17 Best WordPress Events Plugins 2022 (Easily Manage Events)

Best WordPress Events Plugins -2022

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Do you want to know which WordPress event plugins are the best? If so, you’ve come to the correct place to locate the WordPress events plugin that’s ideal for your site.

By installing the WordPress events plugin on your site, you can effortlessly create and manage events. It will provide you choices such as purchasing tickets, controlling the location, organisers, attendance, and much more.


However, there are several plugins on the market for handling events in WordPress. It is time-consuming to sort through a plethora of possibilities. Don’t be concerned! We’ve made things easy for you.


Regardless of the plugins available, you should choose the one that is most suited to your site. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress events plugins for 2022. Let’s take a closer look at them.



How Do I Select the Best WordPress Events Plugins?

2022’s 17 Best WordPress Events Plugins (Manage Online Events)

1. The Calendar of Events

WP Eventin 2

3. WordPress Event Manager

4. Event Coordinator

5. WooCommerce FooEvents

6. WordPress Calendarize it!

7. Event Coordinator

Modern Events Calendar Lite is a lightweight version of the popular Modern Events Calendar.

9. Timetable of Events

Stachethemes Event Calendar 10

11th. EventON

Amelia is the 12th.

13. Sign-ups for the Events Calendar

14 All-In-One Calendar of Events

15. My Schedule

16. WD Event Calendar

Tickera is 17th.


How Do I Select the Best WordPress Events Plugins?

When selecting a plugin for your website, you must take numerous factors into account. So, we’ve gone through some of the most important criteria to consider while choosing WordPress event plugins.


Simple to use: The plugin should be simple to use so that it saves you time while managing events. Make sure you don’t have to spend any more time maintaining calendars and events.

Drag and drop builder: As we all know, drag and drop builders make it easier to create designs. As a result, the plugin must enable you to create and manage events through drag-and-drop.

Allow event submission by users: Ensure that the plugins allow your users to submit events. This assists you in increasing interaction and making money from your website.

Interaction features: Interaction features aid in attracting users. Displaying elements like as a popup, sidebar form, and so on to encourage viewers to register for your event. This contributes to the growth of your event users.

Pricing: Choosing a plugin is partly determined by your budget. As a result, you must analyse this issue in relation to both your functionality and the money you have available.

Other considerations include ratings, reviews, recent updates, active instals, and so on.


2022’s 17 Best WordPress Events Plugins (Manage Online Events)

We’ve compiled a list of the finest WordPress events plugins, along with full descriptions, features, and cost. So, look over each plugin to see which one is ideal for your website.


1. The Calendar of Events

The Best WordPress Events Plugin – The Events Calendar

With over 800,000 active instals, the Events Calendar is one of the most popular WordPress events plugins. It facilitates the creation and management of an events calendar on your WordPress site.


It also has professional features for virtual and actual events. With built-in schema optimization, you can highlight your events on the calendar and let Google locate them.


Furthermore, connecting to numerous Zoom accounts or other platforms to hold your events saves time. You may also produce and display links for your events automatically.


The following are the main features of the Events Calendar:

Provides template tags with a plethora of customisation possibilities.

Focus on specialised events to increase interest and attendance.

Calendar management can make monthly, weekly, and custom recurring events easier to handle.

Display a calendar grid view, upcoming events, and event countdowns on your website’s widgets.

Completely responsive, so people can sign up for your event regardless of device.


The Events Calendar plugin is a freemium plugin with both free and premium versions available. The free version is available through the WordPress.org plugin repository or the official website. You may also install the plugin directly on your site from the dashboard.


With its Pro subscription, which starts at $99/year, the plugin provides extra features and premium support. More calendar views, recurring events, Elementor connection, events manager, location search, and more features are available with the subscription plan.


Get the Events Calendar Right Now!

WP Eventin 2

WP Eventin is the most effective WordPress events plugin.

WP Eventin is a premium plugin that is straightforward and simple to use. Using WooCommerce capabilities, you may organise online events, conferences, and sell tickets. For single or multiple transactions, you may send an email including tickets for all attendees. It also takes payment via WooCommerce gateways like as PayPal in order to earn rapid and recurring payments for events.


It’s also very configurable, since you may alter the colours, banner, picture, background, and so on of the templates. It also features numerous event themes for a better experience, such as widgets, sliders, countdowns, lists of events, and so on.


WP Eventin’s main characteristics are as follows:

From the dashboard, you can search and sort events.

You may use this feature to tell your users about an impending event.

A counter should be shown on a single-page registration banner.

You can effortlessly arrange online events using Zoom integration.

Supports many languages and is RTL-ready, allowing you to reach a wider audience.


The regular licence for the WP Eventin plugin costs $39.


Get WP Eventin Right Now!

3. WordPress Event Manager

WP event management is the most effective WordPress events plugin.

WP Event Manager is a WordPress event management plugin that does it all. This little plugin lets you create, manage, and classify events on your website. You may also add several events to the most user-friendly and well-organized interface.


You can quickly personalise events by choosing from a variety of options and features to build a visually appealing event management site. Users may, for example, edit any field and each event submission step. You may also preview the booked event before posting it and make fast modifications if necessary.


WP Event Manager’s main features are as follows:

Organizers who are logged in may access, update, cancel, or remove their active event listing.

Embed your events in the widget by classifying them as’recent,’ ‘upcoming,’ or ‘featured.’

Allow users to develop multilingual websites in order to reach out to a worldwide audience.

Visitors may use the search function to locate particular events depending on their kind and category.

Include your email address or website URL so that people may simply register for your events.


The WP Event Manager plugin is entirely free to use. As a result, it is available for download from WordPress.org.


There are several expensive addons available for more powerful features. For instance, the Registration addon, the Sell Tickets addon, and so on. They are around $39 apiece.


Please see our entire tutorial and evaluation of the WP Event Manager plugin for more information!


WP Event Manager is now available!

4. Event Coordinator

The finest WordPress event plugin is Events Manager.

Another plugin that we suggest is Events Manager. The plugin is dependable since it is one of the most popular event management plugins.


It enables you to build a variety of events, including single-day, multi-day, and recurring events, among others. You may also manage the list of people who have registered for your events, which includes acceptance, rejection, and pending.


You can also alter the look of your events by adding styles and components. Because it provides templates that may be readily changed to meet your needs.


The following are the key features of Events Manager:

Make extensive use of template tags and shortcodes in your articles and pages.

With the aid of Timezone support, you may create events in multiple time zones.

Allows you to export data from WordPress privacy tools, such as bookings, event lists, and location.

There are several booking alternatives available, such as booking via email, custom booking form, booking discount codes, and so on.

Send event links to your registered users (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).


The Event Manager plugin is available in both free and paid editions. The free version may be obtained through WordPress.org or the company’s official website. Premium Events Manager Pro add-ons cost $75 for one site and $150 for five sites.


Get Events Manager Right Now!

5. WooCommerce FooEvents

WooCommerce FooEvents

Are you seeking for a simple solution to organise and sell tickets for your event? So, here we go!


The FooEvents for WooCommerce plugin adds powerful event and ticketing tools to your website. There is no limit to the amount of events you may create. For each event, you may include a description, summary, picture gallery, Google Map, event details, variant, drop-down, and so on.


You may sell an unlimited number of custom-branded tickets from your own WordPress site after establishing events. It also assures that you have total control over the ticket sales process since there are no ticket fees or commissions to pay.


The following are the main features of FooEvents for WooCommerce:

Because of the seamless connection with Zoom, you may benefit from revenue as well as world-class video streaming of your live virtual event.

View the details for the participants who have registered for your event by name or ticket ID.

Allows you to restrict the number of accessible tickets to minimise overselling by using robust order and stock management features.

Scanning the tickets requires the use of a mobile device’s camera or pairing your device with any portable Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Send personalised emails to guests who have purchased tickets to your event.


FooEvents for the WooCommerce plugin costs $59 USD.


Get FooEvents for WooCommerce Right Away!

6. WordPress Calendarize it!

WordPress Calendarize it!

Calendarize it! for WordPress is a powerful calendar solution for WordPress users that is both versatile and feature-rich. It provides a variety of views, including a month, week, day event list, event map, event year view, and much more. It also includes widgets such as future events, accordion upcoming events, newest events, and so on.


When it comes to personalization, it provides an almost limitless number of choices. With the CSS editor, you may choose from over 800 Google Fonts. In terms of style, design, and colour, all of the aspects are readily customizable.


Calendarize it! for WordPress’s main features are as follows:

Supports multilingual and translation plugins, allowing you to expand your audience globally.

Allows visitors to filter and find events based on several categories.

Add a countdown to your event before it begins to pique the attention of additional attendees. It also helps to generate a sense of urgency to attend the event.

The social sharing panel allows you to promote your events on social media in order to increase registration.

The integration with WooCommerce allows you to collect payments for event tickets.


The normal licence of the Calendarize it! for WordPress plugin is $29.


Now you can get Calendarize it! for WordPress!

7. Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

One of the WordPress events plugins that provides event administration to your site is Event Organiser. This plugin makes advantage of a built-in ‘custom post type.’ It gives you the ability to construct events that have the same functionality as posts but with extra capabilities. It also helps in the management of your events.


Its user interface is simple to use and allows you to insert any form of event, from simple recurring events to sophisticated calendar events. In addition, you may check your event list on the admin area’s calendar page.


Key Characteristics of an Event Organiser:

Custom permissions allow you to decide which roles have the ability to create, modify, and delete events.

Capable of categorising and tagging occurrences and viewing them by category or tag.

Permalinks are supported for event pages, archives, and venue pages.

An event may have specific dates added or withdrawn.

Search using relative dates, such as events that occurred within the previous 24 hours or events that are scheduled to occur within the next 24 hours.


The Event Organiser plugin is available in both free and premium editions. The official WordPress plugin directory is available for free download. The premium edition, on the other hand, features three distinct plans:


£50 for the Personal Plan

£90 for a business plan

£120 for the Developer Plan

Get Event Organiser Right Away!

Modern Events Calendar Lite is a lightweight version of the popular Modern Events Calendar.

Lite Modern Events Calendar

Contemporary Events Calendar Lite is a complete plugin that allows you to organise your events in the fastest, simplest, and most modern manner imaginable. You may build events and then enable your users to submit them.


Furthermore, utilising the website’s booking facilities, you may quickly sell tickets for your events. Simply create your own registration form for attendees. It also takes credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe for safe payment.


Modern Events Calendar Lite’s main features are as follows:

You may add recurring events here.

Choose a pre-built template for each category and archive.

The breadcrumbs for the single event page include a link to the home page as well as the events archive.

In the events list, you can check the user’s event status. Also, notify users of the status of their submitted events, such as authorised, pending, and so on.

You may use the shortcode on any page and the events will show with all of their data.


Modern Events Calendar Lite is a free plugin with a premium version. Its plans are as follows:


1 MEC Plugin License: $75

5 MEC Plugin Licenses: $255

MEC Plugin 10 License: $455

Download Modern Events Calendar Lite Right Now!

9. Timetable of Events

WordPress event plugins for scheduling events

Events Schedule is another another useful plugin that lets you design attractive events. It allows your customers to make reservations for your events. You may also use WooCommerce to sell tickets directly on your websites using its new feature. Users may pay for tickets to online events in this manner.


It also comes with 12 different design choices for displaying your events. Every form of schedule has a different style. You may also utilise a carousel with several photographs on the top page to display upcoming, current, or recurring events.


The following are the main features of the event schedule:

Add components such as a call-to-action button, cancelling events, or configuring them to occur automatically every week, and so on.

Filters may be applied to events based on their kind, event URL for online events, teacher, day, time, date, and so on.

Show cancelled or flagged events in the schedule.

Show the featured picture in both the basic list schedule and the pop-up box.

Unregistered users of the event may have content, filters, labels, and much more information hidden from them.


The Events Schedule plugin’s ordinary licence is $39.


Get the Event Calendar Now!

Stachethemes Event Calendar 10

WordPress Event Calendar Plugins by Stachethemes

Stachethemes Event Calendar is a one-of-a-kind method that integrates with Elementor and enables you to create online events using drag and drop. This plugin is entirely responsive and provides your events a contemporary look.


It not only enables you to create events, but it also allows your users to submit their own. Customers who want to organise events via your website may quickly enter information from the front end. This allows you to make money and get the attention of a larger audience. In addition, you may examine and approve/decline user-submitted events.


The following are the main features of the Stachethemes Event Calendar:

Include a countdown timer in the event.

If you attach files to the event, users will be able to download them.

Change the events’ visibility from public to private.

Make events that last more than one day.

Insert many photographs and place them in the event description.


The normal licence of the Stachethemes Event Calendar plugin costs $59 USD.


Get the Stachethemes Event Calendar right now!

11th. EventON

WordPress event plugins from EventON

EventON is a WordPress event calendar that presents events in a clutter-free form. It displays a live events calendar in real time. As a result, after your event is over, it will immediately delete completed events and load the next event.


You may also assign events to up to 5 category types and construct a calendar that displays specific category word type events. Visitors may quickly filter and sort events this way.


Furthermore, you may upload an infinite number of photographs to an event to create a visually appealing gallery for your guests. Show an extract of the event with a complete description as well, so people can discover crucial information fast.


EventON’s main features are as follows:

Events can be displayed as a slide down, in-page lightbox, single event page, or other format.

Hide the event’s end time, especially if it’s late at night.

Capable of creating year-long and month-long events that will appear in the calendar for the entire duration.

A list of events from multiple months can be displayed in one location. Alternatively, you can conceal recent events.

Make specific fields accessible exclusively to administrators or logged-in users.


The EventON plugin costs $12 since it is a premium plugin.

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