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Best WordPress User Registration Plugins -2022

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Do you want to find the finest WordPress user registration plugin? Or are you wondering how to include a registration and login form? If that’s the case, please remain with us until the conclusion of this post.

Allowing people to register on your WordPress site will improve the user experience and active involvement. You may do this by using a user registration plugin.


It not only generates user accounts, but it also has a plethora of additional functions. As a consequence, it assists you in organising data for analysis and growth of your organisation.


There are, however, a few WordPress user registration plugins available. And deciding on the finest one might be a difficult task. We’ve previously compiled a list of the best WordPress user registration plugins for your convenience.


So, let’s get started.



What Is the Purpose of Using a WordPress User Registration Plugin?

What Are the Best WordPress User Registration Plugins?

WordPress User Registration Plugins: 15 of the Best

1. Registration of Users

RegistrationMagic 2

WPForms (WordPress Forms)

4. Profile Maker

5. WP User Interface

6. Simple Registration Forms

7. Powerful Form Builder

8. Followed by Social Login and Registration

Ultimate Member No. 9

MemberPress ten.

UserPro is number eleven.

UsersWP (UsersWP)

ProfilePress 13

WP User Manager 14

Pie Register (15th)


What Is the Purpose of Using a WordPress User Registration Plugin?

Although WordPress offers built-in capability for managing user registration, it is rather restricted. As a result, employing a WordPress user registration plugin gives you with versatile options. It also allows your visitors to effortlessly register an account on your site.


As a result, a plugin capable of creating bespoke registration and login forms is required. You may also customise the form fields to meet your own requirements. It may also be used to quickly alter user roles.


What Is the Purpose of a User Registration Plugin?

In addition, the user registration plugin secures your website. Because it prevents spam accounts from accessing your material.


Aside from all of these advantages of user registration plugins, here are some additional fundamental reasons why you should use one.


To allow users to register in order to have access to your site’s premium content.

You may use it to create a subscriber-only online shop or community on your website.

Give registered consumers discounts and vouchers.

Allow registered users to write comments and do other things on the site.

What Are the Best WordPress User Registration Plugins?

Next, let’s take a short look at some of the things to think about. When deciding on the finest WordPress user registration plugin, keep the following considerations in mind. They are as follows:


Multiple Form Choices: The plugin should provide you with an endless number of form options to pick from. It must also have aesthetically attractive login and registration form templates.

Good security: You must choose a plugin that may prevent certain people from seeing your content and forms.

Customization: It’s critical that the plugin has drag-and-drop editors and various custom fields. This allows you to spend less time personalising the forms.

Compatibility with Other WordPress Plugins: The plugin must also be compatible with other popular WordPress plugins. Most notably, payment plugins and solutions for collecting payments from customers or members.

User Profile and Social Media Integration: It should also facilitate the creation of user profiles with avatars, biographies, and social connections. You should also be able to include a social login button for easy access.

Finally, there should be a directory where you can simply manage your users. Your users should also be able to manage their account details.

To learn more, see our post on how to choose the best WordPress plugins for your website.


WordPress User Registration Plugins: 15 of the Best

Now, let’s look at the top WordPress user registration plugins. Here you will find a variety of free, premium, and freemium (both free and paid) plugins.


So, browse through each of them and choose the one that seems to meet your needs.


1. Registration of Users


User Registration is a WordPress plugin for creating some of the greatest registration and login forms. Using its drag-and-drop form builder, you can quickly construct any kind of registration form.


This plugin also has an endless customization option, allowing you to create registration fields and forms exactly how you want them. You may change the colour, fonts, spacing, and other elements by using the style customizer.


Along with the normal user fields, it provides a plethora of custom fields such as nation, dropdown, multichoice, checkbox, choices, and so on.



Send emails when a registration is successful, a profile information is changed, a password is changed, and so on.

Creates lovely user profile accounts. You may also manage the general personalization of this page by using the available addons.

To preserve a login form on any page, use a simple shortcode. Also, following registration, send your visitors to this page.

Allows users to register and login using their social profiles. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Linkedin, among others.

For a clear and compelling representation, you may construct a multi-step form.


The free version of this plugin has all required functions. However, if you want to add some more features, choose a price plan from its premium version. It includes the following:


Personal: $69 per year or $299 for lifetime access.

Plus, the annual fee is $149, or $499 for a one-time payment of $499.

Professional: $299 per year or $899 for life.

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RegistrationMagic 2

RegistrationMagic Plugin for WordPress User Registration

RegistrationMagic is a user registration and login plugin that is both powerful and simple to use. You may construct an endless number of registration forms with this plugin. Each may have its own set of unique fields, content, and settings.


You can manage all of your registration forms using the Forms Manager. In addition, the ‘Card View’ option may be used to depict all of your forms. This gives you a fast overview of each form, including information on form submissions, user registrations, and form settings.



It generates graphs, charts, and tables to let you simply examine each WordPress user registration form and submission.

Capable of incorporating features such as user deactivation and a one-time password login mechanism.

Send an email to all users who have completed a given form automatically.

You may get a tabular representation of your registered users or those who filled out the form in the User Manager.

Users may be filtered based on their status or the day, week, month, or year they registered.


There are both free and premium versions of this WordPress user registration plugin. The free version is known as the Standard version, and it may contain up to 90 extensions.


There are two plans for the premium version:


Premium: $89 for 1 site, including a year of upgrades and support.

Premium+: For $189, it allows you to construct an infinite number of sites with lifetime upgrades and support.

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WPForms (WordPress Forms)

WPForms – The Most Effective WordPress Form Plugin

With over 5 million active instals, WPForms is a popular drag-and-drop WordPress form builder plugin. Its free edition allows you to construct contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, and other forms. However, in order to create user registration forms, you must purchase its commercial edition, which includes the User Registration add-on.


You can now enable your users to input their login, password, and bio with this plugin. They may also choose a default user role and other user meta information to create a more complete user profile.



There are two user activation techniques for spam prevention. Either by an email verification link or through manual admin approval.

After completing the registration process, users will get an email with their account details. The admin may also get alerts.

Compatible with Mailchimp, Aweber, and GetResponse email marketing add-ons to help you grow your mailing list.

Integrates with PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net. As a result, you will be able to charge your consumers for registration.

There are many registration and login form templates included that you may use on your site.


WPForms is a freemium plugin with both free and premium editions. However, in order to access the user registration capabilities, you must purchase the premium version, which includes the User Registration add-on.


As a result, this add-on is included in two price levels. They are as follows:


Pro: It costs $199.5 per year and allows you to create up to five websites.

Elite: For $299.5 per year, you may build an infinite number of sites.

Get WPForms right now!

4. Profile Maker

WordPress User Registration Plugin with Profile Builder

Profile Builder is yet another WordPress user registration and profile plugin. The nice thing about this plugin is that it includes a plethora of shortcodes for you to utilise. Some of the shortcodes include logout, login form, password recovery form, blocking any kind of content, and so on.


So, to get started, just create a new page and name it appropriately. Then, using the shortcode, create the necessary form and publish the page on your site. It’s worth noting that you may tailor the user fields in forms and user profiles to fit the look and feel of your website.



For registration, provide a minimum password length and a minimum password strength.

It includes a user login widget that can be customised to simply add a login form to your site.

User roles and their capabilities may be added, edited, removed, and cloned. On the register and modify profile forms for users, there is also a user role pick area.

Restrict your content to users depending on their user role or logged-in state.

Make a separate private site that only your members or logged-in users may access.

The ability to create a map that displays the position of your users.


Begin using the free edition of WordPress.org’s Profile Builder. On its original website, you may discover its paid version, Profile Builder Pro.


This pro edition comes with two price options:


A WordPress website costs €69 to develop as a hobbyist.

Pro Version: For €149, you may establish an infinite number of websites.

Get Profile Builder Right Away!

5. WP User Interface

WP User Frontend – WordPress Membership Plugin for Free

WP User Frontend is another user registration plugin for your WordPress website. It’s a frontend builder plugin for creating user registration, user profiles, memberships, and post submissions, as the name implies. You can even do it all from the front end.


You will be given a unique shortcode for each of the forms. As a result, you may use it to add to any page. Furthermore, the customisable forms will not detract from the overall appearance and feel of your website.


Not only that, but you may schedule the forms to be accepted on certain days. You may also include a note about the expiration date and restrict the number of entries.



It is possible for guests to post without registering. You may also allow people to submit their name and email address before commenting on the article.

A user profile may have up to 13 different custom field kinds.

Set up email alerts for a variety of events, such as form submissions, new subscribers, and so on.

Allow or prohibit certain user roles from making posts. You may even include an unapproved statement regarding the limitation.

Aside from utilising their profile photographs, users may maintain existing Gravatar avatars or submit their own.


This plugin’s fundamental functionalities will always remain free. While there are three plans for the premium version, WP User Frontend Pro, they are shown below.


Personal: This plan costs $39 per year and includes two premium modules.

Professional: For $67, you will get 13 premium modules.

Business: It costs $111 and includes 18 premium courses.

Get WP User Frontend Right Away!

6. Simple Registration Forms

Simple Registration Forms

Easy Registration Forms make it simple to construct complicated forms. Using this plugin, you may design forms ranging from a basic contact form to a comprehensive multi-step/multi-page registration.


Furthermore, you may create reports to communicate particular information with the appropriate persons on a regular basis. Simply put, the plugin’s reporting mechanism creates a CSV file with the information you specified. Then it may attach it to an email and send it to the recipients.



It includes a login form widget that you can use to quickly add a login form to your site.

Provides all of the fields required for a form. It comprises text, a text field, a checkbox, a radio button, an email, a date, and other elements.

On your page, you may have a one-column or two-column layout. It’s worth noting that you may have numerous forms on a single page.

Creates a graph to provide data on the amount of submissions that occurred at a certain time.

You may collect payments and contributions by integrating with PayPal and Stripe add-ons.


This is another another freemium plugin. It has three price tiers in its paid edition. Each of them is:


Personal: A single site costs $59 USD.

Professional: For $199, you can build up to 5 websites.

Business: For $189, you may create an infinite number of sites.

Get Simple Registration Forms Right Now!

7. Powerful Form Builder

Advanced Form Builder – Formidable Forms

One of the most sophisticated WordPress plugins for creating forms is Formidable Form Builder. You may also use it to develop calculator forms, job board postings, directories, and so on. You can also quickly add registration forms to your WordPress site using the premium editions with the User Registration add-on.


Your visitors will be able to create an account from the front end of your website if you do this. Users may also be registered by the administrator and other users with certain responsibilities. Furthermore, registered users may quickly change their profiles from the front end.



It is possible to add a login form and a password reset form anywhere on the site.

Captures user metadata and auto-populates forms with information from the logged-in user.

Allows visitors and logged-in users to create a subsite on your site’s multi-site network.

It is compatible with all of the most popular WordPress themes.

Compatible with other top WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Mailchimp, and others.

In the user registration form, password fields might include a password strength metre.


You may use the free version of this plugin for simple forms. However, in order to access the user registration features, you must buy the premium version.


The two price options that include the User Registration add-on are shown below.


Business: $199.5/year, includes 80+ form templates.

Elite: $299.5/year for 150+ form templates.

Get Formidable Form Builder Right Away!

8. Followed by Social Login and Registration

WordPress Plugin for Nextend Social Login and Registration

Do you want a WordPress plugin that allows users to sign up using their social media profiles? If this is the case, select Nextend Social Login and Register.


It’s a polished yet simple WordPress user registration plugin. Your visitors won’t have to wait for validation emails, remember their profile name and password, or fill out a registration form if you use this plugin. They only need to use one of their social profiles.


A user can save multiple social media accounts here so that they can log in from different social media. Registered users can also easily add and remove accounts from their WordPress profile page.



Avatars can be displayed as profile pictures from Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

It includes a login widget as well as some shortcodes for use on your website.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress registration and login forms.

Configure which social accounts your users should be able to log in with.

Select the location where you want the social login buttons to be kept.

If you want, you can ask users for their usernames during registration.


The free version of this plugin includes many useful and necessary features.


However, if you want to add more functions for user registration, its pro version has two pricing plans. Each of them is:


Standard: For $49, you can use this plan to create a single website.

Premium: $99 for three sites, $149 for five sites, and $249 for ten sites.

Get the Nextend Social Login and Sign Up Now!

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