17 Best WordPress Cache Plugins to Boost Site Speed 2022

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

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Are you looking for the best WordPress cache plugins to help your website load faster? Then you’ve come to the correct spot.

Nobody likes to see their website take longer to load. This might degrade your website visitors’ user experience. As a result, if you want to speed up your website, you should utilise the WordPress cache plugin.

As a result, in this post, we’ll show you some of the most popular WordPress cache plugins on the market right now.

Let’s get started.

What exactly is Cache? Why Do You Need WordPress Caching?
2022’s Top 17 WordPress Cache Plugins
WP Rocket is the first.
WP Super Cache
W3 Total Cache
4. Cache LightSpeed
WP Fastest Cache 5
7. The hummingbird
8th. Wind
SiteGround Optimizer (version 9)
Cache Enabler 10
Eleventh, Hyper Cache
Comet Cache is number twelve.
Cachify 13th
NitroPack is a 14. NitroPack is a 15. Swift Performance is a
Cache that is powered
17. Basic Cache
What exactly is Cache? Why Do You Need WordPress Caching?
A cache is a collection of temporary data that is saved in a designated area to aid with the loading of websites, browsers, and applications. Caches may be found on a computer, mobile device, online browser, or app.

What is Website Speed Enhancement?
When a person visits your WordPress site, a web browser retrieves data from the database. It goes through a series of processes before sending the data to the user’s browser.

Such a procedure seems to be time-consuming and might occasionally cause your website to load slowly. The similar thing might happen if a large number of visitors access your website at the same time.

Fortunately, the cache makes it much simpler to get information rapidly and ensures that your site loads quicker. It functions as a memory bank, allowing users to retrieve frequently visited material locally rather than having to re-download it from the server.

WordPress caching works just like that! WordPress produces static HTML pages for your website and stores them on your server under this section. As a result, whenever a user attempts to visit your website, it will serve up the light HTML version rather than the hefty PHP code. As a result, your website’s page loading speed will be much improved.

Let’s have a look at some of the top WordPress cache plugins now.

2022’s Top 17 WordPress Cache Plugins
WP Rocket is the first.
WP Rocket is the most powerful and quickest WordPress caching plugin. It’s one of the most powerful caching plugins for WordPress, and it may help you increase the performance of your site. It also aids in the improvement of your SEO rankings and conversions.

WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin WP Rocket
Furthermore, WP Rocket preloads the cache whenever you make updates to your web pages. This ensures that your visitors may access your website’s faster and cached content straight immediately. As a consequence of its outstanding performance results, WP Rocket is the most recommended cache plugin among WordPress professionals.

It saves all of your browser cache in the local memory of your navigation device, whether desktop or mobile.
It compresses and decompresses your web pages on the server and in the browser.
It includes built-in eCommerce optimization for fast and smooth operation.
The most popular WordPress themes and plugins are supported.
Also, it works flawlessly with the best managed WordPress hosting.
Payment: WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin with three pricing options. A single website costs $49, and three websites cost $99 each. Likewise, for limitless websites, you need to spend $249 and come with 1 year of service and upgrades.

Download WP Rocket Right Now!
WP Super Cache
WP Super Caching is a great WordPress cache plugin. It has over 2 million active instals and comes highly recommended by the majority of the main WordPress hosting providers.

WP Super Cache Website Plugin
In addition, WP Super Cache produces static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress site. And after the HTML file is prepared, your server will serve that file instead of executing the considerably larger WordPress PHP programmes. Furthermore, it prevents your server from slowing down or overloading during high traffic surges.

By preloading, it produces cached files for your articles, categories, and tags.
Provides Content Delivery Network (CDN) capabilities, allowing it to provide your website’s content quicker by utilising servers closer to you.
It has custom caching, which allows you to quickly hook into the caching process.
Performs trash collection, which deletes outdated files from your cache directory on a regular basis.
Also includes REST API endpoints for accessing this plugin’s settings.
Pricing: This plugin is free to get from WordPress.org’s official plugin repository.

WP Super Cache is now available for download!
W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache is a WordPress caching plugin for developers. This plugin may help you enhance your search engine result page ranks, particularly for mobile-friendly websites.

W3 Total Cache Plugin for Acceleration
Nonetheless, it enhances your website’s SEO and user experience by enhancing website speed and decreasing load times. Similarly, it has a plethora of features such as CDN support, object cache, page cache, GZIP compression, and others. However, its out-of-the-box sophisticated capabilities might be a little confusing for consumers with little technical knowledge.

Key Features: Allows for the caching of pages based on the referrer or groups of user agents.
It works with practically any form of hosting provider.
Various security elements are used to assist assure the safety of the website.
It gives caching data for every activated feature’s performance insights.
It also supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
W3 Total Caching is a WordPress cache plugin that is available for free. Its free version is available from the official WordPress Plugin directory. Similarly, you may buy its premium edition from its own website for $8.25/month.

W3 Total Cache is now available for download!
4. Cache LightSpeed
LightSpeed Cache for WordPress is an all-in-one WordPress site acceleration plugin. It also has a unique server-level cache and a slew of optimization enhancements. For example, automated page caching may be used to increase site speed. Aside from that, it provides a private cache for logged-in users, separate caching of desktop and mobile views, and other features.

Free WordPress Plugin Lightspeed Cache
Furthermore, the LightSpeed Cache plugin is compatible with the great majority of plugins and themes. You may also utilise their API (Application Protocol Interface) to define smart purging, cache rules, and so forth.

Key features include the ability to exclude URLs, categories, tags, cookies, and user agents from the cache.
You may also set up several crawlers for different caches.
This plugin provides an API interface for simple cache integration.
Furthermore, this plugin supports various CDNs.
Furthermore, there are two types of picture compression: lossless and lossy.
Pricing: You can get this plugin for free from the WordPress.org official plugin repository.

Get LightSpeed Cache Right Away!
WP Fastest Cache 5
WP Fastest Caching is another another well-known WordPress cache plugin. It has a much simpler UI that is well-balanced and straightforward to use. Furthermore, it is incredibly user-friendly and suitable for novices.

For WordPress Websites, WP Fastest Cache Plugin
Furthermore, you do not need to alter the.htaccess file since it will do so for you. The majority of WP Fastest Cache’s functions are free; however, a few paid options include GZIP compression, minifying HTML/CSS, deactivating emoji, and so on.

When a post or page is published, it deletes all cache files.
You may remove the optional page’s minified CSS and JavaScript scripts.
It enables and disables caching settings for mobile devices and logged-in users.
With a shortcode, you may disable caching for certain pages or posts.
It also has SSL and CDN support.
Pricing: WP Fastest Cache is available for free from the WordPress plugin directory. You can also buy its premium edition from its official website, which comes with three price options.

Silver: $125 Bronze: $49.99
$175 for gold
WP Fastest Cache is now available for download!
WP-Optimize is a ground-breaking, all-in-one WordPress caching plugin. It defrags your database, compresses huge pictures, and caches your website. It is a simple but powerful application that has everything you need to maintain your website speedy and optimised.

WordPress Cache Plugin WP Optimize
Furthermore, it improves SEO, keeps clients by lowering user bounce, and accomplishes more with less server resources. It also allows you to minify and synchronise CSS and JS. It removes any extraneous data, cleans up your tables, and recovers space wasted due to data fragmentation.

Key features include the ability to easily optimise your website without the need for manual searches.
Displays database table statistics to help you double-check your numbers.
Remove Akismet and other stale information from comments automatically.
It saves you time by compressing your photographs as you upload them to the website.
Instruct client browsers to reuse resources if no modifications have been made since the last request.
Pricing: This WordPress cache plugin is free to download from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Download WP-Optimize Right Now!
7. The hummingbird
Hummingbird is a popular WordPress caching plugin that speeds up and enhances the performance of your website. This plugin introduces more methods to improve Google PageSpeed Insights by giving you more control over file compression, Lazy Load integration, and so on.

Hummingbird Cache Storage Management Plugin is a plugin for managing cache storage in Hummingbird.
Furthermore, this plugin includes advanced functions like scan and repair. This function allows you to examine your site and determine what is slowing it down. Additionally, provides a comprehensive caching suite to make the website load quicker with full-page, Gravatar, and browser cache tool.

It includes asset optimization, which allows you to position, minify, and combine javascript, CSS, and Google Font files.
You may customise your performance parameters, store them as config, and easily transfer them to other websites.
Furthermore, this plugin has GZIP capabilities to make sharing your site simpler.
It has built-in Cloudflare integration to manage your browser cache.
It’s also completely compatible with Smush image optimization, which allows you to compress your photographs.
Pricing: This is a freemium WordPress cache plugin; the free version is available from the WordPress.org official directory. If you wish to buy the premium version, you may do so via its official website, which offers two price options.

The Monthly plan is divided into three tiers:

Hummingbird Pro is just $6 per month.
Monthly fee for the Performance & Uptime Pack is $9.
Personal: $19 per month.
The Yearly plan is also available in three tyres:

Only Hummingbird Pro costs $60 per year.
The Performance & Uptime Pack costs $90 per year.
Individual: $190 each year.

Download Hummingbird right now!
8th. Wind
Breeze is another another free cache plugin that is both strong and user-friendly. This plugin boosts website performance and optimises resource use. It has minification, Varnish cache support, and a streamlined CDN integration option.

The Fastest WordPress Cache Plugin by Breeze
It also optimises and cleans your WordPress databases. It ensures that database size and response time are reduced. It also employs GZIP compression to compress data. It can also simply merge and minify your HTML, CSS, and JS files.

Key Features: \sProvides CDN functionality to boost the speed of content and image-heavy websites.
Internal and static caching technologies are included to improve the page load efficiency of WordPress websites.
It allows you to exclude caching on certain file kinds and URLs.
Also, gives a 24/7 competent and compassionate, support crew.
Pricing: This plugin is completely free to use and can be found in the WordPress.org official repository.

Download Breeze Right Now!
SiteGround Optimizer (version 9)
SiteGround Optimizer is a caching plugin for WordPress that allows you to increase page performance. It’s a free all-purpose plugin that you may use. This plugin provides dynamic caching, which prevents unneeded data from being cached and thereby reduces page loading times.

WordPress Plugin SiteGround Optimizer
For future users, file-based caching generates a static HTML version of the website. Furthermore, these files are saved in the browser’s memory. Furthermore, the automated purging will remove the cache and free up storage whenever it is required. Furthermore, dependent on the user agent, browser-specific caching will generate distinct cache versions.

Key Features: You may test the website’s performance with Google PageSpeed.
You may also enable image compression to minimise the size of existing photos.
You may enable/disable jS minifaction and combination in the JavaScript tab.
A connection to the Google Fonts library for Web Fonts Optimization.
This plugin made advantage of Memcached, which caches and reuses frequently conducted queries, hence improving site speed.
Pricing: This is a free WordPress cache plugin available from the WordPress.org official directory.

Get SiteGround Optimizer Right Away!
Cache Enabler 10
Cache Enabler is a free lightweight WordPress caching plugin developed by the KeyCDN team. It speeds up your website by creating static HTML files of frontend pages and storing them on the server. As a result, the webserver will be able to send the static file rather than the heavy backend resources.

WordPress Cache Enebler Plugin
It has very strong features. For example, a quick and efficient cache engine, automated smart cache cleaning, manual cache clearing, and so on.

This plugin shows the cache size on the WordPress dashboard.
It also supports GZIP pre-compression.
It supports both manual and WP-CLI cache cleaning.
HTML, inline CSS, and JavaScript are all minified.
It also supports WordPress multisite networks.
Pricing: This plugin is available for free from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory.

Download Cache Enabler Right Now!
Eleventh, Hyper Cache
Hyper Caching is a WordPress cache plugin that prioritises speed. This plugin is appropriate for usage on both low-resource hosting and high-end servers. It is very easy to use and does not need any complicated settings.

WordPress Hyper Cache Plugin
Furthermore, it is a mobile-aware plugin, since there is a double cache for both desktop and mobile versions. Furthermore, the mobile detection server sends different material to mobiles than it does to desktops.

Key features include the ability to minimise bandwidth utilisation and overall website loading speed.
You may also have control over cleaning blog events such as modified posts, comments, and so on.
The plugin allows you to skip matching cookies, matching URLs, and many other features.
You may also modify the theme of mobile detection.
The plugin recognises comments and offers cached pages to visitors who have commented.
Pricing: The plugin is free to download from the official WordPress.org repository.

Get Hyper Cache Right Now!
Comet Cache is number twelve.
Comet Cache is a WordPress page load plugin for beginners. The greatest part is that it is quite simple to setup. Comet Cache is ideal if you are concerned about the speed of your website.

WordPress Plugin Comet Cache
It also allows you to configure the cache expiration time, minification settings, and many other things. If you need to add a CDN service to your website, then utilise its sibling plugin called CDN Enabler.

Key features include a straightforward and well-documented setup process.
Controls the automated cache cleaning behaviour for the home and post pages, the author page, the category, and the tag.
It has the ability to cache or ignore URLs that include query strings.
The ability to save logged-in users in a cache.
In addition, there will be a “Clear Cache” button in the admin bar with the ability to enable/disable this function.
Pricing: This plugin is available for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory. You may also buy the premium edition from the official website. It is offered in three different payment schemes.

Single-site fee: $39
$139 for unrestricted sites
Site 3: $99
Now you can have Comet Cache!
Cachify 13th
Cachify is a free WordPress cache plugin that improves page load times by caching posts, pages, and custom post types as static content. It gives you the option of caching via a database, on the server’s hard disc, or straight into the web server’s system cache.

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