15 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins 2021 + How to Make an FAQ

Best WordPress FAQ Plugins -2022

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Are you looking for the finest WordPress FAQ plugins? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place.

It’s reasonable to get tired of answering the same questions over and again. This is where the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section might help. Essentially, it is a site where consumers may learn more about the company’s goods, services, terms, and conditions.


Importantly, the FAQ area enhances the user experience by providing timely customer assistance.


Without a doubt, there are several WordPress plugins that may help you with your FAQs. And selecting one from among many might be difficult.


But don’t be concerned! We compiled a list of the top WordPress FAQ Plugins. Let’s get this party started!



Things to Think About When Choosing FAQ Plugins

2021’s Top 15 WordPress FAQ Plugins

1. Accordion Frequently Asked Questions

2. Ultimate FAQ Plugin for WordPress

3. Quick and Simple FAQs

4. Simple Accordion

5. Arconix Frequently Asked Questions

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Plugin Heroic WordPress FAQs

8. WP Responsive FAQ Plugin with Category

9. Tribulant Frequently Asked Questions

10. Documentation and FAQ Knowledge Base

11. Product FAQ Manager for WooCommerce

12th, FAQ Plus

10Web’s FAQ Plugin is number thirteen.

Yoast SEO (search engine optimization)

Elementor 15

How Do You Create a FAQ? (Step-by-Step)


Things to Think About When Choosing FAQ Plugins

Before deciding on FAQ plugins, there are a few things to consider. Among the most significant are:


Simple and Straightforward Interface: It is advisable to use beginner-friendly plugins with a simple and easy interface.

Performance: Use plugins that are meant to be lightweight and have no effect on the site’s speed.

Styles and colours that may be customised: It is better to utilise a plugin that has the necessary customization choices that match to the site’s flow.

Ratings and Reviews: The ratings and reviews of previous users reveal a lot about the plugin’s effectiveness.

Let us now go to the list of the top WordPress FAQ plugins for 2021.


2021’s Top 15 WordPress FAQ Plugins

We’ve compiled a list of the finest free, freemium, and premium FAQ plugins. To choose the best match, thoroughly evaluate the description, features, and price rate.


1. Accordion Frequently Asked Questions

The Accordion-FAQ Plugin

Accordion FAQ is an excellent alternative for WordPress FAQ plugins. It provides the popular accordion-style FAQ display, as the name implies. Until the user clicks an icon next to the query, all of the answers to the questions are concealed.


Essentially, it allows for an infinite number of queries and answers. It’s also quite basic and uncomplicated to use. It may also be used with drag-and-drop page builders, requiring no coding skills. Without a doubt, it is a really responsive plugin that works great on any device.


Key Characteristics:

At the backend, you can easily sort the locations of your accordions.

Provides access to 500+ Google fonts for displaying material in a range of typefaces.

It includes 30 animation styles for displaying your material in an animated fashion.

With the toggle or collapse effect, you may open one or many accordions at the same time.

It contains a colour picker that allows you to add gorgeous colours to your accordion design.


The Accordion FAQ is completely free. The pro version, on the other hand, will set you back:


Personal Premium: $9 every six-month period (1 website)

Business Premium: $27 for an indefinite amount of time (Unlimited Website)

Get the Accordion FAQ right now!

2. Ultimate FAQ Plugin for WordPress


Ultimate FAQ is another excellent option for creating FAQs in WordPress. It allows you to create an infinite number of FAQs and FAQ categories for your website.


It’s also a polished plugin that allows you to utilise shortcodes to show FAQs on any page of your website. It also works with Gutenberg’s editor. Users may also provide comments on certain FAQs, making your website more dynamic. It also contains FAQ statistics and a view count.


Key Characteristics:

Include a FAQ search section on your website so that visitors may easily find solutions to their inquiries.

There are several stylistic choices for colour, element sizes, text, and more.

You may customise your FAQs with a wide range of themes and layouts.

It has the capability of displaying all FAQs on page load based on the requirements.

Drag and drop your FAQs into the precise order you want them in to organise your data.

FAQs may be shown on any website, WooCommerce product page, or even your sidebar.


Its basic plan is free. Premium plans are available at:


A single site licence costs $47.

5 site licences for $127.

The cost of ten site licences is $197.

Get Ultimate FAQ Right Now!

3. Quick and Simple FAQs


Quick and Easy FAQs is a free WordPress FAQ plugin that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s quite simple to set up and utilise. Simply activate it and start adding FAQs. Essentially, you will be provided with all of the tools necessary to quickly and successfully establish a FAQ section to your website.


You may also alter the background colours, border colours, and font styles to match your theme. Furthermore, you may change the styles using CSS. This aligns the FAQ area with the rest of your website.


Key Characteristics:

Filterable question choices for a better user experience.

It generates a new post type for FAQs, which can then be utilised with shortcodes on any page.

Display styles for FAQs that are easily adjustable, such as accordion-style, plain list style, or toggle style.

To view the most current FAQs, sort them by title or date.

It’s a plugin that can be translated and supports RTL languages.


It is completely free.


Get Quick and Simple FAQs Right Now!

4. Simple Accordion

FAQ Plugin for Easy-Accordion

Easy Accordion is a WordPress accordion FAQ plugin that is lightweight and speedy. It is, in reality, the most responsive and drag-and-drop Accordion FAQ builder plugin available. Furthermore, you may effortlessly create several accordions on your website without writing any code.


Without a question, it offers a plethora of customising options. It provides accordion customization options like as border, descriptive text, title, and so on. As a result, it’s incredibly customizable and incorporates a variety of eye-catching aspects for a more appealing design.


Key Characteristics:

It has a simple admin interface as well as fashionable pre-designed accordion themes.

In the accordion extendable section, you may put Shortcodes, Images, YouTube, Audio, or any custom HTML code.

Provides both horizontal and vertical layouts, as well as an infinite number of colour and stylistic possibilities.

You can also create a WooCommerce Product FAQ or Q&A Accordion Tab.

Compatible with the most popular page builders, including Elementor, WPBakery, Divi, Beaver Builder, and others.

Using Post and Taxonomy, you can create an infinite number of Accordions.


It’s completely free. The pro version, on the other hand, is available for the following prices:


Personal Web Site (One Site): $29

$ 99 for a business (5 sites).

$199 Agency (Unlimited Sites)

Get Easy Accordion Right Now!

5. Arconix Frequently Asked Questions

Plugin Arconix-FAQ

Arconix FAQ is an excellent choice for creating a sophisticated and elegant FAQ section for your website. Importantly, it includes shortcodes for inserting FAQ items. Without a doubt, it simplifies the process of adding questions and answers to any page.


Aside from that, you can label FAQs as they are created. This can be displayed individually or in groups, with closed or open options loaded. It also lets you add a “return to top” link to the bottom of lengthy FAQs.


Key Characteristics:

To display the FAQs, use an accordion box and a jQuery toggle.

It makes it simple to add FAQ items to the website by utilising custom post types.

Toggle animation is provided to help you create eye-catching FAQ sections for your website.

Display FAQ sections on pages, articles, and widget areas of your choice.

It enables simple grouping of FAQs via the WordPress editor.


It is completely free.


Get the Arconix FAQ right now!

6. Frequently Asked Questions


Helpie FAQ is another excellent solution for the WordPress FAQ plugin. You can easily create FAQ posts, categorise them, and even tag them based on the type of concern. It also includes a well-structured FAQ framework that is automatically added for improved SEO.


Furthermore, it is a fully responsive plugin that integrates well with WooCommerce. It also works with theme widgets, page builders like Elementor, and the Gutenberg Block editor. This also aids in displaying FAQs more effectively and efficiently.


Key Characteristics:

For a better user experience, it includes “recently added” and “recently modified” options.

You can easily limit the number of FAQs displayed per page.

For design options, it includes both a light and a dark theme.

It enables customised sorting and filtering of FAQs.

You can easily enable or disable the FAQ search bar based on the needs of your site.


It is available for free. The pro version, on the other hand, costs $38.99 for a single site.


Get Helpie FAQ Right Now!

Plugin Heroic WordPress FAQs


Heroic WordPress FAQs Plugin is a premium solution for managing the FAQ section of your website. This plugin has a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Furthermore, it offers one-page simplicity, with all FAQs contained on a single page. This results in the best editing experience possible.


Furthermore, it is designed to work with the vast majority of themes and requires no installation. It can also place an accordion or toggle that works with icons and texts. Basically, you’ll have everything you need to convert website visitors into paying customers.


Key Characteristics:

Provides a FAQ editor where you can add, monitor, and delete questions directly from the editor.

In your FAQs, you can include photos, blockquotes, lists, videos, and other media.

Choose from one of five predefined styles that can be customised in any way you want.

Provides a FAQ configurator for quickly adding FAQs to your content.

It includes a slew of customization options for tailoring the FAQs to your brand.


Heroic Plugin will set you back the following amounts:


Basic: $49 for a single site (1 year)

Pro: $69 for three sites (Lifetime)

Commercial: $149 for 5 sites (Lifetime)

Get the Heroic WordPress FAQ Plugin Right Now!

8. WP Responsive FAQ Plugin with Category


With the WP responsive FAQ plugin, you can easily add, modify, organise, and display important FAQs. It’s a highly adaptable, responsive, and customizable plugin. It truly equips your FAQ section to answer your customers’ questions with ease.


It also has SEO-friendly URLs and translation capabilities. You can also include a thumbnail image for your FAQs if necessary. You can also limit the number of questions and answers displayed.


Key Characteristics:

It works with Visual Composer and can create a WooCommerce FAQ page.

Compatible with major page builders like Elementor, Beaver, Gutenberg, and themes like Divi, Avada, and so on.

You can define a custom animation speed for each FAQ part in the shortcode settings.

Includes 15+ designs, category support, a grid layout, drag and drop order adjustment, and more.

It allows total customization via a CSS and JS file for developers.

Offers ‘read more or less’ buttons to your FAQs.


It’s completely free. For pro version, it annually charges:


$69 for 1 site.

$99 for 3 sites.

$109 for 20 sites.

Get WP Responsive FAQ Now!

9. Tribulant Frequently Asked Questions

Tribulant FAQ Plugin

Tribulant FAQ is another sophisticated premium plugin for creating a FAQ section for your site. Importantly, this plugin integrates perfectly with the WordPress interface. Moreover, it has a dedicated search bar for the FAQ.


No doubt, it comes with a number of amazing customizable tools. It does include a drag and drop function for listing and rearranging questions. Also, it’s a translation-friendly plugin.


Key Characteristics:

There’s an option to insert images and a sliding accordion to display questions and responses.

You can modify the plugin options according to your needs and preferences in the configuration area.

Promotes user interaction as it enables the users to ask their queries if any.

Offers search form to the users to search their concerned question within the entire FAQ area.

You may even include elegant social sharing buttons in your responses.


Tribulant is available at the following prices:


Single Site: $34 per year.

Unlimited Sites: $102 per year.

Get Tribulant FAQ Now!

10. Documentation and FAQ Knowledge Base


Knowledge Base is one of the free, professional, and intuitive WordPress FAQ plugins. Essentially, it comes with a simple setup process and a variety of customization options. Furthermore, it offers a search box in your FAQs section. This facilitates users to find their answers quickly.


In fact, it’s more than simply a FAQ plugin. It generates an e-learning knowledge base for users, customers, and staff. That is also in a matter of seconds. Also, it’s built for speed and is an SEO-friendly plugin.


Key Characteristics:

It makes it possible to add PDF downloads as well as other necessary resources.

Organize articles, categories, FAQs in any order such as chronologically, alphabetically, and so on.

Compatible with major page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Divi, and more.

Pick from 26 pre-made professional designs to style your FAQs.

Easily change typography, layouts, colours, etc as per necessity.

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