15 Best WordPress Directory Plugins for Listing Websites 2022

Best WordPress Directory Plugins 2022

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Do you want to find the top WordPress directory plugins? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Whatever sort of directory you want to establish, WordPress can make it happen. For your convenience, the platform has a plethora of directory plugins. And these plugins are used to create a completely working directory to your site.


The only challenge is deciding which one to choose when you have so many possibilities. But you don’t have to be concerned! For your convenience, we’ve gathered a list of the best WordPress directory plugins.


In this post, we’ll show you the description, features, and cost for each plugin on the list. This way, you’ll have a good sense of which will work best for your website.


So, let’s get this party started!



What Is the Purpose of a WordPress Directory Plugin?

How to Select the Best WordPress Directory Plugin for Your Website

2022’s Top 15 WordPress Directory Plugins

1. Directory of Businesses

2. Pro Directories

3. The GeoDirectory

4. Business Directory Connections

5. Directory of Web 2.0 sites

Sixth, listdom

AWP Classifieds 7

Director of Photography

HivePress 9.0

Real Estate Manager Pro 10

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro 11

Directory Pro 12

Simple Directory of Links

14 Name Registry

15. Classified Ads


What Is the Purpose of a WordPress Directory Plugin?

If you want to create a listing website with information lists, then one of the directory plugins is what you require. These plugins essentially add a web directory to your site. In other words, you’ll need them to set up a directory site.


You may be thinking, “What is a directory site?” A directory site is a kind of website that allows users to search for goods and services by category or topic. To be more explicit, consider the following scenario.


Where can you discover free WordPress plugins? You just go to the WordPress.org/plugins website, correct? It’s a directory created by WordPress to provide a list of free plugins.


Let’s look at another example! Have you ever utilised Tripadvisor? It’s a well-known travel directory website. It provides listings for hotels, vacation rentals, things to do, restaurants, and so on. There are also user reviews and booking options.


Trip Advisor is a good example of a directory website.

Google My Business, a leading business directory that showcases firms, is another outstanding example. If you operate a business, you may also register an account, enter your company information, and be featured on it. Real estate, employment listing, event listing, review directory, and other sorts of directory listing websites exist.


Do you want to make a website like these? If so, you can simply do this in WordPress by using one of the finest directory plugins.


How to Select the Best WordPress Directory Plugin for Your Website

To begin, you must determine the demands of your site, or the sort of directory you want to develop. If it’s for a company listing, you’ll need a plugin with payment choices. If that isn’t the case, a simple directory plugin could suffice.


However, there are several features that are shared by all directory plugins. So, keep an eye on them before opting to get one for your site. Here are several examples:


Rating and review systems: Your users should be able to rate and comment on the listings. As a result, the plugin you choose should include this functionality.

Frontend Submission Options: The plugin you’re looking for should allow your site users to submit listings from the frontend.

Google Maps Integration: This is essential for displaying listings on a map.

Detailed Search Functionality: The plugin you want should include search capabilities. Users may now filter listings by keyword, location, category, and tags.

Options for monetization: If you charge for listings, the plugin should support WooCommerce. Accept payments using Stripe or PayPal instead.

Media Support: Adding photographs to a restaurant or real estate directory is a necessary. As a result, media backing is equally vital.

Check out our post on how to select the best WordPress plugins for additional information. With that stated, let’s look at the finest directory listing plugins for WordPress.


2022’s Top 15 WordPress Directory Plugins

The list includes both free and commercial plugins, allowing you to choose the one that best meets your needs. Most importantly, we choose them based on their Active installations, Ratings, and Updates.


Since a result, you are free to choose any WordPress directory plugin from this list, as they are all equally excellent.


1. Directory of Businesses

Plugin for a Free Business Directory

Business Directory is a free WordPress plugin designed for professionals looking for a simple directory website builder. You may use it to develop directories such as company listings sites, real estate listings sites, and many more.


It has all of the necessary functionality, such as customisable form fields, picture upload, and payment gateway integration. It also has widgets for highlighted, recent, and random listings. Business Directory provides additional add-ons to take your directory to the next level.



Using reCAPTCHA, the plugin removes all of your spam listings.

You may use it to get both free and paid listings with Authorize.net.

Listings include a fast search and sorting bar.

Built-in CSV import and export options make it simple to create folders.

WPML allows you to build directories in many languages.


It’s a freemium plugin (available in both free and premium versions). The core plugin is completely free and may be downloaded from the WordPress.org plugin directory.


The premium edition is available in a variety of price options:


Basic: $199/year for unlimited listings and one site licence.

Pro: $399/year, includes all basic features, priority support, and a licence for three sites.

Elite: $599 per year, includes all Pro features, priority support, and an unlimited site licence.

Get the Business Directory Right Now!

2. Pro Directories

Pro WordPress Plugins Directories

Directories Pro is a feature-rich and adaptable directory WordPress plugin that is now available on the market. This plugin is unusual in that even visitor users may publish entries and reviews to help develop your directory.


By exporting and importing directory settings, you may create an endless number of directories, clone them, and migrate them. It connects with WooCommerce, allowing you to charge users a fee for uploading new listings. It also supports well-known contact form plugins like as Contact Form 7, WPForms, and Gravity Forms.



From the frontend dashboard, you can publish and manage all content.

It allows you to effortlessly export and import the directory’s content to and from a CSV file.

Better Notifications integration allows for simple customization of directory notification emails.

You may use it to enable people to provide feedback on your listings.

You may also customise the appearance of your directory using a drag-and-drop display editor.


The plugin is available for $39 from the CodeCanyon marketplace.


Get Directories Pro Right Away!

3. The GeoDirectory

Free GeoDirectory Plugin

One of the greatest WordPress company directory plugins is GeoDirectory. It allows you to simply create location-based business directories, as the name implies.


The plugin is entirely compatible with Gutenberg as well as major page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and others. Aside from that, it allows you to design a front-end submission form using a drag-and-drop form builder. It also includes useful features such as filter listings, a Google Analytics widget, and so on.



Includes a tab builder that enables you to customise the tabs on your listings.

There are built-in forms for user feedback.

You may list an endless number of companies thanks to its streamlined database structure.

GeoDirectory is made up of fake data that shows you how the listings would look.

All WordPress themes are completely compatible with the plugin.


The core plugin is free to use. The premium edition is available at several pricing points:


4 months for $99 includes all add-ons, all themes, auto updates, premium support, and unlimited domains.

6 months for $129 includes all add-ons, all themes, auto updates, premium support, and unlimited domains.

1 year: $199, includes all add-ons and themes, auto updates, premium support, and unlimited domains.

Lifetime: $995, including all add-ons and themes, automatic updates, premium support, and 100 domains.

Get GeoDirectory Right Now!

4. Business Directory Connections

Plugins for the Free Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory provides a plethora of free and paid extensions for further upgrading your directory. The plugin’s ease of use and plenty of unique features make it an excellent option for establishing a directory.


The finest aspect is that it has custom fields for business hours, local time, facilities, languages, hobbies, and so on. Furthermore, it has a plethora of free and paid templates that will make the creating process much smoother and faster. Not to mention, the plugin’s support is excellent.



The plugin provides blocks for a carousel, directory, team, and forthcoming list.

There are many entry kinds available, including individual, organisation, and family.

It allows you to make entries public, private, or just available to logged-in users.

You may also easily add a company logo and photographs to your directory.

All WordPress themes and page builders are compatible.


The plugin is free and may be found in the WordPress.org plugin directory. However, a premium bundle will cost you money and comes in a variety of packages:


Template Pro Pack: All templates, $59.99 for a single site, $149.99 for one to five sites, and $199.99 for unlimited sites.

Extension Pro Pack: Includes all extensions for a single site for $29.99, one to five sites for $99.99, and unlimited sites for $199.99.

All of the existing templates and extensions are included in the Pro Pack. Single Site: $74.99, 1 to 5 Sites: $149.99, Unlimited Sites: $299.99

Get the Connections Business Directory right now!

5. Directory of Web 2.0 sites

Premium Directory Plugin for Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Directory is a premium WordPress directory plugin available for purchase on the CodeCanyon marketplace. It does, however, have a free version available at WordPress.org. Unlike other plugins, you may include videos from YouTube and Vimeo in your directory entries.


Print listing, save bookmarks, pdf download option, configurable fields, and many more capabilities are also available. You may also earn money by selling listing packages since the plugin supports the PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.



Maps and map markers make it simple to locate neighbouring locations.

It allows you to elevate, renew, and upgrade/downgrade directory listings.

You may sort directory entries based on rating, distance, and content.

It provides a rating mechanism for people to freely rate the company.

You may look for listings by categories, localities, zip codes, keywords, and so on.


It is available for $39 from the CodeCanyon marketplace.


Get the Web 2.0 Directory Right Now!

Sixth, listdom

Best Directory and Listing Plugins – Listdom

Listdom is a responsive and contemporary WordPress directory plugin created by totalery. This plugin is unique in that it offers over 80 distinct skins and styles. You can, for example, display your listings in grid style, list style, masonry style, table style, slider style, cover views, and so on.


Furthermore, you may show listings on Google Maps based on the location of your users. Aside from that, it contains a number of handy features such as a colour manager, sophisticated marker clustering, a notification manager, and so on. It also includes useful documentation and a support centre to assist you get out of trouble.



Supports Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, enabling you to display data anyway you choose.

The plugin provides pricing options, allowing you to specify prices for listings.

You can easily add and manage all of the listings from the front end.

It also enables you to effortlessly post photographs to your listings.

Your directory site will appear at the top of search engines since it is SEO-ready.


Listdom costs $49 and is available from the CodeCanyon marketplace, much like the other pro WordPress directory plugins on our list.


Get Listdom Right Now!

AWP Classifieds 7

Free AWP Classifieds Plugin

AWP Classifieds, as the name suggests, enables you to establish a classified listing website. You may create a variety of classified directories, such as job board listings, automobile ads, and housing classifieds. It also accepts both free and paid listings.


Furthermore, you may include a search feature in your classified directory that allows users to search by location, state, nation, username, and keyword. It even enables you to modify through front-end, back-end, and without registering. Furthermore, it is compatible with WordPress multisite.



Video embedding is also supported.

You may activate or disable standard form fields based on your need.

Through Akismet, the plugin provides anti-spam checks for ad publishing.

For sponsored advertisements, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and other payment channels are supported.

Both the user and the administrator may quickly change or eliminate the adverts.


The core plugin is available for free. It also includes premium modules in a variety of pricing ranges:


Basic: $99/year for unlimited ads and one site licence.

Pro: $299/year, includes all basic features, priority support, and a licence for five sites.

Elite: $499 per year, includes all Pro features, priority support, and an unlimited site licence.

Get AWP Classifieds Right Away!

Director of Photography

Free Business Directory Plugin Directorist

Directorist is recognised as one of the most comprehensive WordPress directory plugins, with all directory functions included in the free version. When it comes to functionality, you’ll receive powerful search filters, an infinite number of custom fields, listing picture sliders, a review system, and a lot more.


You can use it to create lists of directories based on location, category, and so on, all without having to code. The greatest aspect is that it also allows you to convert your directory site into a native mobile app. Furthermore, you may employ extensions to increase the functionality of your listing site.



It allows you to design bespoke ad listings and search forms by dragging and dropping.

You can easily import listings with custom fields from a CSV file.

Guests may also provide reviews and ratings on the listing.

Allows you to implement live chat on your directory listing site for real-time communication.

You may use the Loco Translate plugin to translate to your desired language.


Directorist is a free plugin from the WordPress.org plugin directory. Premium extensions, on the other hand, have a price tag that looks like this:


3 Months: $79/3 months, includes all extensions, an unlimited site licence, priority support, and auto updates.

6 Months: $129/6 months, includes all extensions, an unlimited site licence, priority support, and auto updates.

1 Year: $199/year, includes all extensions, an unlimited site licence, priority support, and auto updates.

Lifetime: $999, includes all extensions, a licence for 100 sites, priority support, and automatic updates.

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