15 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins for 2022 (Mostly Free)

Best WordPress Timeline Plugins-2022

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Do you want to find the top WordPress timeline plugins? Or are you interested in learning how to include a lovely timeline into your website?

A timeline is a basic graphical representation of significant events in someone’s or something’s life. It is beneficial to display a company’s or organization’s works from a certain historical era.


You may now have a WordPress website where you wish to make timelines to show the evolution of your brand. You also wish to showcase any other organization’s major activities. That’s where the WordPress timeline plugins come in handy.


You’re fortunate that WordPress has a plethora of timeline plugins! And in this piece, we’ve picked the greatest of them. So, browse through the list of plugins and their features to get the one that is right for you.


So, without further ado, let’s have a look at them!



What is the purpose of a timeline in WordPress?

How do you choose the finest WordPress timeline plugins?

15 Best Timeline WordPress Plugins for 2022

1. Timeline is cool.

2. WordPress Timeline

3. Timeline of Mount Everest

4. Slider with a Timeline and History

5. Addon for Elementor Timeline Widget

6. Ultimate Elementor Addons

7. Timeline of the Event

8. Timeline with a Spike

9. Beaver Builder Timeline Module

10. Timeliner

11. Elementor Addons That Are Must-Have

12. WP Timeline Designer Pro

13. Timeline for Posting

14. Fantastic Timeline

15. Social Stream AX


What is the purpose of a timeline in WordPress?

It’s exhausting to read a whole history article. Breathe a breath of relief since timelines allow you to tell the story of your goods, services, or accomplishments in an appealing manner.


For example, the official WordPress.org website designed a stunning timeline to show the important events in WordPress’s history. You can find it here.


Example of a WordPress Timeline

Furthermore, WordPress timeline plugins will assist you in telling your tale by adding outstanding layout options to your timeline.


Your visitors may be interested in your company’s history or other vital information. They will be content to explore material in successive phases rather than reading large text-based articles.


How do you choose the finest WordPress timeline plugins?

Before we go through the list, let’s have a look at the factors you should consider while selecting the best WordPress timeline plugins for your website.


Let’s have a look:


Consider if your plugin shows photos, videos, words, or custom HTML on your timelines.

Responsive Layouts: Make sure the WordPress timeline plugin you choose is responsive as well.

Customizations: Look for a plugin that will provide you a plethora of possibilities for customising your timeline.

Smooth Navigation: Your chosen WordPress timeline plugin should be simple to use for your website’s visitors.

So, let’s have a look at the top WordPress timeline plugins.


15 Best Timeline WordPress Plugins for 2022

Keeping these aspects in mind, the top WordPress timeline plugins for your website are listed below. This allows you to compare and pick appropriate plugins.


1. Timeline is cool.

Timeline Pro WordPress Plugin is quite cool.

One of the greatest WordPress timeline plugins is Cool Timeline. You may use this plugin to create a beautiful horizontal or vertical timeline. Using shortcodes, you may show timelines on any page of your website.


All you have to do is choose a date, write a post, and upload a picture. Your entries will be auto-populated in chronological order by the Cool Timeline depending on the year or date of your tales. It’s also simple to make unique backdrop colours for a certain narrative.


Main Characteristics:

Using a Gutenberg instant builder block, you may create an instant timeline.

You’ll have access to four different timeline layouts (vertical timeline, vertical compact timeline, vertical one-side timeline, and horizontal timeline).

It also includes a simple shortcode for inserting a nice timeline anywhere you like.

You may display your timeline picture as a pop-up or link to the whole article.

German, French, Indonesian, and Italian translations are available.

Multiple timeline designs (5+ in the free version and 40+ in the Pro edition).


Cool Timeline is available as a free and paid plugin. Its free version may be found in the WordPress.org plugin repository. As a result, you may install it right from your WordPress dashboard.


However, the premium edition of Cool Timeline Pro is available from CodeCanyon.net for $25, which includes 6 months of support.


Get a Cool Timeline Right Now!

2. WordPress Timeline

WordPress Timeline History Plugin

WP Timeline is a WordPress vertical and horizontal timeline plugin. It has a beautiful and user-friendly UI. You may use this plugin to construct and show a timeline on your website.


You may use this plugin to show a variety of content kinds in a timeline fashion. You can also tailor the material that appears on your timelines by adding categories and tags.


Main Characteristics:

WP Timeline works with all of the most popular WordPress themes.

It accepts both BC and AD date formats.

You’ll have over 45 gorgeous patterns to choose from.

It also supports over 40 animations.

You have the option of using light or dark skin.

You may enter a custom date or use the date picker.


WP Timeline costs $25 for a normal licence with 6 months of support on CodeCanyon. In addition, for an additional $7.50, you may obtain one year of assistance.


Get WP Timeline Right Now!

3. Timeline of Mount Everest

WordPress Plugin for Content Timeline

Everest Timeline is a strong and dynamic WordPress plugin for creating timelines on your website. This plugin includes over 50 pre-built templates. You may also choose from a variety of layout choices for horizontal, vertical, and one-sided timelines.


Furthermore, this plugin has a plethora of features and customization choices. It will let you add photos, sliders, and videos to your timelines. It also has social sharing buttons and Lightbox features.


Main Characteristics:

This plugin includes a shortcode generator.

Furthermore, it is pretty compatible with any drag-and-drop page builder.

It also supports media such as photos, Vimeo videos, YouTube videos, and so on.

Font Awesome is supported by the Everest Timeline plugin.

In addition, you may construct a timeline in a variety of date formats.

This timeline plugin also works with well-known eCommerce plugins like as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.


This premium WordPress plugin is available for $18 on CodeCanyon.net, with 6 months of support. For an extra $4.88, you can receive 12 months of assistance.


Get the Everest Timeline right now!

4. Slider with a Timeline and History

WordPress Timeline & History Slider Plugin

Timeline & History Slider is a powerful WordPress timeline plugin that allows you to show your history timeline in a stunning slider fashion. On the WordPress admin side, this plugin adds a “Timeline Slider” menu tab with a custom post type. You may use this to add a title, content, and featured picture to the timeline.


You may also create a new slide for each tale or event. Once you’ve added enough slides, you may use a shortcode to add the timeline to your website.


Main Characteristics:

Touch-enabled navigating is simple.

The Timeline & History Slider plugin is entirely responsive.

You may also utilise shortcodes for design, template, slide show, and other purposes.

Compatible with major page builders such as Beaver, Elementor, and others.

Page Builder for Site Origin.

It also has a variety of layouts for horizontal and vertical timelines.


The free version is available from the WordPress.org repository.


Furthermore, the features described above are from the premium edition. The premium edition is available via the company’s official website. It is available in three different buying options:


$99 for the Personal Package

Package with the Best Value: $129

$149 for the Professional Package

Get the Timeline & History Slider right now!

5. Addon for Elementor Timeline Widget

WordPress Elementor Timeline Widget Addon

The Elementor Timeline Widget Addon for WordPress is a responsive timeline plugin. This is an add-on for the Elementor page builder. If you use Elementor on your website, you can simply install this plugin and begin creating timelines.


Vertical, horizontal, and one-sided vertical timelines are all supported by this plugin. Furthermore, all three layouts offer advanced options such as adjusting colours, icons, graphics, and text.


Furthermore, this plugin has a number of customization options. Images may be simply added to your timeline tale. You’ll also be able to modify the typography of your narrative title and the fonts used for your timelines. By using this plugin,


Main Characteristics:

With over 20 distinct themes, you may display your history horizontally or vertically.

You may also change the colours and add icons to your timeline.

It enables you to add any text, narrative date, or year to the timeline.

Elementor’s inline editing tools allow you to change the title and description of your tale.

Ajax pagination may also be used to load articles with page scroll.

It will automatically show the timeline in ascending or descending order depending on the year or date of the articles.


It’s a WordPress timeline plugin that’s free to use. You may install this plugin straight from the WordPress.org repository.


Get the Pro version of this plugin from its official website as well. It is available in three different buying options:


For a one-year plan


$22 for one website

$44 for ten websites

$99 for 500 websites

For a long-term strategy.


1 website costs $44.

$99 for ten websites

$199 for 500 websites

Get the Elementor Timeline Widget Addon right now!

6. Ultimate Elementor Addons

WordPress Horizontal Timeline Plugin

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a well-known and comprehensive Elementor toolkit. This plugin adds a plethora of widgets to the Elementor page builder, including a timeline widget. You can use the widget to display timeline charts or roadmaps.


You’ll also have a variety of customization options to create the timeline you want. You can alter the colour and font of your timeline. Set a date within each item to get a more accurate representation of events.


Furthermore, you can align your content on the timeline as you see fit. Furthermore, the content timeline is responsive and handles alignment well across all devices.


Main Characteristics:

You can customise your timeline by adding text and images as needed.

Insert a text link within the content, or link to the entire item block.

This plugin includes two timeline demos (content timeline and post timeline).

You can also use feature images to display on your post timeline.

On your timeline, you’ll also have a hove or focused style for icons and cards.


This plugin can be obtained from its official website, where it is available in a variety of purchase plans.


$69 for the Ultimate Addons

$276 for the Essential Bundle

$523 for the Growth Bundle

The lifetime plan is available in three sizes.


$249 for the Ultimate Addons

$996 for the Essential Bundle

$1893 for the Growth Bundle

Get Ultimate Elementor Addons Right Now!

7. Timeline of the Event

WordPress Timeline Responsive Plugin

Event Timeline is a feature-rich WordPress timeline plugin. You can use it to display an attractive history timeline in WordPress. Whether it’s your life history or company story, showcase your story in a responsive horizontal or vertical layout.


You can set images, videos, slideshow, designs, colours, on your timelines. Once setup is complete, you can use shortcodes to display timelines on your site. Moreover, this plugin sets your post in chronological order based on year and date.


Main Characteristics:

It’s a responsive and easy to use designs.

You’ll have access to 18 stunning themes.

It allows you to pick your theme colour from Color Picker.

Also, supports video and audio post formats.

You’ll also have access to Classic, Fashion, Twist and Double-sided timeline.

Moreover, it works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE7-77, Opera.


This is a freemium plugin. The free version is available from the WordPress.org repository.


Also, you can purchase its pro version from its official website. You can get the plugin in 2 purchase plans:


Personal: $10 with 3 site access.

Developer: $15 for unlimited site licence.

Get Event Timeline Now!

8. Timeline with a Spike

Bold Timeline Plugin for WordPress

Bold Timeline plugin lets you display any number of events easily in various ways. You’ll also have many options to customise your timeline. You’ll have access to infinite options like vertical to horizontal layout, setting colours, shape, and more. It’s compatible with any WordPress page builder.


Moreover, this plugin works well with any WordPress theme and page builder. Using this plugin, you can easily display history and biography, blog posts, product updates, etc.


Main Characteristics:

You can choose from 27 timeline templates.

Also, compatible with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and IE11 brow.

It comes with an interactive timeline layout.

Moreover, it has its own shortcode builder.

This plugin allows you to customise your fonts, media, shape, and positions.

In addition, you’ll be able to set events side by side, or all on same side.


This is a premium plugin available in CodeCanyon.net. You can get the plugin and 6 months of support access for $19. Also, get extended 12 months of support for an extra $5.25.


Get Bold Timeline Now!

9. Beaver Builder Timeline Module

WordPress Timeline Module for Beaver Builder

Timeline Module for Beaver Builder is a mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress timeline plugin. This plugin has a drag and drop option to customise your timeline with ease. You can add beautiful timelines to your WordPress website using this plugin.


Moreover, this plugin is highly customizable, it lets you customise dates, selectors, and timeline connectors. You’ll also have typography options for title, description, date, etc.


Main Characteristics:

It’s Mobile-friendly and responsive timeline.

You can also show or hide the date on your timeline.

Access to On and Off option on mobile for connectors (Connectors are the lines that connect your story timeline) (Connectors are the lines that connect your story timeline).

In addition, customise the colour, style and size of your connector lines.

It allows you to customise animation effects, duration and more.


This WordPress timeline plugin is free of cost. You can get this plugin from the WordPress.org official repository.


Get Timeline Module for Beaver Builder Now!

10. Timeliner

Timeliner for WordPress Timeline Plugin

Timeliner is a very simple and lightweight WordPress plugin to keep your website smooth. Using this plugin you create both horizontal and vertical timelines. You can also control the timeline entry numbers per screen.


This plugin comes with tonnes of customization options. For instance, you can use custom content to add any necessary information to your timeline. You can also create, delete, reorder or copy each of the elements like image, title, description, etc.


Main Characteristics:

It comes with 5 premade template.

In addition, its compatible with all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge.

You’ll also have hover effects for side and dropdown menus.

Allows high resolution with greater number of pixels.

There will also be a Social Sharing function.

It changes the timeline display mode based on the width of the screen.


This is a paid version that may be found on CodeCanyon.net. You can receive 6 months of support for $9 if you buy it. In addition, for an additional $1.50, you may purchase 12 months of support access.


Get Timeliner Right Now!

11. Elementor Addons That Are Must-Have

Essential WordPress Elementor Plugin Addons

One of the greatest WordPress plugins for the Elementor page builder is Essential Addons for Elementor. This plugin includes over 40 free components, including the Post Timeline Widget.

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