21 Best Free Grid Style WordPress Themes for 2022

Best Free Grid Style WordPress Themes

Best Free Grid Style WordPress Themes (2022): OVERVIEW

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Do you want to find the finest free grid style WordPress themes? If so, you’ve come to the correct place.

A grid layout is a common method of organising and displaying material on the internet. It displays your text in well-defined rows and columns.

Do you wish to create such lovely grids with WordPress? This is when grid style themes come in handy! They assist you in artistically building pages with proper placement, alignment, and so on.

However, there are a plethora of grid themes on the market. As a result, we’ve hand-picked some of the top free grid style WordPress themes for 2022 that may be appropriate for you.

Let’s take a closer look at them!

How to Select the Best Free Grid Style WordPress Themes in 2022
The 21 Best Free Grid WordPress Themes for 2022
GeneratePress 1. Ashe 2. Kadence 3.
four. Astra
5. OceanWP, 6. Rife Free, 7. Blogpost, and 8. Maizzy
Overlay 9. Yoga Studio 10. Simple Press
12. Blogride 13. eCommerce Plus
14. Minimalist Blog. 15. GridBit. 16. Radiate. 17. Promotions. 18. GridNext. 19. ImageGridly.
20. Photographing for Multiple Purposes
21. Gutenshop’s Concluding Remarks
How to Select the Best Free Grid Style WordPress Themes in 2022
When selecting free grid style WordPress themes for your website, you must take numerous elements into account. So, we’ve classified some of the most important variables to consider while choosing it.

Responsive: Check that the theme you’ve chosen is responsive. As a result, adjusting your site’s content for multiple screen sizes and resolutions is beneficial.
Modification: The chosen theme should allow for simple customisation since customization helps in meeting the needs of the website.
Design choices: You should choose a grid theme with a variety of design options for displaying galleries, lists, and other material.
Other characteristics include: Check to see whether the theme you’ve picked has any additional fascinating features, such as hypnotic layouts, limitless scrolling, social sharing, and so on.
Budget, sales, paperwork, ratings, and reviews are some of the other requirements. For additional information, see our article on how to pick a WordPress theme.

Let’s get started with the list of the 21 top free grid style WordPress themes for 2022.

The 21 Best Free Grid WordPress Themes for 2022
We’ve compiled a list of the top free grid style WordPress themes, along with extensive descriptions, features, and price. So, look over each theme to see which one is best for you.

1. CreatePress
Simple Grid Site Demo by GeneratePress Theme
GeneratePress is another another free and open-source WordPress theme that provides you complete control over the design of your website. It provides you access to its huge library of professionally created websites and allows you to begin your own site. As a result, you will save hours of development time.

This theme also has an extensive layout system. There, you may change the grid or masonry arrangement of your material to show it the way you want. Furthermore, the grid style has a configurable width, allowing you to effortlessly position your content.

Furthermore, it offers a plethora of style options. Getting additional colour, typographic spacing, background image settings, and so forth.

GeneratePress’s main features are as follows:
With its hook system, you may put whatever you need anywhere on the page.
Gives you additional freedom and control over how your goods are displayed in your WooCommerce store’s specified columns.
Create a secondary navigation menu with the same choices as the major navigation menu.
Allows you to browse through your blog archives indefinitely.
The white-label option allows you to show your brand’s identification in the footer’s copyright area.
The GeneratePress theme is a freemium theme (it has both free and paid versions). As a result, you may get the free version from the WordPress.org theme directory or the official website. Another option for all free WordPress themes, including GeneratePress, is to install the theme straight from your WordPress dashboard.

However, if you want additional features, you may upgrade to the premium version, which offers the following price plans:

Yearly Plan: $59/year includes one year of upgrades and premium support. And you’ll be able to use it for up to 500 sites.
Lifetime Plan: A one-time purchase of $249 includes lifetime upgrades and support. You may also use it for up to 500 sites.
Learn More and Get GeneratePress!
2. Theme Ashe Ashe
Ashe is one of the finest free simple WordPress grid style themes for cuisine, travel, fashion, small businesses, and any site. This theme comes with both traditional and grid layouts. There, you can choose a grid style with 1 to 4 columns for your blog feed. You may also configure the WooCommerce product grid to have 2, 3, or 4 columns.

It also includes a set of demo websites. You just need to import them with a single click to receive menus, posts, pages, widgets, and so on. As a result, you may begin altering the imported sample site, which provides several modification choices.

Ashe’s key features include: sticky navigation that remains displayed at the top of the page to enable your visitors to effortlessly browse across your website.
A gorgeous featured post slider displays the most recent blog posts in the header section.
Share your content easily on social networking platforms like as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.
Allows you to generate audio, video, galleries, links, quotes, and so on.
A completely responsive theme adjusts to every screen size, from mobile phones to high-resolution retina displays.
Pricing: The Ashe theme is available in both free and paid editions. You may get the free version from WordPress.org or the theme’s official website.

The premium version, on the other hand, includes two distinct plans:

One Site License Plan: A one-time purchase of $29.99 includes lifetime upgrades and premium support for one website.
Unlimited Site License Plan: This plan is $29.99 per year and includes one year of upgrades and premium support for an unlimited number of sites.
More Information + Download Ashe!
3. Theme Kadence Kadence
Kadence is a drag-and-drop theme that makes it simple to create sophisticated websites. It offers pre-built menu designs or allows you to personalise your own, including font, colour, social icons, drop-down menu choices, and more. Additionally, with its live editing capability, you can quickly see how your design looks while editing.

Furthermore, you have complete control over the design of your website. There are several layouts available, such as site-wide choices for pages and posts, as well as event custom posts. Within the customizer, you may choose between broad, narrow, or sidebar layouts.

It also provides you with a limitless number of block alternatives in various patterns and styles. As a result, you may utilise grid style to show your carousel, gallery, or any other content on your posts/pages.

Kadence’s key features include the ability to build a perfect button style that you can apply to all of the buttons on your site.
Choose a Google Font and customise its size, style, and text transform.
Allows you to activate, create, and place a scroll to top arrow on your website.
Simply use its breadcrumb generator or one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins to activate the breadcrumbs.
Set up many menus in the header section with ease.
The Kadence theme is available for free download from the WordPress.org theme repository or its original site. You may also install it straight from your WordPress dashboard as a free theme.

However, if you wish to buy the premium version, the following price options are available:

Kadence Pro Plan: For $59 per year, you receive features such as header add-ons, WooCommerce add-ons, and so forth. You may also use it for an infinite number of sites and get one year of upgrades and support.
The Essential Bundle Plan is $129 a year and includes Kadence Theme Pro, Kadence Block Pro, Pro starter templates, 1 year support, and updates.
Full Bundle Plan: For $199 per year, this plan includes all of the benefits of the Essential plan. It also includes Kadence Cloud, Kadence AMP, and other features.
Lifetime Full Bundle Plan: For $649, you receive the whole package, including lifetime support and updates.
Learn More and Get Kadence!
4. Astra Astra’s grid-free WordPress themes
Astra is one of the most popular themes available. It’s also one of the quickest, lightest, and most configurable.

You may utilise its ready-to-use websites from its beginning template collection and tweak them with a variety of settings. As a result, you may use its customizer to make your website seem precisely as you want it to.

You can also use attractive options to adjust the style and look of your blog entries and archive pages. Because it has a built-in grid layout for displaying all of your blog entries in a grid format.

Astra’s key features include the ability to employ elegant pagination to split your blog material into many pages.
Control the width of your blog page with a content width option that allows you to adjust the container.
Display all of your items in the product gallery with ease. And then choose the grid or list layout to further personalise it.
The ability to display a custom layout throughout the whole website or on individual pages.
Adding social icons does not need the use of a third-party plugin. Simply choose a social network and generate a link that will lead to social accounts.
The Astra theme is available for free download from the WordPress.org theme directory. You may also get it through Astra’s official website.

It does, however, have a premium version with the following plans:

Astra Pro Plan: It costs $49 per year and includes features like as sophisticated header builder, giant menu, sticky header, advanced typography, and much more.
Essential Bundle Package: This plan is $169 per year and includes Astra Pro, 180+ premium starter templates, the WP Portfolio plugin, and other features.
Growth Bundle Plan: $249/year and includes everything in the Essential Bundle. Convert Pro plugin, Schema Pro plugin, and many more are also included.
Learn More and Get Astra!
5. OceanWP – Demo of the OceanWP WordPress Theme for Blog
OceanWP is a versatile WordPress theme that lets you construct and configure your website with a single click using sample templates. As a consequence, you have complete control over the creation of various pages, blogs, stores, blog entries, items, and other parameters. It also includes three distinct blog entry layouts: grid, huge picture, or in-built thumbnail styles.

You may also select from 7 completely free header styles, including the translucent header, or make your own. You may also alter the header styles for the whole site or for particular pages or posts.

There are also 20 premium bundle extensions. Full screen, cookie notice, popup login, footer, header, side panel, and more features are included in these extensions.

OceanWP’s main features include the ability to enable/disable/reorder the featured picture, post title, content, metadata, tags, next/previous post links, and much more.
For blog and category pages, it has a default infinite scroll and next/previous pagination option.
You may modify the amount of columns, padding, font, colours, and header tags, among other things. Also, for tablets and mobile devices, you may choose the number of columns separately.
You may activate the parallax footer feature with a single click.
You will be able to enter your information in the copyright box at the bottom of the footer.
OceanWP theme is absolutely free to use and can be downloaded from WordPress.org. Alternatively, it is also available for download on its own website.

However, you may buy its premium extension packs for more functionality, with the following price plans:

Personal Plan: $43/year, includes 7 free extensions, 14 pro extensions, 15 free demos, and 210 pro demos. And you may use it for up to three sites.
Business Plan: For $71/year, you receive all of the features of the Personal Plan, but you may use them on up to six sites.
The Agency Plan costs $127 per year and includes all of the Personal Plan features for up to 50 locations.
Learn More + Get OceanWP!
6. Rife Free Grid Style Rife Free Theme
Rife Free is yet another amazing WordPress theme suitable for portfolio, photography, blogging, business, and other purposes. It comes with seven ready-to-use example layouts that you can quickly import and modify using a customizer.

Most significantly, it offers a post grid option, which is the theme’s content unique feature. It enables you to add team members who will have access to a list of posts inside your content. Alternatively, you may use the widget post grid element to show any additional material, such as your site’s service. This functionality, however, is only accessible if the Apollo13 Framework Extensions plugin is activated.

Rife Free’s main features are that it supports several languages and is translation-ready.
The live preview option enables you to see how your website will look before you publish it.
Capable of adding content, sliders, photos, videos, and so on to any page on your website.
It provides dynamic and personalised icons.
Provides header and footer layouts, as well as designs and a parallax effect on the footer.
Pricing: The Rife Free theme is absolutely free to use and can be downloaded from WordPress.org or the theme’s official website.

However, a Rife Pro theme, which is the paid version, is also available. It includes the following price plans:

Single No Support: $39/year and includes pro features and designs. And it’s just for one site with a year of updates but no support.
Single with Premium Service: At $69/year, you’ll receive all of the prior plan’s features plus one year of premium assistance.
Infinite with Premium Support: This plan may be used for an unlimited number of sites and includes all of the features included in the Single plan.
Learn More + Get Rife for Free!
7. a blog post
WordPress themes with a grid layout that does not need blog posts
Blogpost is one of the greatest free grid style WordPress themes for displaying various sorts of information. With the grid style, you may choose the number of rows and columns, as well as the width and height.

This theme has been carefully created to satisfy the needs of blogging sites ranging from fashion, lifestyle, and photography to small enterprises. As a result, it offers you gorgeous layouts with a contemporary design and a plethora of personalization choices.

Above importantly, it has breadcrumb trails that show users where they’ve been and how to easily return to the previous page.

Blogpost’s Key Features: Custom page templates enable you to create a layout that is distinct from standard pages. Make structural modifications to your website to improve it.
It has a colour picker so you may change the overall colour of the theme or swap between preset colour skins.
The threaded comments option encourages readers to participate in the debate and respond to remarks.
Capable of editing credit text in the footer, such as copyright text.
Custom logos are supported to showcase your brand’s identity.
Pricing: A free version of this theme is available on WordPress.org, where you can simply download it. You may also get it through its official website.

You must pay $59 for the premium version of the Blogpost theme. It has advanced features such as a sticky header menu, secondary/footer menus, a loader, infinite scroll pagination, and so on.

Learn More + Get the Blogpost!
Theme Maizzy Maizzy Grid
Maizzy is another another fantastic theme that is fully responsive and looks fantastic on every platform, from mobile to desktop. This theme was created with creative persons, photographers, bloggers, travel, and lifestyle in mind.

You may also use the theme to build a grid layout to show various sorts of information on your website. All you have to do is arrange the rows and columns and add photos and captions. Alternatively, you may show your items in a gallery with all photographs having the same width and height. This helps your gallery seem sleek and tidy.

Maizzy’s key features include: providing customisable widgets that can be placed anywhere on your website.
You may share your content on social networking sites thanks to integration with social media networks.
Allows you to customise your layout by adjusting space, colours, borders, buttons, and other elements.
Display your featured content in the widget for easy access by your visitors.
Using Typekit fonts or custom fonts, you may easily modify the typography of the whole site.
Pricing: The Maizzy theme is available for free download from WordPress.org. The simplest method is to install straight from your WordPress dashboard.

However, it comes with a premium version, Maizzy Pro, with the following price plans:

$49 for a single site licence
$99 for a lifetime licence and support.
Lifetime License and Support + Theme Installation and Setup Service: $149 Lifetime License and Support + Theme Installation and Setup Service: $199
Learn More and Get Maizzy!
WordPress Themes with Overlay Overlay-Free Grid Style
Overlay is another another gorgeous theme with excellent designs. It has a variety of page layouts with further adjustable features. You may, for example, alter its header, footer, pages, and other elements to your liking.

Furthermore, you may improve your pagination for your readers to make it easier for them to navigate through your blog pages. Furthermore, its customizable features make it easy to easily create attractive pagination.

Most significantly, it is connected with WooCommerce, allowing you to effortlessly create an online shop. As a result, the theme includes extra WooCommerce options to let you further personalise your online shop. You may also utilise grid style to show your items, add to cart page, details of page, and so on.

Overlay’s key features include: a slider that may be used anywhere on the page.
Select between a totally sticky header, navigation, or a top bar.
Add a widget or sidebar for any material to the pages so that it is visible even if the user scrolls down.
Allows you to add social icons and alter the style of your website.
Back to the top button, allowing visitors to scroll back up the webpage with a single click.
The Overlay theme is available for free download from the WordPress themes directory or its official website.

Meanwhile, you may upgrade to the pro version, which has the following price plans:

Single Site License Plan: For $25/year, you receive all of the pro features as well as dedicated support and upgrades for a year. And this plan is just for one site.
Plan 5 Site License: It costs $39 per year and includes all of the features of the prior level. However, you may use it for up to five sites.
Plan for an Unlimited Site License: This package, which costs $65 per year, may be used for limitless sites with all features.
Learn More + Get the Overlay!
Yoga Studio Yoga Studio-free grid WordPress themes
You may build a contemporary and stylish design with the Yoga Studio theme. You’ll be able to develop websites for yoga and workout studios, as well as any other fitness-related websites.

It enables you to display your services in a grid format with photos. You may also include a blog page where you can share your fitness expertise. Also, show your content together with the highlighted photographs. This increases user interest in your website.

Aside from that, the theme offers a plethora of customization and customisation possibilities. As a result, you may customise the appearance of your website to your liking.

Yoga Studio has the following features: It supports RTL (right to left) and is translation-ready.
With your website, you may add a social media option to all of your social media sites.
Responsive design that works nicely on all screen sizes.
To represent your website, upload your own logo.
You may change the wording in the footer section.
Pricing: The Yoga Studio theme is free to download from WordPress.org. Alternatively, you may install and activate it straight from your dashboard.

However, if you want access to the premium version, you must pay $40. It has a Retina-ready display, global colour choices, expert assistance, and more professional features.

You may also get the ‘WordPress Bundle’ for $89. You will get all of Ovation Themes’ WordPress themes as a result of this purchase.

Learn More + Get Yoga Studio!
Simple Press 11
Themes for Simple Press-WordPress Grid
Are you seeking for the most basic grid-view theme? If that’s the case, let’s get started.

Simple Press is yet another of the greatest free grid style WordPress themes that has all of the functionality required for a blog. You may simply alter the width of the website, as well as the blog layouts to grid view. You may also show your home or archive page as list, grid, full-width, or with/without a sidebar.

Most notably, one of the most vital features for bloggers is the thumbnail picture size choice. It allows you to pick where in the blog snippet to show a thumbnail, medium, big, or full picture.

Simple Press’s key features include the ability to choose whether to show a breadcrumb, featured picture, author information, and related post in your article.
You may vary the visual appeal of your website by selecting one of five different fonts.
You can instantly alter all of the aspects with the aid of a customizer.
Sticky sidebar widget for displaying adverts as visitors read your site. You may also deactivate this functionality.
After completing one post, display the suggested article to entice your readers to read the following one.
Pricing: The Simple Press theme is available in both free and paid editions. You may get the free version from WordPress.org’s theme repository or from the source site.

The premium edition, on the other hand, includes the following three plans:

Basic Plan: For $49, you’ll get the pro theme with one year of updates and support.
Lifetime Plan: For $99, you get the pro theme as well as lifetime upgrades and support.
Installation Plan: For $149, this plan includes the pro theme, lifetime upgrades, and support, as well as installation and setup service.
Learn More + Get Simple Press!
eCommerce Plus eCommerce Plus Theme 12

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