15 Best WordPress Community Plugins for 2022 (Mostly Free)

Best WordPress Community Plugins

Best WordPress Community Plugins (2022): OVERVIEW

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Do you want to find the top WordPress community plugins? Or do you want to establish your own community website? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot.

A community is a collection of individuals who have common interests and collaborate to further those objectives. Likewise, the online community provides the similar function of communicating with others. Facebook, WordPress, Barista Exchange, and other well-known online communities


So, if you want to create a website for an online community, WordPress community plugins are suitable. You may use these plugins to add features that assist community members engage. Simple text messaging to video calls, comments to discussion boards, and so on are all possible features.


Fortunately, there are a plethora of the finest WordPress community plugins available on the market. And deciding on the best one might be difficult. As a result, we’ve compiled a selection of the finest WordPress community plugins for you to pick from in this post.


So, let’s get this party started!



What exactly is a website for an online community?

How Do I Select the Best WordPress Community Plugins?

2022’s Top 15 WordPress Community Plugins

BuddyPress 1.0

2nd. Youzify

bbPress 3.0

four. BuddyBoss

5. WordPress Dating

UserPro (sixth)

7. Most Valuable Member

wpForo Forums

9. Wise Conversation

ProfileGrid is ten.

Eleventh Asgaros Forum

PeepSo’s Community 12

Member of AR

MemberPress 14

WP User Manager 15


What exactly is a website for an online community?

An online community website is a platform where users may connect, discuss, and establish relationships. On a community website, people may connect through a variety of techniques such as chats, email, and even social networking.


Example of a Community Website on Reddit

Reddit is a wonderful example of a community website, where users may debate certain subjects in their own subreddits (groups). Reddit now offers Reddit Coins, which you can purchase to reward other users and help the community.


Furthermore, individuals utilise community websites for a variety of reasons, with the bulk of online communities being tech-related. There are, however, popular communities that include various hobbies, students, gamers, politicians, and so on.


There are several advantages to creating an online community. Here are a few advantages of having a community website:


You’ll obtain more online traffic, which will boost your website’s conversion rate.

There is also a lot of information sharing via forum conversations.

Users may enjoy bloat-free material.

A subscription mechanism for premium content may also be added.

Furthermore, narrow down your community to a certain category.

You may wish to start a community website now. You may do this with WordPress by using one of the top WordPress community plugins.


On a related subject, you may obtain additional ideas for making a website by reading our post on how to create a website from scratch.


How Do I Select the Best WordPress Community Plugins?

Certain factors should be considered before selecting a community plugin. So, here is a list of items to think about before purchasing a plugin for your community website.


Community Features: First and foremost, seek for a plugin that has a plethora of community features. Private messages, follow/unfollow choices, like, remark, join groups, and other features should be available via your plugin.

Frontend Submission: The plugin you choose should enable visitors to submit articles and blogs directly from the frontend.

Search Functionality: Your plugin should have a search feature. This tool allows your users to search for other members by keyword, category, age, interest, and so on.

Google Maps Integration: Look for a plugin that connects seamlessly with Google Maps. This will allow your website visitors to add their location and locate other users depending on their location.

Monetization Choices: Finally, the plugin you choose should have monetization options. So you may charge your customers for things like membership fees, subscriptions, and online courses. In order to receive payments, the plugin should also interface with payment gateways such as Stripe and Paypal.

Other elements to consider before selecting a plugin include ratings, reviews, active installation, and more.


If you need help deciding which plugin to use, see our post on how to select the best WordPress plugins. With that out of the way, let’s have a look at the list of the top WordPress community plugins.


2022’s Top 15 WordPress Community Plugins

The following is a list of the finest WordPress community plugins, the most of which are free. We chose all of the plugins on the list based on their current instals, ratings, and updates.


As a result, you may look through each plugin and choose the one that best matches your website.


BuddyPress 1.0

Free BuddyPRess Community Plugin

BuddyPress is a straightforward WordPress online community plugin. Using this plugin, you may create an amazing community, social network, and forums. It also works nicely with other WordPress plugins such as BuddyPress Docs, GamiPress, and others.


Furthermore, there are other features that you may include into your website for the benefit of consumers. Users may establish and update accounts, as well as interact with features comparable to prominent social networking platforms. Users may also create blogs and engage in forum conversations.


The Academic Commons is a well-known BuddyPress community. It is a learning community that promotes the open exchange of ideas and information.


Key Characteristics:

Users may create threads in forums to make conversations more interesting.

Users may also form new groups and join existing ones.

You may also add features like private messaging to increase interaction.

Without significant technological skills, you may simply install and utilise the plugin.

Your users may also sign up for email alerts.


BuddyPress is a free plugin that may be used to build a community website. You may get it from WordPress.org’s official repository.


Get BuddyPress Right Now!

2nd. Youzify

WordPress Community Builder Youzify

Youzify is a BuddyPress community plugin as well as a WordPress user profile plugin. It has 15+ profile tabs, such as info, activity, friends, messages, and so on. You may also change the title, visibility, order, and other aspects of your profile. However, in order to use all BuddyPress capabilities, you must install BuddyPress with Youzify.


Furthermore, it has a plethora of community features for your website. For example, under the activity stream, you may see your users’ activities such as posts, comments, registration, and more. Private messages, follow/unfollow, mentions, likes, a member directory, a group directory, and more features are available.


Key Characteristics:

This plugin enables you to restrict the use of certain terms on your community website.

You may also specify the number of file attachments and the size of the files.

It enables you to establish multiple groups such as public, private, and secret.

Additionally, you may configure custom redirect pages for visitors, members, or user roles.

Furthermore, you may specify maximum and minimum criteria for activity postings and comments.


There are free and paid versions of this WordPress community plugin available. The free version is available in the WordPress.org plugin directory. You may also download it directly from your WordPress dashboard.


If you wish to utilise the plugin’s premium features, you may acquire it from CodeCanyon.net. It costs $60 with a normal licence of 6 months support. For an additional $20.63, you can obtain a 12-month support licence.


Get Youzify Right Now!

bbPress 3.0

WordPress Community Software bbPress

bbPress is a WordPress forum plugin that is both powerful and user-friendly. It may be used to create help forums similar to those seen on WordPress.org.


You may, for example, visit the Rank Math plugin’s help forum on WordPress.org here. So, if you want to add a similar sort of forum to your WordPress website and enable your visitors to engage with it, the bbPress plugin is all you need!


You’ll also have a smooth experience building your site since it works with any WordPress theme without a hitch. It’s a multisite plugin, so you can instantly move any settings to another website.


bbPress is used to create many famous forums. Cycling ’74, the blood sugar diet, and many more examples come to mind.


Key Characteristics:

This plugin allows you to sort comments and responses in a blog post or post.

On the website, users may flag and report unwanted information.

This plugin is really lightweight and performs well.

You may organise users into groups and give them responsibilities.

You may also set up site-wide and group forums on your websites.

It also includes hundreds of extensions for sophisticated modifications such as GD bbPress Attachments, bbPress Notify, and so forth.


bbPress is a WordPress community-managed open-source plugin. It’s a free plugin for life that you may get from WordPress.org.


Get bbPress Right Now!

four. BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss Community is a WordPress community portal plugin developed by BuddyBoss.

BuddyBoss is a well-known community-building WordPress plugin. This plugin gives you the freedom, flexibility, and control you need to construct your online community platform. Furthermore, the plugin is ideal for online course marketing, corporate training, online education, and many other applications.


This plugin also includes a library of features for mobile devices. The native iOS and Android apps sync with the website in real time. You may also send alerts to people about feeds, friend requests, and other things.


BuddyBoss-powered community websites include Easyoutsource, Voting 2.0, and Free Grafton.


Key Characteristics:

This plugin provides several languages and RTL support, allowing you to reach a wider audience with your website.

You may also make your site more interesting by including awards, ratings, accomplishments, and points.

The plugin allows you to incorporate an eCommerce model as well as charge subscription and membership fees.

Furthermore, your website visitors may send private messages to one another and to groups.

You may also establish forum debates to increase participation.


BuddyBoss is a theme and plugin bundle solution that comes in three variations. The BuddyBoss theme is included for free with each package. It also contains all of the BuddyBoss Platform Pro plugin’s capabilities.


The bundles’ pricing plans are shown below.


1 site licence is $228 per year and includes one year of priority support and upgrades.

5 site licence: $288 per year, including one year of priority support and upgrades.

A licence for ten sites is $388 a year and includes one year of priority support and updates.

Get BuddyBoss Right Now!

5. WordPress Dating

WPDating is a WordPress Forum Website Plugin.

WP Dating is one of the top WordPress dating plugins for building a dating website. It includes paid extensions to help you grow your community website. For instance, Auto Login & Reg. Admin Message Reply Add-on, Password Add-on


This plugin includes capabilities such as simple search, which allows your users to look for other members based on distance, cities, and so on. You may also supplement this basic search with an advanced search option that includes profile drop-down questions. Furthermore, your community members may store their search with a name and return later for a more efficient search.


Key Characteristics:

You may make it possible for members of your website to locate other users geographically.

Users may also respond to other members’ approaches by clicking on their profiles.

Users may also update their profile with their daily status.

It enables your members to submit photographs, galleries, audio and video materials.

Furthermore, any user may add other users as friends.


WP Dating is a high-end WordPress plugin for creating a community website. This plugin is available for purchase from its official website, with four price options.


Standard: a one-time fee of $149, which includes the WP Dating theme, monetization tools, and free lifetime updates for a single site. And three months of free assistance.

Platinum: $279, also a one-time fee, includes 500 fake profiles, the WP Nikaah Matrimonial theme, the Lavish Date Theme, and other features. This package includes lifetime updates for a single location. You will also get 6 months of free support.

Platinum (multi-license): $689 one-time fee includes 1000 fake profiles and a website monetization option. You’ll get free lifetime upgrades and an unlimited multisite licence, as well as a year of free support.

VIP + Mobile Apps: $999 one-time fee with two complimentary plugin installations. Lifetime upgrades are included, as well as a licence for two sites and 87 premium themes. You’ll also get Progressive Web Apps with source code and an Android native app.

Get WP Dating Right Now!

UserPro (sixth)

WordPress Community Plugin for Users

UserPro is a premium WordPress plugin for community and user profiles. You may use this plugin to build stunning front-end user profiles and community websites. Furthermore, this plugin complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This implies that consumers have access to and control over their data and information.


This plugin also includes other features such as social connect and integration, viral marketing, user badges, and so on. You may also add follow and unfollow capabilities to enable your users to follow and unfollow other members of the community.


You will also have social activity stream elements. This function displays your site’s users’ activity, such as registration, posting, comments, and so on.


Key Characteristics:

You may show members in either a normal table style or a collage structure.

Easily activate the members directory, which includes typical search and filter options.

Allow your website visitors to submit their posts immediately from the front end as well.

Furthermore, you may limit complete pages or postings to certain user roles or verified accounts.

Furthermore, you may place a registration form anywhere you like on your website.


This is a premium WordPress community plugin that costs $39. It is available on CodeCanyon.net. It’s a standard licence with 6 months of support. If you wish to obtain a 12-month support licence, you must pay an extra $12.75.


Get UserPro Right Now!

7. Most Valuable Member

Ultimate WordPress Website Member Plugin

Ultimate Member is one of the most popular WordPress community plugins. You should have no trouble integrating this plugin into your website. You will also be able to create any form of community or membership site.


Using this plugin, you may add a variety of social activity elements. Users may make public posts with which other users can engage. Users may also form groups and discuss topics of mutual interest.


Key Characteristics:

If you wish to extend the website on a subscription basis, the plugin is connected with WooCommerce.

The plugin is very light and scalable.

You may also enable members to leave comments on author’s postings.

You may enable members to communicate each other privately.

You may also define private material as only visible to logged-in users.


This plugin is available for free download from the WordPress.org official repository. This plugin is simple to install from your WordPress dashboard.


You may also get a longer range of features by buying a bundle that includes 23 premium extensions and a theme. This is accomplished by two extension passes.


Extension Pass: This extension package costs $249 per year. You’ll have access to 23 premium extensions, including Mailchimp, bbPress, myCRED, and many more.

Extensions + Theme Pass: This plan costs $299 per year and includes all of the plugins from the Extension Pass. You will also get the Ultimate Member theme.

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