12 months of extra support for an additional $27.75.


Get Calendarista Now!

Amelia is number eight.

Amelia is an appointment and event booking plugin that lets you set up a full-fledged booking system on your website. The best part is, you don’t need coding skills to embed this plugin on your website.


Amelia Events and Appointments WordPress Booking Calendar

You can easily create one or multi-day events, repeat seminars, and assign employees to each event with this plugin. For instance, create one or multiple days of travelling tours, schedule conferences that repeat for some days, and more.


Moreover, it allows your customers to manage and track their appointments. Also, users can easily check the availability of appointments and services.


Key Characteristics:

With just a few clicks you can connect your Zoom account.

It displays events in a modern and fully responsive calendar on your website’s page.

Also offers a convenient search-like feature to look for a suitable service, employee, and time.

You can easily create a service catalogue with some clicks.

Plus, you can easily add one or several locations depending on the type of service you offer.


This is a free booking plugin available at WordPress.org. Whereas, you can also upgrade to the pro version from its official website. Which is available in 2 pricing plans:


The annual plan comes with 3 tiers:


Basic: $59

Pro: $109

Developer: $249

The lifetime plan also has 3 tiers:


Basic: $59

Pro: $109

Developer: $249

Get Amelia Now!


Bookly is a WordPress online booking and scheduling plugin. It’s a fully customizable booking form. This plugin allows you to accept online bookings and make reservations automatically on your website.


Bookly WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling System

It comes with tonnes of features like filter, sort, and search booking lists, and print or export to CSV (Comma-separated values) (Comma-separated values). Also, add an unlimited number of staff members with individual working schedules. Moreover, you can give access to manage their profile and online booking calendar themselves.


Key Characteristics:

Add an unlimited number of services and group them into categories.

You can easily add an unlimited client list.

It also provides various templates for Email and SMS notifications.

Also, this plugin is compatible with WooCommerce.

In addition, you can translate Bookly to your local language.


You can get this premium booking plugin from codecanyon.net for $89 which comes with 6 months of support. Also, get the 12 months of extra support for an additional $31.50.


However, it’s also available in the WordPress.org plugin repository for free.


Get Bookly Now!

10. RnB – Booking & Rental Plugin for WooCommerce

RnB is one of the best WordPress WooCommerce booking and rental plugins. It lets you add unlimited rental products, set your own pricing while managing the calendar.


RnB Best WordPress WooCommerce Booking and Rental Plugin

This plugin comes with tonnes of features for your booking business. For instance, a “request for quote” section. Where users can bargain and you’ll be able to set specific pricing for that user.

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